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Water Mate - Chapter 6




Water Mate - Chapter 6

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

"Nothing surpasses it rage, nothing can silent the storm of age. Tides would rise and waves up tall, and mortal souls would definitely fall." The spell haunted my dreams, echoing after itself in multiple whispers. I tossed and turned in my bed, something was wrong, something w...

"Wake up!" I jerked up immediately, snapping out of my sleep. A bash of thunder greeted me first, lightning following it action.

"The eternal storm," I muttered, we had reached the next location. Not that I remember telling them where to go to, but we were at the sea where the storm never ends. Death was certain for most who dared crossed.

I threw the covers off me and looked up to the floorboard above, listening to the hasty moving of feet and paranoid shouts. I had to get up there. I hoisted myself up to my knees and crawled to the side of the bed, right before the ship jerked and sent me tumbling off the side of the bed and onto the floor. My hand hit the nightstand, accidentally running over the dagger on the table and cutting my skin open. I hissed in pain and bent my hand to examine it.

Sandra's scream made me forget it, I sprang to my feet and ran out of the room. I ran to the stairs that lead to the upper deck, only to hit my head on the wall when the ship swayed again. Groaning in frustration and pain, I gripped the wall as best as I could to balance myself and swayed along with the ship until I climbed up deck. Darkness covered the sky, lightning luminated the night and thunder played the drums of death. The angry howling winds gushed violently against the sails and the boat, threatening the balance of the crew. They were running allover the place, yelling as they tried to get things done.

Sandra screamed again. I turned my head to her, the wind was blowing her away, she hung on to the sail. Claudia was already climbing to help her, she wasn't much to worry about.

"Someone tie me boats down and hoist the sail!" Captain Leadbeard shouted. I watched as the men ran to get it done. A wave struck the back of the ship, causing us to reel to different directions. I pushed myself against a safe wall to protect myself.

"Prepare yeselves for more impact!" Another wave struck the side and then another. I looked around for Finn, guess where he was and what he was doing. Finn comfortably and dauntlessly sat on a chained down barrel, legs crossed as he read a book. It was like the storm had nothing on him.

"Sandra!" Claudia shouted with fear. I looked towards my sister, the wind had taken her away. It threw her into the sea, Sandra wasn't a very good swimmer.

I immediately took off my boots and ran to the edge to jump after her. Something collided with me, hurling us away and crashing on the floor. I grunted in pain and looked at where I stood before, lightning had struck that side and would have struck me.

"Be careful!" Finn flared. I nudged him off me and ran back to the edge, I dived into the water to get my sister.

Kassandra kicked violently, swinging her arms to try to get to the surface. But the more she tried, the more the dark sea pulled her down. I swam with the current to her and hitched her up with me. I broke out to the surface with a gasp, the magic was strong and starting to reach me.

"Here!" Finn threw a rope down.

"Go Sandra, I need to tame this sea or we are never getting out of here alive..." I inclined my head to the lightning gathering itself above to strike the ship. She nodded in understanding and took the rope. I dropped back into the water, letting myself sink down a little deep.

I shut my eyes and breathe in deeply. "Fall, fall oh ye rain

Clash, clash mighty waves

Rise tall as you may

But be still for me today..." I sang.

"Thunder and lightning I see you

I know your power

I know you're true

But this time, do what I may

And be still for me today." The thunder and lightning seized, only faint rumbling of thunder filled the air. The wind abated but the sky remained the same.

I swam up out of the water and took the rope. I could see the crew members and even Finn staring at the sky in stupefaction. The eternal storm had never seized before.

"A little help here!" I shouted out to Finn. He turned his head to me. He picked up the rope and hoisted me up with one pull. "Thank you."

"What did you do?" I was taken aback by his question. "You abated the storm, I heard you sing." My heart skipped, no one should have heard it. He glared at me with great suspicion. Don't worry, I'm a lying pro.

I raised the amulet and grinned. "I didn't get this for nothing, it helped me modify my voice to calm the storm for ten minutes. The storm would break through the enchantment soon, we should get out of here... Captain, get us out of here!" I shouted out to him.

"You should be a mystic librarian, you know too much." Finn deadpanned.

"Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment," I said as I looked at my injured hand. I bled and that was not a good thing but there was nothing to do.

"Come, I'll treat your wound," my eyes lit up at his offer.

"Would you carry me too?" I asked with a twinkle of my shielded eyes. He walked away, rude man. I waved at Sandra and stood up. Finn took me to his room, pointed at the bed and went into his bathroom. He returned with a cup in his hand.

