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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 40 & 42



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 40

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV


Eric was sitting in his office checking his watch

"Damn!!! It's 7pm already " He said as he sighed then his phone started ringing.

It was Wei

"Why is she calling me now?? He muttered to himself as he picked it

"Hello Wei" He answered groggily

"Eric Eric... " She yelled on the phone making Eric cringed

"Wei... What is it??

"Mina is getting married " She said and Eric eyes widened in shock

"What!!! He exclaimed

"Yes, she told almost everyone in the community that Mina is getting married "

"To who?? Eric asked not wanting to think it is CJ

"To a Siamese guy... "

"Okay, I will call you later " Eric said and hang up, he placed his hand on his

"What is going on?? He thought then someone entered, it was Manager Don private secretary

"Hey Eric ."

Eric checks his watch again and hastily gets up out of his chair, graps his jacket and heads for his door..

"Sorry, can't talk now, got to go."

" You need to ..." Eric cuts her off with a look and heads for the




CJ's mom was sleeping comfortably in her bed when the phone on her bedside table started to ring…and ring…and ring…

She let out a groan as her hand looked for the phone, her face never leaving his pillow. She grabbed it and pulled it to her ear.

"Hello…" She muttered out groggily.

"Hello Dr Lee here!" The speaker on the other line said

"Yes?? " She answered sounding like a deadbeat.

"Actually your son got into an accident and......

She jolted up and was beyond shocked

"What are you talking about?? She asked

"You should come over to the Seoul National Hospital as soon as possible and everything will be explained when you get here " The doctor said and CJ's mom could feel her heart beating fast

No no.. Not my son...

Eve's POV

For what felt like the hundredth time, I reached behind and yanked the dress zipper down, sliding the silky material off and onto the floor with the rest of the rejects.

I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose for a second

. "Should I go more casual, or would a little fancier?"I thought

I groaned, staring at the collection of dresses and outfits that was circling me

"Eve!! "my brother called but I didn't answer, instead walking over to my closet, again, and going through everything on the hangers, quietly finding reasons to reject each of them.

"Too casual, too formal, too out of style, too… ugh what was I

even thinking when I bought this?"

The sound of light footsteps filled my room as my brother walked to the doorway, watching as me struggled.

"Are you going on a date, if not then just wear something that you like wearing. " My brother said and I shot him a glance

"Easy for you to say," I muttered, sighing again. "

He is right, not that I am going on a date with Eric... I am just taking him out for dinner even though he has finally agree to pay and has booked a reservation for the both of us in bora restaurant.

"I think I'll just wear the red one," I said plucking it off the floor and dusting it off. It was a floor length gown made of a shimmery material that hugged my body nicely, a long slit going down the right side and low-cut just enough that I could both look good and feel safe that I wasn't revealing too much.

I make a signal to my brother making him to spun around (I never dress in front of my brother) Stepping into it, I quickly pull it up before zipping it up.

"What do you think?" I said and my brother turned to look at me

He just rolled his eyes. "When are you going ?"

"About an hour," I said, checking the time on my cell phone.

"Just enough time for a make-up touch-up and to fix my hair." I said and my brother walked away

Humming to myself now, I sat down at my vanity and began to subtly apply my make-up. I didn't want to make it look too obvious, just enough to highlight my naturally good looks

I stopped what I was doing and looked at myself in the mirror

Why am I doing this??

I'm I truly in love with Eric??

Eric's POV

I was on my way to the house thinking about what Wei told me..

I picked my phone and wanted to call Mina but I stopped

Why should I call her??

I dropped my phone and continue driving when suddenly a car drove pass mine and crossed me making me halt the car

"What the!!!!

Author's POV

Eve made her way down the street and took a cab..



Nearing the restaurant, Eve cleared her throat once, smoothing down the front of her dress before walking in.

"Hello madam," the host said, a slight accent on his words.

"Did you have a reservation?"

"Um, yes, I believe so," she said, thankful she went for a more

formal look. " The host nodded, quickly leafing through his book for a second while she looked around. No sign of him.

"We have your reservation, yes, but he has not arrived. Would

you like to take your table now while you wait?"

Eve nodded, feeling a pit in her stomach. She and Eric had made it such a point to tell her 8 o'clock sharp, and now he was late?

The host nodded, pulling two menus from a side pocket and

gesturing for her to follow him to a small two-person table.

"I'll have the waiter bring out some water for you while you

wait," he said, smiling as she thanked him.

