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Water Mate - Chapter 7




Water Mate - Chapter 7

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Finn's standpoint

There are lot of things in the past that I had done, only one I regret. If I did a better job at taking care of her, she wouldn't have died. It was all my fault, but I was going to correct it when I bring her back.

I stood at the poop deck watching the island girl, she was staring at the sea quietly. It had been three days since she made me drink alcohol, three days of surviving things I had no idea existed in the sea. The girl had been awfully quiet, whenever I was near she would shift away from me. There was something new about her behaviour, something laced with fear. I had no idea what it was, maybe the way I yelled, or maybe she just decided to let me be. Either of it, I didn't like it.

"There!" She cried out, "that's the two fangs of the ocean. Steer the boat between the fangs and we arrive at the island to the temple,"

"But no ship has ever gone between the fangs," the captain protested, "it's against the law of Poseidon."

"I think this is the part where we go alone," the loud one said with excitement, "finally, we get to take our ass off this ship, come on sisters!"

"Can we take any of the smaller boat?"

"Go ahead," she glanced at me, I saw that. I ought to be happy but I wasn't, I was upset that she wasn't pestering me, odd.

Suzanne's standpoint

"Heave ho!" Sandra kept shouting as Claudia paddled the boat. If she wasn't busy, she would have killed Sandra who wasn't doing anything. I sat at the front of the rowboat, staring at the dark ocean lost in thought. The trance still haunted me, that trance was bothering me.

Why would I see someone else's past? Why would I get a glimpse of her life through her eyes? It was horrifying. I had faced a lot, but none like this. Was it a new power? Was I developing another new ability? It couldn't be right, I hadn't gained any new coloured scale. Three nights, I couldn't sleep. The trance haunted my dream, her voice echoed in my sleeps. The temple was the right place to find out what was going on.

"We're here!" Kassandra announced. I raised my head and looked ahead to the temple at the top of the hill. I looked back to where we sailed from, the two long pointy rocks acted as gates to the new dimension. I could see the ship, but they couldn't see us.

"Suzanne, are you okay? You have been quiet for days now, you know you can share with us, right?" I turned my head to Claudia and offered her an assuring smile.

"I'll explain later, but I'm alright," Sandra already released herself of her mask and hairband. She flung it away on the golden sand and alighted the boat. "I can't climb that high, I'll pass out before I get there."

"I can carry you," Sandra suggested. Claudia snorted.

"Since when do broomsticks carry timbers?"

"Hey! I can be strong you know," Sandra insisted vehemently, "just look at my muscles." She flexed her muscles and kissed them.

"Those mustard seeds,"

I stepped out of the boat, jumping into the water. Claudia came out too to argue. The temple was so high up the hill that it would take three to five days to get up there. I crouched down in the sea green water and dipped my hands into it, fisting them on the wet sand.

"I know a girl, who loves the sea, do you?" I asked the water. It rippled. I could talk to the ocean and all it life.

"You are a body of the sea, what brings you to this part of the wild ocean?" It asked. I sighed heavily and looked at the temple.

"I came to get the gems of Horitha, I need it not for dark purpose but to unlock my hidden abilities so I can protect myself from the one who seeks me."

"The ocean sees through all, it holds memories and connects souls, I see a vampire asking you to bring three of it to resurrect his dead mate..."

"Wait, what! His mate?!"

"You do not know but I know, the ocean knows through it vast knowledge. I connected to the water outside this dimension, saw him on the ship, saw his memories and his past. He needs those stones to resurrect his mate."

I had never felt so much pain in my life, it felt like my heart was about to be torn apart. I was working for him so he could revive another girl, someone he loved. Why did I care? I don't know. But the pain was beyond what I had been experiencing for the past three days. Then again, if they were mates, why then was he hurting her? Why was she being treated as a slave?

"But, I saw her memories, he hurt her so bad," I replied shakily, "is it that he is a bad man?"

"I will not stop you from finding out the rest, it is up to you. You do not see what I see Kymopoleia, I know what I know."

"How did you..."

"The ocean speaks to those it wishes to, but reveal less to those it love. You must follow the flow of your destiny and find each answers yourself. The answer is closer to you than you think, now go."

Droplets of water rose up from the water, doubling over and over until I was buried in the droplets. My feet lifted off the water, my body ascending above land. The water lifted me up to the sky, carrying me to the temple.

"Whoo!" Sandra shrieked, "this is so much fun!" I looked at my sisters, the same droplets lifted off the face of the earth.

I thought back to what it said, follow the flow, huh? Well, I wouldn't let a blood sucking dead man make me sad. It took almost an hour to reach the temple, it was far more better. I walked over to the big gate guarded by two huge cherubims statues with flaming swords.

"State your name," a thunderous voice barked out.

"Suzanne, my name is Suzanne, I am a mermaid. I come here to seek some of the gems for protection against the acting king of the sea, I cannot fight him without bringing out my full abilities that was locked away after I escaped his clutches."

