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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 26 & 27



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 26

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Kayla's POV

I was sitting on the couch in the living room pressing my phone when suddenly I heard someone knocking on the door

Who could it be??

I stood up and checked the security

I was surprised to see Mina and Eric outside.

What the fuck is she doing here?? I thought

I must look for a way to get rid of her but it was too late, I looked up to see CJ coming down the stairs, he was probably going out.

The door bell rings and CJ walked towards me

"Who is there?? He asked but I reply him with a shrug, he didn't even bother to check the cameras as he opened the door

I knew he was shocked to see Mina but to my greatest surprise, he walked away but Mina ran after him

Mina's POV

Immediately the door opened, I looked up to see CJ..

He was looking more handsome than before and I could feel my heart beating fast

What is wrong with me??

I was about to greet him but he walked out on me but I quickly ran after him leaving Eric behind.

"CJ.. CJ.. Pls wait " I yelled as I quickly crossed him and stood in front of him, he didn't even bother to look at my face

"CJ I am sorry for what I did, I.. I.. Uhm.. Err

"If you have nothing to say, you can just leave " he said coldly

"CJ, my mom told me everything you've done for her and my sister and I am here to thank you for everything and also forgive me for shouting at you and.....

"Are you that sorry!! ?? He asked

"Yes" I replied and he scoffed

"Well.. If you're that sorry then you should come back " he said while staring into my eyes but I just kept mute

I promised Eric that I won't and will never leave him..

"I am sorry CJ but....

I stopped when he removed my hair pin and glanced at it

"Do you remember you owe me a wish??" he said and I shot him a glance, I recalled what he had said that day about the hairpin being the witness

"The condition is that you owe me a wish and this hairpin is the witness, no matter what the wish maybe you must fulfill it.. though i don't know what i can wish for yet "

"So what do you wanna wish for?? I asked and he smirked

"I wish you stay with me forever " He said and I was dumbfounded

"What?? Stay with you forever?? But why?? " I asked looking confused

"That is just what I wish for " he said and from nowhere Eric grabbed me by my hand

"Mina I think it's time to go " he said a

"Mina you should tell him that you are going nowhere with him " CJ said with a smirk

"C'mon let's go" Eric said and was about dragging me away but I stopped him

"Eric stop.. I am sorry but I will be staying here " I said as I looked away and he released my hand

"Mina you promise me that you will...

"Yes I know but I am sorry, I have no choice than to stay here with CJ" I said

"Mina our friendship ends here " he said and I looked at him shockingly

"Wh.. What do you mean?? I asked

"I mean.. I mean our friendship ends here and our real relationship start here " he said and I don't understand what he is talking about

"What are..... " I couldn't finish my statement as Eric pulled me close and placed his lips on my lips.

I was beyond shocked

Kayla's POV

Woah!!!! I was speechless as I see Eric kissing Mina but not too long Mina disengage the kiss and slapped him hard on his cheeks

I quickly walk towards them

"What do you think you're doing Eric?? Mina yelled

Mina's POV

I shouldn't have slapped Eric but he deserves it.. Why will he kiss me like that??

He held his cheeks and looked at me then back at CJ

"Eric I am sorry " I manage to say

I was actually feeling bad for slapping him

He looked at me and smile

"It is okay.. I understand " he said and with that he walked out, I wanted to follow him but CJ held me back

"You make a good choice, that was how I felt when you choose him over me so let him feel the same way too"

"Uhm.. Sorry for butting in.. Mina why are you not following Eric?? Kayla asked

"Well ... she will be staying here with me " CJ said

"Wow.. that's lovely " Kayla said then she looked at CJ "uhm CJ, your mom said our wedding will be next week, I tried convincing her but she just want you to get married "

CJ smiled while looking at me

"Of course I will get marry next week " he said still looking at me

"Ohh really CJ?? Kayla asked

"Sure, I will be getting married to Mina " he said with a smirk and my eyes widened

"What!!!! " I exclaimed

To be continued....

I know this episode is short and it look cheesy but pls accept it like that, I promise you that the next episode will be better...


