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Water Mate - Chapter 12




Water Mate - Chapter 12

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Finn's standpoint

The thunder rumbled on in the sky, it didn't seem like the rain was stopping soon. I walked to Suzanne's room with her on my back. She passed out, at first I thought she didn't want to let go after so many minutes passed, but turns out she passed out... Or maybe fell asleep. Lida was yelling at two girls to go find someone, Sandra sat on the floor staring at her and waiting for me to bring her sister.

"Don't tell me she has disappeared, or you girls or somebody have pulled the poor child to a corner and killed her! How many times will I warn you all to surcease from feeding on the human maids! This one is the queen's personal chef for crying out loud!"

"I swear, we haven't seen her since she left the kitchen, it's almost like she disappear..."

"Shut that rubbish you call a mouth before I slap it shut!"

"Lida," I called with a small chuckle, she could be really terrifying when annoyed, just like her older brother. Casmir and Lida were so alike in many ways, humble will be the first word in describing them.

She spun around on her toes and looked at me, too annoyed to bow like she usually do. She was about to open her mouth when she noticed the woman on my back. "Oh my! Who is that and what happened to her?"

"Is she alright?" Sandra asked, rushing to me. I stepped back, a way of warning her not to get any close to me.

"Lida, run a hot bath for my m..."

"No!" Sandra shouted, she chuckled nervously. "I mean, I'll bathe and dress her up myself. Suzanne has a very sensitive skin, I'll handle my sister myself."

"Did you just call her Suzanne?" Lida asked quizzically. I ignored Lida and stared at Sandra suspiciously. She folded her arms and scoffed, making sure to avoid my eyes.

"Or would you prefer to do it yourself? I'm sure Suzanne will be glad to know her mate bathe her, right?" Glad? She'll scream the whole castle to it foundation if that should ever happen. But a tempting offer it was.

"Lida, heat the water and Sandra would take care of the rest, I'll drop her in her room."

"Yes My Lord." She said with a bow, straightened herself and glared at the girls over her shoulder. They flinched and ran off with fear.

"Oh Lady Lida, can you please stop by my other sister's room on your way back? Please inform her of what has happened."

"Alright," Lida replied absent mindedly, staring hard at Suzanne's face which was buried into my neck. I cleared my throat to snap her out of it. She was the only woman I hate being rude to, too much of a sweetheart to ever take anything to heart. "Right, bath, bye." She ran off immediately.

"Mom, stop kissing me," Suzanne murmured. I sighed and continued walking to her room.

I shouldn't have let her hug me, I was already regretting it, I knew from the start that I would. But the way she was acting, it seemed like she remembered or saw something that made her agitate, something that was hurting her and all she needed that moment was to hug the first person she saw. Unfortunately and fortunately, it had to be me. I already had my hands around her body, already felt how it was like to embrace her. Knowing me, I would soon crave for more.

"Hmm, can you excuse me while I take care of her or are you going to watch?" Sandra asked nervously, rubbing her left arm as her eyes ran over the room to avoid mine.

"I'm sitting on the bed, you do what you have to do."

"But what about if I need to change h..."

"Kassandra," I snapped. She flinched.

"S...s...sorry sire, I'll keep my mouth shut n... Hey! Didn't you have the power of fire? You can heat the water up yourself instead of waiting so long for Lida to be done, Suzanne would be dead by then. I remember the time when winter came and she went swimming, her legs got caught between..." She cupped her mouth when she noticed the death glare I was giving her.

I forgot how much she liked to talk.

"So," she said with palm still over her mouth. "Are you going to use your power to... That reminds me, Axel said his own power is electrokinesis and one thing he called that almost burst my brain. Do you know that..."

"Please, be quiet." I growled.

"But I can't, except I'm really sad, I can't stop talking... Okay I can if I'm reading a good book, sleeping, eating, thinking... Hmmm..." She scrunched her nose as she counted with her fingers. "Oh! Drawing, I can draw well but Claudia always say I draw like a fowl holding a pen, they didn't like the..."

"Fine! I'll heat the water so you can shut up!"

"Heating it won't shut me up, I will only leave the room for you, but still I will t..." Her hands flew to her throat, she coughed violently, bending over to her knees and gasping for breath.

