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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 55




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 55

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina's POV

"Mina the police are here "Eve said and my eyes widened

What am i going to do now???

"What happened?? Is something wrong?? Why are they here?? CJ asked and I shot him a glare

"It's none of your business, it's mine " I answered just then we heard a loud bang on the door making Eve gasped

"Mina we don't have much time, if the police find you here then you won't be able to save your dad, you have to escape through the back door together with CJ" Eve said then I let out a sigh and looked at CJ

"Where did you park your car?? I asked

CJ was driving the car and everywhere was silent, I could tell he was looking at me

"You better focus on what you're driving before you get us killed " I said without looking at him

"Why are the police looking for you?? He asked

"Just because you're helping me doesn't mean I have forgiven you or just because I am in your car doesn't mean you have the right to ask me silly questions " I said then suddenly he stopped the car making me look at him.

"Mina do you have any idea how hard it is for me to live without seeing you for a day not to talk of a month?? He asked and I scoffed

"With your wife beside you, i don't see any reason why it will be hard for you " I replied and I could see the hurt expression on his face

Why is he hurt??

He was the one that fooled me

He played with my feelings

"I think I will drop here.. Thanks for the ride" I said and remove the seatbelt

I unlocked the door and was about to step outside when he suddenly held my hand and pulled me closer to him

Not knowing what he is up to, he quickly placed his lips on mine and my eyes widened.

I tried to push him off but he wouldn't bulge, I finally stopped and slowly close my eyes as tears dropped

After few seconds, I pushed him with full force disengaging the kiss

"Mina please, please, let’s get back to how we used to be, I love you and I am now regretting for leaving you and breaking your heart" He pleaded and I swallowed my spit hard that it hurt my throat

‘Fuck you CJ, Fuck your wife, fuck your parent... You're a betrayal, a lier... I don’t love you anymore , can’t you see?’ I blurted

Eve's POV

I was now alone in the house staring at Eric's picture, I was quite relieved when the police left but was worried about something.

What is it Claire wanted to tell me??

I looked at Eric picture and use my thumb to caress it

"I miss you " I whispered as tears rolled down my cheeks just then I heard a knock on the door

I quickly wipe my eyes with the back of my hand

"Come in, the door isn't locked " I yelled and the person entered

My heart was now beating fast as I see who it is

It is Manager Don

My eyes widened in fear as I took a step backward.

I thought he is no more in korea, what is he doing here??

"Ohhh good day my lady " He said sacarstically and I was now trembling in fear

"Arent you happy to see me?? Or.... Wait where is Eric?? He said looking around and then he burst out laughing

"What a jerk he is, your superman is gone.. Who will save you now?? He said as he smirked at me

I was really scared as I recalled about Eric promising to always protect me


I let out a sigh as I held the door knob and entered

Manager Don was sitting on the desk as he adjusted his glasses while he looked at me

"Where were you yesterday night??

That was the first question he asked me

"Don't even think of lying to me bcos I was told you didn't sleep in your house yesterday so who do you have sex with yesterday?? He asked and I clenched my fist

To hell with this man, does he think I am a slut to be giving my body to any sort of guy.. Well maybe to him, I am

He was the first that took my virginity and turn me into his sex doll... I wish I could stop this but I can't

He stood up and move closer to me

"Answer me " He yelled "who do you give your body to last night??

He was about to slap me when someone entered

It was Eric

He quickly rush towards me and pulled me to his back while he held Manager Don hand

"How dare you raise your hand on a lady?? Eric said sounding pissed off

I could tell that Manager Don was shocked and scared at the same time

"You want an answer then I will tell you, She was with me throughout last night " Eric said and I looked at him

Yes it's true, I was with him last night but Manager Don will take it another way

"Miles, do you know what you're doing?? You can lose your job because of this " Manager Don said

"You yourself know that I can't lose my job because the money I am making for this industry is thrice the money you can ever get in your lifetime " Eric said and Manager Don glared at me

Eric stood in front of me obstructing him from looking at me

"There's nothing you can do, if you want her then you have to get through me first because she's someone I promise to protect and I will surely keep to my promise"



""What do you want?" I asked, my chin trembling as I fought to hold back a sob.

He continue to move closer to me

I knew what he wanted, though, holding onto a slim, a very slim hope that I was wrong.

"I'll scream!" I cried.

"Nobody will hear you" he finally spoke, smiling. His voice was deep and rich.

"What do you want?" I asked again.

"To fuck you."

The words sent a jolt of fear through me

His eyes studied me there, a quirky smile on his face

At last he stepped forward. I backed into the corner whimpering, a sob escaping my lips. Manager Don was too powerfully built to even consider fighting.

I had never fought anyone, I considered both exercise and violence to be ludicrous concepts, and was in no position to refuse him anything he desired, and, I was sure, what he desired was my body

His hands gripped my wrists and lifted them effortlessly away from her body, raising them in the air and pinning them back against the wall behind her.

He stared down at me grinning still.

My eyes bulged as I stared up in terror.

"Please," I whimpered. "Please don't, please don't!"

Then he pulled my wrists together, holding them in one large black hand. The other hand slid down under my

chin, caressing my throat.

He closed his hand, easily encompassing my narrow throat with his large, sausage-like fingers. He didn't squeeze much, just a bit, then his hand slipped away.

It was a threat, and I knew it.

Suzy's POV

I just kept hitting my chest hard as I recalled what had happened in the graveyard

Was i dreaming??

The guy's face looked familiar

No no.. I am definitely hallucinating

Just then my phone started ringing and I checked to see who it is...

It is my mom

I quickly answered it

"Hello mom"

"Hello Chu Jung, where are you?? She asked as if she was in danger or something

"Mom what's wrong??

"Your step mom is dead " She said and I arched my brow


I know I should be happy but I really want her to be punished by the law for trying to harm my brother

"I hope you haven't tell CJ" I said

"No no "

"But how did she died?? I asked

"We really don't know but we got a call that she was involved in an accident and she lost her life "

I quickly hang up and let out a sigh

"An accident??


"Mina I know I don't deserve yo..... " I couldn't finish my statement as her phone beeps and she looked at it

I could see that she was shocked

What is she looking at??

"CJ isn't... Isn't... Isn't this.. this.. your... mom?? She stammered as show me her phone and my heart was now beating fast

It was the video of how my mom killed her real mom in the hospital

My eyes widened in terror

Who could have sent her this??

Eve's POV

"Trust me, nobody is going to save you from me" manager Don said as he make me face the wall and I could tell that he was unzipping his trouser.

"You like doggie style right?? He said in his hoarse voice and I silently cried

Not too long I heard a crash and with a loud bang on the floor, I looked sideway and I could see Manager Don on the floor with blood gushing out of his head and my flower vase was shattered on the floor

That is when it dawned on me that someone had hit him on the head.

I was shocked and was about to turn but I got a warning instead

"Don't turn or else you might regret it" The stranger said and I was now shivering.

"Wh... Who.. are.. you?? I asked

" You don't need to know.. Don't worry he is still alive, you just have to call the police and if they don't believe you then show them this " The stranger said as he pulled his hand forth

He was wearing a glove

He dropped a tape on the table

I wanted to look at him but I was scared and quickly shut my eyes

Who can he be???

To be continued

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