"Hold still," he instructed, took my injured arm and emptied acid on it. I screamed as the sting ate into my wound, he had destroyed my hand.

"You monster! How could you use acid on me!"

"Wine," he corrected.

"Oh," he grabbed my chin a little bit roughly and looked me in the eyes.

"Sleep." My vision became blurry, my body lost it strength to stand. I shut my eyes and passed out.

Proteus' standpoint

The eternal storm seized, it has never stopped for anything before. No one can stop it except the trident or Poseidon or Amphitrite. How then did it stop? I tapped my index finger on my nose, there is only one person other than me that can seize it.

Kymopoleia, that girl, it had to be her. No one else would care enough to seize it.

I had been looking for her since she escaped, she escaped my clutches but I needed her back. I closed my eyes and searched the sea, I couldn't see her but she was there. It only meant one thing, I had been searching for her at the wrong places. Kymopoleia was with humans, no wonder it was impossible to find her.

"Calder!" I shouted, causing him to jerk up with shock. "I have found the location of Kymopoleia, she is with humans. I can feel her presence in the ocean, she is close. Alert all sea creatures to be on the lookout for any human girl with the depths of the ocean in her eyes, for a human who trends the waves like it is a part of her. Look for her on any ship sailing away from The Eternal Storm."

"As you wish your majesty," it wouldn't be long before I find her, I would have Amphitrite's heart in my grasp once more.

Susanne's standpoint

I could hear the song of flutes, mandolins and drums. Feet hitting the upper deck in musical melody. The pirates were celebrating their death escapes, it was a party being thrown without the guest of honour.

"Alrighty then! I shall make my own dramatic entry!" I announced to myself. I threw the covers away and dragged my buttocks along the bed until my feet touched the floorboard. "Now what should I wear?"

Does it even matter?... A voice asked reasonably. No matter what, my face is always concealed.

I sniffed myself, I smelt fresh, Claudia must have bathe me already. So I did the only thing left to do, changed my outfit and pulled on my boots. I opened the door and walked out, I surprisingly found myself at Finn's room. My feet took me to his carelessly arranged shoes. I picked up a pair of brown boots, one that was made out of either a bear or another wild animal's skin. I walked over to his bed and sat down, I didn't know what I was doing but I loved it.

I slipped off my boots and wore his, they were far bigger than my feet but I wasn't going to take it off. I felt more comfortable with his oversized shoes than mine. I looked towards his closet and grinned, sure he won't mind me wearing his coat. I stood up and wiggled my toes in the boots. I forced my legs to move to the closet and rummaged through for something I could wear.

"This would do," I said happily, holding up a white shirt that would probably stop at the midsection of my thighs. I let my own clothes drop and then slipped on his. I "borrowed" his belt and tied it around my waist to make the shirt look more beautiful on me. It made the shirt hitch up further but it was manageable. "Now I look perfect."

His clothes and shoes were cold, it was like swimming in the sea. All the worries that I was shoving deep automatically buried themselves. I sniffed the collar of his shirt as I plodded to the stairs. He smelt like firecrackers... Do firecrackers have scents? Whatever this smell was definitely felt like heat and yet cold at the same time. A mysterious and complicated scent.

I love it!

I walked up to the upper deck still sniffing his shirt. Torches lit the night for the jolly men. Some dancing, all chugging their ales and rums. Finn and the captain sat at a table specially set for them on the deck. They were watching Kassandra dance, swaying her hips like the mini seductress she was. Her moves could entice any man who set eyes on her flexible body. She had practiced long enough to get there.

I took a step forward but the heavy boots made me trip. I staggered forward in an attempt to stop myself from falling. I caught myself at my knees before I fell. I heaved a sigh of relief and straightened up to see all eyes on me. The music had stopped, Sandra still from a move she was about to make. I looked at Finn as he stared at me with mouth partly open. All the men were, and I even had my mask on.

"Er...hi," I said with a nervous chuckle, waving my hand. My face was on fire, I coughed to snap them out if it. It only made the men to break into catcalls and whistles, throwing praises at me.

"Wait a minute," Finn said, I grinned at his glare. He had realised I was wearing his properties. "What the hell! Why are you wearing my shirt and boots?!" He shouted upsettingly. The crew quiet down again.

"Well it's comfortable," I said brazenly, pushing my nose high.

"Couldn't you wear your own clothes? Why are you hell bent on frustrating me!"