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 27

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Mina's POV

I was in my room thinking about Eric and how i slapped him, i tried calling him but he refused to pick my call.

I was quite worried.

Why did he kissed me?? Has he totally lost it

Suddenly someone entered and i looked up to see Kayla, she was holding a glass cup filled with juice, she approached me with a smile and hand over the juice to me.

"I am really glad that you're back because i miss you a lot" She said

I collected the juice from her and smiled back

"Thank you" I said and was about to drink when i see some white substances flowing on top of the juice "what is this?? I asked and she looked at it

"Ohh. that.. Uhm... Err... Sugar " She said and i arched my brow

Why will she put sugar Inside juice??

"Well take.. I don't want.. I think the juice is no more good " I said giving her back the juice

"Ohh i think you are right " She said

Her cheeks was now red making me get suspicious of her

"Let me get you another one " She said as she walked away leaving me in a confused state

Author's POV

Loud music.

Sweaty bodies bumping into one.

The sweet, bitter taste of her sixth shot of vodka, Evelyn a stunning slender young girl, could feel everything around her starting to get a bit hazy, but the feeling was no strange. She lived for parties.

She felt like she was born to go to parties. Now that she is in

her third year of college, she felt as if the party life was part of

her. This is where she belonged; deafening music, endless

amounts of alcohol and a great time with her friends. She was

just a fun person, living her young adult life like any college

student should.

"Eve, slow down! You don't wanna get too drunk just yet, don't you? The party's just begun," her friend winked as she passed Evelyn a tall glass of blue colored alcohol. Who the hell knows what was in this stuff? As long as it smelled sweet and contained the hazy liquid, Evelyn didn't care.

"Sonia, the party started the moment I walked in," Evelyn

grinned before taking a long sip of the sweet, yet tart drink.

Evelyn is one of the best dancers in the music industry, she was given the lead position and everyone loves her, she is still in college and everyone know how close she and CJ was

Evelyn didn't want to get too intoxicated just yet, because

she wanted to be sober for at least some part of the night. But

sometimes she just couldn't help herself. She was the life of

the party, and everyone around her knew it. She was - and still

is - a very popular girl. She was prom queen, head cheerleader

her entire high school career, and everything else in between.

After taking another sip, the alcohol in her stomach was

starting to set in, and she was suddenly in desperate need to

go to the bathroom.

"Hold my drink," She said. Her words were starting to slur as she shoved her drink into her friend's hand, spilling a bit of

the contents on the floor. "I needa go to the bathroom."

"Want one of us to go with you?" Amy asked, another friend of hers. "You've had a bit too much to drink."

"Naah, I'm fine," She stood up, and tripped on her feet.

"Okay, we are definitely coming with you," said Amy, as she

and Sonia helped her off the ground.

She walked through the house, bumping into a few people

along the way, but she didn't mind. She loved parties. She

loved being around her peers. She loved hanging out with her

best friends. Any excuse to leave her house for the night in a

cute outfit and a pretty made-up face was well worth it.

Nothing was ever going to bring her down.

Or so she thought.

Eve walked past the living room, and couldn't help notice the familiar person who was laid back on the couch. Bronze hair, golden eyes, and a smirk that made you want to slap the

living shit out of him. Evelyn sneered as she saw him, and

almost felt sober enough to scream his name inside her head.


The guy who think he is more perfect than CJ

She watched for a second as Eric laid against the couch​, he look sober A pretty blonde girl walked up to him giggling and cuddling up next to him, while another girl, with a beer in her hands, cuddled up on the other side of him.

He was too drunk to push them off

The two girls were taking advantage of him , and usually Eve would just ignore it. But he was drunk, and so was she and her drunk thoughts couldn't be held back.

"Ugh, do you guys see that? What a sleaze!" Eve said, rather loudly.

Amy turned to see what Evelyn was looking at

"Woww.. Isn't that Miles the new star."

" ugh, would you look at that? That's fucking disgusting. I mean, how desperate can you be? And in front of everyone too? God, I hope he catches every disease on this planet."