Fifteen minutes passed before she finally decided to try calling

him. He had given her his number after they agreed on the time and place, but she hadn't called or even texted him yet, not sure of what she was supposed to say to him

Digging through the clutch, Eve realized with a bit of embarrassment that she hadn't remembered to put her phone in before leaving. "Great," she muttered to herself, snapping it closed and placing it roughly on the table.

Another ten minutes passed the waiter came

"Miss?" someone said, appearing beside her. "Are you still


Her cheeks flushed a little. "Yes," she said, thankful that her

voice didn't sound as shaky as she felt. "I'm sure he just got

the time wrong."

The waiter nodded, promising to bring another water to replace the one she had sucked down.

Another twenty minutes passed before the waiter came by

again, glancing at the empty seat opposite of her. "Miss," he

started to say, but Eve quietly cut him off, promising that he would show up.

He nodded again, clearing his throat before leaving.

By the time 9 o'clock rolled around, Eve had all but lost her

appetite. Her cheeks seemed to be in a permanent blush with

shame and embarrassment.

The waiter had come back four more times, and each time she told him the same thing, her resolve faltering more and more the longer she waited. When he appeared a fifth time, she finally sighed, forced to accept the truth.

"Miss, the man in the back has offered you a complimentary meal for your troubles, if you'd be interested," he said as she finally told him she was done waiting.

"Ah, thank you, but –" She looked back to see who the man and was shocked to see nobody but Manager Don

Suzy's POV

It has been more than 3 hours that we've been in the hospital, my mom keep pacing to and fro, my dad just sat down looking dismay while my step mom keep staring at me.

I definitely know she's up to something and I must find out what she's up to and why she want the downfall of my brother

I know she must have been shocked to see me alive.

Perhaps was she responsible for the fire outbreak??

Some of CJ partners in music industry also came after hearing the news, I continuously earn stares from them all

Kayla hasn't hear the news and I have no idea where Mina is.

Where is she?? Was she responsible for this??

According to what the doctor said, CJ was rushed here seven hours ago... What if this is all my fault..

Kayla's POV

I went to my dad's house and ignore all the maids and guards greetings.

I know it is late but I don't care...

CJ refused to come home and everywhere was boring..


When I got inside, I was told that he was in the library, I went upstairs and straightaway to the library

I was about to enter when I heard my dad's voice coming from the library, I think he is on phone call

"I want my daughter back now" He said and I was surprised

What is he talking about??

"I am tired of taking care of kayla, it's time you have your daughter back, I need to show my my love and care to my daughter and not your daughter.. The deal is over, you can have your daughter now, I am tired of pretending to be his time, I think it's right time the two girls know the truth " he said and I gasped and started shivering

My eyes widened as I stood there shock while my heart continue to beat fast

He is not my father??

Author's POV

The doctor finally came out and went over to them

"How is he doc??

"He is okay now but there's a little problem "

"What problem?? CJ mom asked



Mina's POV

I was together with CJ in the ward and he was smiling at me, a bandage was wrapped on his head

"C'mon stop smiling, don't you know how to act...?? You should act as if you're in pain?? I scolded him as I stood up and went to the door and peeped outside

I could see the doctor talking to the CJ family and I could see the shock on their face

I went to CJ and let out a sigh

"Do you think the plan is going to work?? I asked looking worried

"Trust me, it's going to work.. The doctor is with us and I believe they're going to believe it "

"But will you be able to deny the fact of knowing your family?? I asked and he held my hand

"Since they don't want my happiness, I am willing to do anything " He said

I lean close to him on the bed and kissed him, just then the door creaked and I quickly pull away and CJ face quickly become expressionless

The doctor entered together with CJ mom, dad, step mom, Suzy

Immediately Suzy sighted me, she walked to me and slapped me hard on my cheeks

"Its your fault " She yelled

I wanted to react but decided to hold it in

"Who are these people doc?? CJ muttered and his mom quickly sat next to him

"Ohhh my son, it's me your mom.. Pls don't do this " She said as tears rolled down her cheeks and held CJ hand but CJ pulled away

"Who.. Who are you?? CJ said again

"Ma'am, pls you should try not to force him to remember things because it may affect his brain and it may lead to.... you know " The doctor said

"So he doesn't have any memory of us?? CJ dad asked

Suzy suddenly held my hand and pulled me towards CJ

"What about her?? Do you know who she is?? She asked

According to the plan, CJ must also deny the fact that he knows me or else they won't believe us

"Who.. Who is she and who are you?? CJ asked and Suzy released my hand and she was startled

"CJ has indeed lose his memory " She whispered


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 42

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Eve's POV

I was scared to see Manger Don that I could feel my heart beating fast, I was too weak to stand up.

