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Water Mate - Chapter 16




Water Mate - Chapter 16

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

I forgive you Finn.

I forgive you all.

I love you.

"Wake up fishy!" My eyes sprang open, a small voice said that to me. I blinked the blurriness out, I was wet, underwater. I looked around the water, a small seaweed river. I remained still, trying to recollect how I got here, why I was underwater.

Where's Claudia?

Where's Kassandra?

Where am I?

"Oh," I moaned, sent my hand to my head as a sharp pain stabbed my brain. Names and images flashed in my head, none I could understand.


Who's Finn?

The name and the image of the man was there, there was something important I needed to remember but couldn't, like something was stopping me. Well, I wouldn't find out just sitting down here, would I?

Placing my hands on the ground, I crushed some weeds down and pulled my weight up to my elbows, prop myself up to my knees. My hands fisted on the weeds, groaning as my heartbeat palpitates. I looked at my legs, my shiny scales flashed at me. My hand went to my neck, my amulet was there.

Where did I get it from? And how is my scales still showing with it on?

Answers, I needed answers. I pushed myself further, gathering enough force to throw me up. I swam up, ignoring the tightness in my legs. It felt like they wanted to pull themselves together and become one again, my tail was trying to get out. I broke out onto the surface, breathing open mouthed. I swam to the bank of the river and crawled on the land, pausing on all fours as I breathe heavily. That was the most painful swimming of my life.

I looked at my legs, my scales had become ticker. My eyes caught a new colour, a beautiful red tint on the tip of all the pink scales. Another power had been added, or was it just changing colour? I was still looking at it when I heard a baby's laughter. I painfully turned my head ahead, a little child not more than a year old sat there. Her silky white hair stretched down to her waist, her skin was almost glowing. I had never seen eyes like hers... Well, man the Kale had extraordinary eyes but...

Wait, who's Kale?

Anyways, the little beauty had a pair of glassy hunter green eyes with carmine highlight and a little dove grey shading around the iris. Her pupil flashed every three seconds as she squealed in excitement, flashing silver. Her almond shaped eyes gave her face a good touch, she was breathtaking, the kind of child that would make you crave one of your own.

"Fishy," she giggled, clapping her hands. I sat on my legs and tilted my head in amusement. She gasped and tilted her head too, mimicking my action. She giggled and squealed. "Fishy! Fishy!"

"Hello little one," I cooed, it made her laugh. The girl crawled over to me, speaking in baby language. She placed her small cute hands on my knees and used them to push herself up. The girl placed her hands on my cheeks, holding my scales delicately. Power surged from her hands and into me, filing my depleting strength like a pair of new batteries.

I couldn't look away from her eyes, I was stuck staring deep into her whirling eyes. My mind throb, something was trying to connect in my mind.

"Istas! Istas!" A woman's voice came from the woods. Woods, I was in a forest? I looked towards the direction of the voice. "Where did this girl go to? How did she even get off the island? Where on earth am I going to find her to?! How could she walk so fast! Istas darling! It's me, mama!"

That must be her mother. The girl was looking at the woods like I was, smiling like she could see her mother. "This girl won't kill me..."

"Hello! Who's there!" I shouted out to her. "Your daughter is over here!" The small girl which I now knew as Istas started speaking in baby language.

The woman ran in, she heaved in relief when she saw her daughter and hurried at the girl who was grinning innocently. "Mama!"

"Istas," she carried the child from me, tears pooling up in her eyes. "Why did you leave the island? How did you even find your way out? You got mama so worried... Are you hurt?" She checked her child's body for bruises. The woman and the child had the same eyes, but I assume everything else was from her father.

"Fishy! Fishy!" Istas squealed, pointing at me. I blinked as the woman stared at me with furrowed brows.

"You are not human, you are a sea child." She spoke as a matter-of-factly.

"And that child isn't human either, is she?" I said more than asked.

"Who are you? Why did you call her out?" She questioned as she held the child to herself. "My daughter has been restless for two days, always crying and screaming fishy, the next thing I know, she disappeared and here you are with her. If you think you can take her, you better think again, I won't let you touch my baby!" That was rather to aggressive and protective.

"Woman, I don't need your baby, I just woke up from the water and I am yet to figure out how I got here. I should be with my sisters, they would be worried about me. I can't remember anything other than...than...than..." I trailed off, I didn't remember anything. The only thing I knew was that I had sisters somewhere.

"Fishy," Istas said impatiently and pat her mother's left cheek.

"Oh, my daughter has a message for you, that must be why she is here." The woman said mirthlessly, it was obvious she wasn't pleased with that.

