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Water Mate - Chapter 13




Water Mate - Chapter 13

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Suzanne's standpoint

Limbo, I was stuck in limbo. I had no idea where I was or who I was, my mind was as blank as a brand new book. I couldn't tell where to go from, sometimes I saw images but it all disappeared as soon as it came. Then again, there was the one man standing far away from me, the one I could never reach before he disappears again. Something was wrong, who am I?

"Floriana!" That name, is that my name? Why did that name always echo every time I asked who I was? There was a lot of questions I didn't have answers to, one I must get at all course.

The darkness began to take form, turning into different shades of colours and natural bodies. I was confuse but watched in awe as it slowly took the form of a beautiful forest, far off I could see a small village in the trees.

"Where am I?" I murmured. I jerked when a girl flew pass my head, landing on the tree near by. She laughed and hugged the tree.

"Hello Demi," she giggled. She effortlessly threw herself down the tree, only to catch herself on the branch below. She sat on it and leaned, smiling to the sky. Her skin was extremely pale, pale green with green eyes darker and brighter than her skin. She was short, petite if she should say, and her face wasn't much to look at.

"You know Demi, Cori is getting married tomorrow, to the ent of her dreams. I still don't understand why she would marry an ent, but with the way things are these days, anything is possible. Father told me that even if they see a troll that is ready to marry me even without the rituals, they would gladly throw me away, good riddance to bad rubbish mother said," she smiled with so much pain filling her eyes.

"But I know that my perfect would come for me, he is close, I can feel it. I can't wait to see the look on their faces when a handsome prince falls in love with me. Call it childish dreaming, but that is all a girl like me have left to do."

"Floriana! Little sister!" A female voice shouted in a singsong.

"Oh Lori, I'm worried, what if she has gotten into another trouble again and had to use her weak powers? She must be out cold by now."

"Shut up Cori, Florry is not the kind to get herself in trouble, not when she is aware of the consequences. I'm sure she would be with her favourite trees, Temi or something like that." The one they called Lori replied. They were both green like the one on the tree, only prettier and more grace defined.

"It's Demi actually," the Floriana girl said with a smile, "Temi Is the one by the orange lake."

"Florry!" The two girls exclaimed. "We've been searching allover for you! Why did you run off like that!"

"Mother was comparing me to you Cori, I had to leave," Cori looked at her with guilt. "It's okay Cori, I don't blame you, they practically compare me with everything and anything, last week they asked me why I wasn't as beautiful as Verna's garden." She said amusingly. It was obvious she was already immune to her parents abuses.

"Come down Florry, you need to help me decide on what to wear tomorrow, you know the plants more than anyone else so you can directly ask them which one will make me look outstanding at my wedding."

"Funny though, isn't it Cori? Even though you are in love and would marrying an ent, everyone still looks upon you like a queen, love is crazy."Florry spoke like a ghost, like she had been around for years and have seen a lot of things no one had. Her tone was void of emotions, void of every human feelings.


"But it has alas come to this, you will leave and Lori would too when her betrothed returns in the next four full moons, then the fire of my hell would intensify and the dark clouds enfold me... Sorry, devour me. I would be made to drink from the cup of my tears, to dine with the rotten meat of my flesh, but yet I smile upon that day, the day it will all end and I will feel no pain."

She looked down at her sisters and smiled, a platonic smile.

"Isn't that right dearest sisters?"

"Florry, you are not going to die, ignore what mother and father say to you. I've told you, it would only be for two months after I am taken away, I'll come back and take you to my home, my betrothed would do anything to make me happy." Lori said vehemently as the vine she commanded carried Florry down.

"What kind of cousin would I be if I can't protect you from yourself and the weeds I call aunty and uncle," Cori said the same intensity as Lori. They were not sisters, they were cousins. Lori and Florry were sisters and Cori their cousin.

"But you cannot protect me from what I was born to be, that is what my birth stone and leaf said didn't it? A child as weak as a bud, to be swallowed by darkness and anguish until her very last breath. I dream of me finding my prince, but what makes me think anyone would want a badly maimed walking disaster? A tree nymph born with a face as bad as this. Everywhere I go, bad things happen, especially to me. Everything I touch," she touched the vine that had carry her down, "chaos spreads. I am so weak I cannot even make a flower bloom without bleeding to unconsciousness. The only powers I have that doesn't weaken or kill me, is when I talk to the trees and when I also destroy them."

"Florry, please don't start again." Lori sighed.

Florry giggled creepily, "but of course, let's prepare for your wedding dear cousin, let's prepare."

