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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 30 & 31



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 30

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Author's POV

CJ could hear the sound of the crowd as his band unloaded

their equipment behind the huge stage. They had just arrived,

and CJ had his guitar case slung over one shoulder. The audience was cheering and hyped; it sounded like they were

between acts.

"Who's playing before me?" CJ asked

"Twinkle ."

CJ eyes narrowed immediately. "You've got to be kidding me... Where is Eve??

The backup dancer looked at themselves and reply with a shrug

"She should be here by now... Where could she be??



Mina was looking for the toilet when she sighted a little girl sitting down alone.

She approached her and drop to a squat

"Hey, what is wrong with you?? Why are you sitting down alone?? Mina asked but the girl didn't reply

"Talk to me" She said

The girl looked at her and sniffed

" My friends chase me out of the group because I am a fan of CJ" The girl said and Mina was surprised

"What!!! " She exclaimed

"Yes, they're all Miles fan and because I Stan CJ, they chase me out of the group and don't want to be my friend anymore "

Mina sighed and sat next to her and caress the back of her head.

"You don't have to think about that, you see life is too short to

worry about stupid things,follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong"

"Then you want me to follow my heart and lose my friends??.. The girl asked and Mina couldn't answer

The girl stood up and looked at her

"Well I guess I should stop being CJ fan, after all he is gay " The little girl said and Mina shook her head

"No no no.. CJ is not a gay "

Eve's POV

I can't believe that the girl who threatened me was Eric sister, they don't even look alike.

She look weird and how did she even find out about my secret.

It will soon be CJ turn on the stage to sing and I don't wanna hurt him

What am I going to do??

I was thinking of what to do when I sighted someone talking to a little girl

It was Mina

"I need to talk to her" I said and was about to go but someone pulled me back, I turned and was surprised to see Eric

"Hey get your hands off me " I sort of whispered and pull my hand away from his grip

"Don't you dare tell anyone about what happened some hours ago " he said but I just glared at him "Or else you will have yourself to be blame "

"Well that's not my business, even if you die it is not my business " I said and he looked at the other direction

I could see in his face that he was surprised to see Mina

"What did the poor girl do to you that you and your sister are trying to haunt her down? " I asked knowing fully well that Eric must have collide with his sister to bring down CJ since they're now rivals

He glanced at me and raised his brow

"What are you talking about?? He asked looking astonished but I just rolled my eyes

"Don't try to act innocent, your sister came to my school and threatened me to ruin CJ show and then blame it on Mina... " I said and his eyes widened

"Why are you shocked?? I thought....

"Suzy?? He asked looking amazed and that is when I realize that he didn't know anything about it

He shut his eyes for some seconds and then open it again

"Don't ruin the show " he said

"But if I don't do what she said, she's going to reveal my secret " I said and to my surprise, he put his hand on my shoulder

"She won't do that and even if your secret get leaked then I promise to protect you.. This is my promise to you so don't you dare ruin the show " He said and was about to go but I stopped him

"I thought you don't like CJ so why are you doing this " I asked and he pointed at Mina

"I am doing this because of her and not that bastard" he said and with that he walked away

Mina's POV

"So CJ is a good guy? " The little girl asked me and I nodded with a smile

I manage to convince her that CJ is a good guy and she should continue to be his fan

"Minaaa" Someone called and I turned to see Kayla

"Wait.. I will be right back " I told the little girl and walk towards Kayla

"You're late" I said and she pouted

"Yes I know, I was caught in a traffic.. I believe CJ hasn't sing yet?? " She asked and I shook my head

"Wait.. i have something to show you " She asked and brought out her golden purse, she started searching thoroughly but couldn't find anything

"What is it you're looking for?? I asked

" Uhm I will be right back " She said and dashed away

What did she want to show me??

Author's POV

Suzy was staring at Eric's bracelet, she knew something was wrong with him but he is hiding it

She was quite worried

Just then someone entered the room she was and she looked up to see CJ.

She immediately looked away and she could feel her heart beating fast.

CJ who was looking for Mina barged into one of the male's dressing room and was surprised to see a lady inside.

