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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 22 & 23



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 22

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Eric's POV

I continue to look at Mina as she lying unconscious on the bed, i wish she understand why i did that

I hope she will be able to forgive me when she woke up

The door opened and i turned to see the crazy lady, she entered and stood opposite me

"She's still unconscious " she said and i arched my brow and stood up, i raked my hand through my hair and walk towards her

"You know i don't exactly why you are doing or Perhaps did they send you to me.. Huh?? I said and she smiled

"Fuck you... So you were pretending to be crazy all this while?? I half yelled at her sounding pissed off

"I don't understand what you are talking about, i only know your name and my name, that's all,.. You're my brother right?? She said and my jaw dropped

"Are you trying to fool me?? do you think i am going to fall for your stupid tricks??

" Why are you mad at me and besides what do you mean about me pretending to be crazy.. Was i acting like a crazy girl before?? She asked

I can't believe this..

What the fuck is wrong with this lady??

"Fine, what was the last thing you remember?? I asked as i tucked my hand in my pocket

"Uhmm.. Err... " She shut her eyes while trying to recall something, she started muttering something and was shivering

"Hey.. Snap out of it.. What is wrong with you?? I asked as i touched her

She cover her ears and shut her eyes tightly

"Stop this right now" I yelled

She suddenly opened her eyes and started breathing heavily

"What happened?? Do you remember anything?? I asked but she just keep looking at me

Kayla's POV

"CJ, are you okay?? I asked but he did not answer talkless of looking at me

I smiled cos i was really proud of myself

" I think you should let Mina go back to her parents " I said and he shot me a glance

"Please i will like it if you stay out of this, Mina is my girlfriend and....

"Your girlfriend or fake girlfriend?? I asked while looking at him and he gave me a serious look

"You see CJ.. Mina told me everything " I said

"About what??

"He told me how you bought her from her mother and how you ask her to be your bodyguard in order for you to use her to prove to people that you are not a gay " I said and i could tell that he was baffled

"How.. Why.. What... Did Mina really tell you that?? He asked and i nodded

"The secret is between the two of you so how do you think i know" I said and he slowly looked away

He was really disappointed

I need to make the next move before it get too late

"Well CJ.....

I couldn't finish my statement as two guys entered the safe room where we are and started talking about something which caught CJ attention

"Don't you see the way Miles look so worried when the girl fainted?? One of them said

They don't seem to notice us as they are both engrossed with their conversation

"I thought the girl was CJ girlfriend but it seems CJ did not care about her " The other one said

I knew they were talking about Mina

CJ eyes widened as he quickly went to them, they were both surprised to see him

"Who are you talking about?? He asked looking worried

"Err.. Your girlfriend "

"What happened?? Where is she??

"She fainted like some minutes ago and the new star Miles took her to his car and drove her away with a lady "

"What!!!? CJ exclaimed and quickly dashed off to only God knows where

I think the poison is actually working... Mina is too nice and i really don't want to hurt her but i have no choice


Gosh!!!! I shouldn't have left her behind..

Was she sick before?? Why did she fainted??

I think she's with her phone so i quickly brought out my phone and luckily i was able to track her with the GPS tracker

I hope she's okay

Mina's POV

I slowly opened my eyes, everything was blur at first but after some minutes it was fully cleared

I tried to stand up but groaned in pain.

What is wrong with me?? Why is my body system like this??

"Are you fine now?? How's your health?? I turned to see a beautiful lady smiling at me

She has dimple just like.. like CJ

I paused as i recalled what happened in the music industry, how i talked to CJ in a rude way and how i found out that the new star was actually Eric my own best friend

I feel betrayed.

Just then someone entered and i looked up to see the new Eric

"Mina you are awake? " he sort of whispered but i didn't answer, he make a signal to the lady and the lady quickly excused us

He sat next to me and i looked away

"I wanted to tell you this sooner but...

"But what Eric?? I shouted cutting him off "Fine, you decided to do a face surgery but why are you hiding in the dark and you refuse to tell me?? Huh??

"I thought you won't like me anymore and also it's not my fault for not telling you, trust me i wanted to tell you.. I wanted to surprise you about me singing on the stage but feel dejected when i saw you with CJ " He said feeling awful

"But that doesn't mean anything " i said

"If it doesn't mean anything to you, it mean something to me.. I did the face surgery because i was so embarrassed of my face and every music industry i go, they reject me because of my look, everyone call mr ugly.. Do you know the pain i do pass through even my own mother do say the thing she regret most is giving birth to me.. I always try to give you my best smile even though i am deeply hurt inside " he said trying hard not to cry and i swallowed my spit hard

"Eric?? I whispered

"Mina i am really really sorry for keeping this away from you " he apologize and i nodded slightly



After some minutes of talking, Eric took me to the living room and someone knock on the door

"Suzy go and get the door " Eric said but there was no response

He already told me about the lady whom he name Suzy, he told me that the lady is weird and think he is her brother because he asked her to pretend like he was his brother in the industry

I really miss Eric but i miss his old face more

Though he is handsome and hot now but i still find myself missing his old face.

