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Water Mate - Chapter 15




Water Mate - Chapter 15

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

I looked around the room I was in, it looked more like a room fit for a prisoner than a bedroom. I was back in one of those visions, one where that green girl was being tormented by the vampire guy who happened to be a king. In my dreams I saw him there, yelling at her while others treated her bad. Green girl was in so much pain.

This time, I was seeing through her eyes, I was acting as her. He didn't hit the green girl much, Dainty – like he called her – but his bite was worse than any physical assault. Finn as his name was, always left her drained of every energy with little blood to spare. Dainty was in hell. I hated him, I hate him for what he made her go through, what he forced the innocent tree nymph to endure. And you want to know the funniest thing about it all, Dainty loved him so much.

How do you love someone who cause you so much pain?

Dainty loved him dearly, loved him insanely, and even when he hurt her, all her heart wished for was to be good enough for him, to make him happy. Now I was in her body, I hated the fact that I had to feel all her love towards him, I had to endure the pain he was making her go through. Death wasn't enough for him, he deserves to suffer.

"Oh Dainty," my heart skipped, it wasn't my heart but hers, but as I was reliving her life, it was mine. No matter how I wanted to protest, I couldn't. I was acting a script the exact way it happened years ago. And on top of that, I still didn't know who I was.

Finn entered the room, staring at her like the most delicious food in the planet. He dared look upon his mate as food instead of companion. I despise him, yet her heart loved him. I wish I could meet the vampire and run a silver blade into his rotten heart.

"Dainty, it's dinner time,"

"No, please..." She sobbed, my heart bled for her. Dainty scrambled back in the bed, reaching the dead end known as the headboard. There was a blur of movement before he was pinning her – which is me considering the acting part – on the bed, claws digging into my shoulders.

"I had a good time today, Lady Moor did a good job in warming my bed, but all I could think of was your blood, your blood was the only thing that arouse me. Do you think that is a good idea?"

Dainty smiled, the thought of her mate thinking about her while in bed with another woman pleased her, at least he only enjoyed her because he pretended she was her, that was what Dainty smiled for.

You idiot! He was thinking about your blood, not your body or miserable face!... Oh I so wanted to tell those words to her and smack her in the face until she regains her senses, but I couldn't.

"Now that you have succeeded in luring me away from the woman whose body excites me more than my own mate's, what are we going to do?" He smirked evilly, his smile filled with creepy and cruel suggestions.

"Knowing that you will always come back seeking me pleases me My Lord, even if it is just to feed. I know without doubt that my body is the one body you crave endlessly, one you can never get enough of. Be it my blood or the pleasure of just ramming me brutally, my body is the only that can grant you the release you seek."

Bold, she only spoke boldly in times like this, fully aware that after saying it, he would pounce on her. Dainty didn't care, oh she enjoyed seeing the fury in his eyes, the one which could never seize because her words were true. Whether or not he hit her, it didn't matter to her, the fact that the truth hurt him was enough for her. And also, knowing that he would continue to long for her was enough to make her love him more.

Finn hissed in anger, his claws growing out further, almost impossibly but so possible. She winced as the pain shot through her, in other words, I winced as I felt her pain. Without any more moment left, he roughly tilted her neck and brutally shoved his teeth in. I screamed from the intense pain, I didn't deserve to be feeling it. I screamed more as he tore my dress open, burying his fangs deeper and deeper.

I opened my eyes, I was back in my room. My hand went up to the side of my neck, I could still feel the pain lingering. As expected, my eyes were tired of crying. I exhaled loudly and rubbed my neck. Why was I seeing it? The room wasn't safe anymore.

I threw the covers off me and hurried out of my room. I knew man the Kale's room like the back of my hand, I had stayed three days already and he loves me, even if he won't admit me. I met man the Kale's choice mate, she wasn't even beautiful, and had no character. What did he see in her.

I found my way to his room and opened the door, it's never lock when she is in. I huffed, he was with her and I was alone. I stomped to the bed and yanked the cover off them. Man the Kale sighed, he already knew I was coming before I even thought of it. See why I love him? He's so powerful and knows me like the back of his hand.

"What the..." Mate snatcher murmured.

"Man the Kale, I can't sleep," I cried, whacking her with the covers.

"Hey! Why you dirty whore! How dare you walk into our..."

"This bedroom isn't yours Mama Bitch, it's man the Kale's and you are not his mate, I am. Now get your bad body off the bed and out of his room!"