The lady quickly looked away and cover her face with a scarf

"Hey, what are you doing in the guy's dressing room?? CJ asked but Suzy didn't answer

"Who are you?? What are you doing here?? He asked and started taking steps towards her and Suzy was getting scared

She knew if CJ get to see her face then she will be able to recognize her because she wasn't putting on a heavy makeup

"Are you perhaps a stalker?? I need to call the security " CJ said and then the door opened and Eric entered

CJ and Eric looked at each other and Eric went to Suzy's side

"What do you want from her?? He asked

"Ohh, is she someone you know?? CJ asked but Eric didn't answer "Well... My bad " he said and then looked at Suzy who wasn't facing him for the last time and was about to go.

"I will surely have my Mina back " Eric said and CJ just scoffed before walking away

Suzy gritted her teeth when Eric said the word "my Mina "

Eric held her by the wrist and remove her scarf

"Tell me, who the fuck are you?? He asked and Suzy just continue to look at him

"Why are you trying to hurt CJ and blame Mina for it.. Huh?? He half yelled at her and Suzy winced

"You're hurting me " She said and Eric released her hand

"You shouldn't be worry about who I try to hurt but you should focus on your work instead " Suzy said and Eric angrily held her hand and pinned her against the wall

"I don't really know you and I guess you're a threat to my life, if you dare try to hurt Mina then you will have to pay dearly for it, also I don't ever want to see you again " He said

"I am doing this for Mina's good, she shouldn't be CJ and also she shouldn't be with you too " Suzy said "and I am sorry to say this, I knew my first plan won't work, that is why I go for the second one "

"Wh.. What do you mean??

"In the next 12min, Mina will receive the greatest shock in her life " Suzy said

"Tell me, what have you done?? Eric yelled and Suzy quickly brought out a spray and spray it on Eric making him unconscious..

On the other hand, CJ was called up to the stage, he was quite worried because he couldn't find Mina

People were shouting, cheering and whistling as CJ stepped on the stage...

Mina washed her hand after using the toilet just then her buzzed, it was a message from anonymous, she was about to pick her phone to check but someone came from nowhere and smashed her phone on the floor.

She was shocked and looked up to see a lady

"Who are you?? And why will you do that?? Mina said pointing at her damaged phone

"My name is Eve, i am one of CJ backup dancers and I am trying to save you, the message sent to you is actually dangerous and I am helping you because you're CJ girlfriend

"What are talking about??

"You should stay here until CJ finish singing " Eve said and Mina was confused

She don't understand why the lady is doing this

"Plss believe me and stay here, i will be right back " Eve said and quickly left the place



"I am sorry but I can't let my brother be with the girl whose mother was murdered by my parents " Suzy said as she looked at Eric who fell down and was unconscious on the floor.

Eric phone started ringing and she checked the caller, it says Manager Don boss, she quickly picked it

"Hello " it was a woman's voice "You should know that if you manage to bring Chen jai down then you will the only star in the Industry

Suzy paused for some minutes

The way the woman said Chen Jai sounds familiar, she shut her eyes as she try to remember something


Chu Jung was in her room pressing her phone when her step mother entered

She quickly put her phone away and smile

Her step mother smiled back and sat on her bed

"Chu jung, why are you pressing your phone by this time?? Her step mother asked but she didn't reply

"Well.. I brought you something " She said and gave her a pink hair band

"Wowww... It's soo beautiful.. I love it.. Thank you very much.. You're the best " She said and hugged her tightly

"You're welcome dear, I bet Chen jai will love this one " she said as she showed him a blue band

"Wow.. CJ will indeed love it but why are you always calling his name in a different tone?? Chu jung asked

"You mean Chen Jai??

"Yes but you're the only one that do call him like that " Chu Jung said and her step mother smiled

"Is there any thing wrong with the wat I do call him "

"Noo.. Not at all.. Anyway thanks for the band, I love you "

"I love you more "



Suzy eyes widened as her continue to beat fast as the phone fell off her hand.

The person trying to hurt CJ is none other than her step mother??


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 31

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Author's POV

His head throbbed in agony. Eric groaned as he slowly opened his heavy lids. He blinked away the heavy fog of unconsciousness away and regained his vision.

