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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 43 & 44



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 43

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



"Mina I have to go now?? I said and she quickly held my hand

"No no.. Pls don't go, you can't leave me here " She said groggily making me let out a sigh "you want to leave me so you can go and meet Kayla?? No I won't allow that" She said while holding my hand tightly

I groaned as I looked at her and she gave me a puppy face

"Fine... I'll stay " I said and sat down on the floor next to the couch

"Yipeeeee, Yipeeee... Yipeeee." Mina sings merrily as she winks at me.

"Hey Mina, you look funny when you're drunk." I said as I dramatically drapes my over the arm of the sofa, pretending to be offended.

She looked at me seductively and I smiled at her

I was aware of what's going on, but choose to ignore my conscious minds because it's more fun that way.

"Ah!" Mina cries and I quickly leaps up, spins in two circles and then stops, confused.

"Why did you shout?" I asked pouting. "And what am I looking for?" I said referring to my earlier spinning.

"I don't know." She says curiously, confused also. The window

to the room is slightly open, bringing in a small breeze, but

it's not cold at all. The curtains sway gently as I gave her a puzzled look

"I don't know either." I said honestly.

We continue to look at each other with blank faces, and then

Mina crosses her eyes and sticks out her tongue, causing me to burst out into hysterical laughter.

"What's so funny?" Mina asked as she widen her eyes and

she really seems to think about it, but can't quite come to a


She's really drunk

I sat down on the couch as I looked at her

"Nothing?" I said sceptically and she half shrugs while sitting next to me

She looked directly at me, her gaze piercing

"This is fun." She says quietly, smiling softly and I tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear, making her blush.

Pulling her in for a hug, I stay with my arms and hands tangles around her waist for a while. When she gets bored and tries to remove her arms from around my neck,I whined like a five year old being scolded for holding onto his dirty teddy bear.

, "Don't wanna let go!" I said

"Okay." She says. "As long as we can cuddle."

I nodded seriously, wondering how much of this she'll remember in the morning.

"You're comfy." She said affectionately making me smile

She disengage from the hug and pour me a drink in an empty drink

"Hey take " She said but I shook my head

"CJ plsss just a cup.. Plsss" She pleaded

"Fine, just a cup":I said and collected the cup from her and took a sip

Hey, can I tell you something?" She sort of whispered

" Sure" I said and took another sip

"Actually I had no idea what I am doing now and I barely registers that I'll probably regret this and be mortified someday but I don't care, I just want to be with you " She said and I looked at me

I think she's okay now but I don't understand what she's talking about

"Mina what........ " I couldn't finish my statement as my head started hurting and everything was getting blur

I looked at the glass of wine and it fell from my hand making a sound

"Mina what d... do yo... uu p... Put in.... the... the.. drink?? I said in a weak voice

She caress my hand and mumbles something that sounds awfully like, "I am sorry"

Suddenly everything went blank

Author's POV

Eric was inside his room staring at Mina's Picture when she started hearing some noises..

He winced as he manage to stand up and went out of his room.



He was surprised to see Suzy shouting at Eve, he rolled his eyes and let out a sigh as he went downstairs

Suzy looked towards his direction and was surprised to see his bruised face, she quickly went to him and looked at him worriedly

"Eric, what happened?? She asked sounding concerned but Eric slowly push her away

"Why are you yelling at her?? He asked and Suzy looked at Eve who slowly looked away

"Why is she here in the first place?? Is she here to flirt with you?? Is manager Don not enough for her?? Suzy said as she glared at her

"Enough " Eric yelled " I was the one that invited her here and you what're you doing here?? Is this your house?? He asked and Suzy didn't answer

"Uhm... I am sorry but it seems your sister is not happy with me being here so I will take my leave " Eve said in a low tone and was about to leave but Eric quickly went to her and held her by her arm

"You're staying here tonight while she is leaving " Eric said as she looked at Suzy who was surprised

"What!!!! Suzy exclaimed

"I don't want to cause any misunderstanding between you and your sister so I should leave now and please take care of yourself " Eve said and was about to released herself from his grip but Eric tighten his grip on her arm

"You're not going anywhere, it's my responsibly to protect you and moreover it is late " Eric said

Eve looked at Suzy who just keep glaring at her



Mina's POV

I can't believe I am doing this!!!