"One more words from you again, and I'll murder you right now!" Boyfriend snatcher screamed. "I am the Luna of this pack and you must respect me as long as you are in my house!"

"You are not the Luna, not until you bare me a child," I smirked as man the Kale spoke heartlessly. "The agreement we took when I made you my choice mate was that you will only fully be my wife and luna after you bear me a successor, but if you don't and I get tired of you, I dump you."

"But I'm trying," snatcher cried, "it's not easy because I am not your mate, it will take time..."

"Hello! I'm right here, I can conceive easily, now move!"

"That's enough Florry, go to you room." He commanded, he ordered me. I huffed, folded my arms and packed myself at the edge of the bed.


"Get out before..."

"Kimberly, leave my room." I jumped up victoriously, he sent her out because of me.

Kim stared at him wide eyed, mouth open with disbelief. "I should leave?"

"I believe he didn't have water in his mouth when he spoke, leave our room and stay away from my mate." I said with a air of victory surrounding me.

"But...but...I'm your mate..."

"Point of correction, choice mate, not my mate. You are just the woman I chose to bear my children, not because I care about your pitiful existence or I am emotionally attached to you. Remember your place woman, I placed you above almost all, but that doesn't make you my queen. Now get out of my room."

"I hate you!" She screamed at me and ran out in tears. I squealed and then arranged the covers back before getting in the bed. Man the Kale turned his back to me while I hugged him from behind, he loves me so much.

"Floriana, I am not your mate." He sighed.

"You know you are, we are in love," I tightened my hands around his waist. Man the Kale looked at me over his shoulder, I couldn't see his face well, it was dark.

"Are you still seeing the visions?"

"Yes, I'm scared, Finn keeps hurting Dainty." I said sadly.

"It all happened in the past, Finn is a changed vampire now, I assure you that. Please, just recover your memory already, I can't keep this closeness for long." He lamented.

"How old are you? Rumour has it that you are almost as old as the vampire king. But how can you be that old when you were born few years ago? I'm curious." I tried to see his face, straining my neck to see.

"I've been alive way before I took this body, way before Finn himself was born. Everything under the moon is part of my memories, all that happens beneath the sunlight is stored in here," he jabbed his forehead. "I know and see it all."


"Z." I remained quiet, I knew he was right there, but I couldn't help but feel like I was with the wrong person. Man the Kale wasn't my mate, it struck me that instant. I turned away from him, shifting far to the other side of the bed.

"You are not my mate."

He gasped sardonically, "shocking."

"Man the Kale, who then is my mate?" I cried.

"You will find out soon." That wasn't an answer, but I knew he wasn't going to tell me. He came over to my side, pulled me back into his arms and comforted me. I closed my eyes, drifting off to another painful trance.

★★★ Kale's standpoint ★★★

I watched Suzanne played with the children, chasing them with a scary mask on. Losing her memory left her in touch with her childish side, her really annoying childish side. I cared about the girl, but her childishness was sickening. Hopefully, she would regain her memory soon and decide to either return to Finn or the ocean.

"Alpha," I looked to my left where Andre stood, "you have a call from King Finn, he said it's urgent."


"The telephone in your office," I nodded at him, it was about time Finn called. I stood up from the chair I was sitting and called out to Suzanne.

"Suzanne, I'm going inside, don't do anything stupid!" She ignored me, she never answered whenever I called her with a name other than Floriana. "Okay, Florry, I'm going in and don't do anything stupid!"

"I won't!" She shouted back. I rolled my eyes and ran inside with my speed, the telephone was still ringing loudly. I got to my office and picked it up, expecting to hear a snappy voice, but surprisingly, he was coughing.

"I didn't know vampires get tuberculosis," I said jokingly.

"Very...fun...ny," he coughed with each words, "how's she?"

"She's hanging,"

He coughed violently again, his voice was hoarse and I could feel the difficulty he was using to speak. "Is she still..." He broke into another hacking cough. "In a coma?"

"No, she's awake now, woke up earlier than expected." What's wrong with him?

Finn sighed with relief, "do you think you can convince her to return to me?"

"First, what is wrong with you? You haven't made one sentence without having your glorious cough choir back you up, you can barely pronounce a word straight. Finn, what did Elfina say?"