He may have new face now but i wish he hasn't change from his old nice ways

"Where is she?? He muttered and he quickly went to unlock the door and someone pushed him off


He quickly approached me and put his hand on my cheeks

"Are you okay?? He asked looking worried and Eric quickly pushed him

"Hey, stay away from her " he said while glaring at CJ

"I cant stay away from her cos she is my property and i am taking her back to my house " CJ glared back as he pulled me by my left arm also Eric pulled me by my right arm

"No she is not going with you but staying with me, after all the reason why you bought her is to cover your dirty little secret and if it is about the money, i will repay you so stay away from her " Eric said and i looked at CJ

"Mina come with me" CJ said in a low tone

"Mina stay with me " Eric said and i looked at him

I looked back at CJ and i don't know what to do, i shut my eyes and recalled everything that kayla told me, i opened my eyes and jerk my hand away from CJ

"No.. I don't want to.. Stay away from me and go and meet your future wife in your house, i don't want to be with you again " I said and CJ was baffled

His eyes was red and i quickly looked away

"You see.. Now will you pls leave?? Eric said

Author's POV

CJ looked at Eric "you may have everything in the world but you will never have two things and that is my position in the music industry and Mina "

"Fine we will see about that" Eric said with a smirk

"CJ just leave " Mina said

CJ was hurt and couldn't alter a word

He felt rejected and disappointed, he looked at Mina for some minutes and nodded

"Fine.. I will leave and stay away from you like you want, i will never disturb you or try to contact you, you are free now but believe me and mark my word, you will be the one coming back to me " CJ said and Mina looked at him

They both stare at each other for some minutes and Mina looked away and clenched her fist

CJ walked towards the door and looked at Mina before walking out

Mina looked at the door and notice he was gone, she felt something but doesn't what it is

Just then Suzy (the crazy lady) walked to them

"I heard someone voice quite different from yours.. Who was it?? Suzy asked but there was no response

Mina recalled what CJ said

"Fine.. I will leave and stay away from you like you want, i will never disturb you or try to contact you, you are free now but believe me and mark my word, you will be the one coming back to me "

To be continued....

Hmm.. Did Mina just choose Eric over CJ??

... Poor CJ

But will Mina be the one going back to CJ?? I doubt...


 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 23

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna

Author's POV

When CJ got home, he slammed the door and leaned on it with both hands. He never thought Mina was going to chose Eric over him.

He felt her eyes sting and watched through a blur as he tried not to cry

The door bell rings and he wonder who it was.

Thinking it was Mina, he quickly unlock the door but was disappointed when he see Kayla, he turned his back and proceed to go upstairs but Kayla quickly held his arm

"CJ, are you okay?? Err.. Where is Mina?? Is she okay?? Is she upstairs??" Kayla asked but receive no response from CJ

"I am sorry if I ask too many questions, just that I am worried, you should know Mina is just like a sister to me and if anything do happen to her, I will feel bad " Kayla said and CJ shot her a glance

"Kayla I will appreciate it if you stop mentioning her name, Mina is no more coming here again " CJ answered sadly

His throat was now constricted to emit another sound as he walked away

Kayla watched him as he went upstairs and smirked

"Mission one accomplished , now I caused a drift between them, I need to move on to the next level " She said and smiled to herself as she walked towards the kitchen

She opened the refrigerator, she helped herself with an apple juice and ambled across the kitchen

"CJ, I will make sure you fall in love with me by all means, I will make sure you completely forget everything about Mina and even hate her more to the point that if you see her, you will feel like crushing her " Kayla said as she sip her drink

"I need to call CJ mom to inform her about this, I know she will be proud of me " She thought

Mina POV

"Where is Eric?? I asked the lady whose name was Suzy

"Ohh... He went back to the industry " She replied

"Why don't you guys take me to the hospital when I fainted "?? I asked

I knew something was definitely wrong with me

"It was Eric's idea to bring you directly to his house and not to the hospital " She replied and then she quickly sat next to me

"Eric told me you are special to him, how true is that?? Do you guys have.. ehn.. you know...

"Noo.. I and Eric are just childhood best friends " I answered

"So you don't have feelings for him?? She asked and I rolled my eyes

"You talk too much " I said then I thought of something

"Were you the lady crying on the phone that day?? I asked and she arched her brow

"What do you mean?? I don't understand.. Why will I cry on the phone?? She said and looked away.

Author's POV

Manager Don excused himself from the meeting and went outside to pick his call

"Hello "

"I have some strange feelings that CJ sister is alive " the unknown caller said and manager eyes widened as he was shocked

"What!!! He exclaimed "that is impossible, I thought she died some years ago and was even buried so how come??