"Finding it difficult to breathe? Good. Because one more word from you and you will lose your voice for the rest of your life, understood?" She nodded vigorously.

Axel was in trouble with this one, he wasn't a fan of girls who talk too much. Well, his own problem. I'm stuck myself with a lady whose mouth is sharper than a blade.

Lida came and suggested the same thing to me, the heating would take too much time. She also volunteered to help but Sandra panickingly refused to let her. I concluded that they must be a lot of embarrassing scars on her body for her sister to be hiding her so much. I was about to insist Lida assist her when the ghost walked in, her eyes as cold as the heart of winter.

"Sorry I'm late Sandra, I was..." She paused and averted her sinister eyes to me, "busy, but I'm here now, for now."

"Thank goodness," Sandra said with relief. The ghost girl walked to the bed, easily lifted my mate into her arms and stared at me, waiting for me to protest. I wasn't comfortable with the fact that a spirit was holding my mate, they are unpredictable. But this same spirit had been watching over them before I knew they existed, she wouldn't harm Suzanne.

"The only person capable of harming her is you," I furrowed my brows, she could hear my thoughts? "Only because you made it open, no one have ever tried to read it, have they? Who would dare do such to the great and powerful king, sorry if I invaded your privacy, but in the future, try better to keep me out."

"Claudia," Sandra whispered with a little agitation, "you are talking to King Finn."

"I'm aware." Was her blunt and plain reply. I smiled at her, she was bitter because she would disappear by morning. Her strength was fading away. I wasn't going to waste my precious energy on a ghost.

"Lida," I called an astonish vampiress, "you can go." She closed her gaping mouth, bowed and exited herself, still pondering on why I tolerated the human. If only she knew, if only they knew.

I remained in the room even after Suzanne was brought out and taken care of. The two ladies intentionally pulled the bed curtains down so I wouldn't see. I could if I wanted to, but won't. I would see it eventually.

"Finally, I'm done!" Sandra exclaimed. "I deserve a treat for this stress, and a goodnight sleep!"

"One, stop shouting. Two, we are only few minutes past 12, it's nap, not a..."

"Bah! What do you know? Let a pro teach you." Sandra said confidently.

"Don't let me slap your brain to the world of the dead, I'm leaving," Claudia turned her glare to me, "and you better not dare try to drink her blood, that's if you still want to live."

I sneered at her, my mate's blood ought to be the sweetest to me. "You cannot deny the fact that she is mated to a vampire, it would happen eventually," I tilted my head and smiled creepily to get on her nerve. "I am going to turn her after all." Her hands clenched into a fist, that struck a nerve.

"You can never turn her, not if you die first or she doesn't let you." She said through gritted teeth.

"Are you threatening my life ghost girl?" I taunted. Her eyes widened, she glanced at her clueless and confuse little sister. "One, you can't kill me," I rose from the vintage armchair I sat on. "Two, you will disappear first. Three, do not tell me what to do with my woman, she is no longer your concern, she wasn't given to me for no reason, I believe in that. And finally four, don't make me break her with the certain news of somebody's death, not when you are not ready to let go."

"I get it clearly," she murmured sadly, I heard her clearly. "You are right, you are her mate for a reason, perhaps to protect her more than I ever could, she'll need you when h..." She paused and smiled at me. "I hate you, know that."

"How you feel about me is little to no concern to me, now leave, you are bothering my peace and confusing your brainless sister..."

"Hey! I have a brain! I just tend not to use it most time... I mean... Hey!" Ghost girl face palmed herself.

"Let's just go." She sighed and opened the door. Sandra followed her, telling a story of how smart she is. I shut the door telekinetically and walked over to the side of the bed where Suzanne was carefully tucked.

I sat down and studied her, the somehow happy face would melt into one of sorrow soon, by the next morning her sister would mysteriously disappear to gather her energy. Hopefully, it wouldn't affect her that much.

Suzanne sighed and tossed to the other side, facing the window. Her hair pushed herself, exposing a good part of her neck. I stared at the skin covered flesh with messy hair around it, the mesmerising tender skin. I could see her veins, the blood coursing through it, her heart pounding as blood pumped through every passage of her veins. I squeezed the duvet, my claws and fangs had extended, the urge to drink her blood came onto me in a rush.