I stripped myself naked as I looked at where CJ was...

I don't know if I should do this, won't it look like I raped him cos I am doing this against his own will.

But I seriously have to do this.., if my mom finds out that I am pregnant for CJ then she won't allow to marry any other and that goes for CJ family too

I looked at him. His black bangs flowed across his forehead in a disshelved yet attractive way. His torso was exposed; his fine toned muscles and smooth abs

I climbed the bed and kissed him on his chest then his neck.. to his lips then back to his chest




After the silly solo foreplay of making his d*ck erect... passion and sorrow won out as I felt my hand go between his legs spreading one away from the other. I helped spread his legs.

I know this is going to hurt but I believe I can endure it

My heart started racing as I positioned myself so that the tip of his hard d*ck was just touching the wet lips of my pussy. I held it at the right position and felt my lips spreading as the head of his penis entered me.

I yelped in pain and clenched my fist tightly as I quickly pull away

It really hurt and I felt weasy when I saw that the tip of his d*ck was covered in blood.

I breathe out heavily as I slowly put it back in and lowered myself on his d*ck.

I gripped the sheets beneath me and squeezed my eyes shut as my pu**y stretched and burned to accommodate him.

I heard a low soft moan escape from his lips.

I shut my eyes in pain as I i felt I have taken like 3 inches, it was bringing fresh pain.

This time, I couldn't stop myself from crying as that sharp pain shot throughout my body. My p**sy was burning

and the feeling was only intensifying as I took more inches inside me

"It hurts. It really hurts," I whispered as tears fall from my clenched eyes

I felt like she I going to be sick. The warm feeling inside

of me was actually quite pleasant, but the pain ruined everything. Breath hitching and feeling a sob trying to rip out of me,

I took another inch but this time was easier. I can’t express the wonderful feeling as the head slipping inside again adding another inch. I continued doing this until I had about seven inches inside of me.

The feeling was great and I don't think I can last much longer

Now I was moving faster in and out. Everything about it felt


Then I felt his groan as he squirted his first load of cum in me. I started making noises too and cum too. Then I

collapsed on him breathing hard.

His hard d*ck started to soften but I could still feel it inside of me. I had this contented feeling inside of me with me laying on top of him breathing hard.

I was so worked up inside with emotions.

Tears started welling in my eyes and roll down my cheeks, I looked at CJ who was lying helplessly on the bed

"I am sorry CJ but with this I believe no one can come in between us" I muttered

I shifted to the side so I could breathe easier but when I did I felt his d*ck slide out of me. I reached down between my legs and felt his cum oozing out of me and blood.

I have to clean this up.....


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 44

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Author's POV

(The Next Morning)

Bright light hits CJ square in the face, slicing into his eyes

and making his already pounding headache feel like a construction crew is jackhammering behind his skull.

He groans, and tries to angle his head away, but he can't find a

position where he isn't being blinded, he turns his whole

body, attempting to roll to the other side of the bed and bury his face in the pillows, but he's stopped by something blocking his path.

He groans again, louder this time, he starts to open her eyes to see why it feels like there's a scratchy cushion in his face and along the length of his body.

He doesn't get them open more than a crack before he's fiercely squeezing them shut again, trying to block out the searing light and screaming headache with them.

Did I fall asleep on the couch? At least that explains why my neck is killing me. And my back. And god, my head.? What happened?? How drunk did I get last night?

His answer comes when he shifts a little on the sofa, and the movement makes her stomach roil. Ugh. That drunk.

"Hey, you're awake."

His eyes fly wide open, headache and hangover forgotten, he jumps into a seated position and scrambles further back into the couch cushions.

There's a tall, blonde hair girl standing in the middle of the room, an amused expression lighting up the girl's face.

CJ squeezed his eyes shut and opened it again not believing her eyes

It was Chu Jung!!!! and she's holding a bottle of water in one hand and another small, white bottle in the other.

"What the hell are you doing here?? And how the hell did you get the key?!" CJ screeches, he immediately regrets it; each

word stabs into his head like a knife.

He winced, and brings the tips of her fingers to her temple, but doesn't remove his glare from his sister.

He feels his surprise and fear begin to bubble into hostility when Chu Jung says nothing and simply quirks an eyebrow in response, making CJ want to smack the aggravating smirk off her face.

