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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 28 & 29



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 28

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


(The Next Day)

Eve's POV

I raised my arms to the sky in a good morning stretch as I sat up in bed, my head was pounding.

"Holy fuck..." I whispered to myself as the buzzing in my ears increased. I felt around the bed and grabbed a pillow before shoving my head into it.

The worst part about waking up with a hangover was, well,


I nuzzled my face into the sheets., after some minutes, i peered at my digital clock

"Fuck.... I am late for school"

I quickly threw my covers aside and walked over to my closet door wear the uniform hung, waiting to be worn. It had a black

miniskirt with matching Blazer that had the school monogram

on the shoulder which was a Roselia.

"Eve! Are you awake!" I hear my mother call from downstairs, the yell made me jump a bit and I scrambled to open my door.

"Yea, I'm up!" I called back. I can see her at the bottom of the

steps with her favorite​ orange apron on and a batter cover spatula in her hand.

"Okay. Hurry up or you won't have time for pancakes before you leave." I nodded and went back into my room.

I took a shower and got dressed in my uniform. I blow dried

my hair quickly and left it to hang loosely on my shoulders. I brushed my teeth then made a dash for the kitchen. Once I entered the kitchen I twirled with a huge grin on my face.

"So?" I asked catching the attention of my mom and brother. "How do I look?"

Max, my brother rolled her onyx black eyes before pushing up his glasses and eating his pancakes. I frowned a bit. Max can be such a pain; he looks more like dad then me do to the fact that they have the same eye color and navy hair color. I look more like my mom, adopting her brunette hair and blue eyes. Speaking of my mother, she stopped putting away dishes to look at me and smile.

"Eve.. you look adorable!" She gushed. My smile brightened as

I held my hands behind my back. "I bet you'll get a boyfriend in no time." She added with a wink. My face heated up and flushed no doubt.

"MOM!" I whined sitting at the table. She laughed lightly and

placed a late of three pancakes in front of me while I pouted.

"I'm only playing with you Eve." She said patting me on the

head. Max finished his last bite of breakfast and pushed

himself away from the table. He got up from his chair and

grabbed his backpack that was hanging on the back of his


"I better go or I'll miss the bus." He said simply while heading

towards the front door. My mom waved goodbye to him and

said her goodbyes, I said one as well and wished him luck on

the first day of school. He smiled in gratitude and wished the

same for me. Little siblings; can't live with them but you gotta

love them.

About ten minutes after Max had left I was finished and it was

time for me to go as well. I got up from the chair and picked up my red Torchic side bag and I also picked up a black leather

bracelet that had six pokeballs attatched to it. I latched the

bracelet to my wrist and pulled the sleeve of my blazer over it.

"I'm gonna head out now Mom." I said as I made my way to

the front door. She followed me and opened the door for me

with a cheerful smile on her face.

"Have a wonderful day!" She said giving me a kiss on the

forehead. I wiped at the spot and grimaced.

"Mom!! I'm too old for goodbye kisses." I said in protest of the action. My mom blinked before laughing lightly.

She tried to block her laughter by covering her mouth her

hand delicately.

"Oh Eve, dear, you are never too old for your mothers love

now get a move on." She instructed pushing me out the door

and slamming it behind me. I looked at the door for a second

before I just sighed

Then suddenly i thought of something, how did i get home yesterday night?? And what happened during the party?? Why is it that mom didn't say anything about getting drunk yesterday night.. What really happened??

I arched my brow as i sighed

Kayla's POV

I was in the kitchen thinking about the lady who came here yesterday.

Who is she??

And what does she mean by me being the fake daughter?? Is she crazy?!

How did she even know the house password??

She didn't even wait to see CJ before leaving.. Should i tell CJ about it??

Suddenly my phone beeps and i checked it

It was a message from an unknown person

Kayla, if you really want CJ to be yours then you should be at his concert at bagli tonight

I read the message thrice and i was confused

Who sent this??

