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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 51 & 52




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 51

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina's POV

(One Month Later)

(At The Graveyard )

I squeezed my eyes shut then open it as I lay down on the grass and gazed up to the sky

"Eric, I think there's a lot for me to figure out myself and I don't think I can do this alone " I muttered to myself

"You're here?? A familiar voice said and I turned my head to see who it was

It is Eve

"Are you done with the dance practice?? I asked as I watched her put a bouquets on Eric's grave, she muttered something then she turned to look at me

"Not really" She said and sat down on the grass next to me

Since the death of Eric, she has been my only best friend and I do live with her and her family, she helps me a lot and I do cherish her

"What happened?? I asked

"Let's forget about that... Uhm Mina I heard that today is Kayla's birthday " She said making me scoffed

"Today is 5th of june, how come today is her birthday?? I asked and Eve gave me a confusing look

"What are you talking about??

I looked at Eve and quickly jolted up

"Remember the video I showed you last time??

"About Chairman Wol bin late wife saying she wants to name her daughter Mina??

"Yes and according to what I heard, she died after giving birth " I said and Eve nodded

"And what about that??

"She died on 29th of may and that was the day she gave birth so how come Kayla is celebrating her birthday on 5th of june and why is her name kayla instead of Mina?? I asked and Eve let out a sigh

"Mina you've been asking me this question for some days now, how am I suppose to know?? You shouldn't worry about that but you should worry about how to win back CJ instead " She said and I look away

"Why should I worry about him??

"You're carrying his baby for crying out loud" Eve said and I stood up..

"I have a lot to figure out rather than worrying about someone who use and dump me" I said and was about to go but Eve stopped me

"There must be a reason why he did that, I know that CJ loves you and....

"Enough Eve, you shouldn't talk about me trying to win back a married man " I said and with that I walked away trying to avoid any more of CJ talk

Kayla's POV

"Happy birthday to you my daughter " My dad said but he is not happy with it(not like I care)

"Thank you daddy" I said and gave him a tight hug

I quickly disengage the hug and smile brightly at him but his face look somehow

"Dad, I hope the flowers I gave you are still in your room" I asked and he nodded "So what did the doctor said about your condition??

"The doctor said I will be okay "

"What about your eyes?? Is it getting better?? I asked and he nodded

I continue to look at me and smile to myself

I can't wait to be the heiress to the empire group

Father you just wait while you die slowly

The flowers in your room will affect you badly

"So what about CJ?? I hope he is fine too" My dad asked and I nodded

"Sure he is, we are happy with each other and we love ourselves very much " I said knowing fully well that it was a lie

After I and CJ got married, he has always been sleeping in hotel and not in the house, he won't even bother to wear the wedding ring, the day I asked him why he wasn't wearing it, he told me he had lost it

He still act as if I am nobody and the reason is because he is still in love with Mina which I clearly know because I have caught him countless of time always staring at her pictures.

I can't lose him to that bitch

CJ is mine and so is the company

Eve's POV

It wasn't too long that I left the Graveyard when I got a text message from Claire

Claire is one of the nurses working in Seoul National Hospital where Eric died, I met her at the park few weeks ago and I helped her with something that was bothering her and we became friends

Hi Eve, pls I need to talk to you... It is very important... It is about Eric

My eyes widened


What did he want to tell me about Eric?? Eric is dead so what is it that she wanted to tell me??

Author's POV

The music was loud and everyone was dancing to the beat, Kayla tried hard as possible to get CJ to dance with her but he declined

"CJ, C'mon we're married now and today is your wife's birthday, don't you think you sh....

"I'm just not in the mood" He said cutting her short

"But you should at least..... "She stopped when she realized everywhere was silent and the music had stopped

"What happened?? She asked and then spun around to see her worst nightmare


"Why did you stop the music?? Mina asked as she looked around "ohh you guys are surprised to me because I am not invited?? "

"Mina?? CJ whispered as he was shocked

"Hey Mina what're you doing here?? See this" Kayla said as she flashed her left hand before Mina "I and CJ are married, he is mine and I am his, today is my birthday and I don't think I invited you here " Kayla said and Mina spun around as she took a glass cup and pour herself a drink

"Well.... Congratulation to you both " Mina said "I hope you have a baby very soon or.... CJ hasn't make a move yet?? Mina said and everyone looked at one another

Kayla clenched her fist and move closer to Mina

"Get out " She said

"What if I don't want to?? " Mina asked

"Mina leave " CJ said and Mina looked at him, Kayla smiled to herself

Mina glared at him and angrily pour her drink on CJ and everyone was shocked

"Don't you dare alter my name from your mouth " She said and then glared at Kayla

"I only came here to have a private talk with your wife and not with you "Mina said and CJ was quite embarrassed and sad as he swallowed his spit hard.

