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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 53




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 53

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina's POV

"Mina i need to talk to you " Eve yelled making me glanced at her

"What is wrong with you?? I have been calling you for the past 5 minutes but it seems you're lost in your thought.. What are you thinking?? She asked and i forced a smile as i stood up

"Eve can i ask you a question?? I said and she nodded

"Sure go ahead "

I thought for some minutes and shook my head

"Never mind.. I think everything is now clear " I said as i looked at Eve and she gave me a confused look

"What do you mean??

"I am the real daughter of Chairman Wol bin " I said and Eve scoffed

"Mina you can't just arrive to the conclusion that you're Chairman Wol bin daughter just because his late wife wanted her daughter name to be Mina "

"I found out the truth today.... The person i thought was my real mother is not my real mother" I said and Eve eyes widened

"Re.. Really??

"Yeah and also the last time i went there... Mimi show me a picture of a man that do come to her restaurant often and i later found out that the man is Chairman Wol bin and not too long when i went to his house, i found out that he is dying slowly " I said and Eve raised her brow


"Yeah... I think Kayla knew that he Isn't his father., that is why she wanted to kill him " I said and Eve gasped

"She wanted to kill her father.. Uhh.. I mean Chairman Wol bin??

"Yea, she put a poisonous flower in his room and.... " I stopped and sat down on the couch "Eve why?? Why?? Why??

"Mina.. " Eve whispered as she sat next to me and start caressing my back "it's okay "

Suddenly I stood up and walked towards the door

"Where are you going?? Eve asked

"I need to find out something " I said and walked outside

Kayla's POV

I was trying one of dad's guards number but he wasn't picking

I was feeling nervous because he called me that dad fainted and he was rushed to the hospital but i really don't care not until he told me that Mina was around when he fainted

He told me that Mina damaged the flowers in the room... I think she has figure it out

What am I going to do??

What is she doing there in the first place??

I need to call mom...

Since the day i found out that she was my mom, i felt bad and bitter but there's nothing i can do Since she also promise to be of help

I dialed her number and she picked it

"Hello "

"Hello, there is problem... I think Mina has found out the truth " I said

"Truth about what??

"I just got a call that she was in his house when he fainted and i think she has find out about me trying to kill him... What am i going to do cos i know she will definitely be up to something " I said

"Which hospital is he rushed to??

"I think SNH " I said

"Okay.. I'll take care of him and as for Mina i know what to do, you just be patient and leave everything to me " She said and hanged up

I let out a sigh of relief..

Not too long, the door unlocked and i looked up to see who it is...

It is CJ and he seem drunk

I rushed to him and he kept smiling

"Aw.. Kayla you look beautiful " He said

"You're drunk and..... I stopped as i stared into his eyes, he is drunk, i can have what i have been waiting for

I smirked as i looked at him

"Sure i am beautiful " I said as i directed him towards the bed

I smile seductively at him as i bit my lower lips

"Finally... My wish will come true " I said to myself as i started kissing him, even though the kiss felt weird.. I don't care as long as he will have sex with me and make me get pregnant




I climbed off him after i make sure he had ejaculated in me, i smile to myself, just then my eyes drifted to his chest

CJ had a mole on his chest but where is it?? I thought

Just then someone barged in and i was shocked to see CJ

Wait wait... What is going on here??

I looked at the CJ lying on the bed and then the one standing at the door

"What the fuck is going on here?? " I yelled as my heart kept beating fast and fast

I even forgot to cover my naked body but that does not matter

"CJ this is so cool " The guy lying on the bed said as he took off a face identity paper mask of CJ and i was beyond shocked to see Min ho, CJ best friend

"What?? What?? What

So the guy i had sex with was not CJ??

Nooooooo... Noooooo

"Kayla, you had sex with another guy on our matrimonial bed?? CJ said and i shot him a glare

"This is a set up right?? This is a set up" I yelled

"Aish..... You're unbelivable... Eww" CJ said and with that he walked away

Author's POV

When Eve got to the junction, she stopped and glared angrily at the guy stalking him

"Hey... What do you want?? I already appreciate you for saving me some weeks ago so why are you still following everywhere.. Don't you have work to do?? Huh?? Eve yelled and the guy walked towards her making Eve took a step backward

" I am not the one stalking you but you're the one stalking me" The guy said making Eve scoffed

"Me?? Stalking you??Are you insane?? Why will i be stalking you?? She said then ran her fingers through her hair... "Some guys are unbelievable... Let me clear it for you, i am not interested in a guy like you so back off" I yelled and was about to go but he said something making me paused

"You still find it too hard to get over Eric's death,?? He said and I quickly looked at him

"How... How... did...

"This is soo annoying... Do you think i like following you everywhere... That's because Eric asked me to protect you, that was his last request, he asked me to watch over you and protect you but you're getting it all wrong thinking i am interested in you " Thr guy said and looked away

Eve jaw dropped as she tried not to cry, she recalled about Eric telling her that he would always protect her

Mina's POV

When i got to the hospital, i was told that they have just given him drugs and he is sleeping, i asked if i could see him but they said no because i wasn't related to him.

I need to find a way to talk to him" I thought to myself

I went upstair and straightaway to the VVIP ward

Ward AB

I looked around and quietly entered, immediately i entered, i was surprised to see a nurse wearing a face mask trying to inject him

"Wait.... " I said and the nurse stopped

"I was told that he had been given drugs and he is sleeping so what are you doing?? I asking while looking at the nurse suspiciously

She didnt say anything and i took a step forward

"Who are you?? I sort of whispered

She quickly dropped the injection and wanted to run away but i was too quick to obstruct her

"Who sent you?? Who are you?? I half yelled, she wanted to push me but i pushed her instead, she was about to fall but i caught hold of her face mask making it fall off and i receive the greatest shock of my life

"M.. M.. Mom?? I called as my eyes widened just then some nurses entered and they were shocked to see us both.

My heart keeps beating fast

"I caught her inside this ward, she was trying to kill chairman Wol bin " My mom said as she pointed her finger at me making me gasped

"Wh... What??!! I exclaimed..

To be continued....

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