As CJ looked at his dress, a creeping sense of unfamiliarity begins invading his mind...

He knew this wasn't the dress he wore yesterday... He shut his eyes as he tried to recall what happened yesterday night but just couldn't get hold of it

"Aish...... " He paused then he looked around "Mina??? He whispered

"I thought the doctor said you've lost your memory but it seems you've regain it back.. Wow that's so quick" Chu Jung said as she looked around

"Where is Mina?? CJ asked and just then Mina came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around her body and a small towel wrapped on her hair

"What is....... " She stopped and her eyes widened when she see Chu Jung in the room

"Isn't this a lovely morning surprise?? Chu jung said with a smirk and Mina couldn't say anything

Kayla's POV

"Kay.. What're you doing here so early in the morning?? My dad or should I say my fake dad asked but I didn't answer

"I was told you came here yesterday but left in a hurry " He said and I manage to force a smile

"Yea, something came up so I couldn't wait to see you " I said and he took a sip from his drink

"So how's CJ?? He asked

"I really don't know, I got a message from his mom yesterday night saying he had lost his memory and also he didn't come home yesterday " I said and he was startled

"What!!! He exclaimed "memory loss?? How come?? He asked

"Actually he went to gwanju with Mina, I guess you know her " I said looking at him suspiciously

"Ohh that.. that girl"

"Yes and I was told she was responsible for his memory loss " I said and he shot me a glance then suddenly stood up

"What is it dad?? I asked

"Uhm... I need to get something inside " He said and climb upstairs..

I looked at where he was sitting and notice that he left his phone behind, I looked around but the maids were busy so I quickly picked his phone and unlocked it

I went to his gallery and was shocked to see a lot of Mina's Picture, including her picture when she was little..

I was glancing through the picture when I saw a picture of my late mom when she was still a teen (I don't even know if she is my real mom) then I looked at Mina's Picture

I gasped as I find out they look so much alike

Suddenly the phone beep... It was message

I looked at it and receive the greatest shock in my life

"I know you're doing this because you want your daughter Mina to get marry to CJ but no, I won't allow that, my daughter Kayla will be the one getting marry to him... "

My heart keeps beating fast as I couldn't think of anything

Mina's real father is the man who claim to be my dad and Mina's mother is actually my real mother

Nooo... This is impossible!!!!

Author's POV

"Wow... this is interesting... So you guys made this up so you can be together?? Chu Jung said and CJ glared at her then he looked at Mina who was startled

He kept looking at Mina as he tried to recall what happened last night??

Was she the one that change my clothes?? He thought

"Noo that can't happen "

Mina looked at him too and slowly looked away

"Why are you guys so quiet?? Chu Jung said

"We need to talk" CJ said to Chu Jung and quickly went to her and held her by her and then went outside the room leaving only Mina inside

Mina's POV

I let out a sigh as CJ went outside together with Suzy, I think he did not know what happened last night and I don't think I should tell him now.

I am hundred percent positive that if they knew I am pregnant for him then they won't try to stop our relationship.

The day I will tell him is really going to be a happy day, he maybe mad at me because I did it without his consent but I knew he would be happy that I am pregnant for him

I knew his plan won't work out cos now Suzy has find out that he never lost his memory

But how did she figure it out that he was here with me in the hotel??

Author's POV

"Chu Jung why are you doing this?? CJ asked and Suzy smirk then rolled her eyes

"I am doing this because of you, I am helping you... You and Mina can't be together because...

"Because mom and dad are responsible for her mother's death?? CJ said and Suzy eyes widen in shock

"How.. How... Wait.. You knew about it... No.. How.. How??? Suzy stammered as she was in complete shock

"Yes I know Chairman wol bin is the real father of Mina, I knew everything, I know how mom and dad mistakenly kill his wife because of their selfishness.. I know everything " CJ said and Suzy took a step backward

"But.. But.. Why are you still with her?? Suzy asked

"You don't need to know about that so I will love it if you stay out of this??? CJ was about to go but suzy stopped him

"Are you trying to use her so that even if she know the truth, she won't be able to do anything, CJ you're playing with her feelings... You don't love her?? Suzy asked but CJ ignored her and went inside leaving suzy in a complete shock.

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