"That I'm dying, I drank my mate's purified blood which isn't good for the demon so now the poisonous food I drank is determine to kill the demon with me along with it. Turns out Suzanne isn't human, or maybe she is but something pure, like a priestess but I daresay you already know that. Apparently, I can't force her to come, she has to come see me and heal me by will, not by force or cunning means. Kale, think you can help me convince her to come back? Does she hate me?"

"Well..." I drawled evasively, "the convincing her would be a big problem, a serious one."

"Why? Kale if you want me to beg, I will. I know I deserve this for the pain I made her go through, but..."

"It's not that, Suzanne lost her memory..." I left my words hanging, waiting for his reply. There was silence from the other end of the telephone for seconds before he sighed.

"Her memory must have shut down to avoid her recollecting the gruesome thing her mate did to her, I understand, I knew I won't get out of this one easily."

"It gets worse Finn," I almost felt pity for the guy, almost.

"What can be more worse than my mate not remembering I exist!" The good thing was that the coughing stopped.

"She's having replay on Floriana's memories, she relives everything you did to her past self in her dreams and in trance. So in conclusion, she despise the guy that keeps making her green friend cry, even wish him death."

Finn began to laugh, a awful hoarse burst of mirth, only it sounded more like a hacking cough and sorrowful cry. "Of course, thank you karma! I better get Casmir to prepare my tomb, don't you think?"

"Look Finn, don't give up hope, I'm sure there is another way..."

"I don't think you understand the urgency of the situation here! If anything should happen to me, the vampire court would fall into chaos as many would rise for the throne! I don't have an heir, I don't have a queen, and I most certainly don't have any living relative! The war will begin again, starting from the court before it spreads to the world.

My existence keep all rogue vampires in check, because they know I will always find them. I have the location of every single living vampire in my head, the moment they are born or turned, I know. I'm a freaking pureblood descendant of Ambrosio, among the first of his direct son and they all know that! If I should die, they would destroy everything I have suffered to build and kill my mate! Do you now understand the problem?"

"Yes, but the chaos would be done by Stephan, remember that one is still alive. I can't help you Finn, but I know she will come back before the time runs out. I heard you were throwing a gala for the memorial of your mother, that's in three days, right?"

"Right, but it would be my last because Stephan would be there. Elfina said he has enquired the help of demons in other to be as powerful as I am, don't you see RIP on my forehead already?" He said bitterly.

"Honestly, you are making me sentimental here, we are not friends. If you die, you die, don't bother me with your problems, I don't care." I huffed, we were acting like friends which we weren't.

"You know you do, if the vampire colonel falls into chaos, the whole world would be pulled down along with them, including werewolves. And plus, you know you wouldn't want anything to happen to your only friend and his mate." He still had the energy to tease, funny.

"We are not friends, cut that out. If you die, I promise you that no harm would come to your mate, fair enough?"

"Thank you. But Kale, what is she?" I opened my mouth to reply but shut it back.

"She will tell you herself, good luck with the afterlife."

"Bastard." I slammed the phone down with a smile, he won't die so easily, if the two goddesses meddling with their lives wanted him dead, he would have a long time ago.

Faith, he just has to have faith.

Suzanne's standpoint

The children were fun! They all loved me and kept pulling my hair, said it's beautiful. I swayed my dress around as I skipped down the hallway, the hem of my dress was in my hands. I was happy again, very happy. It all ended when I was suddenly slammed to the wall, a vicious growl coming from the attacker. I looked into her eyes, I saw someone I have never seen before.

The tip of her permed ebony hair rested on her shoulders, her eyes were black and hollow with darkness, her two pointy fang challenging me. It was a vampire, I recognised her from Dainty's memories as Lady Kaede. The vampiress wanted Dainty's mate all to herself and repeatedly attacked her.

"I told you I would kill you," she hissed, "kill yourself before I am force to give you a painful death!" She threatened. I looked at my green body, covered in bruises, teeth bites and blood, Lady Kaede had beaten the life out of Dainty.

"Kaede, what do you think you are doing!" My heart sank into my stomach, it was that man again.

Kaede stepped back and bowed to him, "just having a little chat with her My Lord, I'll excuse myself now." He let her go, he let the woman go after she beat up his mate. Instead, his anger was directed at the poor thing.

"This is why I hate you, you are weak and useless," he spat venomously, "get out of my sight, you disgust me." Then he left.