I couldn't, I promised myself I wouldn't repeat the same mistake I did with Dainty.

But you are thirsty.

I can't, I can't drink from her.

Drink Finn, mark you mate.

I couldn't fight the urge, not when my demon wanted it so bad. I tried to hold my hand, it reached forward and pushed her hair aside completely. I let myself fall down to my elbows, all I could hear and see was her blood, all I hungered for was her blood.

Do it, mark her!

I groaned as the dryness in my throat pierced me like a tiny needles. My hand went around her waist, the other slid under her head. I tilted her neck properly, my usual control had been toss off the window. Suzanne let out a soft whimper when my tongue met her warm skin, she tried to shift but couldn't.

"Sandra, stop drooling on me, gross." She murmured. I swept my tongue along her smooth skin.

All mine!

"Finn," I froze, "what are you doing? Don't do what I think you are about to do, please, don't let me hurt you." I forced my relutant and stiff body up, groaning at the internal war going on in me.

"Suzanne, please run," I rasped, "I can't stop myself, run away from me..."

"Hey," she said softly, lifting her slender fingers up to my face. "It's okay," she murmured, her fingers touched my face lightly. Cold flowed down my body from her fingers, the throbbing and hotness in my seized, my body muscles released a little. "Don't let it control you," she whispered sleepily, "don't let the demon in you take control again."

I closed my eyes and held her hands against my face, her hands were so warm, it brought peace, it silent the voice and it power over me. Dainty could never do it, she could never stop the demon. I opened my eyes, she had fallen asleep again.

"Thank you, Suzanne," I dropped her hands gently. I rose up but her hand caught mine again.

"Don't leave, stay with me," she whispered.

"I can't, I still feel the suppressed urge to drink from you, I can't stay."

She sat up with eyes closed, grabbed my collar and fell back on the bed, pulling me along with a strength impossible of a human to have. She threw me on her side and snuggled herself into my arms.

"Stay like this for a while, it will silence him for a while," she yawned, "If I remember by the time I wake up, I'll probably administer a cure for that bothersome demon."

"You don't see it Suz," I pulled her up so her head would rest on my chest. "Your existence is already a cure, your touch is enough." She didn't say anything, she already slept off.

Suzanne should be sad more, she's more reasonable when sad. But how did she know about the demon living in me?

Suzanne's standpoint

I don't know, my body felt good and my head light, I was happy. Why was I? Maybe because of Finn, he didn't order for me to be disgraced, and he even let me hug him. I was happy, I didn't regret the hug one bit. If I could, I would hug him over and over again and even go as far as kissing him. He did me a solid, my scales were tinkling allover, my powers were back.

I opened my eyes, grinning instantly at the fallen curtains. The energy coursing through me was different, more than a simple hug. My entire body was alive, awaken by enthusiasm. The storm was over. I looked at the window through the light cornflower blue and Mexican pink curtain. The colours were so carefully mixed together it looked like a sea with faint sparkle dust. It was as if he knew my favourite colours and specially designed the room to suit my taste. Even the bedcovers were violet red, ultra pink and a soft ocean blue highlight to bring out the colours.

Everything in the room rotated around those colours, the softest of pinks, blue and purple. It looked almost like my room back in the sea. The room was beautiful, I admire and love it now.

Anyways, the window showed me that it was few minutes pass sunset. My tummy rumbled, I hadn't eaten all day. I threw the duvet off carefully and dropped my feet at the side of the bed. I raised my head to the nightstand only to see the flowers my tears grew into. The petals had hardened and turned into delicate lavender and baby blue diamonds, the stem a thick watery part with rose-like thorns.

I tried to recollect my memory, I didn't remember picking the flowers or even walking to my room. I must have passed out and Finn carried me. My cheeks burns with sheepishness, how did he carry me? My head went wild with the possible way he could carry me and how it would look like. He could carry me like his bride, staring at me like his precious irreplaceable flower, letting all the whores know how dear I am to him.

