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Water Mate - Chapter 5




Water Mate - Chapter 5

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

We are near, I could hear the melody of the sirens calling out to me, begging me to join them. I wasn't a siren, but one of my main source of power was music. I was part water muse and others. I stood at the crow'snest, looking out for any obstacle. The lookout ran below deck to do something so I was covering for him. I looked down, Finn stood at the bowsprit. As if feeling the intensity of my gaze, he turned around and locked eyes with mine.

The world seemed to have stopped moving the moment our eyes made contact, the wind around me became colder but yet so comfortable. The clash of the waves echoed around me, every other object was out of sight, just him. The wind became more intense, blowing my hair allover, messing it up. I don't know how long we were staring, but we snapped out of it when the captain yelled something about slowing the ship down.

He managed a small smile before winking at me, causing my stomach to stir and heartbeat quicken. I stuck out my tongue to him, I was wearing my facemask this time. Finn rolled his eyes away, a glint of amusement shining in them. Like literally, his eyes glinted before he looked away.

"Slow her down!" The captain shouted again. I jumped onto the edge of the crow'snest and leapt into the air, catching myself with a rope. I swung my body with a laugh, I was about to do something stupid.

"Hey pretty man!" I shouted laughingly, "catch!" I swung myself towards him and let go, spreading my hands out to form wings. My hair danced to the music of the cold wind, I shut my eyes to enjoy the moment.

Right before I decended too low, I twist my body so my back would be against the deck. Two hands touched me, it happened very fast but I know what I felt. I landed on the deck in a heavy brutal crash. Not enough to kill me, but certainly enough to paralyse me if I was human. It would have been worse, but I'm certain Finn caught me fast and then dropped me hard to lighten my fall and still make it look like he didn't care.

That would have been very sweet but... Ow!

"You dummy," I moaned out in pain, "why didn't you catch me,"

He laughed shortly before crouching down, "next time, use your head." He poked my head with his index finger. With lightning fast move, I jumped up and caught his finger between my teeth. Before he could remove it, I bit him.

"Ew!" I cried, flying away from him, he tasted like vinegar. I coughed and gasped for breath, "I'm dead,"

"Stop being dramatic, I'm wearing a glove so what you tasted is the chemical," I looked at his hand, he indeed was.

I threw my head aside snootily and folded my arms, "I knew that, who asked you."

"Foolish girl," he heaved and smacked my head. I whimpered like a baby and pouted, he wants me dead. "Stand up, we are here." I had gotten up to my knees before, he delicately lifted me up so I would stand.

"Oh la la!" I shrieked with pain, my spine hurt from falling.


"I can't move...aah!" Heartless good for nothing jerk pulled me along, not caring about my pain. We joined the captain at the wheel, he generously flung me on the floor again.

"Well thank you maniac!"

"I suggest the crew get tied up so they won't go to the sirens..."

"That would only work against the sirens of Siren Bay East and West, Sirens Heart's are stronger and will go to them, kiss and suck the soul out of them. So you see? It's a waste of time." I rasped, rubbing my back.

"So what do we do? We can't proceed further until we have a plan," Sandra said reasonably. Claudia who had been stroking her chin snapped her fingers.

"How about we tie the men below deck? We block their eyes and ears and the windows, that way, we won't have to bother."

"That's a great idea sis, captain?" I asked, looking at him for approval. He nodded with a wide smile.

"Clever wenches, that's what ye are..."

"Er...thanks? I guess." Claudia said with uncertainty.

"Okay boys, ye all hear the pretty ladies..." Finn snorted at Captain Leadbeard's compliment. "Get down deck and let them tie ye up, us up."

"I'm not getting tied up,"

"Of course not, we need to sacrifice a fool to the sea anyways..."

"Why you..." He hissed, but Claudia blocked him from attacking me and exposing himself.

"Chill, all men down." She commanded. I blew raspberry at him.

"And stop acting so immature sis, that's my job," Sandra said with a big frown.

Finn scoffed and walked to the other end of the poop deck, leaned on the railing and folded his arms in annoyance. "Behave," Claudia warned, kissed my cheek and walked off to tie the men.

"Hey Finn!" I shouted, he looked at me from the corner of his eyes, "die!"

"Ocean!!!" Claudia shouted from below deck. I giggled and forced my healing body up.

"Okay dude, I'm in charge now so follow my command, kapish?" I demanded with arms akimbo. And he totally ignored me. "Rude," I said in a singsong.

"I'll drive, make yourself useful." He sighed, tired of my childishness. He pushed himself off the rail and sauntered to the wheel.

"Yeah, one of us have to be useful here," I murmured audibly. He snarled but didn't say a word. I decided it was time to be serious, I walked over to the railing at my side and looked down at the crystal clear sea that was littered with shipwreck. Pieces of woods and broken ships filled the sea.