"There's nothing left for me and you to talk in private, anything you want to say then feel free to say it here in public " Kayla said and Mina smirked

"Are you sure??.... Well if that's what you want then I will say it"

"I...... " She was about to talk when she receive a text message

"The result is out? " She read out aloud and Kayla arched her brow

"I am sorry but I guess we have to talk about it later " She said then she looked at CJ before walking away

Kayla knew Mina is trying to find out something and the result of what she is looking for is out

What could it be??



CJ quietly left the party and ran after Mina

"Mina... " he called and she stopped

"What do you want?? it is not adviceable for a married man to leave his wife alone on her birthday party " Mina said and CJ looked at her hair not knowing what to say

"I don't love Kayla and the marriage was a mistake.. I...

"You don't need to explain anything, I am not in the mood to listen to your explanation " She said and was about to walk away but CJ held her hand

She felt something and her heart began to beat fast, his touch was something else and she quickly jerk her hand off

"This should be the last time you will be touching me " Mina warned..

"Mina even if I am married, don't forget the fact that you're still mine and I was the one that bought you... " He said making Mina to scoffed

"Of course you bought me to use me and then dump me later.. Don't worry I will pay you back your money and...

"Enough " CJ yelled

"CJ you don't have the fucking right to shut me up " Mina yelled back

"Mina I love you very much and I want to be next to you everytime but I don't know why.. I am beginning to regret why I chose my family reputation over my own heart, I wish you can wait for me until everything is settled, I don't want to be with Kayla, I can't wait to divorce her and end everything with her but how am I going to face you when you realize it was my mother that killed your blood mother " CJ thought

Mina continue to look at him as everywhere was silent

"If you have nothing to say then I will take my leave now " She said and walked away



Kayla was looking at them through the window, she knew mina was definetely up to something and she must get to know what she's up to



"I'm sorry doctor but I am actually feeling guilty about this, I don't know why you lied about that, I don't know who you're working for but I want you turn yourself in" Claire said and the doctor raised his eyebrow


"You're responsible for Eric's death, I found out everything and I can't keep this anymore... Eric never had leukemia, he had 86% of surviving but you lied to him that had leukemia, he was only suffering from lung problem due to the poison he has been taking or perhaps someone is giving him the poison but instead of you telling him the truth you lied to him and continue to give him fake drugs resulting to his death... You killed him" Claire said hurtfully

"Woah... That's so great of you knowing it all... Is that why you come to my house?? The doctor asked

"Yes Doc because I can't keep this anymore, I would like if you turn yourself in" She said and the doctor stood up

"You're right... I am working for someone and the person has been the one secretly giving him poison damaging his lungs because the person want him dead, the person offer me a huge amount of money which I can't resist so I have no other option than to do according to the person's will, Yes Eric shouldn't have die but he died anyway "

"That's so cruel of you... You're such a monster.... " Claire said and was about to leave not until she screamed as she felt something hit her hard on the head

"I am sorry claire but I can't let you ruin my life " The doctor said as he watched Claire fall down on the floor as blood started gushing out of her head




 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 52

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Eve's POV

I was patiently waiting for Claire and i don't know what is taking her so long.

What is it that she wanted to tell me about Eric??

Why did she have to leave me in so much suspense??

I dialed her number but it was switched off

Is Eric alive?? Did they hide him somewhere??

Gosh!!! That's impossible but what exactly did she want to tell me??

Author's POV

"Where are you going?? Kayla asked as CJ was about to step out of the room

"You don't need to know " CJ answered and Kayla quickly obstruct him by standing in front of him

"CJ why are you like this?? Don't you know you're hurting me?? It's been a month that we're both married but you haven't spend a single night with me?? Why??

"Kayla you of all people should know that the marriage was against my will and you should know the only girl i do love is...