Where is Eric??

He promised to always protect me

"Aww dear, who are you waiting for?? He asked as he sat down on the empty seat in front of me meant for Eric

I couldn't look at him in the face

"Are you perhaps waiting for Eric?? He asked and then started laughing hysterically

Everyone in the restaurant looked at us and he stopped laughing

He stood up and came to my side, he held my hand and asked me to stood up but I shook my head and jerk my hand away from his.

He was surprised by my boldness, he looked around and whispered into my ear.

"If you think Eric is coming to save you then you're wrong my dear because right now Eric is with my grandmother " He said and I shot him a glance

What does he mean by that??

"So behave yourself and follow me " He said and was about to held my hand but someone pushed his hand off.

I looked up to see who it was..

It was Eric.

Some of the ladies in the restaurant were admiring him while some brought out their phone and started taking pictures of him.

I was really happy to see him but when he looked at me, It was then I noticed he had new marks and bruises on his face

"Eric? " I whispered and he looked away then glared at Manager Don.

"You're crossing your boundaries, aren't you ashamed of sleeping with a girl who is old enough to be your first daughter?? He said in a low tone, not wanting people to hear what he said

"How.. How.. D.. do..??

"Sending some assassins to kill me just because of your selfishness?? Eric said and I gasped.

Manager Don send some goons to kill Eric??

Because of me??

This is really getting too far, I am putting his life in danger..



When we got outside, Eric wrapped his jacket tightly around me. The air outside was nice, it wasn't cold at all. It was just the nerves and anxiety of tonight crashing on me as we left the restaurant

He opened the door of his car and I entered, he went to the other side and enter then drove off.

I looked at him and I could see some blood stain on his shirt, I gulped down my spit hard that it hurt my throat just because I was trying to fight back the tears that was beginning to well up my eyes

He suddenly looked at me and I quickly looked away

"I am sorry for not making it on time " He said but I didn't answer

"Where do you live ?? so I can drop you " He asked and I looked at him as he concentrate on what he was driving

"Take me to your house " I said and he suddenly stopped the car

"What do you say??

"I said take me to your house, if you're really sorry then make it up to me by letting me have dinner in your house this night " I said and he continue to look at me


I looked around before entering the hotel, I already booked VIP hotel room for Mina.

My family think she has gone back to gwanju, I am sure the plan is going to work..

I took the keys and went into the elevator

I kept thinking about the request Mina asked earlier in the day asking me to impregnate her...

Aish..... Why am I thinking about that??

The elevator stopped and I came out



When I got to Room 45, meant for Mina, I opened it and my jaw dropped

Everywhere was messy and Mina was on the couch drinking wine, I was more than surprised to see three empty bottle beside her

Was she the one that finish all that??

I quickly locked the door and went to her, she looked at me and smiled, I watched as he tip his head back and pour drinks into her mouth before slamming her cups on the edge of the table,

trying to flip them over

"Mina, why are you drinking?? I asked her

"Rhetorical question " She said and was about to pour herself a drink but I snatched it away from her

"Hey give it back " She said groggily "you're not good at all, you came up with a stupid plan.. Tell me how the plan is going to bring us together when you claim you've lost your memory " She said with a pout then she manage to stood up

"Do you know me?? What's my name?? She asked and fell on the bed

"Gosh!!!! She's so drunk

Author's POV

Eric unlocked the door and Eve followed, Eric looked around to see if Suzy was in the house but she wasn't.

He was a little bit worried about her

He let out a sigh and was about to climb the stairs when he winced and hoped Eve didn't notice.

Apparently hope was too much cos Eve was at his side instantly.

Her face was covered in worry as she looked at him

"Eric you're hurt" Eve said

"No I am not " He said

Eve quickly went close to him and lifted his shirt. Purple spots appeared over his abdomen, some looked worse than others.

She gasped and cover her mouth

Eric was surprised and wanted to push her off but stopped when she reached out and touched around the purple spots making him winced.

"Eric," she breathed and tears rolled down her cheeks

"I'm okay," he said and was startled to see her crying

"This doesn't look okay," she told him. "This is all because of me"

"I said I am okay"

"This looks bad," she said out loud, not having meant to.