The images faded away as I opened my eyes, I was under water? I raised myself up, my lower body remained in the cold blue liquid, the air around me was thick and chilly. I looked down at my legs, they were glittering, shining like little lights in the water. I placed my hand on my leg and felt the light, they felt like scales underneath my fingers. I wonder, my nakedness was surprising. I only had my hair to cover my chest, what am I?

Mermaid... A voice at the back of my head replied.

Now what in the world is that? Mermaid? Is that like a priestess or something?

Mermaids are mystical creatures that lives underwater and land if desired. They can be alluring, but at the same time, dangerous.

So what side do I fall in? Dangerous?... The voice remained quiet. I felt a sharp pain in my head, accompanied with a harsh ringing in my ears. Everything I was came back to me, up to when a woman took me from the sea.

Where are the rest of my memories?

Sealed, not by choice, but when your mate drained you of every single last blood in your body, he took your strength and memories along. I had to shut you down completely so your heart would pump new blood.

Mate, I have a mate? And why would he want my blood? Who are you?

Just the voice set to answer your questions.

A little scraping sound reached my ears, like someone was opening a door somewhere. I waited patiently for who was coming, I could hear the water flowing in it body and blood pumping. I could hear anything made out of water.

The person appeared, walking out from between the two open walls. My mouth dropped open, watering at the sight of who stood there looking at her. I had never seen a form so beautiful... An image flashed in my eyes, that man that kept appearing in my head, he looked sad. Almost as if seeing his face broke the enchantment the one in her presence had on me, I closed my mouth and tilted my head, studying the man before me with great puzzlement.

"You are not human," I voiced out calmly, my light video echoed in the cave. Droplets dripped from everywhere, dropping into another larger pool below and playing music for my heart to remain calm. The man might look alluring as hell, but he sure had mysterious aura clothing him.

"Duh," was his reply, "you rode my wolf."

"I did?" I angled my head into an odd position, "whenever did that happen? I don't remember ever meeting you before and..." I straightened my head, "and a mermaid riding a wolf is the oddest of pictures, don't you think?"

"If you see it that way," the man shrugged, "wait, you don't remember?"

"I awoken few minutes ago, I don't know who I am, who am I? You have to know since you are here." At the last part, I almost sounded desperate to know.

"Hmm, I expected you to be out much longer but seeing as you have awaken in such a short period, it means you are stronger than I thought. My name is Kale by the way, I'm a werewolf, alpha to my pack whose name doesn't concern you. You are Suzanne, a celestial mermaid I took from your mate to protect you."

"Suzanne," I pronounced the name quietly, trying it in my tongue. No, I didn't like the way the name rolled off my tongue at all, like it wasn't mine.

"Suzanne, are you listening to me?" The man Kale asked.

"My name isn't Suzanne, it doesn't sound right to my ears," I shook my head and scowled, covering my ears, "Man the Kale, tell me my real name, one that pleases my ears."

"Kale would do just fine and why should I? You named yourself that..." The woman, the woman Kimberly did after she brought me to land. I remembered that, I told her my name and she bit her tongue while pronouncing it, that was when she changed it to something more in line with humans.

"What do you want me to call you then?"

"I don't know..." I dropped my hands from my ears as I trailed off, a name I remembered made me smile. It sounded so right, it felt right. "Floriana, that name is lovely don't you think?"

"Why?" Kale asked, folding his arms. I shrugged, my heart liked it. "Floriana it is then."

My body shivered as the name hit me, my heart skipped a beat knowing it was meant for me. I smiled wider, definitely right. "I love it, now tell me about this mate you took me from, is he dangerous? Is he handsome? I would love an handsome m... Is he a man? Is he aware of what I am?"

"Something tells me not to answer you, and I always follow my instinct," I pouted, he wasn't going to answer me. "Suzanne," I frowned, glaring at him with a sudden rage, I despise that name, "okay, Florry, would you like to come on out? See the sun?"

"Are there flowers and trees nearby? Anywhere I can sit and not get bothered?" He nodded positively. "Then let's go!" I shrieked in anticipation. I pushed myself up to stand, he looked away from me instantly, cursing under his breath.

"Whatever is the problem Man the Kale?"

"Look behind you, you will see a dress, put that on." He commanded. I looked at myself in confusion.

"Why should I wear a dress? I look just fine, or don't I?"

"Goddammit Suzanne!"

"Florry," I corrected with a scowl.

"You are not on water and you certainly don't have a tail, so put the goddamn cloth on before you get yourself raped..."

