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Water Mate - Chapter 8




Water Mate - Chapter 8

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Finn's standpoint

Two bloody weeks, it had been two fucking disappointing and frustrating weeks since I lost Dainty again. Since then I had been in and out of the human protection agency, the only problem was getting the arrogant alpha to attend to the summon. I sat on a big red chair, waiting impatiently for him to arrive again, he wouldn't come as usual. I gave the council one more day or I'd carry out my plans.

"Maybe we should go see him ourselves, he ought to answer then."

"So, you have to lower yourself to go see him first," I sneered, "pathetic."

"We don't have a choice," one said with a defeated sigh. The wind turned extremely cold, like a sudden winter storm. The door flew open, opened to reveal the one we had been waiting for standing there with an unimpressed smile.

Alpha Kale, I would never understand him, his powers and his aura. From his physical form to the power in his tone, like a god. But yet again, I wasn't that different from him.

Kale walked in with his hands folded behind his back, lips now pressed into a thin line. His hair was gleaming black, but I could swear the last time I saw him, it was red with a lot of other colours.

"This better be for a good reason," he growled, "now why am I here?"

"Because of me," I replied, standing to my feet. He raised a questioning brow. "I need your help, it's the easy way out."

"Explain, I don't have time for this nonsense." He growled again.

"I found my mate,"

"The dead one or the one you killed," he scoffed. I hissed at him, he scoffed again.

"She reincarnated, I met her but she got away. She lives in Mego Island but finding her is impossible..."

"I still don't know what my business is in this, get to the point Finn."

I inhaled sharply, tolerating him was worth it. "Finn here is going to burn down the island until she comes out, you know how irrational he can be when he wants something..."

"I have been searching for the means to get her back and I won't let anything or anyone get in my way. Casmir believes you can help me fetch her out easily, without hurting any human and starting a war..."

"Even if you all start killing yourselves, I don't care," he roared, his eyes turned gold and black, his voice had deepened intensely for his wolf was speaking. "Whatever war occurs have nothing on me. I will attack whoever lays a hand on my wolves, be it from this agency or vampire's. Fight your wars, that is none of my business, but do not involve my wolves."

He looked at me with a severe warning tone, "don't summon me ever again." He turned and stomped off, making sure his heavy steps cracked the floor.

I chuckled, he's funny. I stood up and ran after him, stopping at his left side with my hands in my pockets. "You know, you are not as scary as you make yourself to be, I think you are kind of cute." I found myself repeating the words Suzanne told me once. Kale froze on his steps and looked at me oddly.


"Forget I ever said that," I said sheepishly. He looked back ahead and continued walking. "Why won't you help me?"

"I rather not help you find a girl you will end up suffering, and have her swear for me for the rest of her life. If you want her, do it on your own."

"Kale, I know you don't want to get involved, but you of all people should know how it feels to long for a mate." He glanced at me.

"I only want a mate so she would bear me a child," he grumbled out, "and I won't treat her bad the way you did yours. You literally treated her like a pet, a worthless pet..."

"You don't have to remind me," I uttered sadly, a pang of pain shot through me. "And you are no better, you defiled the goddess and got yourself a choice mate, or didn't you?"

"I did because I want an heir, and I don't treat my mistress bad, just don't treat her as a mate. I don't love her, can never love a woman, but I certainly won't treat her as bad as you did." He said with full certainty.

"Imagine you are mated to someone you hate, a weaker being, one that threatens your pure blood lineage. Or in your case, one that would make your offsprings be weak and hopeless. Trust me Kale, you would treat her more worse than I did mine."

"I clearly doubt that," he said positively, "and your mate was a tree nymph, not worthless."

"The weakest of her kind, she could barely make any flower bloom without fainting afterwards." I said through gritted teeth, I still hated that fact. First I was given a mate which I never asked for in the first place, then she had to be a being not vampire. Next she was the weakest of tree nymphs, couldn't even make a tiny grass sprout without collapsing afterwards. She was a cry baby, cried at every little thing and was afraid of everything, couldn't stand up for herself and lastly, she had a terrible burnt scar covering three third of her face.