"If i want CJ to be mine then i should go to his concert tonight "

Mina's POV

I woke up and i heard soft snoring right next to me.

I didn't want to look, but I knew I had to. So, I slowly turned to face the other side of the bed, and I almost let out a blood curdling scream. my hands flew to my mouth

I checked myself and found out my dressing was still intact

CJ is not the kind of guy to do such a thing right?? But how did he end up sleeping on my bed

I then recalled about the kiss yesterday making me gasped

Oh em gee!!! CJ kissed me and i also kissed him back

I cover my mouth as i keep staring at him, his eyes were closed, his mouth was parted slightly and he was breathing, deeply and slowly.

I could feel my heart beating fast just by looking at him.

What is wrong with me??

I gulped down as i slowly reached my hand out from the blankets to caress his cheek...

Why did i do that??

Is it true that i love him?? No that's not possible...

He didn't move. He didn't respond to my touch. He was fast asleep

I quickly propped myself up on my right elbow, my left hand

still touching his face.

"CJ?" I said quietly, unsure.

He began to stir, and I froze. He closed his mouth and scrunched up his forehead, his eyes still closed. His tongue

darted out slightly and licked over his dry lips before vanishing

back into his mouth.

His eyes began to slowly flutter open, blinking rapidly, trying to

focus through a haze of... sleep then he shut his eyes and continue to sleep

"What a sleepyhead "

Just then someone entered and i looked up to see Kayla, the look on her face show that she was surprised to see CJ on my bed.

I quickly jerk the blanket off and walked towards her

"Kayla it's not what you think " I whispered but she just keep glaring at me then she hissed and went out

I looked at CJ who was still sleeping

I must not fall in love with him because i don't want to hurt Kayla's feeling, she is such a nice friend and i don't want to hurt her

Eve's POV

My school finally came into sight and I saw many boys and girls standing around the front courts where a large fountain statue of a Roselia was. I got many perculiur stares as I entered the school and I began to feel rather self-concias.

Practically every pair of eyes were on me, it was quite normal because whenever i enter the school, everyone do check me out because i am one of the most popular girl in school and because i was the lead dancer in a popular band of CJ so i deserve it

But this time around, the stares are getting much and they kept looking at me and back at their phone.

I looked myself checking if there was anything wrong with my clothes but nothing

"Eve.. Evelyn" Someone called

I turned to see my two besties running towards me

"Hi Sonia, hi Amy... Is there something wrong with my hair or my face?? Why is everyone looking at me like that?? I asked and my friends looked at each other

I knew instantly that something was wrong

"Did i misbehave yesterday night at the party?? I asked but they didn't answer so i jerk Amy's phone to check what was trending and i was shocked to see the video of Miles kissing me

My eyes widened and i looked at my friends

I was so embarrassed and angry at the same time, i adjusted my bag back ignoring my friends calling me.

Eric's POV

"Why will you do such a thing.. Huh?? Manager Don yelled and i let out a sigh

Everyone is now talking about the video of me kissing a girl which i don't quite know but i don't really care cos all what i am thinking about is Mina.

I rubbed my face and stood up

"Tonight is the day CJ will regret being an artist, i will surely bring him down to my feet " Eric said and Manage Don shot him a glance


"Yeah.. Just make sure you bring down the video first and debuk any rumour of me being in a relationship with any girl and just wait and watch how i bring him down tonight " Eric said as he clenched his fist

"Mina i will do whatever it takes to never let you go" he said to himself

Author's POV

"I will make sure that stupid jerk pay " Eve said as she kept running then she bumped into someone

She looked up to see a beautiful lady looking at her.

She has never seen her before but she quite look familiar

"Hey.. Watch where you are going?? Eve said

"Park Evelyn, i need your help.. I know you're one of the people CJ trusted so....

"So what?? Who are you and why will i help you?? Get lost " Eve said rudely

"Then you want me to tell everyone about your dirty secret about...... " The lady lean close and whispered something in her ear making her gasped

"How.. How.. How.. did...

"You have to cooperate with me or else i will make sure i tell everyone..."