"You are troubled, your heart is not at ease,"

"I am yet to understand why but yes, I am trouble." I replied evasively.

"The gems of Horitha was sealed away for a reason dear one, once mortal or immortal men finds out anyone can just walk in and take it, they would invade this place."

"I know but..."

"Such powers cannot and should not be use to raise the dead or resurface what is yours to reopen. The solution to both your problems lies within you."

"Both our problems? You mean Finn?" I asked confusedly.

"They are some things that great magic can't solve, only time will. Go back my dear, the next stage of your life awaits you."

"What stage! I don't even understand anything anymore!" I shouted with frustration, I wasn't going to be let in. "Plus, he'll kill me if I should ever go back empty handed..."

"And won't pay us," Claudia added.

"I repeat, go back young ladies and never return."

Claudia's standpoint

I paddled the boat back to the ship, I was still in shock. All those trouble for nothing, everything for waste. That vampire guy was sure to end our lives the moment the news leaves our mouth. Suzanne was lost between crying or yelling with anger and frustration, Sandra just wanted to get this over with. It was our first failed mission, one that would leave Suzanne with a scar. Suzanne had taken a strong liken for the vampire, even without her knowing it.

The two spiky rocks disappeared after we rowed out, it changed location. Suzanne sighed heavily and shifted closer to me. "I'll paddle," I stood up so she would take over. She sat in my place and took the paddles. "Row like I row, don't make me try, move like the wind, get me there on time."

"Should have known," I chuckled awkwardly. The paddles began rowing themselves, she held them so it wouldn't be too suspicious. "What do we do now?"

"Like he said, nothing, we do nothing."

"Suzanne, what is going on? I demand an answer right now!" Sandra commanded.

"Finn wants the gems to revive his deceit mate," she replied emotionlessly.

"Oh," Sandra murmured. We looked at each other with a knowing look. "You know it is never possible, a mermaid and a vampire can't work out anyways."

"I don't understand where this conversation is steering to," she spat upsettingly, "did I say I liked him or something?" She snapped. "Don't jump into conclusions!" The boat reached the ship. Suzanne stood up with anger and waved at the captain.

The men threw the ropes down, we connected it to the boat and then let them heave the boat back into the ship. The captain smiled giddily. "Did he lassies get em gems?"

I glanced around, the way the crew were all standing, the look in their eyes, and the position Finn was in. Six crew men surrounded him, like one held a sword against his back. Suzanne began to laugh, a dry humourless laugh. "You really think that toy is enough to hold him if he really wanted to fight?" She asked with a dry laugh.

The captain drew out his sword and pointed it at her. "The gems, let me have em,"

"What makes you think we have it?" Sandra scoffed.

"And why do you think we will give it to you?" I questioned too.

"Ye might be strong girls, but ye are clearly outnumbered, look around, my crew are ready to cleave ye all to the brisket, now hand me them gems. It would be a great win if Captain Leadbeard returns with the three wanted lassies and claim the bounty price. And to add, the powerful sought out gems to hold on sale."

"Fortune would be ours!" One of the crew shouted. The men shouted for joy.

"This is getting old," I sighed.

"Captain, ye sure ye won't keep the dancing smart one for yeself? She'll make a fine gold on yer bed."

"Here now," Captain Leadbeard said with a deep authoritative voice, "off with the masks, all three of ye." He commanded, threatening us with his sword.

"Okay," Sandra chirped, "but I'll have to warn you, none who sees our faces ever live to tell the tale."

"I said off with it!"

"Okay," I said with a singsong. I slowly and suspensefully took off my mask. Suzanne took off hers and threw it into the ocean.

"There, mask off, now I'll have to kill you all because I'm really pissed off right..." There was a sudden loud horrific cry coming from Finn's angle. Followed by more cry, a blur of movement and splutter of blood. It happened so fast, each men fell either headless, a big hole in their chest where their heart ought to be, slit throat and a broken neck.

Finn appeared behind the captain, twist his neck and sank his fangs into the old man's broken neck. Blood soaked every corner of the ship, excluding our body. Bile rose to my throat at the disgusting sight, his hands were soaked with blood. It was disturbing but I couldn't look away, I was stuck. His hand suddenly burst through the pirate's chest, ripping his heart out. Captain Leadbeard's dead body fell on the floor with a loud squishy thud, like a wet heap of clothes. Kassandra was already hurling into the sea, Suzanne just looked away.

"I hate humans," he spat with distain. He threw the heart at my feet, that did it. I ran to join Sandra in throwing up.

Suzanne's standpoint

There was no way in the world or anytime soon that I was going to unsee that, not anytime soon or ever. Was this the life Dainty experienced? Watching her mate bring out the monster side in him? Finn turned his head to me to take a closer look at my face. I felt unsettled with the look of recognition in his eyes, like he was trying to place two and two together.