The ship suddenly jerked, throwing me and slamming my chest on the railing. I groaned in pain, he did that on purpose. I looked at him over my shoulder and rolled my eyes back to the ship. Something glinted on the crow'snest of a broken ship resting behind a rock. I peered into the horizon, the more I peered, the brighter the object became. The blue light's glow was familiar, I knew that. It called out to me, it knew me cause my presence luminated it.

"My amulet," I gasped, it was the amulet I was born with. The amulet controlled my transformation. With it, I didn't need to fear when I get wet. My scales won't appear, I won't have to be afraid to swim in front of everyone. Other than that, it had the power to shield me from spells and morph me into any form I want.

"Finn, keep driving, the sirens will rise soon so be careful. I'll catch up with you later."

"Where are you..." Before he could finish his statement, I hitched myself up and heaved myself over the railing, throwing myself down the ship. I grabbed one of the net and threw myself down again. I landed on a wood slab.

I wasn't going to swim, I jumped. I jumped from wood slab to the other gracefully, like a skipping rock and a flying fish. My feet barely touched the slabs before I flew off to the next one. I jumped into the floorboard of the ship, wincing at the creaky sound it made due to my weight. I looked back at Finn, my eyes widened in horror. He was surrendered by sirens singing to him and was falling. I had been so caught up in my objective that I didn't hear their song or remember him.

Glowing blue liquid skin with water hair, four webbed fingers with claws the length of a wolverine's and yet the beauty of a regular mermaid to men. Sirens were ugly, don't be fooled. One of the most dangerous nymphs of Achelous. Sirens came in different forms, most with water body, legs or shark finned tails. That was the difference in our appearance. Mermaids didn't have water body and don't always kill humans, we don't even have their time. Mermaids seems to admire land folks and show off their beauties, only celestial mermaids like myself had water form.

Anyways, they had successfully lured the ungrateful man out of the poop deck. And he can boast like he is invincible. I rolled my eyes and continued flying across the floorboard to the crow'snest, avoiding touching the water. I didn't want to help him, but I had to help him, I couldn't just stay there and watch them...

A gasp left my mouth at a sudden explosion of light from the ship, I jerked my head to it. Finn had burst up with some kind of red energy, like flame but not flame. The explosion sent all sirens flying to different directions, most died at impact. I smirked and nodded, now I know why he boast. "Respect,"

I turned my attention back to the amulet, my precious item. Grabbing the rope, I began climbing up to get it. I never knew climbing could be so easy when you want something badly. I hoisted myself into the nest, scrambled over until I picked the amulet. The glow died down, back in it rightful place.

"Welcome home," I sighed dreamily.

"Ocean! Ocean look out!!!" Finn shouted. I tilted my head and stared at him, the horror in his eyes. I turned around to see what he was gawking at. The rock had risen high like a tower behind me and down it came.

The sirens remaining laughed in their songs as they controlled the water to lift the rock. I leapt into the air, diving into the water to avoid being crushed. I swam fast away from the rock and the collapsing ship, instinctively putting my amulet on to hide my scales. Nine sirens swam around me, singing as they tittered.

I puffed out air and scowled at them. They replied me with a slash of their claws, slashing at my arms, back, chest and legs. "Begone!" I shouted, sending them flying far away. I lifted my hand to tear them to pieces but saw someone plunge into the water from the ship.


I shut my eyes immediately and let myself sink like I couldn't handle it. Those sirens had luck... or maybe they didn't. They charged for me again, hissing in anger and murderous eyes glowing. I peeped from the corner of my eyes, the amulet glowed to activate it protective power. Just as one raised her hand, she burst into bubbles and dust. A wave of electric red energy swept through, slashing their heads and bodies off.

Awwn, my hero.

He carried me and swam up above, holding my waist tight. Finn jumped out of the water, one single leap lifted him back to the poop deck. He dropped me on the floorboard and knelt down.

This is the part where we kiss! Oh my oh my!

I screamed in pain as the harsh and painful slap met my cheek, he slapped me! Finn slapped me! I jolted up and screamed:"Are you mad!"

"There, still alive," he pushed me back down so roughly my head hit the floor. I had a terrible headache while trying to seal my blood in at the same time. My brain thumped, the vision of my eyes blurring in accordance. Difficult breath left my mouth, a call to give in to the sleep so my body would heal without setting off my enchantment. I exhaled and gave in.

Finn's standpoint .

Annoying, I have never met anyone as annoying as this woman. She wasn't any bit scared of me when others were, even her sisters and everyone else in the ship were, because while her sisters knew I was an unpredictable vampire, the pirates thought I was some kind of undefeatable warrior. Which I am. This girl, oh this insufferable, suffocating, bad-mouthed witch wasn't any bit scared and was trying hard to get on my nerves.

"Okay dude, I'm in charge now so follow my command, kapish?" She demanded with arms akimbo.

Just ignore her and she would go away.

"Rude," she said in a singsong, her own way of telling me she had a good singing voice.