"What message can she probably have? She's barely two and can't speak quite well, how would you converse her message?" I asked doubtfully.

"Like you said, the child isn't ordinary. Do you want the message or not?" She asked harshly.

"Calm down, why are you so snappy?" I asked with a smile.

She exhaled, "I'm sorry, she shouldn't be using her powers, her powers wasn't even suppose to develop yet but it has and all because of you. I guess Selene wants her to deliver a message to you, but you have to let her so I can conceal her powers before she loses control of it." She sounded very worried, like something bad would happen to the child if anyone should know about her powers.

"Very well then, what message?" I asked, averting my eyes to the girl who had been looking at me quietly. "Istas, what do you have for me?"

"Forgive," my heart skipped, the way she said it, the voice she used. She looked back at her mother, as if telepathically telling her the message.

"Your heart is pure, filled with kindness and mercy. When you remember, look into that mercy, remember the wish you made, remember how you forgave. Many things happen that not even the gods can meddle with, things that would either correct itself on it own, or destroy. There are forces that controls the laws of time, life, fate and the universe, the same forces that beget the gods themselves and gave them the powers they possess.

None can fathom, none can't understand, not even the gods themselves. Do not question why your fate must be so cruel, the gods do their part by placing the roads in which you shall do yours by following. Even Zeus has his weaknesses, even Zeus can be killed. No matter what powers you possess, never let it blind you, never think that you are invincible because every powers has it weakness, has the one thing that can destroy them.

Kymopoleia, do not let anger cloud your judgement, do not let pain blind you from seeing the happiness and liberation in front of you. Accept fate with open arms, embrace your destiny with a smile. The forces set to bring you down shall rise, combine their powers and unleash your power opposite. You shall never be able to achieve that if you don't accept what is before you, and to do that, you must forgive."

I stared at her with mouth open, the woman said everything with eyes closed. When she opened her eyes, her iris were silver. It turned back to normal as she beamed at me. "I'm Mitena by the way, what's your name?"

"Floriana, did she just tell you that by touching you?" I asked with wide eyes.

"I understand her better than anyone else, so yes."

"Fishy!" Istas squealed, stretching her hands out to me. The woman walked towards me and gently dropped her in my arms. Istas slapped my forehead, it was just a simple slap but the pain that followed made me scream.

It felt like being struck by lightning, a severe memory shocker. Mitena took the child as I fell back, twisting my body backwards in a skew-whiff position. The pain was just there and disappeared immediately it started. Everything came back, everything I needed to remember, one standing out of the other.

Finn! He drank my blood!

I stood up with my speed, panic overtaking me. Mitena and the child were gone, like they were never there. That didn't matter to me, I didn't know where to go, he would die soon if I don't get to him. I turned back to the river and stepped into the water. I held the amulet in my grasp and closed my eyes.

"Take me back to my mate." The heat from the amulet rose, burning into the palm of my hand. The power flowed down to my legs and spread throughout my body. I felt my body morph into water and flowed in a rush, heading straight to the lake connected to the castle's garden.

Proteus' standpoint

I could feel it, her powers had gotten stronger, more severe. Her true form was coming out, the time for me to quickly marry her before it unleashes. I also felt like someone else was going to claim my bride, if that happens, there would be trouble. I had no choice, I had to call Galatea, only she knew where her power opposite is and how to awaken it.

I swam into her cave, her creepy dark underwater cavern. Skulls and bones of creatures she had eaten and killed laid waste on the ground. Charms and ornaments hung down everywhere. I swam up to the surface of the cavern where her throne was, she loves the water land living.

"Look who came running back to me," I pulled myself up to sit and glared at her, "don't look at me like that, girl has got to gloat you know."

"I am here, how do you suppose we get her back to the sea and capture her before her true powers unleashes?"

"Simple, we release her evil twin and have her do the job for us. Every extra powerful celestial maid has an evil double. But unlike every other, I didn't kill my double, I merged with her. And now, I'm extra powerful."

"Of course you are," I said sarcastically, smirking at her. The moment she shows me where it is, I kill her. "If you knew where it was, why didn't you unleash her?"

"Because my powers alone can't do it, the ocean really did a good job in concealing her. I can break the first barrier, but only the trident can open the gate and free the shackles. Anyone who frees her gain control over her, which means she would be under our control. Her mission in life is to destroy her opposite, but with us as her master, I can collect her powers and beauty, then we can be together, wouldn't that be wonderful?" She said seductively, sliding her hands down my bare shoulders.