"Don't worry about it," he pulled his shirt down so she couldn't look at the bruises anymore.


"You have to get help."

"No," he said firmly.

"Eric," she said again. "You have to. You're hurt!"

"And what exactly is going to happen?" He questioned. "Report about some goons attacking Miles??

"No but maybe you won't have to wince when try to climb the stairs" She yelled.

"I'm fine," he said quieter this time. "Don't worry about me, all right? I've handled worse."

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" She asked.

"A little," he said.

"How are you joking? Your back is all bruised up,! Your face looks like the early aftermath of a bar brawl which is not that far off. You're in pain. How can you be cracking jokes right now?"

"Because if I didn't, I'd have to face what's really going on," he

said and went to sit down on the couch and he winced just like before

"And what's going on?"


"You just said -"

"I know what I said," he admitted. "But it's nothing. Forget I

said it."

"Does it have anything to do with Mina or your condition? " She asked but Eric didn't answer

Eve went to the kitchen, even though it was only once she came to his house, she knew where the kitchen was,

Eric couldn't see what she was doing but when she came back, there was ice in her hand. "Take your shirt off."

"What do you think you're doing?? He asked

"Please " Eve pleaded, Eric looked at her for some seconds and did as he was told. The winces were even worse as he tried to pull his arms out of the sleeves and the shirt over his head.

Eve watched helplessly, she knew he wouldn't let her do it for him, not right now.

If she was thinking anything about the bruises, her face didn't

give it away. Wordlessly, she put the ice over him. Eric hissed

at the cold but easily relaxed once her hand held onto his arm.

"Can you hold this?" She asked about the ice.

"Yeah," Eric put his hands over hers as she slipped hers underneath to let go of the cold.

Eve was out of the living room and within seconds came back in almost the same time. She held soaking wet paper towels.

"What's that for?"

"You have too many bruises for just one block of ice," she

explained. "I'm gonna see if freezing cold water helps the spot

the ice isn't on."

Eve assisted him and they both walked upstairs and straightaway into the bathroom, where she sat Eric on the toilet. He held the ice on the worst of the bruises and slowly, she ran the cold water paper towels over his skin.

Again, he hissed at the cold

"How's that feel?" She asked.

"Cold," he told her. "But not bad."

Eve stopped and was about to go and get more when Eric held her

"Why are you doing all this?? He asked and Eve looked at me

"If I tell you, it won't mean anything to you " She said and CJ wonder what she meant by that statement


"CJ if you leave me alone this night then I will commit suicide " she said She was totally drunk and was talking nonsense all the time.

"How are you going to do that?? I asked

"I will bite my tongue and chew it" She said making me sigh

"I have never seen her drunk like this?? Who even served her 6 bottles of acholic wine but she really look cute

" Are you a magician?" She asked sounding so drunk making me chuckle.

"What?" I asked between my laughs.

"Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears."

"You're way too drunk, Mina." I said

"Kiss me if I am wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?" She said making me smile as I leaned forward.

"You're totally wrong Mina." I said chuckling as I connected our lips, tasting the alcohol from her lips.

I realized how she suddenly pulled away quickly with her eyes widened.

"That was just a joke! Why did you kiss me?! I have a boyfriend!" She said almost screaming as she pulled out her phone "Oh my god, I have to tell my boyfriend about this, he will totally beat you up!"

I just stared at her as she swiped around on her phone making me furrow my eyebrows. She tapped on one contact and held her phone on her ear.

I realized how my phone suddenly started vibrating making me shake my head, a sigh escaping my lips.

I answered the call.

"Come here! A guy just kissed me even though he knew I have a boyfriend." She said making me laugh "Come here and beat him up."

"Mina, look at the guy who kissed you." I said shaking my


She looked to me and her mouth formed an 'o' as she

started laughing herself.

"Whoops." She said, ending the call and leaning her head against my shoulder "I'm so drunk."

"Yes, you are ." I said chuckling.

She removed her head from my shoulder as she looked into my eyes. I leaned forward to kiss her again and was expecting her to kiss me back but she had the same reaction like before. She pulled back with widened eyes.

"I already told you I have a boyfriend!" She said loudly, shaking her head "You shouldn't kiss random girls!"

She got her phone and called me again, making me sigh

when I felt my phone vibrate again

"This Mina is something else "

To be continued......

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