How do you get rid of a stubborn cockroach?

"I'll drive, make yourself useful." I sighed, too tired to reply her. Or even if I did, her bad-mouth would make me kill her, I still needed her alive for now. I pushed myself off the railing and sauntered to the wheels.

Heavens, seal her mou...

"Yeah, one of us have to be useful here," a snarl vibrated through my chest and throat. It wasn't of any use though. Heavens did it! She turned and headed for the east railing. I spun the ship harshly so she would be thrown overboard and I can abandon her for just ten minutes. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned.

I focused on getting the ship out of danger, scanning around for any sign of sirens. A blue light began glowing from a wrecked ship, I suppose the call of the sirens or something. Ocean muttered something in a gasp, staring wide eyes at the glowing object.

"Finn, keep driving, the sirens will rise soon so be careful. I'll catch up with you later."

"Where are you..."I glanced at her, she already threw herself off the ship.

Ah, women.

"What is she up to this time," I mused. I watched her jump from wood slab to wood slab, like a gazelle. When she jumped, it almost looked like she was soaring through the sky, just like Dainty. She reminded me so much of her in a strange way.

My ears began to tingle, my eyes were blurring out. I rubbed my forearm against my eyes and reopened them. I was in another ship, surrounded by nothing but the crystal clear sea, no wrecked ships in sight. Music floated in the air, melodies made my body moved. I looked down at the deck, my eyes widened as I was met with Dainty, stressing out her hands to me.

"It's not possible, she's dead," I muttered. My mind urged me to remember something, it was trying to force a valuable information to my notice. I left the wheel and walked to her, was it real? It couldn't be.

Wait a minute!

It all came back to me, sirens. I closed my eyes and reopened them, I was back in reality and surrounded by sirens dragging me to the edge of the ship. "Ladies, do you want to make a fool out of me?" I chuckled, glancing at Ocean. If she should have to save me, I would never hear the end of it. They continued singing, whirling themselves around me. Gathering my energy into my hand, I whipped them off me, destroying them with one single attack.

I quickly looked at the annoying girl to see her smirking, a respectful smirk. Maybe that would get her to shut her mouth. She turned her attention back to her objective. She wanted that object and I wasn't going to ask why, she was a weird one.

The spiky rock sticking out of the sea behind her was rising, ascending up with the rising sea. Images flashed in my head, the look in her eyes before she was killed.

"Ocean! Ocean look out!!!" I found myself shouting. I panicked inwardly, I normally wouldn't care but seeing that she was about to die set me off. She briefly looked behind her in confusion, jolted her head to the laughing sirens before diving into the air, cleverly diving for the water below.

More images flashed in my head, the horror in her eyes, the shock... I should have saved her.

You killed her Finn, you killed her!

I should have never let you come close to her, you're a monster!

This is all your fault! You killed my sister!

I clutched my head in pain, I didn't want to remember, I didn't want to remember the pain in mother's eyes. I don't ever want to remember the hate, the bitterness. Not a second time, I won't let you die Ocean!

I jumped into the water, I had to save her all the horrible memories would return. The human girl is indeed a witch sent to torment me, I was being compelled to save her. She was sinking to the bottom of the sea, she was hurt by the sirens. I used the same attack on the sirens again, this time, minimising it to orbs so Ocean won't get hurt. I threw the orb at the siren closer to her and then repeated the same wave as I did in the ship. As the king and direct descendant of the old ones, I had many owners for different occasions.

The compelling force had dwindled away, leaving me with irritation. I leapt out of the water and dropped her on the floorboard gently. Her heartbeat was normal, but she surprisingly wasn't bleeding. I smacked her cheek to wake her up, forgot she was human and a slap wasn't good. It did the trick though, she awakened with a ear piercing scream. She sat up with flushed face.

"Are you mad!"

"There, still alive," I gave her head a light push, she crashed on the floor roughly.

See why I hate humans? They are pitiful.

I stood up with a roll of my eyes, her sisters would come attend to her. I walked over to the wheel to steer the ship out of Sirens Heart. Her heartbeat slowed down, she still hasn't moved.

"Hey, human girl, are you dead?" No answer, she remained quiet.

"Suzanne!" Her eldest sister shouted in panic as she ran towards us. She came out just in time to take care of her dramatic sister. She knelt beside the human girl and felt her pulse. "What happened to her?!"

"Sirens, is she dead?"

"Finn!" She exclaimed quizzically. "You could have at least showed a small amount of human feelings! She's badly hurt!"

"I'm a vampire, not human." I replied bluntly. She scoffed and grumbled.

"We are out of threat, please help me carry her to our cabin, please?" The captain came up deck with some of the crew members. I left the wheel and walked over to help carry the bag of sand.

Immediately I scooped her into my arms, she snuggled closer and sighed with contentment. My eyes softened, she belonged in my arms, strange, but true. How, was what I needed answers to.





To be continued.

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