"Stop shouting and appreciate the fact that a lovely lady found your clothes worthy of her body," Captain Leadbeard said loudly, "I would be right down happy if a woman would wear me own cl..."

"Ye can wear mine!" Three of the men shouted, stirring the whistles and catcalls back on.

"Ye are set to destroy me men lassie, there is no means in which they can crack Jenny's teacups. Do ye want us all dead before the old sun shines? This sister has been doing the first one."

Sandra giggled, "she taught me how to dance, she dance better than I do." She exposed me. I glared at her.

"Why wouldn't she know how to!" Claudia shouted loudly, coming behind me from nowhere and throwing her arm around me. " She's our temptress and irresistible force!"

"Irresistible madness you mean," Finn scoffed. I sneered at his remark.

"Nonsense! Suz dance better than better! She is the only fish I know that can dance better than limbs!" I nudged her, that was too much information. "Suz, won't you dance for us?!"

"Yes! Dance!" The crew chanted. Claudia pushed me forward, pushed me to the centre of the deck.

"Please don't disgrace yourself by trying to dance and take off my shirt before I..."

"See why I called you a pervert?" I interjected. "I'm not taking it off, in fact, from now on, we are sharing your clothes."

"If I see you anywhere near my room, I'll kill you." He threatened. I stuck my tongue out mockingly. He rolled his eyes and muttered something to himself. The crew began playing another tone, I closed my eyes and danced the song of the waves.

There were many sea dances I recreated to be able to dance with my feet. Each dance held it own enchantment, it own purpose. The tone being played sounded like one of the melody. Everything else around me disappeared, it was just me dancing lightly, like I was dancing on the surface of the ocean. I spun like a water current, memories of my mother teaching me how to dance reverberated in my head.

"When you want to dance Kymopoleia, close your eyes and listen to the songs of the ocean. Dance according to it tone, dance along with the tides. Feel the magic that sweeps through every ocean, connect with that power and harmony and the magic in the dances would spread in you and make itself known. You are a daughter of the ocean, so always remember that to dance with the ocean, you must be like the ocean. Listen to it and it alone."

The song ended, I opened my eyes pricking with tears and looked around. They were all smiling with glee and admiration, peace melting their hearts. I took a curtsy, lowering myself in a way my short clothing wouldn't pull up. The men applauded for my wonderful performance.

"Thank you, thank you all ye men," I said with duchessy accent.

"Let's fill our cups with claps of thunder to celebrate this outstanding lady!" Claudia shouted, she was so drunk.

"Lassie, it was the same liquid ye took that have leave thee acting like a carouser," the first mate said with a sympathetic tone.

"But I'm not drunk! I can stand any drink, bring me more rum!"

"You my dear sister, need to get yourself to bed," Sandra said scoldingly, "let's get you to bed then." She grabbed Claudia by the waist and led her away.

A crazy idea popped into my head. "Let's make a bet, who's in?"


"I challenge all ye men to a battle of rums, the last person standing gets to loot ye all," I said humourously. "For example, I really want to wear the captain hat for a day and take all your money, but if I fail, the man who wins gets a night with me..."

Finn choked on his drink, I smiled at him. He was yet to hear the remaining part. "But since I'm a girl and can't challenge all you strong and hefty men, I willingly volunteer my servant, Finn to take my place."

"Your what?" He coughed, wiping his lips. "You can't volunteer me..."

"So," I placed my hands on my hips and cocked em, "what would it be boys?"

"Sounds like a plan!"

"I will not subject myself to such wasteful..."

"If you win for me, I promise to not wear your clothes again and not annoy you for two days," I crossed my fingers behind me.

"Make it three and we have a deal,"

Heh heh heh, he has no idea.

"It's a done deal yo! Let the drinking begin!" Vampires weren't capable of getting drunk unless they drink from the blood of a drunk human. The pirates were all bound to lose.

I cheered Finn on, he drank with less enthusiasm but his determination to get rid of me was strong enough to make him keep going. I honestly don't know why he would want to get rid of me, I'm a totally lovable person. Anyways, by the time two barrels were emptied, all the pirates had passed out.

"Victory is mine!" I shrieked. Finn ran to the edge of the sea and hurled into the sea. I skipped over to him and patted his back. Too much unrelated blood liquid.

"I hate you," he coughed out.

"I know you don't," I said whimsically. Finn threw his head back and exhaled loudly.

