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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 54




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 54

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV

"CJ come back here " Kayla yelled as she manage to pick a blanket and wrap it around her naked body

CJ halted and put his hand in his pocket

"I know this was all a set up... Why did you do this?? Huh?? Kayla half yelled as she manage to fight back her tears

"What do you mean?? CJ stared as he arched his brow and kayla sniffed

"What do you think people will say when they found out that you slept with your husband friend?? You should know, that won't be good at all " CJ said and Min ho burst out laughing

"Kayla do you remember those days that i use to tell you that you will be mine, you think i was joking but now you will surely be mine " Min ho said with a smirk and Kayla glared at him

"You'll pay for this "

"Pay for what?!

"Pay for fooling me " Kayla yelled

"Kayla i don't know what you're up to but i surely know what your mom is up to " CJ said and Kayla eyes widened

"Wh.. Wh.. What.. ar... are... you... talk... talking about?? She stammered



"I caught her inside this ward, she was trying to kill chairman Wol bin "She said as she pointed her finger at Mina making her gasped

"Wh... What??!! Mina exclaimed..

The nurses looked at Mina who just kept looking at her fake mother in shock

"Miss... is that true?? I thought i told you not to go inside" One of the nurses said

"bu..But something is strange,why is the woman wearing the nurse uniform?? The other nurse said just then four police officers entered

"What is going on here?? One of them asked

"Actually that is what we're trying to figure out, this woman claim that this young miss is trying to kill chairman wol bin and we're also surprised that she is wearing the nurse uniform since She's not one of us" The first nurse explained

"Why will I try to kill my father?? Mina said and they all looked at her

"Seems she's crazy " The second police officer said just then the doctor entered and on sighting Mina's mom, his eyes widened while she gave him her evil smirk.

"Doctor you're here "

"What is going on??

"We really don't know but this young miss claim chairman wol bin is her father while this woman claim that the miss is trying to kill chairman wol bin " The Second nurse re-explained

"The woman is right because She's the secret nurse I employed to take care of Chairman wol bin" The doctor said and Mina was beyond shocked

"Wh... What??

"Pls take this lady away " The doctor said

"Nooo... That's not right... You can't do this, pls don't trust her, she is going to kill him... Pls don't do this " Mina yelled

Eve's POV

"What is taking Mina so long?? I thought just then my phone beep.. I unlocked it to check the message

You look beautiful in your red gown

I quickly looked around and then my phone beep again

Are you really curious to know what's behind Eric's death?? I think you should give up unless you want to end up like her.

A picture was sent and I clicked on it with my trembling hand, my eyes widened as I cover my mouth, it was Claire's picture


I was looking terrified as my body was trembling with fear

Claire is dead?? Noo Noo..

Author's POV

" But you should have told me about it instead of doing it yourself " The doctor said and Mina's mom scoffed

"Doing it yourself??

"There's this girl, her name is Eve, she's one of the dancers in the seoul music industry and I think she's kinda close to Eric and...

"And what??

"She's interested to know how Eric die I think because one of my close nurse claire confronted me a day ago and I secretly took care of her "The doctor said

"Then why are you telling me?? Isn't it your job to take care of all those stuffs or am I not paying you " She said and the doctor slightly nodded

"You should take care of the girl name Eve too "


"As long as you're getting paid, you will continue to live as my dog and do exactly what I ask you to do and also no one must know you're working with me " She said and stood up, she was on her way out when her phone started ringing.

She checked the caller and quickly picked it

She was surprised when she heard Kayla crying

"What is it my dear?? What's wrong?? Why are you crying??

"CJ fooled me " Kayla said

"He fooled you?? How?? What happened??

"He tricked me into sleeping with his best friend "

"What?!! She exclaimed

. CJ's POV

"So what is next?? Min ho asked but I couldn't answer

The only thing I could think of is Mina and nothing else

I really want her back but how??

She hates me now

" I think it's the right time Mina deserves to know the truth " Min ho said and I shot him a glance

"Don't You think I should find out who's behind all this before taking a step?? I said and Min ho let out a sigh

"I thought you're suspecting someone "

"Yes but.. but... Gosh I don't know what to do now... I really need to see Mina "

"To tell her the truth??

"Not exactly just.. Just... Gosh... Min ho how do you expect me to tell her.. Huh.. Hey Mina the person you thought was your mom is not your mom, actually your real mother was killed by my mom and that was the reason i agreed to marry Kayla in order to keep their secret from leaking out... Do you want me to tell her that?? I half yelled and Min ho shrugged

"The truth is bitter and if you truly love her, you should tell her and if she truly love you then she will forgive you and you two can start figuring things out" Min ho said

"Woah.. So easy to say don't you think?? I said while i stood up

"So what are you planning to do now??

"I really don't know but i am hundred percent positive that kayla's mother is behind everything and i also have a lot to figure out " I said just then my phone started ringing

"Who is that?? Min ho asked

Mina's POV

"What?? Eve exclaimed

"I manage to escape from the policemen and now they are looking for me, Eve i need your help, my dad Isn't safe in the Hospital because i think the doctor is also working for my mom " I said feeling nervous as i check outside through the window

"Mina i am not safe too " Eve said and i could feel that she was about to cry

I quickly went to her and sat beside her

"Eve What's wrong?? What happened??

"Mina did you remember the nurse i told you about that i met in the park" She asked and i tried to recall then i quickly nodded as i knew the nurse she was talking about

"What about her??

Eve brought out her phone and show me some text message

"She knew something about Eric's death and she wanted to tell me but now she is dead and someone sent me this few hours ago " She said as she show me another text message from an unknown number then tears started rolling down her eyes

"Mina, i think she was murdered, i think the person killed her because she knew what really happen to Eric and now the person is threatening me" Eve said as she burst out crying

I was startled as i manage to caress her back

But who is behind all this?? Eve whispered

"Eve i promise that nothing is going to happen to you, i will definitely do something about this and end this as soon as possible " I said

"But you can't do this alone, you're now wanted by the police and someone is out there monitoring my life "

" let me get you a glass of water " I said and stood up, just then someone started knocking on the door and my heart started beating fast

"He is here " Eve whispered and i spun around to look at her


"Come inside the door isn't lock " Eve said and the door opened and i was surprised to see CJ, he was also surprised to see me

"What is he doing here?? I asked as i looked at Eve

"Mina?? CJ whispered

"Don't you dare alter my name from your mouth you Betrayal " I said and quickly went to Eve's room and locked myself inside

"What is he looking for?? Why is he here?? Why did Eve invite him here??

"Mina can you pls open the door?? A familiar voice said

It was CJ but i didn't answer

"You should know i really don't want to get marry to Kayla but trust me i can explain " He said and i opened the door

"Okay go ahead and explain " I said and he couldn't say anything "See you don't have anything to say because you truly want to get marry to her, you abandoned me the time i needed you the most, you lied to me... All your feelings was a fake " I half yelled and was trying hard to stop the tears from rolling down.

" I.. I... I swear but it is too hard for me to explain "

"Yes that's it... It is too hard for you to explain because everything you've told me was a lie, you're a lier " I yelled out loud

"Your real father is Chairman Wol bin " He said and i was surprised then i scoffed

"How do you know?? Who told you?? I said

"I have known this for about two month now and..

"Wow.. What else is it that you've been hiding from me??

"Mina i am sorry, it's just i don't know how to tell you and also about your real mother, she.. She...

"She what??

I looked at him and he was really sweating profusely making me realize that he is hiding something

"What about my real mother?? I asked

" She is.......

"Mina the police are here "Eve said and my eyes widened

What am i going to do now???

To be continued.....

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