"I also don't know but I want you to find me a beautiful smart faithful lady "

"What are you going to do with the lady?? Manager Don asked

"It is best known to me"

"Err.. I know of a beautiful lady, she is extremely beautiful and she has an innocent eyes " Manager Don said

"Who is she?? The unknown caller asked

"Well... She is Eric sister, he introduce her to us today.. Her name is Suzy "

"Eric Sister?? Suzy??.


"Fine, I like that.. His brother is working for me and so will his sister " The unknown caller said "Find out all about Eric sister and send me the details later "


The unknown caller said and hanged up

Manager Don turned and was surprised to see Eric....

"Hello Eric... How long have you been standing there?? "

"Just now... I checked you in your office but you aren't there " Eric said and Manager Don walked towards him

"I hope there is no problem "

"Not really... CJ concert in Bagli is in four days time right?? He asked and manager don thought for some minutes and nodded

"Yes yes.."

"What time??


"Which group band will be backing him up on the stage?? Eric asked and Manager Don really don't know why he is asking all those questions

"Well, he always use his favorite Xsquad band on stage and he never use any band apart from them "

"Good. Thanks for telling me all this, you guys want me to replace CJ right and claim his position.. I will do that and I will be best star in the industry " Eric said and Manager Don smiled at him

"That's my boy "


(In The Night)

{ 8:34pm}


CJ couldn't sleep as he kept thinking of Mina, he sighed and was about to switch off his light when he heard Kayla screaming loudly

He quickly went straightaway to her room

He opened the door and switched on the light

"Are You okay?? CJ asked and he was surprised to see Kayla crying

Kayla's POV

I decided to move on with my bonus plan, I cried out loud and not too long someone opened the door.

It was CJ..

He switched on the light and walk towards me

"Are You okay?? He asked and then I pretending to be scared

"What is wrong?? What happened??

He asked looking quite worried and the thought of CJ being worried about gave me goosebumps

"I.. I.. am scared.. I c.ant sleep.. I have a terrible nightmare and.. and... " I fake a cry and started shedding crocodile tears

CJ slowly rubbed his hand on my back and assured me that everything is okay

I quickly wrapped my hand around his neck and hugged him tightly, I know he was shocked and he try to pull away but I was not ready to let go and started my fake sob again

"Pls CJ. Just do me a favour by staying with me tonight.. Pls just this favour.. I am really scared " I said and he didn't say anything for some minutes

"Fine.. Fine.. I will stay here with you " he said and I smirked as I solely disengage the hug

"Thank You so much CJ" I said but he didn't answer "so where are you going to sleep??

He glanced at me

"You can sleep on the bed and I will watch you as you sleep " he said and I could feel my heart beating fast

His word really melt my heart

He is going to watch my beautiful face as I sleep

"Thank you CJ" I said and i lay on my bed while staring at his face but he slightly looked away

It's a good thing that he is caring

"CJ I will do whatever it takes for you to be mine " i said to myself as I admire his cute lovely face

Mina POV

I glance at the clock. 8: 56pm.

I should be sleeping but I can't sleep, I don't know why but I find myself thinking of CJ..

Why am I thinking of him??

What is wrong with me??

I think I should get myself something to eat

I sneak out of the room and tiptoe to the kitchen. I open the fridge as quietly as possible and glance around.

I shouldn't be acting like a thief in my best friend house but I really have no choice.

Applesauce, eggs, leftover mashed potatoes. Damn. This fridge is really empty. Guess I have to actually cook something.

But I can't cook..

Just then I stand and back up into a rigid body right behind me. I gasp as his arms encircle my waist and pull my body tightly against his.

I wanted to pull away but I feel his breath on my neck.

“ You never stop this act of you sneaking out to find something to eat” He whispers in my ear.

I punched him on his chest making him groan and pull away

"Ahh.. That hurt Mina " he whimpered making me chuckle

"Go and sleep " I said and he pouted

Seriously he is damn cute, this might not be his real face but his new face is breathtaking and he look so beautiful

"Mina.. How about I take you to see your mom and Mimi tomorrow?? He asked and my heart yelped in joy

"Yes yes.. I really want to see them.. I miss them so much and I miss gwanju too" I said flashing him my best smile

"Okay good.. First I take you out for shopping " he said


"Yes.. You need new clothes, bags, shoes and other necessary things and we need to buy something for your mom and Mimi too" hr said and I hugged him

"Thank You Eric " I said and he caress my back

"You are welcome



Eric POV

After some hours, I went to Mina's room to check on her and I notice she was sound asleep

I smiled to myself and cover her with the blanket

I kissed her by her forehead and was about to go when I heard her mumbling something in her sleep. I turned and walk closely to her so I could hear her

She said the word again and I was beyond shocked, I clenched my fist tightly and I was boiling with anger

"I love you CJ... I love you CJ.. I think I love you CJ " She mumbled

To be continued..........

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