"Eve, why does it even matter to you? I think he is drunk and you can see the girls are the one forcing themselves on him.. Also We thought you hated Eric" said Sonia

"I do! I do hate him," she hiccuped and tasted the alcohol on

her tongue.

Sonia sighed out loud and said, "Then why...oh no,

no, no, no!" Sonia tried to get a hold of Eve's arm, but failed as Evelyn shoved her away before storming her way towards the couch where Eric and the two girls sat.

And Evelyn wasted no time before her inner, drunk bitch self

came to power.

She reached over to yank the blonde by her hair, making her pull away from Eric

"Eve!" Sonia and Amy yelled before running over to their drunk friend to hold her back.

"Ow, what the fuck!" screamed the blonde as she walked away

"Eve pls don't cause a scene here.. Plsss " Sonia begged

Eric eyes was now red as he was extremely drunk, he looked at Eve but all he could see was Mina's face

"You fucking pig.. You should thank me later " Eve said and Eric stood up and walked towards her, he stared into her eyes and pulled her towards him

"What are you doing Miles?? Sonia asked

Eric tilted Eve head up and kissed her on her lips and the friends were shocked, the friends manage to pushed him off but it was too late as some people already got the video

"Oh em gee.... there will surely be a meeting and a surprise news tomorrow, the great star Miles kissing one of CJ dancers " Amy said while looking at the drunk Eric



Mina was sitting on the bed when CJ entered, On sighting CJ she rolled her eyes

CJ sat next to her and everywhere was silent


Kayla on the other hand was talking to CJ mom about CJ getting married to Mina.

"What am i going to do?? CJ said he will be getting married to only Mina and about the poison, i think Mina is getting suspicious " Kayla said looking front and Back ensuring that no one is listening to her conversation.

" You should look for a way that CJ and Mina are going to hate each other and.....

Kayla quickly hang up when she heard the door bell rings, she went to the living room to get the door, she looked at the Security but she couldn't see the person face clearly

And to her greatest surprise the door unlocked itself and a beautiful lady walked in

She looked familiar but Kayla really don't know if she knew her or not

"So CJ decide to use another password "? The lady said

"Wh.. Who are you?? Wait... Aren't you Eric sister?? Suzy?? Kayla asked and the lady scoffed

"And aren't you the fake daughter of chairman wol bin?? The lady asked and Kayla was confused

"What are you talking about?? " she asked


"Do you want to go back to Eric?? CJ asked but Mina didn't answer

"You see, i mean it when i said i will be getting married to you " CJ said and Mina shot him a glance

"Are you insane?? What about Kayla?? Are you....

"I love you Mina and I want you with me," CJ said, his voice steady, but his eyes wide with fear.

Mina looked around her, wondering if this was real. Could she

be dreaming this? It felt pretty real, it seemed real.

"I love you," he repeated, maybe guessing that she was reeling

from the sudden turn of events, "And I think you love me too."

"Do you?" he asked, his voice wavering slightly.

Mina looked up at him and her mind raced for something to

say. Did she...love him?

She turned to him and said in a gentle tone, "you should leave, why are you saying trash."

CJ winced at her words "Mina, i seriously love you and trust me i have never feel this way towards any girl so far, i thought i won't be able to love any girl not until you come along, i really love you Mina and i want to spend my entire life with you "

Mina didn't know what to do

"You should leave ," she said more firmly.

CJ furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and Mina waited

for him to do what she asked.

"No," he finally said

"CJ you should leave and....

CJ slowly lowered his lips to hers and cut her off with a slow sweet kiss. She was shocked at first but closed her eyes as warmth seeping through her

The feelings was extraordinary that she couldn't pulled away

CJ disengage the kiss and Mina felt a little bit disappointed, she kept asking herself​ the same question

"Did she love CJ??

CJ didn't say anything as he just keep looking at her

"CJ.. you... Mina whispered

"Mina i am sorry but..

This time she made the move to kiss him and CJ returned them with passion. He put his hand to her face and she placed her hand on his side and the other on his neck.

Kissing as if their life depend on it

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