He narrowed his eyes in confusion and glanced around trying to figure out his whereabouts.

He slowly sat up and rubbed his arms where goosebumps bloomed and glanced around in the darkness.

"What happened and where the fuck am I?" He pondered aloud.

He slowly rose from the cold hard ground. As he did, the

sound of metal clanked below his feet. He glanced down to see a spray can on the floor.

He narrowed his eyes again in confusion as he rubbed the back of his head then he recalled about Suzy spraying it on him making him feel unconscious and also how she told him about Mina's life being in danger.

His eyes widened as he quickly went out of the room, he bumped into a guy

"Hey, Do you know where Mina is?? Eric asked looking worried

"You mean CJ girlfriend??

Eric gritted his teeth and nodded

"Well, i think she has followed CJ since CJ is done with the show "

Eric let out a sigh of relief but he knew within himself that he need to know what Suzy is up to



The night was quiet, sky lit with scattered stars and the only sound that could be heard was the revving of an engine and

the quiet tunes of a radio.

Mina leaned back in the passenger seat and stared at CJ to her left,.

CJ had been driving ever since they left Concert and has been ignoring Mina's pout because he definitely knew if he talk then she is going to ask him multiple questions

They are out in the middle of nowhere, there are no cars, no buildings, nothing.

CJ kept driving, adjusting himself in his seat

"Where are we going?? Mina asked but receive no response from CJ "Its late and.. and.. You just keep driving and also you refused to say anything "

CJ wanted to answer her decided not to keep mute as he continues to drive for another mile

Thankfully, Mina didn't make a fuss this time. She could feel

her eyes dropping and blinked it away. CJ attention faltered for a minute and he didn't notice a few scattered pieces of concrete and rocks ahead and drove over them instead of avoiding them.

The car jolted and shook, making Mina jump in her seat and

CJ eyes widen, before they heard two pops in the back of

the car and some sharp hisses under the hood before steam came out. CJ hurriedly stopped the car off the road and

took off her seatbelt.

Mina did the same and they both stepped out of the car to

look over the damage. Two flat tires and something

disconnected from the engine.

"Great, now we're stuck here" Mina scowled. "there's no auto

shops around and even if there was, they'd be closed"

"Well, it's not my fault " CJ said with a shrug and Mina glanced at him

"Then was it my fault?? Was i the one driving?? " Mina asked

"I was distracted by your beautiful face"

"Ahh.. You're unbelievable"Mina said sternly, running a hand through her hair."Well what do you suggest?!" Mina raised an eyebrow "stay here till an auto shop opens?"

"No." CJ deadpanned. "we could fix the car ourselves"

"with what?" Mina snorted. "even of we fixed the engine, we

have two flat tires and we only have one spare"

"well what do you suggest?!"

"We could call someone?" Mina suggested, pulling her phone out.

"who would even be awake at-" CJ paused to glance at his

wristwatch. "twelve AM?"

"Maybe Eric " Mina said but CJ jerk the phone away from her

"I really prefer both of us staying here till the next day rather than you calling Miles " CJ said and Mina rolled her eyes

"So where were we going in the first place?? Mina asked and CJ smiled

"How about we take a little walk??

"Little walk?? Mina yelled "in the middle of the night??!!!



Eric couldn't stop thinking of Mina till he got to his house, he entered and was surprised to see Suzy

"What is she still doing here?? He thought and quickly walked up to her, he grabbed her by arm making Suzy turn around.

Eric was baffled to see tears in her eyes, her eyes were sore and he quickly release her arm

"What is wrong with you?? Why are you crying?? He asked and Suzy looked at him

"Wait wait.. Are you trying to pull some pranks so that you will continue to stay with me?? Eric asked knowing fully well that her tears were real

"Eric, how will you feel when the person you truly love and cherish turns out to be your enemy? " Suzy asked and Eric arched his brow.

"Did something happened during the concert?? Well if something do happen then you have yourself to blame and also why are you trying to hurt Mina?? Eric asked

"Can you stop mentioning her name?? Suzy said as tears gush out of her eyes

"I don't really understand you but Mina is....