I recognised Suzanne's face because it was how I imagined Dainty would look like without the burnt scar on her face. Plus, I just felt it, though Dainty was slightly green. Why would my mate be a tree? Why would she be green with small dainty body and fragile soul! It irritated me, it angered me. First I had to tolerate showing my different mate to the councils, next I had to bear her weakness. A vampire queen shouldn't be like her, with so much flaws and fears. And even still date, even if I missed and wanted her badly, a huge part of me still wanted her dead.

But Suzanne is perfect... My subconscious chimed in.

Yes, she was. She was different, the opposite of Dainty. Suzanne was bolder, rudder, unsufferable and enthusiastic. Her voice was softer and more pleasant, like silk and her eyes were blue. Her skin wasn't green, ivory smooth skin. Her hair wasn't green and most of all, she was beautiful. The only problem was she was human, a smart one but still, a weak being. I wasn't going to let that get to me, I was going to get her one way or the other.

"Weak, no strong alpha wants a weak mate," Kale said with a distant look, "especially if they are outside their breed. But still, we do not choose who we are mated to, we just have to accept it that way. Although, I will never be given a weak mate or any woman I don't wish to have, but I will certainly not treat her bad."

I sneered at him, "really? So let's say hypothetically, you got mated to one of the strange being killing you werecreatures, how would you react?"

He broke into a laugh of clear amusement, waving his hand to dismiss the idea. "That's never gonna happen, not in my life. I can't even imagine... Neh, never."

I sighed heavily and stared at his face, filled with so much amusement. "I still plead that you help me, I need my mate with me."

"And if you end up killing her again?"

"I didn't kill her, she was killed by my enemy!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands up with frustration.

"Right," he drawled with a smirk. "Admit it, you could save her but you didn't. Deep down in you, you wanted her permanently out of the way. You however didn't expect the guilt that was going to eat you afterwards, if you knew it would, you wouldn't have let her die."

I looked at the ceiling guiltily, I did let her die. "Finn, you might want this girl now, but the moment she is in your grasp, your dark heartless side would return. It'll be fun to hear she died again or ran away."

I glared at him, he chuckled and smiled half-heartedly. "You're right, we are alike," he said with a half laugh. "I'll help you, just so I can have a reason to mock you."

"Not what I expected but as long as you help me," I removed the mask I kept in my pocket and hand it over to him. "That belongs to her, can you find her scent?"

He brought the mask to his nose and took a wheeze of it, his face scrunched up in confusion. "Odd scent, have any idea what it is?"

"No, but I love her scent."

"Sure you do," he said sarcastically. He closed his eyes and continued sniffing the mask, muttering inaudible words to himself. "Water, salt and fresh water..." More sniffs, "deep ocean, scales of a mermaid..."

What is he muttering?

He opened his eyes and smiled, a copy smile. "How interesting, a vampire and a sea daughter, oddest of combination but yet again, he did get mated to a tree nymph."

"Can you not say incoherent words to yourself?" I snapped impatiently.

"You say she is human, right?" He asked calmly, averting his eyes to me, his now blue and glowing white eyes. I stepped back a little due to the aura radiating from him.

"Yes, but she has a vast knowledge of the sea and other mystical creatures."

"One with knowledge beyond humans or paranormals, a lover of the ocean, am I right?" He asked with an evasive tone. I nodded positively. "Hmm, I will never understand the gods and their mating match."

"You took the words right out of my mouth," I agreed, "I mean, why a human of all creatures?!"

"You do not get the point," he smirked cryptically, "but this ought to be interesting. I'll bring her to your castle, just make sure your vampires don't point their fangs at me or they lose em. See you until then King Finn." He bade me mockingly.

The wind from his speed blew against my body. I smiled and brushed my scattered hair off my face. At least I got him to help, and that was a start to our new somehow friendship.

★★★ Kale's standpoint ★★★

The wind blew on my hair as I stared into space with eyes shut. I stood at the end of a mountain, listening to the gentle breeze and letting the moonlight shine down on me. It was peaceful up here, the perfect place to talk to a certain mother of mine.