"And what about the dark side?" I asked evenly, trying not to sound suspicious.

"She dies after the original dies, that's just how it is. Once the real one dies, the copy follows as it mission is complete." I smiled and placed my hand on hers. Just a little bit more and I would have the one I really need.

Kassandra's standpoint

I never thought the day where my sisters would abadon me would come, it was a huge shocker to me. Claudia disappeared the morning after Suzanne did, no one left a single word of bye. At least Finn explained that he almost killed her so the hunky wolf man took her. I was hanging on though, Axel was there for me.

Today was the memorial of the queen, the day I was going to meet Axel's parents and brother. I was really nervous, really frightened. I wore a complex royal bouffant blue dress with silver heels and my hair styled in a bouffanty way to match my dress. Lady Lida fixed me up nicely, I looked very gorgeous. Axel dressed in silver to match my outfit, he didn't even seem bothered by what his family would think of me.

I stood very close to him with hands holding his bicep tightly as he talked to whoever he pleased or must, I only made small talks and head gesture. Many of the vampirinas glared at me with hate, I equally gave them a look to go grind themselves. Finally, he pulled me to a man, an older version of him. He was with a woman who was laughing at something a male version of her said. I knew then that these were his parents and brother.

"Good evening family," Axel said casually, they all froze on their activities. The first person to look at him was his brother, then his one good eye averted to me. They all did, but they didn't seem to recognise me, my hair colour and eyes were different after all.

"Ah, this is the mate that I have been hearing rumours about," the brother said mockingly, "and look mother, she's human."

"Nice to meet you too Drex." I replied politely, putting on my best smile.

"So, he must have told you a lot about us, did he tell you how his foolishness got our little sister killed and made me lose my eye?"

"Drex!" His wife whispered yelled, nudging him.

"Yes, he did," I said sadly. "I also feel bad because fate had to be cruel enough to make me her lookalike, it hurts."

"Now you say that, they do look alike," his father grumbled, "you had to choose the lookalike, of course. This is you choosing a woman over your family, endangering their lives with the psychopath you are mated to..."

"This girl is my mate, I didn't choose her, she was given to me." Axel snapped.

"And what makes you think she didn't disguise herself to return to you, to find a way to destroy you completely!" Drex shouted angrily. "Why don't you ever use your head little brother?! What is the use of the damn thing you have in your head!"

"Drex, you are causing a scene, cut it out." His wife who Axel told me was Jennifer said softly.

"Since you want to keep disgracing us, you can leave and forget we are here." His father huffed. I was getting irritated, I mean they deserve to be mad but why act so immature.

"Cullen calm down," his mother said calmly, holding on to the arm of her husband. "Can't you see that there are two different people? She is human and the witch is a vampire. This girl looks like one living in a world of colours, and Josie was never what we wanted for our son, a cold hearted one. It's been over a century now, we should let him be and forget about the past. This poor girl doesn't deserve this, she is getting use to the whole vampire thing and now you making her feel bad isn't right."

I wasn't the only one who stared at her with mouth open, I certainly wasn't expecting that from her, none of us was. "I forgive you son, even I would do crazy things for your father just like he would do for me..."

"No I won't..."

"Should I mention the time at June 13th 777 years ago?" She asked smirkingly.

"Martha, you promised not to ever speak about that again." His father whined.

"I can't believe you mother, your daughter died because of his mate! I lost my eye!" I removed my hands from Axel's and folded them under my breasts.

"People make mistakes uncle, stop overreacting and calm down. Tell me, if it was your mate, what would you have done? And don't you lie that you would have attacked instantly. Even the king who lost his mate didn't react, so why gets so paranoid. He eventually killed her, do you know how it feels to end your own mate's life?" I asked with a stern and fearless look. His eyes turned black with anger.

"Don't preach to me witch, you might have succeeded in fooling him again, and even my mother, but I've got my eyes on you. If you hurt one hair on his head or break his heart again, I'll kill you myself." He threatened and then stomped off.

"Don't mind Drex, he has always had anger issues. Honestly, I don't see why you should be blamed for what his ex mate did, I pity you." His mother, Martha said with a smile.

"Pity me?"

"Axel here loves that witch, even now. You being her lookalike only makes you a replacement, something he can hold on to. If the original one is to return, you will see how fast he abadon you. In a way, it makes me glad that you will live the rest of your life trying to meet up with her, but never getting there..."

"Mother!" Axel shouted.

Knew it was too good to be true.

"What? I'm only being honest, aren't I dear?" His father just shook his head and turned away, heading somewhere else.