Eric couldn't finish his statement as Suzy lean close and kissed him on his lips


I couldn't sleep as i continue to gazed up at the ceiling, unable to fall asleep. I didn't know why. Maybe something was on mind, but I didn't just notice...maybe it was because I couldn't sleep on an empty stomach...

I decided to go fetch some water from the kitchen

Slowly making my way around in the dark, I bumped into the wall making me groaned in pain

"Ouch... "

I was about to go downstairs when i hear some voice, it was coming from my mom's room, i manage to peep inside the room and i was surprised to see her crying

Why is she crying??

I held the door knob and was about to open the door when i sighted the picture she was holding

It was the picture of my dad.

I looked at mom sadly and turn away

She really do miss dad.. So do I

Kayla's POV

I can't believe that CJ left me behind, I had called his mom some minutes ago and she told me to find every means to get rid of her.

I really don't know who send the message to me to come to the concert but i am beginning to hate this

I have tried everything for the two to hate each other but it always prove abortive

What am i going to do now??

I need to look for a better way to get rid of Mina

. Mina POV

We both stay quiet for most of the walk, except a few rude remarks from CJ about me being too slow. I ignore him and take in my surroundings.

He decided to break the silence

"So what do you wanna tell me before?? He asked

"Err.. Nothing "

CJ stopped and looked at me making me look away

" Do you want to tell me that the kiss was a mistake and you don't love me?? He asked making me glance at him "Isnt it??

"CJ" i whispered

"Mina you don't have to say anything cos your heart had said a lot "

"But CJ, your mom want you to get married to Kayla and Kayla really love you, And also i don't think i will be able to hurt kayla because she trust me " I said looking down at my feet

CJ sighed and tilted my head up making me look at him

"Mina, will you marry me?? He said and my eyes widened

I stepped backward and shook my head

"No no no, the only person you should be getting married to is Kayla not me and i am fully in support of you marrying kayla because she truly deserve you " I said and i could see the disappointed look on his face

"Then why did you kissed me back?? Huh?? Mina i know you love me so You don't have to worry about anything cos i will always be here for you and i will never leave you... " CJ said but i just kept looking at him

"Mina i love you "

""Me too. I love you too." I said not knowing when i said it . he smiled at me, the smile was filled with so much passion

and so much love.

He firmly pulled me body against his and he brushed my lips with his.

Staring into my eyes, he lightly slid his tongue across my bottom lip. I drew a deep, staggered breath in response to the wave of heat I felt flushing through me

CJ smiled at me. Then, he softly kissed me. He lightly swept his tongue between my lips, pressing his warm, soft lips to mine. He slid his hands up my body and cradled my face with his hands.

Then, he passionately kissed me tickling my tongue with his. He sucked my lips, gently, as though he was sampling nectar on a delicate petal.

A thunder was heard then it started raining but we didn't care

CJ quickly disengaged the kiss and looked at Mina

"Gosh!!! It is raining, we need to go back to the car" He said but i shook my head

"Noo.. I.. I love the rain'

"But you'll get sick. And it's a lot of rain not a little. You're very

important to me. I don't want you to get sick. " CJ said with a very worried look on his face.

I smiled at CJ

I was very happy that he cared about me that much.I hugged him with a very happy smile on my face.

He smiled back. But I stop hugging him as I notice his hair was soak in wet from the rain.

I started to blush.

I thought he looked so handsome with his hair wet.

"CJ. You look so handsome with your hair wet" I said as i blushed.

"Oh. I do?" CJ asked with a smile as he pulled his soaked hair back and wipes his face off with one hand.

"Yes" I replied and we both looked at each other deeply in the eyes.

It was love.

We moved closer to each other as our lips toughed in a very passionate kiss. A very passionate kiss in the rain.

After some minutes, we both disengage the kiss and I rested my head on his chest. A smile of true love formed on my lips.

That was actually my first kiss in the rain. And it

was very special to me

I don't think i can let CJ get married to Kayla because i am soo in love with him and i have never felt this way before and also i am not willing to let him go.

To be continued.... 

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