"Are you going to rape me?" My eyes perked with curiosity, "will it hurt? Will I enjoy it?"

"Dear god," he muttered and was beside me in an instant. I watched as he hurriedly forced the dress on me, swept my hair out of my breasts so he could wear it properly. The poor man struggled with my hair to put it up, I had to help him to end his misery.

Panting, he was panting in exhaustion. "How do women do that easily!" He exclaimed.

"We are women, that's just it, and not all can." He placed his hand under my knees and the other at my back, then he scooped me out of the water. I didn't say anything, the man was just too cute and scary, it excited me and made my body boil.

Is he my mate? Did he lie?

"Please, stop staring at me like I'm the most edible meat you have ever seen, it's creeping me out." He said uncomfortably as he carried me out of wherever we were. I laughed and kicked my legs, he was uncomfortable because of me.

"I like you, you are handsome and I like handsome men," I scrunched my nose. "Proteus isn't cute, he is ugly."

"Proteus, acting king of the sea?"

"The proud sea serpent," I hissed, "but I would not let him ruin our wonderful moment," I blushed and bit my lower lip when he looked down at my face. "Do you like me too?"

"Florry, I am not your mate, don't get any idea. I have a choice mate, so stop falling in love with me in this state."

How could he say that!

"But if I feel this way for you, then we are meant to be, right? Your mate can't be your mate when I'm here, don't you think?"

"You are messing up your feelings, confusing me with him, but it would come to you eventually..." He trailed off as we finally came to the surface.

"So, you don't love me?" It wasn't a question, "but you love her. Is she a werewolf too? Does she have your pup yet?"

"Please, don't try hurting her and no, but I wish she had my pup instead of just being there..."

"I can give you children, I'm not barren..." I stroke my chin. "At least I don't think I am, right?"

"Floriana! You have a mate and I am your older brother, remember? You called me that yourself after we met!" He shouted upsettingly. "Please, don't make me hit that stupidity out of your brain! I am not your lover, I will never be so stop it!"

I smiled and twinkled my lashes. "Then do you have any I can love?" He groaned and dropped me hard on the ground. "Ouch! That hurts, don't be mean."

"You are walking." He deadpanned and began walking away, rather too fast, but I could handle it. Gathering the water in their body and the grass below, or land, mermaids can change their body system to go faster, not all, but few like me. In other words, I had what humans would superspeed. I wasn't as fast as a werewolf or vampire, but faster than an elf.

I stood up and ran after him, asking him further questions about the man I could love. After what felt like forever, he led me into his manor through some thick tree. He carried me, jumped over the wall before putting me back down. I continued asking him questions, clinging to his bicep. I think he hates me, but I love him.

Everyone was looking at me, bowing at him and greeting, curious and lustful eyes focused on me. I ignored them, my questions were more important. But he wasn't answering any. I stopped walking and slammed my foot on the ground, folding my arms stubbornly. If he could be stubborn, then I could be too.

"Suzanne," he snapped impatiently.

"The who now?" I asked sneeringly. He inhaled deeply and strangled the air.

"Okay, Florry, why aren't you walking?"

"I haven't gotten any answers to my questions, and I'm not moving until you tell me otherwise... Hey!" He was in front of me holding my hand, his eyes were black, he was angry. "You know, I like people with black eyes, they are interesting."

"I am not Finn! Don't annoy me!"

"Who's F... Hey! There's a cute man!" I ran off to meet the handsome guy and hugged him, he stiffened with shock "There, there, you don't need to worry, I'm here now."

"Florry, that is Andre my beta and he has a mate," man the Kale said scoldingly.

"Oh," I stepped away from the flustered wolf. "I'm sorry, ignore me... Another one!" Man the Kale caught me before I jumped on the man who was taken aback. "Hey! What gives!"

"That is Jeremy, my gamma, but don't get close to him or any other male, is that clear?" I screamed with frustration, stomping my foot.

"Why, why, why!"

"Florry, stop that." He commanded. Another one came out but he had a woman in his arms.

"Why are all the good men taken!" I cried. I then turned and grinned at him. He frowned, giving me a look not to even dare mention what I wanted to.

"Alpha, is she your mate?" The Andre asked. Man the Kale growled at him. "I'm sorry, mind my utterances, I'm just...just..."

"The room I asked to be prepared for h..." I ran off, I saw someone cute. I couldn't quite tell what my obsession with boys was all about. I stopped in front of him, scaring him a bit.

"Geez woman, are you trying to get yourself killed!" I walked closer to him and sniffed his body instead. "Ur...?"

"You are not from this pack, who are you?" I demanded, folding my arms.