"If you are wondering about the gem, we didn't get it. The temple guardian said that the solution to your problem isn't in the gem, but in time," I said uncomfortably, the way he was looking at me was unnerving. Plus, I wasn't telling him about the part where our problems lies in the two of us. "Don't freak out on me, I'm not the temple."

"It's impossible," he said with an incredulous and astound tone, he shook his head as he stepped back, "it...it..."

"It is, that's what the deep voice said," I shrugged, trying not to get agitated by the way he was looking at me.

"Dainty," he called shakily.

"Sorry, I guess you just have to let her go," oh it felt right to say that.

"Dainty," he suddenly rushed forward and hugged me, pressing me to his chest as he shoved his face into my hair, "I didn't know, I didn't know. I was busy searching when you were right in front of me, you came back for me, I've missed you so much." His voice was croaked and taut; broken to be exact.

"Dude! What are you doing!" I shrieked, trying to push him off me.

"I promised, I won't let anyone hurt you again, I'll protect you, I won't listen to their disappointed words, thank you for coming back to me." He babbled on, the nonsense!

"Ew! Please get your bloody self off me! Finn, what is wrong with you!" He was suffocating me with his bloody closeness. Is he high?

"Thank you for coming back, no wonder I felt drawn to you..." I wiggled and shook until I freed myself, panting heavily like I just ran a desert marathon.

"Vampire guy, are you high?" I asked breathlessly. The wet glint in his eyes, the half smile... Why is he smiling at me?! "Weirdo," I stepped back, time to swim out of here. Blast all consequences.

"Your hair is no longer green as well as your eyes," I glanced at my hair and then behind me. "Don't be afraid of me Dainty..."

"Stop calling me that," I snapped, "my name is Suzanne for Pete's sake! Not Ocean, my real name is Suzanne and not that stupid name you are calling me. Stay away from me you creep, my blood is not for thirst."

"I would never hurt you like I did, please don't be afraid," he pleaded desperately. I stepped back until I was with my sisters.

"I am not afraid of you, I'm creeped out beyond my wit, you are weird and weird people don't deserve to be with me." The amulet on my neck glowed. I grabbed my sisters hands immediately and threw myself back overboard, falling down along with them.

"Dainty! Ocean!" I heard him shout before we burst into the water.

"Amulet, make us water, make us unseen to the blood thirsty eyes." The glow covered us immediately, making us invisible to him. Finn dived in too, I looked at my sisters to shut up.

If I wasn't so creeped out, I would have been fascinated by the way his dark locks danced around him in the water, the way his pale skin glowed like a little moonlight. The blood from his body flowed into the ocean, he looked so distraught and upset. He looked around, he could see nothing or any sign of where we went to. A loud trumpet blew from afar, one I think he knew. Finn gazed at my position for a while before he swam back to the surface. I lowered us down a little as the new ship drove closer, the ship was made out of pure gold and looked like it was owned by royalty.

He leapt up into the new ship, they didn't attack him. I couldn't see what was going on, but I could hear him yelling at them.

"I don't care how long it takes! Find her!"

Well, I wasn't going to be here and get caught, I signalled for Claudia to take off the amulet. She reached up for it and gently unlocked it. My skins began to tingle, my scales sprouted out immediately. I gathered the current into my feet and pushed us along, dashing away with the speed of a regular mermaid. My tail would have been faster.

Goodbye Finn.

Finn's standpoint

I lost her again! I lost Dainty!

All this while, the island girl was there, I had no idea it was her. I was searching to resurrect who had already been reincarnated. Ocean... Or Suzanne was the reincarnation of my mate, she was back and was still my mate. That would explain why I felt so drawn to her, why everything about her made me wonder. Dainty was right there and then I lost her again, that amulet must have taken her. I wasn't going to let her go like I didn't the first time, and this time, she certainly wouldn't die.

"How do we find them in such a big ocean?" Axel asked with frustration, "we must find her, we have to." I told him, it was ironic how his own mate reincarnated with mine. The loud one, she was his mate that died years ago. Whatever fate was playing, I didn't care, I would get her back even if I have to rip the entire world into two.

"We track her down," I said determinedly, "get words out, I want every single vampire searching Mego Island at day and night. Even if it means wiping off every last soul on that island until she comes out, do it."

"But the agency..."

"I don't bloody care!"

"Let's handle this with caution, I have a better suggestion. We report this to the agency and let them find her for us, that way we won't have to kill anyone and start the war allover again. It's a good thing her clothes are here, if I beg them enough, they can get Alpha Kale to track her down. He is the best tracker I know, what do you think?" Casmir suggested.

"And if he doesn't accept to?" I asked impatiently.

"He would do anything to advert max killing and any war when he presently has his to face. I know what to say to the council to get him to do it, just trust me My Lord, I'll surely return your mate to you."

"Even if you don't, I will." I said with a voice of finality.

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