On the other hand, he could just carry me bridal style and not look, or carry me bridal style until he gets to a guard and abandon me with... No, Finn is very possessive from what I have seen so far, he wouldn't want another male touching me. Then he gave me to a woman? Could be, knowing Sandra, she would never let that happen. What if he carried me on his back? What if that idiot used me like a mop? What if he stayed with me while I was being dressed?

My face turned pale.

"What if he bathe me himself!" I shouted out loud. I stood up and checked the flowers, fuming quietly. A note was left on the table.

"This odd flowers grew in my mother's garden, have no idea what it is but it reminded me of how odd but beautiful you are. Hope you like it." The words melted my heart, he is such a darling. I picked up the flowers and hugged them, now I need a jar to put it.

I picked the note again and read the content over and over again. I knew he was trying to win my heart so I would surrender, but I couldn't help it. I shrieked with joy, spinning around. The joy I was feeling was far more than the one I felt when I woke up. I looked at the note one more time, that was when I saw the extra note.

"Oh, and P.S, I enjoyed sucking your breast, the hickeys looks good on you."


I rushed to the full-length mirror and pulled the dressed off my shoulders. A scream left my mouth when I saw what Finn had done. From my shoulders down to my cleavage, small purple and red marks decorated me. I pulled the dress further down, heaving up my left breast, praying that he didn't tamper with it. I sighed with relief, he didn't. But then I checked my right and saw the same purple marks and a swollen nipple.


Finn's standpoint

"Finn!!!!!!" Her roar echoed through the entirely castle. I laughed as I stirred my blood wine, music to my ears. I didn't touch her at first, not until I went back to the garden to get her slippers but found those flowers. Then I dropped the flowers and decided to play a little, I couldn't be entirely nice.

It was war controlling myself not to sink my teeth into her neck or body and drink from her, another war keeping my hands to myself. The original plan was to just leave hickeys, but then I got carried away at her chest and almost lost control. Knew I would end up going for more, she had no idea what that hug have initiated.

I chuckled, I could hear her stomping from three floor above, she was coming. My pretty mate's anger radiated throughout the castle, even the maids attending to me in the dinning room began to fidget. Her anger stirred up desire in me, she better not come too close.

"What did you do," Casmir sighed. I smiled innocently and sipped my wine. "Now I understand why Axel said one of you would kill each other or scream the castle down."

"I go for scream," Axel said with a stifle laugh.

"Where's your mate?" I asked Axel, ignoring their stupidity.

He threw his head back with incredulous eyes. "Sleeping, Sandra just threw herself on the bed and was gone in ten seconds. I've tried everything I can to wake her up, but she remains dead on the bed. I'll have to carry her home with me if she doesn't w..."

"Okay, I don't care anymore." I deadpanned.

"Kill joy." He muttered.

The doors flew open, slamming the walls loudly. Suzanne stood there with eyes that could shoot am entire army six feet under, teeth gnashing like it could grind a rock and face as red as a rose. I raised my glass to her with an innocent smile.

"Hi honey, how did you sleep?"

"I'm going to destroy you!"

"With your lips or a weak punch? I go for the former, much more tormenting than the latter," she growled animalistically. "Drink?" She snarled, "no? More for me then."

"All of you, get out of my sight before I turn you all to seashells!!!" She roared at everyone of them. Is it me or does she look beautiful when she's extremely mad.

The maids and guards disappeared pass the door, carefully walking around her in fear. Some of the maids looked extremely guilty, like they had said something bad about her. Their problem.

"You know, you will make the prettiest seashell of them all," she stomped to me, one step heavier than the last. I dropped the empty glass and waited for her.

"What is the meaning of this?!" She yelled, pulling the sleeve of her right shoulder down. The hickeys I gave her were more lovely than I ever imagined. Pride swelled in my head, I did a good job.

"What does it look like honey?"

"Stop calling me that!" She yelled like a maniac. She blew some hair out of her face and slammed her hands on the table. I arched an amuse brow at her.

"Was that suppose to scare me? Because it didn't work..."

"Finn!" She whined, "we made an agreement, no defying of each others body or privacy when the war is still on, why did you have to do that? You just broke my trust!"