"Good luck, the time will come when he will realise you are not her and leaves you fast. You might not be her, but you will be unhappy for the rest of your life. Josephine still wins."

As much as I didn't want to believe her, I did. She was right, his heart would only truly be hers. For the weeks we had spent together, he always managed to slip her name into our conversation, the bitter truth was right in front of me.

"I can say the same for you," I smiled, "she won after all. I'm not the only one who would live in misery, I know someone who lost a child to her after all..."


"How dare you! How dare you speak to me about my daughter after what you have done!" She yelled angrily, her fangs and claws extending. This wasn't what I planned, but what was the use?

"Mother, calm down," Drex's wife tried to plead. Axel pushed me behind him, cursing under his breath and swearing on the demon that made me so stubborn.

"Mother, you cannot attack my mate, remember who I am?" He asked threateningly, "please control yourself, no violence on royal grounds or I'll be forced to send you out."

"You are doing it again! Choosing her over me! Axel, I am your mother! I knew you before she even came along!"

"For goodness sake mother! Josephine is dead and this is Kassandra! They are different!" Axel screamed into her face. The commotion was getting worse, I glanced at Finn who still sat still in his chair like a dead man.

I looked around and noticed the way the vampires were holding their heads and stomach, something wasn't right. I kept observing the vampires carefully, each and every one of them.

"Mother!" Axel shouted. At the same time, many of the vampires started collapsing, few to unconsciousness while the rest just stayed weaken. I stood and watched as each of them fell to their knees, including Axel.

"Axel," I hurried over to him. I knelt on the floor and gently placed his head on my laps. "What's happening?"

"Someone...must..." He groaned, "poison..."

The aura around the castle changed, I could feel an intense energy around me. Their painful moans filled the big ballroom, the foods were poisoned. A loud cackle made me turn to the door, a woman stood there laughing, dressed in a black corset dress. Vampires began trooping in, all holding weapons and wearing masks. They took their positions at every end of the ballroom, eyeing Finn whose head was bowed like be was asleep.

"Well hello everybody!" She shouted, throwing her hands up in the air. It was obvious she was insane. "Looks like the mighty king couldn't stand the venom either, he is all weakened and vulnerable. Although I know you will wake up soon, you are stronger than that, but my master would be here soon to fight you."

She thought the poison worked on the king? He hadn't even tasted anything for days, Suzanne's blood was killing him. I knew then that we were done for, dead already. The woman turned her head towards me, I could tell she was looking at Axel, not me.

She ran to us with her speed and pulled up her black veil, a wicked smirk on her face. My mouth dropped open, of all the crazy beauties. She was looking down at Axel, her eyes filled with menacing promises. "Hello mate." She spoke, her eyes flashing with mischief.

"Josephine," Axel murmured, my eyes almost popped out of it sockets, "how...how...you are..."

"Still alive? Yes, I am. I'm afraid your pitiful attempt to kill me wasn't enough, I'm much more stronger than you think, especially after signing a contract with a devil. Did you miss me? I heard you got yourself someone new..." She trailed off as her brown eyes fell on me. "I have to hand it to you Axel, even I am jealous of the new one, she is quite a catch."

This was the woman that hurt my Axel years ago, the woman who ruined his family and the reason his family would never love me! Pissed, I was pissed and I didn't hide that.

"Wow, she feisty, and she hates me," she said tauntingly. "Bet he told you all about me, are you glad to see me?"

"Leave...leave her alone J... J..." He was trying too hard to sit up, he was helpless but I wasn't.

"I am, I am very glad you are alive, I was feeling kinda bum that he took all the fun away from me. I was hoping to be the one to kill you, for being the reason my brother in-law most scarcely won't like me, my father in-law to loathe my existence and my mother in-law to keep seeing me as a witch. I am happy you are alive, at least I would get to kill you myself." I said composedly, keeping my cool.

Her eyes looked upon me with mockery. "You know, when my master warned me not to show up here or die by my mate's new mate's hands, I was pissed and so wanted to meet the vampire that could kill me. But now I look at you, you are only but a pitiful human girl." She grabbed my hand and yanked me to my feet with speed, almost snapping my joints out of place.

"No!" Axel rushed up, but two vampires came and pinned him down, folding his arms behind his back. My Axel was too weak to break free, his struggles was fruitless.

"Can you see this love? Watch as I end the life of another you love," she tightened her hand against my neck, strangling me. "You think you can be happy with another after ruining my happiness! You think I will forgive you?! No, killing her and the rest of your family will pay for that sin, then you will have to wallow in despair for the rest of your life!" The insane bitch shouted.