"What do you want??

"Good... Do you know this girl?? The lady asked showing her a picture and she nodded

"Yes, her name is Mina and she was once CJ girlfriend, what about her??

"Tonight is CJ concert in bagli and she will also be there including Miles so i want you to help me with something " She said and Eve kept looking at the picture

"What do you want me to do??

The lady smiled and whispered something to her and Eve eyes widened

"What?? I can't do it.. That will really hurt CJ and it may result to people hating on him, i can't do it.. I can't hurt CJ " Eve said as she shook her head

"CJ will never know you are the one cos all you have to do is to blame it on Mina, don't worry i will also help you out " The lady said and Eve swallowed her spit hard

"But Mina is innocent, if we blame it on her, CJ will hate her a lot and....

"If you fail to do it then your secret will be out and...

"Please​ i will do it, don't tell everyone my secret plsss... " Eve pleaded in telling


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 29

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Mina's POV

I looked at CJ, he was still asleep. It seemed he had rolled over onto his back, and his hand had inadvertently swung on the pillow.

What is wrong with me??

Why is my heart always beating fast anytime i see him?? I wasn't one to believe in love but had to admit that i have fallen for CJ

But that is impossible, I can't love him, he is getting married in the next two weeks and Kayla really love him a lot.

"Mina ," I heard him muttered under his breath, his voice gravily

from just waking up even though he was still half asleep.

I glanced at him as he slowly open his eyes

I need to fix this.

I walked towards him and frowned

"Hey get up" I yelled but he shove his head in the pillow, i shook my head and angrily jerk the pillow off making him groan.

"CJ i need to tell you something, it's very important " I half yelled at him

He moaned and then looked at me.

“Give me your hands.” he whispered

I frowned at him.

"Hey, this is not a joke, i said i need to tell you something and...

“Mina.” His voice was sharp. “Give me your hands.”

I let out a sigh and stretched my hand towards him, he smirked and then pull me towards him making me fall on top of him.

I gasped as my eyes widened

He rolled me over and he was on top of me

"Wh.. What do you think you're doing?? I asked

"And what is it you think i am doing?? He replied giving me his cute smile "So what do you wanna tell me??

"You don't expect me to tell you in this position " I yelled


"Because it is awkward and and...

CJ cupped my face in his hands, then stroke my cheek with his thumb.

I swallowed my spit while looking into his gorgeous eyes

What the fuck is wrong with me?? I have never been weak like this before.

"I really need to end this"I thought

But I never get a chance to finish my thought. Because

suddenly my lips are covered by his and he's running his

fingers though my hair.

I was astonished cos he caught me off guard.

The kiss was slow at first but it got deeper and more intense

"I really need to end this,"The thought crosses my mind

But the kiss is so good that I don't even care . . .

Several minutes later we finally pull apart.

I was shocked and he grinned at me

"That is my way of greeting you good morning " he said and get off me, i was just looking at him as i kept mute

Author's POV

""Chu Jung, are you insane?? A middle aged woman yelled at her "how on earth will you think of that plan without my consent"

"If i tell you, you won't support me.. that is why i acted on my own " Chu Jung said

"Don't you know with this plan, your brother is going to get hurt and you are trying to put the blame on an innocent girl.. Is this why i saved you. Huh?? The woman shouted

"Did you call me to lecture me, if so then i am not interested" Chu Jung said rudely

"Why are you doing this?? your brother did not even know that you're alive and you're planning to hurt him.. How do you think he is going to feel when he finds out that his suppose lovely dead sister is the one who hurt him??

"I don't fucking care " Chu Jung yelled "I will love it if he get hurt now rather than getting hurt in future, i can't let him be with Mina.. I can't "

"Are you hiding something from me?? I notice that you're trying to separate Mina from CJ after finding out about Mina real identity.. What is it you're hiding?? Huh??

" You will find out yourself very soon, but right now Mina must never ever be with CJ, that is what i am after right now?? Chu Jung said and was about to walk away but the woman held her back.