I opened my eyes and sneered as she descended down with the moonlight, her black glossy hair shimmering as it danced with the wind. Her white dress exalted the air, flying and swirling around her shins and ankles. Her beautiful blue eyes smiled at me, I summoned her after all. Mother must be expecting something better.

"Moon," she called smilingly, a voice filled with so much delight.

"Kale," I corrected. Her feet touched the ground of the mountain, so close to me.

"My boy, I've missed you," she cooed, throwing her hands around me. I stiffened with irritation.

"Mother," I whined. "I've told you about the hugging, let go of me."

"My cute boy called for me," she chirped, rubbing her cheek against mine. I growled warningly. "Okay fine," she stepped away from me. "What do you want from mommy?"

"First of all, I am not a boy. Second of all, don't ever hug me again and third of all, mommy? Seriously?"

She frowned and then pouted. "Aren't I your mother?"

"This is not why I summoned the moon goddess, can you be serious for once?" I snapped irritatedly.

She sighed sadly, "should have known I was wasting my happiness. You know a normal person can't summon me, right?"

"I'm not normal," I smirked, "now I need to know why you have mated one of your own to a mermaid."

"I did? When?" She asked quizzically.

"Finn, the vampire king. I know you are capable of granting him a mate so start talking. And why the reincarnation of his previous mate?" I folded my hands to show how serious I was.

"Let's just say I'm doing Amphitrite a favour, and this issue is none of your business."

"You are the oddest of all goddess and no one knows it. How could you mate a vampire as cruel as Finn to an innocent mermaid? A celestial one for that matter!" I yelled angrily.

She yawned uninterestedly, patting her open mouth. "Are you done, because I'm bored out of my mind."

"Mother, I am concern, matters like this concerns me. If Finn is to hurt a daughter of the ocean, we would have to answer to it. We work according to balance, remember that lesson you taught me?"

"Didn't you hear the 'favour to Amphitrite' part?" She asked with an eye roll. "Their mating was an agreement between us, one she begged me to do. You should be happy, she begged me to mate her with you, I declined for your happiness and here you are scolding me for what you know nothing about?" She flared, "so ungrateful!"

I rolled my eyes. "It was wise of you to have given her to Finn, not me, I hate fish. However, why do I feel concern about this?"

"Amphitrite needed someone powerful to be her mate, for her protection. And you are worried because she was reincarnated by the ocean itself with the ash of Moona, the sister you almost destroyed Olympics for." My eyes widened with shock. Moona was my immediate younger sister, bore to the same father but weaker than I was.

She was killed through Enyo's plot and that was one of the reasons I left Olympics, locking myself up wasn't helping me, I needed to get away.

"I don't understand, how? Did you throw away her ash?"

"Artemis did," she shrugged. I huffed in annoyance, that woman needed to be slapped into proper order. "Look, I cannot fully explain, this is the best I can tell you... But! She might have Moona's body and powers, but that doesn't mean she is. Moona is dead, her ash was use to form a body but her soul and spirit doesn't live in that girl. Don't do anything stupid Moon, I know you too well."

"Anything stupid like raiding Artemis' temple and destroying it?" I asked sardonically.

"Yes, something exactly like that. Now follow this light, it would lead you to her, and don't do anything..."

"Stupid, I get it, geez. Now get lost, you are starting to bother me."

Kale!... My wolf shouted.

Mother sighed sadly and slowly starting ascending. "Just wait until you find out who your mate is, let's see you run your big mouth then."

"I don't want a mate!" I shouted after her.

"We'd see Moon, we'd see." She zipped through the night, taking the moonlight along with her.

Women, unusual specimens... I thought.

YOU are a unusual fool!... My wolf shouted. Eh, whatever.

Suzanne's standpoint

Sleepless, I hadn't been able to sleep since I left him. At night I would wander at the shore of the island, remembering our time together at the sea. My spirit yearned for him, my soul cried out to his, my mind sang his praises and my body hungered for his touch. My ears itched to hear his voice, my hands longed to have it dainty fingers lace with his. My small naps haunted me with his face. I was miserable without him.