"You underestimate me witch, I've dealt with far much complicated situation than this." I gasped out, letting my hands do their secret work.

"Oh yeah? And what would that be, feet kissing," she mocked.

"Ever heard of The Wind?" I asked slyly.


"Rule number six, never touch a member of The Wind or you get what's coming to you."

"What are you..." I spun the dagger I stole from her belt between my fingers and plunged it into her temple. The shock made her grip on me loosen, I immediately twisted her arms and flipped her over my head, whipping her on the floor. With my lightning fast agility, I twisted her hands which was still in my, bent them while forcefully turning her her back, causing her arms and ribs to snap at the sudden and forceful movement.

The enemy vampires were too stunned to move, giving me enough time to do the finishing touch. I placed my foot on her back, grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked it back as hard as I could. Her neck and spine snapped, my work was done. I stepped away from her, glaring at the vampires holding my mate down.

"Aren't you going to attack me?" I questioned suspiciously.

"She sealed her fate when she disobeyed our master and came here," they left Axel and stepped back. I stood there in full alert, I wasn't going to let myself be taken by surprise.

I whirled on the ball of my foot to the entrance door, a very tall man, almost 8ft tall with deep red eyes and raven black hair stood there. His face was maimed with battle scars, his ugly rough lips permanently twist upward, half of his face burnt badly. The man felt like a demon, I wouldn't know that but that was what I thought about. He looked at the remains of Josephine, the ash left of her and sneered.

"Stubbornness is never a good thing," his eyes moved to me, scanning me from head to toes, I could tell he was thinking about something. "You reek of dead person, I'll handle you soon enough."

Dead person?

Then his eyes turned to Finn, that guy was as good as dead.

Finn's standpoint

The gala for mother's memorial was going well, to them it was. All I did was sit down at my throne, back rested as I tried to keep myself alive. No one even realised I was frozen, my bones and muscles had stiffened, I could barely breathe. I was drifting in and out of death, hanging on like everyone told me to. The nobles and court members chattered in whispers, some about vampire affairs, some about me and most about my mate who they hate.

I heard some shouts, one I recognised as Axel, but I was too tired and stiff to move. I felt him coming, it wasn't the right time but I drifted back to darkness. Elfina stood far from me, the only light in the dark, her face warning me not to make one move. I opened my eyes, it felt like I was gone for only a second, but it was minutes. The first person I saw when I opened my eyes was Stephan.

"It's time to rise boy, this time we would have a even fight,"

Don't do anything stupid Finn, just trust me... Elfina pleaded.

Sitting there wasn't something I would do, but I couldn't fight with frozen body. I decided to taunt him instead, at least I would bruise his ego. "Sorry Stephan, someone already beat you to it, I'm a corpse already, guess you won't be taking the glory for my death."

His eyes flared with anger, he grabbed me by the throat and hurled me towards the stairs. I crashed on the exit stairs, creating a massive gaping hole in the ground, shattering the staircase down. The squeezing of my heart started allover again, the world had toppled over. The squeeze was worst than any I had felt the past few days, it actually felt like my life was being sucked out of me.

"Stop laying there, stand up and fight me! I will not accept such easy defeat! Stand up Finn!" Stephan roared before he slammed his foot on my face, bashing my head down and expanding the hole.

I grabbed his foot and tossed him away, my face felt like it was flattened.

Finn, don't be stubborn and hold still!!!... Elfina screamed panickingly.

"Guess it hurts, you will never truly enjoy the victory, a woman claimed the life you so wanted to claim. Bet it hurts." I taunted.

"Shut up you little bastard!!!" He ran forward, I watched in slow motion as his new demon claws extended, his blood thirsty eyes fixed on me. I closed my eyes, should have kept my mouth shut, but what fun would that be.

Silence, I was waiting for the death, the peace that would come afterwards, but nothing came. I forced my eyes open, Stephan had frozen, unable to move his limbs.

"I can't...move," he growled, "what new powers is this." The more he tried to move, the more his body twisted back. "Finn!"

I didn't do it, did I?

Stephan's eyes grew wide as he stared at something behind me, his expression was of shock, like someone dazed from a beauty. I forced my stiff neck to look at what he was looking at, what everyone was so mesmerised by. My own eyes couldn't help but widen too.

Standing there with eyes the colour of blood, wet hair connected to the water whirling around her spirally and a silver bow with icy arrow pointed at Stephan was no other than my beautiful mate.

And she didn't look happy at all.

To be continued.

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