" I could see clearly that you're hiding a lot of things for me and i also know that you've fallen in love with your brother's enemy " The woman said and Chu Jung quickly glanced at her

"What are you talking about?? Chu Jung said and jerk her hand off

"You're in love with Eric, you even followed him secretly to the party and when you saw him kissing another girl, you wounded yourself " The woman said and glanced at her wrist.

Chu Jung glared at her

"So you've been monitoring my movement?!

"Yes, you're like my child and i was the one who save you, keep you and treat you for years so i have the right to monitor you... Also i know you will never stoop too low to hurt Mina because you're in love with Eric who is in love with her " The woman said and Chu Jung clenched her fist tightly

"I don't know what you're talking about.. Eric is just a bait, that's it, so you should just continue to do your job and if you want to know why i don't want CJ to be with Mina then you should do that yourself by looking into how Mina's real mother died " Chu Jung said and with that she walked away.



When she got outside, she put her hand in her pocket and brought out a bracelet.

The bracelet was for Eric, she looked at it closely and put it back into her pocket


(Music Industry)


Eric was in an empty room thinking about Mina when someone barged in. He looked up to see Evelyn.

The look on her face was that of anger

He looked away and Eve walked towards him

"Hey bitch, how dare you kiss me?? Do you think i look like those cheap slut you always carry around.. Huh?? Eve yelled but Eric didn't answer

"You know i hated you before and now.. Oh goodness.. You're so disgusting "..

Eric stood up and looked at her

"If you think i am going to apologize to you then you are definitely dreaming, don't worry.. they will bring down the video, as you know i wasn't in my right mind when i kissed you so everything is practically your fault " Eric said and Eve gritted her teeth

"Unbelievable.. Are you blaming me??

"Sure, you should learn how to mind Your business because i never asked you to come to my side last night "

"You son of a bitch.. You are.....

Eve gasped as she was shocked

"You... You.. You're blee... bleeding " She said and Eric touch his nose, he looked at his fingers and see blood

Eve quickly brought out her handkerchief

"Ohh... My grandmother gave this handkerchief, it's my favourite.. Aish.... " She lean close and helped him wipe the blood away

Eric wanted to push her off but didn't

"Hey stay here, i will get the first aid box " She said and quickly went out.

Eric looked at the blood stained handkerchief and let out a sigh, Eve quickly enter with the first aid box

She opened it and brought out a wool then suddenly Eric started coughing and Eve was surprised to see blood

"Oh my gawd!! We need to take you to the Hospital "

Someone entered and Eve looked to see who it was

She was baffled to see that it was the lady who threatened her

Chu Jung was told that Eric was in the formal dressing room, when she got there, she didn't bother to knock then she entered and she was shocked when she see Eric coughing out blood.

She quickly walk toward them and pushed Eve away

"What do you do to him?? She yelled and Eve couldn't answer

Mina's POV

I stood in front of CJ's room, I wanted to tell him that i don't have feelings for him and the kiss was a mistake and we should forget about it.

I don't really know how to tell him

I have been standing in front of his room for about 15 minutes now.

How am i going to tell him?? He is going to the concert in bagli tonight. Should i tell him there

No no.. That will really hurt him..

I don't want to hurt his feelings like that.

Suddenly the door opened and i looked up to see CJ, he was shirtless and i just keep staring at his abs..

I quickly get my mind off the abs

"CJ i need to tell you something " I said with my eyes shut

"Okay go ahead.. I am listening.. And why did you close your eyes " he asked

"That's none of your business so i want to tell you that.. Uhm.. that... "

Suddenly i felt something soft on my lips, i opened my eyes

CJ kissed me again??

He smiled "I get you to open your eyes so what do you wanted to tell me " he asked and i quickly run as fast as possible to my room.

Gawd!!! This is ridiculous

Why is he bribing me with a kiss?? I need to tell him so that i won't hurt kayla

But if CJ continue like this, i won't be able to tell him....

What am i going to do??

To be continued...

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