"I should be asking you that, but I'm Alpha Carlyle, you can call me Carl." He gave me a playful smile, one that reminded me of someone's I couldn't remember.

"Are you my mate?"


"I'm searching for my mate, man the Kale won't tell me where he is and won't love me either, am I ugly?" He burst into laughter, just as man the Kale stomped over to us.

"Would you stop running off!"

"Man the Kale?" Cat eyes laughed, "oh brother, I have been alive for almost two hundred years and I am still yet to see it all with you man the Kale." He said between his laugh.

"Call me that and I will kill you," man the Kale threatened. "Florry, this is Riley, she will take you to your room." Riley was a beautiful werewolfess, she looked really young and nice.

"But man the Kale, I haven't found my mate yet, doesn't he want me anymore?"

"He will find you when he is ready, okay?"

"Can I sleep in your room?" I grinned. Riley chuckled and took my hand, she looked amused.

"What's your name? Florry, huh?" I nodded. "Come let's get you into something more beautiful and comfortable..."

"So man the Kale or Cat eyes would love me?" I asked excitedly. Cat eyes stopped laughing when he heard his name.

"Yes, so Cat eyes would love you," Riley said with a stifled laugh. I squealed and ran ahead of her, we didn't have time to lose. I stopped dead when everything changed, I saw that green girl again, running as she cried.

Why are you running?... I tried to ask her, but she couldn't hear me.

She kept running and glancing over her shoulder, not aware of what stood in front of her. She bumped into the person and fell hard on her butt. "Going somewhere?" He taunted, pulling his hat. A gasp left my mouth, it was that guy in my dream.

I love him, I want to marry him.

He was so gorg, his jet black hair with little streaks of ebony was held up in a cute man bun, pale white skin accentuated his ruby red lips, he looked gorgeous but too pale for my liking. Something about him screamed out to me, I could literally feel my inside turn just staring at him.

"Do you really think you can escape? After I just found out what you are to me?!" He yelled, causing birds to take off in fright.

"Stay away from me! You are not the prince I want, go away you freak!"

"Freak," he laughed, "freak is the faceless green bean sitting in front of me, freak is you Dainty, not I."

"I am not a freak! My name is Floriana, not Dainty, you have no right to call me that!" I scoffed, she was crying. Who cries when yelling at a fool, I need to teach her.

"That is what you think," he yanked her to her feet with such a fast movement and the next thing, he sank his teeth into her neck. Florry screamed in pain, he didn't help matters by crushing her to himself.

What a monster!

I walked over to him and tried to kick him, but I couldn't. A branch reached down and whipped his head, causing him to drop her. Three vines quickly snatched her away and hid her in a tree. The maniac wiped the blood off his lips.

"I hate when I'm bothered when having dinner,"

Dinner! He called her dinner!

"Stay away from my cousin you monster!" Cori shouted from everywhere.

"You can't fight us, not when you are in our territory!" Lori shouted too. The maniac cackled.

"Your territory? Let's see about that," immediately he said that, his body rose with black fire, the flame oozed up high. "I'll give you all one chance, surrender the girl to me or I burn this forest down and everyone along with i..." Before he could finish, Florry was thrown to him like a bag of salt.

I felt sad, her sister betrayed her. "Mom! You can't give her to him, he'll kill her!" Lori shouted. Or not.

A man jumped down, he was a tree elf, greener than the tree nymphs. He dusted his hands. "Take her, kill her, we don't care, just leave my forest alone."

I could see the anger in the maniac's face, he was mad they were treating her this way. He looked down at the unconscious girl, to her sister and cousin being tied down so they won't help and then back at the girl. He picked her up, threw her over his shoulder after quenching his flame and smirked.

"You'll pay for that," he said evilly, "spare the two being held down, but make sure every single one of them dies." A gasp ran through the forest as shadows began to come out and form men and women, vampires like the maniac.

"No, please don't..." Florry whispered weakly, "I'll go with you...I...I...won't ever..." She coughed, "try to escape, I...I... I'll stay...ple...ple...ase don't hurt them."

"You don't really have a choice, I take you anyways."

"I k...k...n... Just don't hurt them," she whispered before passing out. The man sneered and looked at his vampires, they already knew his order. With one last look at the tree people, he took off with Floriana.

The images went off, I was being shaken by Riley. "Hey, are you alright? You have been standing here unmoving and muttering words, I almost sent for the alpha."

"I am, just seeing things, thanks though." She stared at me weirdly before she continued walking. I was seeing things, why was I seeing things and who was this Florry girl?

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