"How did my life come to this? How did I end up playing toy to a human? How am I even listening to you?!" I ran my hand along his strong muscular back. At first it was just to comfort him, but now it was beyond comforting.

"Do you exercise?" I blunted out. He turned his head and glared at me. He pushed me away from him and started walking to the poop deck to sit down and rest. I ran after him, giggling annoyingly.

"You promised to stop pestering me,"

"I lied,"

"Urgh!" He leapt up and landed in the crow's nest.

"You can't get away from me!" I shouted as I strained my neck to see him. He hissed a reply to me. I rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, kicked off his boots and began climbing up. Finn sighed in defeat, I'm a professional leech. I heaved myself up, throwing my leg into the nest. "Miss me?"

"What do you want?" He asked icily. I huffed as I fell into the nest with a thud. I puffed and lifted myself up.

"I don't know, I'm usually not the kind to pester someone,"

"Humph," he bent over and helped me pull the shirt down. I didn't even realise it was way too up. "Then why do you disturb me?"

"I have no idea, with you all I feel is the need to be close to you and either make you happy, or very miserable. Since miserable is more fun, I choose to frustrate you. Isn't that amazing?"

"I am not one to tolerate disrespect, but I can't harm you for reasons I am yet to fathom. But when I do, I'll kill you."

I sneered and looked ahead to the sky, the star filled sky. I leaned my weight on the high edge and smiled. "Have you ever watched the stars before?"

He gasped. "what did you just say?"

"If you have watched the stars before?"

"Why do you speak like her? Why does your words remind me of her?" I looked at him in confusion.

"Are you talking about your sister? You know the dead should remain dead, right?"

"That is not for you to decide!" I flinched at his sudden anger. "Stop using her words on me! Stop reminding me of her! Stop compelling me with your existence! Nothing you say or do will change my mind, I will resurrect her again whether you or anyone approve or not!"

"Finn..." He jumped down from the lookout and disappeared. "I swear, that man is the most confuse and unbelievably irrational being I have ever met."

I sighed and shut my eyes, the wind blew against my face. I opened my eyes and looked around surreptitiously, to make sure no one was awake. Nodding with satisfaction, I took off my mask and held it with my hand. I sighed with contentment as the wind meet my freed face. I let my hair loose so they would dance, it had been a while I sang to the sky.

"O to mi hei dala

O to mu nei maru

Sei hei tore maguru

Nini kodi o ente bei..." I sang my native language, it was a song mother taught me night before I fled. I missed her, I missed the life I had before I ran away from home. If I didn't, my life would have been ruined and still had chance to be ruined.

I must find the gems if I must survive.

"See the stars up high in the sky

See the sailors following it guide

Have you seen any more grand

Can any compare to it beauty

The glistering beauty of the night..." I sang in English. I shut my eyes, only to see a girl sitting on a tree and singing at the night sky with back turned to me.

I couldn't see her face but her voice was so beautiful. She had green wavy hair with flowers extending down to her waist. That was all I could see. The green haired girl singing to the sky, a familiar song. I can swear I know that song, I have heard someone sing it to me.

"Dainty, what are you doing up there?" It was like I could see through her eyes, her green eyes. She looked down at Finn, it was him!

I could feel her emotions, a sudden panic and fear struck her. My body began trembling like hers, my heartbeat accelerating with utter fear. "Get down from there you puny witch!" She jumped down but remained rotted on the spot.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, Finn looked like a monster ready to feast on his prey. She stepped back as tears flowed down her cheeks. "I...I...I...I was lonely and...and...and...I thought I could come out..."

"I ordered you to remain confined in your room, never step out unless I let you to. Why did you disobey me?!"

"You have never let me out, I just had to come out and be with the trees and stars, I didn't mean to..." Finn appeared in front of her in a flash and clutched her neck. She screamed and started pleading for mercy, crying convulsively as she wept and begged.

"I love seeing you like this, hopeless," there was an intense sadistic smile on his face.

"Please, I promise to never disobey again, just don't hurt me."

"Every disobedience requires a punishment, and you know what is to be served,"

"No, no, please not that again, please don't... Aah!" I screamed as I came back to reality, placing my hand on the spot Finn sank his fangs into. I collapsed, crying as the pain shot through me. Her pain was my pain, I felt it all, I heard her screams. He bit her with no remorse and intentionally made it painful.

I had no idea what just happened, whether it was the song or just the sea warning me of who Finn really was. All I knew was that he was a monster, and Dainty was certainly not his sister.

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