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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 24 & 25



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 24

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Kayla's POV

I woke up and my eyes sighted CJ sleeping on the couch in my room.

I smiled to myself as i recalled about me telling him to stay with last night, i jolted up from my bed and walked towards him, i stared at his face for some minutes

He look cute when he sleep

I use a blanket to cover him up as i went downstairs to get him something to eat.

Mina's POV

"I don't know what to wear... It is really hard for me to choose between the two dress, i think this purple dress is nice and also this yellow dress is lovely.. What the hell am I to wear between the two" Suzy wailed while showing me two beautiful dress

I pointed at the beautiful strapless, purple, full-length dress she was holding

"I think the purple dress will look good on you " I said

"You think so??

"Yeah and besides where are you going?? I asked and she rolled her eyes as she put her hand on her hips

"Like seriously?? this morning Eric told me he is taking you out for shopping and that i can come along " She said and i gasped

I have quite forgotten about it


I slowly opened my eyes, everything was blur at first making me rub my eyes and yawned.

I looked around and notice that i was in Kayla's room, I pulled the blanket off me as i stood up

She wasn't in the room

I went out of the room and straightaway downstairs, Chim started barking excitedly as he sees me, he started wagging its tail and jumping here and there.

I ignored him as i went to the kitchen and i was surprised to see Kayla cooking, she looked at me and smile broadly

"Good morning CJ " She said as she approached me, she wanted to hug me but i slightly stepped back

"Morning " I said

"Err.. Well.. I am cooking your favourite dish, i called your mom and she told that you love eating pasta sprinkled with garlic " Kayla said while smiling revealing her white teeth

"I am sorry i can't eat it, i will take muffin with peanut butter instead " I said

"But why?? trust me, you will like it.. I make it Specially for you.. Plss " She sadly and i sighed

"My mom told you my favourite dish is pasta sprinkled with garlic?? I asked and she nodded

I can't believe this...

"Well, i am allergic to garlic " I said and her eyes widened "i can't believe a mom could forget about her child allergies " I said and with that i walked away



(Half an hour later)


I was typing something on my laptop when someone slightly knock on my door.

I stopped what i was doing and i looked up to see Kayla, she was dressed in a white short gown revealing her thighs and her hairstyle was chosen for its simplicity

"Uhm.. Today is saturday and i.. Uhh.. Err..

"What? "

"Pls can you do me a favour by taking me out,.. For uhm.. Shopping " She said

"I am busy right now and....

"Pls CJ, pls i need to get myself some new things and also you can use the opportunity to show me around, you know i Don't really go out and going out alone will be boring so pls don't decline my request" She pleaded

I raked my hand in my hair as i let out a sigh

This girl is really annoying but i am left with no choice

"Okay.. Fine " I said and she smiled at me

"Thank you so much CJ" She said happily

Author's POV

"(At The Shopping Mall) "

"So Mina, tell me what is your ideal type of guy?? Eric asked and Mina shot him a glance

"Why are you asking me that and besides i thought i have told you before "? Mina said as she admire a beautiful green shoe

"Well.. I have forgotten " Eric said

"Okay.. My ideal type of guy is a guy with the B4 meaning....

"Beautiful abs, beautiful face, beautiful family and beautiful heart " Eric said completing her statement

"I thought you said you've forgotten,... Aish... you're unbelievable " Mina said while she shook her head

"So have you found any guy.. like have you fallen in love with any guy? " Eric asked.

He find it too hard to forget about what he heard yesterday night, he made up his mind that it was just a dream that Mina did not love CJ

"No, i have not found my prince charming nor have I found the guy with B4" She said

"What about me?? I said as i winked at her making her punched me hard on my chest

"Ahhhhhh.... " I groaned

"That should stop you from saying silly things " Mina said

"But you also know i have a beautiful abs, beautiful face, beautiful heart but actually not a beautiful family " Eric said and Mina giggled

"Wait... Where is Suzy?? Mina asked and they both looked around

"She was there some minutes ago so where is she?? Mina said

"Wow... See who we have here?? Someone said and they both turned to see CJ and Kayla

CJ was also surprised to see Mina

Eric quickly hold Mina's hand interlocking his fingers with hers. On seeing this, CJ felt jealous and swallowed his spit

Mina looked at Kayla and was astonished to see how stunning she is.

She and CJ look perfect together then she recalled about what had happened yesterday when she asked CJ to leave and what CJ had said.

Mina knew she really don't mean it because she was angry back then.