Dainty's wishes to be better filled my head, it was sickening. The images faded away, I was actually been pinned by man the Kale's choice mate, she was yelling hell into my face. I scoffed, did she think I was Dainty and would let myself get intimidated, she needs to think again.

Without wasting much time, I grabbed her two wrists and hurled her into the wall opposite us. Her body broke through it, pushing her out of the house. Kimberly crashed on the ground feets below, so lazy and weak. I walked to the hole in the wall and examined what I did with pride, the crash from her fall dug the ground a little.

"Luna, are you okay?" People started throwing questions as they hurried to her. An image of Dainty crying as she washed the blood off herself appeared in my head. This time it was more than the other trance, it felt like me.

Her pain reached the depths of my heart, her longing and wishes overwhelmed my mind. Why must she suffer so much! Her parents hated her, her people threw her away and the only person she could at least find comfort from, treated her like nothing but a worthless being. Even his actual pets lived in luxury, compared to what she lived in.

The tips of my fingers stretched out, bringing out the poisonous blades on each fingers, my deadly claws. I looked down as they tried to help Kim up, my vision covered with blood and the desperation to eliminate who hurt me. I jumped down from the fourth floor of the house, screeching at all of them to get out of my way or I kill them too. My mind was set on only one thing, eliminate the threat, destroy the woman struggling to stand.

Speeding past the others, I rushed to her front and swung my hand, slashing her across the chest. She screamed before jumping, shifting in mid air to her wolf. Her roar only ignite the fire in me, I attacked her with no cause, slashing and clawing at the big dog. I slammed my foot on her hind legs, breaking her bones and paralysing her. None could move, not when I froze them.

Kim's wolf whimpered before she slowly shifted back, leaving her dirty bleeding bare back to stare at me. I saw red again when the image of Dainty's blood taunted me. I hollered in anger and lift my hand to finish her, but two hands seized my wrists and hurled me against a tree. I groaned as the pain shot through me.

"What is wrong with you Suzanne!" Man the Kale yelled, when I looked up at him, he wasn't him but that hideous mate harasser. Finn stood there yelling at me for defending myself against one of his whore. I could feel the stinging pain in my cheeks, it meant he hit Dainty there.

Fear, anger, worry, love, betrayal and disappointment, all came down on me with the force of a great typhoon. The series of emotions was overwhelming, squeezing the life out of me.

"Take her to the cell and keep her there!" The words reverberated in my head, yells filled my ears. The world was resting on my head, an elephant sat on it. My head was heavy, swelling with pain and blood. Voices after voices, after voices. Images after image flashed in my head, all her pain, everything she went through came to me in a rush.

I can't take this anymore!... I heard her scream in my head. I saw the replay of what was happening, she was screaming as two vampires pulled her away.

"You are a monster Finn! A brutal beast!" She screamed at him. "I thought the day I was born was the most cursed day of my life, but now I know that meeting death would have been better than meeting you! I curse the day you were born! I curse the day your mother brought a cruel miserable bastard like you into this world! I curse the day I met you! I curse the forces compelling me to love you no matter what! I hate you ugly blood sucking creep! I hate you!"

His face was filled with surprise, it was the first time she talked back at him, let alone scream. Shock, guilt, hurt filled his face. I'm surprise he can feel something other than sick wickedness.

"You will die a miserable death! Your entire empire will crash on your head and love will never find your home you monster! Curse you Finn! Curse you!!!"

They successfully pulled her away. The image changed, I felt the urge to run so I ran, running as fast as my mermaid speed could carry me. I saw through her eyes, she was crying, heart racing.

Finn, please save me!... She screamed in her head. She ran all the way to a cliff, she stopped and looked down at the violent rapid below... I can't swim! I can't swim!

A scream left my mouth as I was suddenly grabbed and spun around. A hand came around my neck, three pointy weapons placed on my throat. My eyes widened with horror as I struggled, kicking the air for the person to let go. Finn ran in from the thick forest, he gasped as he saw me being held with three claws to my throat. It wasn't me, I was in Dainty's memory.

"You are right there Finn, I don't have enough powers to kill you, but I do have enough to take your puny mate's along with me. Let's just say it's a 'farewell' and 'until we meet again' parting gift..."

"Stephan, killing the girl won't change a thing, I don't care about her." My heart shattered, he meant every word he said, his eyes were cold and void of every emotions. He could save me, I knew it, I knew he could.