I still didn't understand why I was so drawn to a monster, to a killer like him. I didn't want the feelings I was getting, the aching desire bringing all my dead cells to life. It had gotten to the point all my scales had turn black in accordance to their denied wish. They wanted him to run his cold fingers along their beautiful form, to admire them and not fear them. If I continued denying them of at least his presence, I was bound to lose my powers sooner than later.

I was in a state of confusion and dilemma. I needed a way out and I needed it fast.

I walked about the edge of the sea again, lost in my own thoughts. Anymore sleepless nights and I would burn up with a fever. I still couldn't understand what was wrong with me even when the truth was staring at me right in the face. The hair on my body bristled up as I set eyes on a man staring at the sea.

He was tall, heavily built and his aura was powerful, like a moon god. I walked closer to him, feeling my heart hammer faster against my chest. His hands were folded behind him, his hips slightly cocked. He was dressed in a fine white robe, silver pants and a collared shirt. I froze when he turned to look at me, he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

Is this real?

"Suzanne, right?" His voice was deep, pleasantly deep and hypnotising. He reminded me of Finn, the sexiness and all. Except the urge to bow to him, I will never bow to Finn. Finn is still the most good looking to me, so scrumptious.


"My name is Kale, Alpha Kale..."

"THE Alpha Kale?" I gasped. My hands flew to my mouth when he nodded. I felt heat creep up to my neck and cheeks when he nodded. "What do you want from me?"

"Your mate sent me to get you,"

"Mate? But I don't have a mate, I'm a..."

"Mermaid, I know," my throat went dry. I filled dryly and stared at him for more answers. "Finn is your mate, I am sure you feel drawn to him..."

"His mate is dead." I cut in coldly.

"You are the reincarnation,"

"That doesn't make any sense! If I was, then why am I still mated to him?!"

"Because fate wants you to. Don't ask me questions, I hate that." I was losing the ability to breathe, I was in shock. So, we were mates.

I have a mate?! Why?!

"Finn is a cruel beast!"

"Aren't we all?" He chuckled. "He might be cruel, but that's your own problem. I vote you get killed so I can mock him. You are coming with me."

What kind of a man is this?!

"I am going nowhere," I said, putting my foot down on it.

"Look, Finn would destroy every life on Mego if you don't come with me, he would burn the island to the ground, capture the people and trade them in blood markets or keep them as pets. Do you want that?"

"N...n...no, but he can't do that, can he?" I stammered.

"He is the king of all vampires, yes he can." A wave of nausea and dizziness hit me.

"King? As in King of all blood sucking creeps?" I squeaked. He stared at me blankly. "Why, from one to another, I can't go." I cried.

"He would find you eventually, but that would be after so many dies. Do you want that?" I shook my head negatively. "You don't need to worry, he doesn't know you are a mermaid and I am saving that juicy details for later, I won't say if that would make you feel better. And I promise you that I won't let any death harm come to you, is that alright?"

I looked up at him through teary eyes. "really?"

"I don't make promises easily, but I certainly don't fail them. I won't let him kill you, that's my promise. He can beat you or whatever, I don't care, but I won't let you die."

It was the best assurance I could get from him. "Your sisters are to tag along and I believe what you need is him, you look terribly awful. Do you know that celestial scales can kill it owner if angered?"

"No, I will only lose my powers."

"You are clueless. Now pack your bags and get your sisters, your new lives awakes you."

"What if he tries to hurt or drink my blood?" I panicked.

"Kick him in the groin and yell at his face. If he's still persistent, use your powers on him, full stop. Don't let any vampire there intimidate you, show them that you are not like his previous mate. Floriana was weak and a cry baby, be something else."

"Floriana? Is that her real name?"

"Yes, it is. Now pack up, I don't have time to waste."

It wasn't like I had a choice, innocent people would die because of me and I missed him. Might as well see him and get this over with

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