"Sorry, did I ask you to trust me? I don't remember ever telling you to." I shrugged mirthlessly.

"How could you! Just look at this!" She tore her dress open, revealing too much to the other men in the room. She didn't seem to care, all she knew was the cause of her anger and frustration who was right in front of her. "I look terrible! I did not give you permission to sink your teeth into me! What if you accidentally taste my blood! Do you know what that would do to you?!" She looked more paranoid than angry.

I cleared my throat, glaring at them to get out... Well Casmir who wasn't taking his eyes away. "Can you cover up your chest, there are men here," I whispered.

She hissed and rolled her eyes. "I told them to get out, didn't I? Now I demand and apology and compensation for this disgrace or I will tear my dress down further and walk around naked!"

"Seriously? Who owns the body?" Is she alright.

"Trust me, where I come from, nakedness isn't a new thing so I don't care. If you don't compensate me, I'll do that or..." She picked the fork I was yet to use.

"What are you going to do with that? Comb your hair?" I mocked. Suzanne nailed the fork in my hand which was in the table, stabbing and pinning my beautiful hand down. I blinked in shock, the first time I was experience such an attack.

"Urgh!" She screamed with frustration, "why aren't you shouting! Why aren't you screaming!"

I smirked coyly, wiggling my brows at her. Nothing would frustrate her more. I pulled out the fork, it turned to ash as soon as it was free. Suzanne frowned. "Right, powerful vampire, my revenge isn't going well." She muttered.

"Are you done? Or is this the part where you strip and walk around the castle like the mad woman you are?"

"I am completely sane, thank very much. You on the other hand, is completely loco!" She almost sounded like she was kvetching, stomping her foot like a child. "Why can't I remain mad! I came here to destroy you but that stupid smile... Wipe that distraction off this instant!"

"Oh, you are so in love with me, getting more brazen, I love that." I teased. I swallowed my laugh, her face was few inches from turning to an actual tomato. She walked closer to me, cupped my cheeks and tried pressing my amuse smile back inside.

"Oh....! Keep it inside!" She screamed whiningly.

"I love your eyes," I grinned.

"Stop flirting with me and giving me that look, you are making it hard to be mad at you," I glanced at Casmir who still remained, Axel was gone.

"What are you waiting for?"

"S...s...sorry." He stood up to leave and hurried to the door.

"Oh, and Casmir," he turned, his eyes with with dread. "The next time you stop to look at my woman like that..."

"Eh?" Suzanne said irksomely.

"I'll gorge out your wife's left eye." I completed. His eyes widened with horror.

"His wife? What did his wife do? It was him not..." I clamped my hand over her mouth, shooting him the final glare to get out. He hurried out and shut the door behind him. Suzanne kept muffling, shaking her head to get me off.

I let her go, but sent my healed hand around her waist. "Hey!" I pulled her closer to me, causing her to balance herself by placing one knee between my legs so she won't fall on me. I looked up at her, grinning suggestively. I wasn't planning on bothering her, but she switched my flirty button on when she hugged me.

"Finn, I am mad at you, don't even get any idea... Aaaah!" I pulled her to sit on my thighs. "Finn! This madness has to stop! Remember... Stop sniffing my neck!" I chuckled and buried my face into her neck more.

"Do you know what you did when you hugged me? You automatically signed a contract with me, one that gives me access to your body..."


"Your body wants me, see," I bit her neck with my normal canines, pulling her skin softly. Her body shivered slightly, weakening to my touch. "Face the bitter truth Suzanne, you can't resist your handsome mate."

"Y...y...y..." She stammered, no one can resist me.

"Now be a good girl and pull down your dress, I'm not done yet." Like an obedient girl, she unzipped her dress from her back and slowly pulled the upper part down to her waist. Eventually, she surrendered.

Suzanne's standpoint

I regret it! I regret hugging him! I couldn't do anything, Finn had me under his hypnosis spell. I couldn't look away, couldn't disobey his voice which came as a whisper to my ears. My body wasn't helping, it wanted every bit of what Finn was giving. Even though my mind screamed against it, I still couldn't help but enjoy the feeling. I came here to hammer his head until he died, but at the end, he had me pinned on the dinning table as he sucked on every tissue of skin his mouth could find.