"Really?" Even the man sounded surprise. "You really don't have a heart boy, too bad for this unfortunate mate of yours." My eyes grew wide in shock as he pushed me forward, not too far from him. He gave Finn a chance to save me, a chance to take me back.

Hope gladdened my heart, he could save me now. But he didn't move, he stared at me with the same coldness, not caring a bit about the fear.

"Very well then, your choice." And it was sealed.

I grabbed my neck as I felt pain, he snapped her neck off, he snapped MY neck. Hers was better, she died, but I was alive, only reliving the memory well as the pain. Water cut through my skin, he threw her body into the rapid, the cold was like a billion claws. I saw my life slipping away, I saw her spirit leaving.

"I forgive you Finn, for everything you have done to me, for everything the world has done, I forgive you all. I should have been better, if only I was good enough to withstand the darkness in your heart. I love you with every stem in me, I wish you could love me back. Even as my life slips away, I still feel grateful to the universe for finding me worthy of a mate like you, even if in your eyes I never suit you.

Universe, Flora, gods and goddesses, if you can hear me, grant my last wish and make me someone worth his love in my second life."

She died, even as she died she still wished him well and removed all the cursed she placed on him. I sank down lower into water, staring at the sunlight reflecting on it. The heavens opened onto me, I saw the ocean pull her soul out and took it away in the form of a shell. The shell floated in the current, floating for over a century and decades. On a lunar eclipse, the ash of a demigoddess was thrown into the ocean by another, the ash floated down to the shell which rested on an ancient sea stone, stone of waves.

The ocean morphed the shell and ash together, using the magic of the stone to recreate a body, a small sea baby with scales but no tail. Watching the transformation was Amphitrite, a single drop of tear slipped from her eye and fell on the forehead of the baby, giving her life.

"My tears should never be use to give life, she is a part of me, my spirit and heart. Many would come after you for who has you has me, but I will protect you to the best of my abilities. Take the souls and powers of your other fallen sea maids, ones killed by Galatea. Take their powers as I crown you supreme maid of the seas and only daughter of the ocean."

I watched as the baby was filled with powers, like a well being filled with rain. Then the ocean took the baby and dropped her on the bed of the queen, the queen who recently lost her baby, the mermaid I knew as mother. Everything unfolded in my eyes, how she adopted me but was banished by her husband for choosing the tailless blind baby over him. The baby grew, her eyes opened, she lived with her mother in isolation.

Everything was perfect until the acting king of the sea knew about the existence of a being like the baby, the small four years old who had just grown a tail. The images displayed in the sky connected to mine, the day some mermen attacked, killed mother and took me away. The day I ran away and Amphitrite sealed my powers to protect me.

It all made sense, it all came back to me with a dangerous force. How I met him again, the ship adventure, his forcing me to live with him but different from what he was to Florry. My sisters, my life, her emotions of love and forgiveness, it was all overwhelming. My body system automatically did what it did best, shut down. Tears escaped my eyes as one last memory lingered in the surface.

Finn drank my blood.

To be continued.

I hope you understand this chapter very well? If not, the simple explanation is this:

Everything Suzanne was feeling and experiencing were what Dainty felt. After she died, her body was thrown into the sea, the ocean took her soul in accordance to her last wish and kept it in the form of a shell, on the top of an ancient stone. Remember how I once mentioned that Artemis threw the ash of Kale's sister into the ocean, that ash formed the body of Suzanne with the soul of Dainty. Then the supreme sea goddess accidentally gave her life through a single drop of tear instead of her breath.

In order to protect her more, he gave her the powers and extra souls of the sea maids I once mentioned Galatea (the mermaid that spoke to Proteus) killed and sent her to live with the only mermaid that would love her. Unfortunately, Proteus who was power greedy found out about her existence and went after her, killed the mermaid and took Suzanne. She was under captivity, until she grew old enough to marry him so he would have rights over her powers and the ocean itself. Suzanne however found a way to escape at seven, that was how she met Kassandra's mother and came to live on land. Unknown to her that Amphitrite sealed her powers so it would be harder for Proteus or Galatea to find her.

Suzanne might be powerful, but she isn't invincible yet.

Now Suzanne knows her history and that is why she is Queen Floriana because she insists on bearing that name and not Suzanne. The standpoint will remain named Suzanne to cancel further confusions. But you will often see her being called Floriana, (Florry) Suzanne for the next few chapters in others standpoint and her original birth and sea maid name Kymopoleia. 

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