"Mina?? Kayla said cutting him short and she sighed "CJ i am now your wife and also don't you see how she disgraced you today??

"That's because i deserve it "

"CJ you're mine and nobody can take you away from me " Kayla said

"We'll see about that " CJ said and with that he left

Kayla clenched her fist as she kept thinking about how to get rid of Mina

Mina's POV

I shut my eyes and then let out a sigh as i opened it

The doctor gave me the envelope which i quickly open, i brought out the result and my eyes widened

"I am sorry to say but the hair you brought and yours did not match at all stating you are not related to her "

My jaw dropped and i was beyond shocked as tears manage to rolled down my cheeks

So she's not my mother??

I squeezed the paper as i held my chest as i could feel it beating fast

Everything was a lie, all my entire life was a lie

If she's not my biological mother then who could it be??

I quickly ran out of the hospital and went to the park as i look for a quiet place and started crying bitterly

Why did she have to pretend that she's my real mother all this while??

I need to know how much she has been hiding from me

Author's POV

When CJ got out of the car, a little girl quickly ran to him, she was licking sweet and she stretched forth her hand as she gave CJ a letter

Immediately CJ collected it from her, the little girl ran away

"Wait... " CJ yelled but the girl was out of sight

CJ opened the letter and was baffled

"Hello CJ

Not only will i reveal your parents secret but i will also let Mina know everything about who killed her biological mother, if you don't want that then i want you to send a sex video of you and your wife to this Number... I only give you 7hrs or else........

CJ looked if he can see the little girl whi gave him the letter but he can't find her.

Why is the person requesting a sex Video?? CJ thought as he clenched his fist in anger

I think i know who it is

Mina's POV

When i got to Chairman Wol bin house, i couldn't go in because the guards wouldn't let me

"I need to go inside, i need to discuss something with him" I half yelled but they didn't care

"Let her in" Someone said and i turned to see an aged woman, she smiled at me and the guards nodded and allowed me to enter.

I looked back at the woman and she kept smiling at me, it really felt weird and i quickly ignore her



When i got inside the house, it was breathtaking and everywhere was quiet, i was expecting to see two or three maids but i didn't see any of them

"Why can't they attend to me?? I thought then my eyes caught something

It was a picture of Chairman Wol bin's wife

I walked towards it and glanced at it then i recalled about the video saying her daughter name will be Mina

Different thought flashed through my mind and i quickly ignore the thought.

I was about to take a turn when i heard someone groaning in pain.. I paused for some seconds

The person was in pain... I think...

I wanted to call one of the guards but it might be too late so i quickly ran upstairs

The sound was coming from that room i guess...

I stood in front of the room and held the door knob, i dragged it down.. Thankfully it wasn't locked

I quickly entered and my eyes was wide opened as i see Chairman Wol bin rubbing his eyes and groaning in pain, i quickly rushed to him and drop to a squat next to him

"Ar... Are.. yo.. you... Okay?? I asked

"Who are you?? He asked as he continue to rub his eyes

"What happened to you.. What is.... " I paused as something caught my attention

I slowly stood up asi walked towards his cabinet, next to it was beautiful flowers.

I was startled as i recalled what the Flower is

Flash Back

"Don't touch it" Eric yelled and Mina pouted

"Why?? She yelled back

"Aish.... You see why school is important.. Don't you know that Flower is poisonous" Eric said and Mina scoffed

"How can this beautiful flower be poisonous. Huh??

Eric let out a sigh and knocked her on her forehead

"Ouch... What's the meaning of that??

"Not everything you see that you touch, the flower is poisonous, they normally use it to kill the maidens in the palace, that is in the olden days "

"You said it yourself.. Olden days but wait how did they use it??

"Simple, they put the flowers in their room, the more they perceive it, the more it affect them, it affect the eyes first and if care Isn't taking, it will affect the heart leading to their death and no one can find out how they died " Eric said and Mina just continue to look at the Flower

'That's unfair " She muttered


Mina's POV

"Hey leave this room now... What have you done?? Someone yelled bringing me back to reality

I looked around to see so many guards and maids in the room

I quickly carried the vase which the flower was inside

"Who gave him this?? I asked but there was no response

"I said who gave him this??

"You should drop that, it was given to him by his daughter " Someone replied and i was shocked

"Ka.. Kayla?? I whispered

To be continued.........

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