"Kayla let's go " CJ said

"Ohh CJ you brought your future wife for shopping, how cute of you?? Eric said but CJ didn't say anything

"Well.. I will be taking Mina to her family today, you know.. you're so cruel to the extent that after using her, you even refused to take her back to her family.. " Eric said and CJ clenched his fist

"Stop it Eric " Mina whispered while looking at CJ

"Goodluck to you both " CJ said and looked at Kayla "let's leave this place " he said and Kayla glared at him

"No i won't " She replied and CJ was shocked

Kayla looked at both Eric and Mina then she smirk

"Well.. You're Eric the new star in the industry right?? Also Mina's best friend.... See, you don't have any fucking right to insult CJ cos he is still your boss in the industry, his position is way higher than yours" Kayla said and Eric gritted his teeth

"And what do you just say?? You said you will be taking Mina to her family?? Bravo, that's so good of you.. Mina you are really ungrateful that you just stand there and watch him insult CJ, where was he when you were kidnapped?? Huh?? Where was he when CJ was taking care of you?? Huh.. Where was he?? Answer me " Kayla said and everywhere was silent

"Well.. I will tell you, he was somewhere singing on the stage happy with himself that he replaced CJ on the stage..So Eric before you insult CJ, you should check your status first " She hissed and looked at CJ

"I am sorry if i crossed my path, it's just that i couldn't stand him insulting you " She said with a pout

CJ smiled at her

He can't believe that Kayla really defend him while Mina just stood there looking at them



On the other hand, Suzy was looking at them then she quickly brought out her phone (Eric didn't know she has a phone) , and dial a number

It ring for some minutes before the person picked

"Hello "

"Hello Chu Jung, how are you??

"For how long will i keep hiding from my brother?? Suzy asked as she looked towards CJ

"Chu Jung, if CJknow that you are alive, everything will be ruined and we won't know the person who tried to kill you, i believe the person is something who will know and we need to find out who he or she is??

"But i don't understand the reason you send me to Eric place to pretend as if i am crazy and that i lost my memory, for crying out louder, Eric is my brother's enemy " Suzy said

"Chu Jung, it's a just a matter of time, just keep acting like you've lost your memory "

"And there's one more thing, anytime i see fire.. I always lost my thought and don't know what normally do come next.. Remember i told you about the day Eric tried to cook for me and i sighted fire.. I mistakenly mention Mario, the name i gave CJ"

"You don't have to worry about that..... Its quite nothing"

"Well have you look into the girl's profile "

"You mean Mina?? Well... Yes, but there's something suspicious"

"What is it?? Suzy asked as she looked at Mina from where she was staying

"Chairman wol bin secretly do go to her new restaurant everyday "

"Chairman Wol Bin.. Isn't that Kayla's father?? Suzy asked as she arched her brow

"Yes.. Kayla the model, it is really surprising but the last i saw them, Mina's mother enter his car and that's just it...

"What??.. What is the relationship between Kayla's father and Mina's mother.. You have to find out about it.. Okay?? Suzy said

"Okay.. Sure i will "

Suzy hang up and looked at CJ

"I miss you Mario but I can't reveal myself to you now cos i have a lot to do, i need to find out who is trying to haunt our family down " She said to herself and clenched her fist tightly


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 25

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Mina's POV

"Mina Mina.. " I heard a familiar voice as I was being poked on my shoulder

"Mina wake up, I have finally gotten the right location "

I slowly opened my eyes and looked at Eric who was staring at me.

We've been circulating around gwanju asking for my mom's new restaurant and house.

We were told that they've move away from our old restaurant, I was surprised, according to what people are saying, they said my mom has relocate to another house and also she has a new restaurant which is one of the best in Gwanju.

How come??

"Look over there " Eric said while pointing out of the car, I slightly turned and I was shocked to see so many people rushing inside a restaurant, the restaurant was well decorated and the exterior look beautiful, it was not that big nor small.. Just perfect

"I think we're in the wrong place " I manage to say

"C'mon Mina let's go inside " Eric said as he opened the door and emerged outside.

I was still inside the car not knowing if I should come down or not... Eric opened the car door for me and asked me to come out of the car.

Kayla's POV

"Thanks for escorting me, I really do appreciate " I said while smiling at CJ but he only nodded.

"And also I am sorry for what I did back there in....

"It's okay " he said cutting me short

"I know you're hungry, let me get something for you to eat " I said and I was about to go when CJ held me by my arm

I was surprised as I looked at him.

His grip on my arm gave me goosebumps

"Kayla you are a nice sweet girl and you are the kind of someone I can trust but you should know I don't really have feelings for you, I only see you as my sweet friend.. I am sorry but you have to understand the fact that my heart belongs to someone else and we must look for a way that this upcoming marriage won't take place " he said and I slightly jerk my hand away from his grip

I looked at him and didn't know what to say...

I will never lose CJ to any guy, I can take my life for him and I can also take someone's life because of him.

"Don't worry CJ, I understand so let me go and cook for you now " I fake a smile as I went to the kitchen ignoring Chim who was barking and needs attention.

When I got to the kitchen, I clenched my fist as tears rolled down from my eyes.

Loving and having feelings for someone who is in love with another person is the worst feeling ever.

I need to look for a way that will make CJ hate Mina.. I really need to look for a way..

Mina POV

When we got inside, we're directed to an office.. Immediately the door opened, I was surprised to see my mom sitting on a swirling chair looking like a boss

"Mom" I yelled and she looked at me

Judging by the way she was looking at me, she was indeed shocked to see me

She quickly stood up and approached me as she hugged me tightly.

"I miss you mom" I said

"I miss you more baby " she said then she slowly disengage "but this is not how we've planned it " she said and I don't understand what she is talking about

"What do you mean mom?? I asked then she looked at Eric

"Who is he?? She asked

Because of his face surgery, my mom did not know that he is Eric

Before i could reply, Eric quickly chirped in

"Hello ma'am, my name is Miles and I am Mina's boyfriend " he said and I was shocked

What is he talking about??

My mom glanced at me and I gave her a funny look

"Mom, where is Mimi?? I asked trying to change the topic

"She went for her ballet classes " My mom replied still looking at Eric "I don't understand, this was suppose to be a surprise, CJ said he is going to take I and Mimi to his house to see you on 23rd which is tomorrow" My mom said and I was surprised


"Yes, he do come here everyday, he was the one that bought this restaurant for me and also bought a house a house for me, he said I should have it in mind that he didn't buy you"

I was baffled

CJ was the one that bought a restaurant and house for my mom, he was even planning to bring them over to his house so they could see me

"Check this out.. He bought me a new phone so he could send your pictures to me so we could see how you are doing " My mom said showing me different pictures of me in the house

Funny enough, I don't know or have any idea that CJ was always taking a picture of me

"CJ is just so sweet, your sister really like him a lot " My mom said and I cover my mouth as I ran out of the restaurant

I drop to a squat at a corner and started crying.

I shouldn't have shouted on him, he never use me..

I don't even know why I was mad at him, why is being nice to me and my family. For Christ sake, he is getting married and according to what kayla told me, they normally do have sex

What is wrong with me?? Why am I mad at him because of that??

"Mina?? Someone called and I looked up to see Eric

I quickly wipe my tears and stood up

"Eric, you have to take me back to CJ, I need to apologize "

"Apologize for what?? Eric asked

"For everything, I was the one at fault, I really need to apologize... See what he did for my family, I don't even know a thing about it and that he was even planning to bring them over... I really need to apologize, I have been selfish "

"Mina, CJ said you will be the one going back to him and you just want to accept defeat.. Huh??

"I don't fucking care about being defeated, I just want to apologize and thank him for everything "

"Fine, I will take you there after seeing Mimi and spending some hours with them but promise me one thing "


"Promise me that after apologizing to him, you will still come back to me " he said and I was astonished

"Fine I promise " I said

"Good.. Now let's go back to the restaurant " he said

Chu Jung/Suzy POV

I was in the music industry looking for a way to enter the manager office when I sighted a familiar face.

I was about to follow the person then my phone started ringing

"Hello "

"Hello Chu jung, I have found out everything about Mina and trust me it is really shocking "

I quickly excused myself from where I was staying

"So what is the relationship between Chairman wol bin and Mina's mother " I asked

"Chu jung, you should put in another way "

"What do you mean??

"According to one of the insider who has been staying with chairman Wol bin for a long time gave me a shocking revelation "

"C'mon just say it already."

"Mina is Chairman Wol bin daughter "

My eyes widened as I was shocked

"What!!! " I exclaimed "So kayla and Mina are sisters??

"Noo they're not sisters, they're not even related "

"I don't understand, if Mina is Chairman Wol bin daughter, so what of Kayla??

"Kayla is the real daughter of Mina's mother "

"I don't understand "

"I know this is confusing but Mina's real mother which is Chairman Wol bin first wife died when giving birth to Mina, back then he has so many enemies trying to haunt him down so he begged his late wife maid who recently give birth to a daughter, he begged her to let them switch their daughters "

"Unbelievable... So Mina is the real daughter of Chairman Wol bin while Kayla is fake " I said

"Sounds interesting, anyway continue to dig more information for me.. Okay?? I said and hung up

"If Mina is really Chairman wol bin daughter then I must do whatever it take for her and CJ not to be together because it is quite dangerous " Suzy said to herself

To be continued.......

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