The tip of his fangs ran around my chest, so delicately as to not tear my skin. Not that I was even trying, but he pinned my hands firmly above my head with one powerful hand, the other running it claws allover my bare torso.

"Finn," I managed to speak out, pleading with him to stop. I would never forgive him if he should compel me into letting him take advantage of my body, for him to take away my entire life on a dinning table!

Gain some respect for women man!

"Shhh," he shushed. Something left my mouth, whether it was a strangled or delightful scream, I don't know, but it burnt through my chest to my throat and out. The fire burnt through every inch of my veins, boiled my blood in delightful rage and stirred my entire system in rebellion against my mind.

My vision whirled in bliss, I was seeing splashes of rainbow water in my eyes. I swear it was like nothing I had ever felt and seen (then,) it was magical to me how he could make me see colours just by feasting on my bosoms, just by letting his fingers draw circle in my inner thighs. The whole new feelings was driving me mad, my head was high with something, I was drowning into the pit of pleasure and he hadn't even started yet.

I was speaking, I muttered words in my native language, not even sure what I was saying but I was chanting it loudly, with each word coming out louder and more stressed than the other. Whatever I was saying seemed to amplify his burning needs, my words fueled the fire that was already burning.

This wasn't what I planned, this was never part of the plan. But I guess things don't ever go our way. I didn't want to fall so easily, he would use it against me, I was aware. I wasn't even sure of the "make him jealous with the old lover thing", it would only make him angry or he would wave it off as my past.

Come on Kymopoleia, break free from his spell.

Finn didn't help matters when he pulled his devil's well to my mouth. I fought to seal my lips, but with just a stroke of his tongue on my bottom lip, my mouth gave way to his victory. Finn had been burning me inwardly with fire, but then he had to swirl my head with the alcohol in his tongue. I could taste something metallic in his mouth, heaven helps me that he haven't drank my blood or I'm finished. I can't let him die, the guardian of the temple said we were the solution to each others problem.

I have no idea what he is facing, but him dying won't help.

Back to the fact that Finn's mouth covered mine. He forced me down harder into the table, causing my spine to throb from the pain. The pleasure was slowly starting to disappear as he was beginning to act brutal. His kiss was impatient and hungry, his hand clamped my neck down with greed, showing me what he intends to do next. His other hand desperately searched for the band or edge of my underpants to rip it off. The only problem was that his claws had extended and were cutting me below like meat.

Finn had lost control.

I wasn't the mate he was kissing and touching with delicate tendency few minutes ago, I was his prey.

I screamed into his mouth, forcing my body to move and snap him out of it somehow. I couldn't breathe, Finn was squeezing the breath out of me, out of my air lungs.

"Amulet!!!" I screamed telepathically, it was the only thing I could think of. Whatever it did, it snapped Finn out of it, making him fly far from the table and perch on a wall.

I coughed, gasping for air. Water, I needed water. I couldn't breathe, my lungs couldn't take air again. I tried to reach for the water, kicking off the plates and cups in my way. I was bleeding from my neck, thighs and well... You know, from where he held me and where his claws slashed. The problem was I wasn't healing for reasons I couldn't understand, it was the poison in his claws working it way to my heart. If I didn't get in water soon, I'd die.

The most important thing was to stop my blood from flowing before it forces my true form out in other to heal. I had to give up consciousness to maintain strength. One thing I was sure, something is wrong with Finn.

Finn's standpoint

What is stopping you boy, finish her! Drink from her, her body, soul and blood belongs to you!

I did it again, I lost control. I didn't lose control when I was with Dainty, the demon didn't act up because all I did was me. I couldn't understand why it awoken anytime I was close to her, like she is a threat he must eliminate. I looked at my hands, my demon claws stared at me, red with poison and...

I peered at them closer, it didn't look ordinary. I ran my tongue over two of my claws, blood. I hungrily licked each claws, the blood tasted different from any I had ever drank, sweeter. Where? Where did the blood come from?

The scent of the blood was everywhere. A loud clank from the table made me look. Blood covered the table, two small pool of blood. I ran over to it and tasted the sweet blood, something at the back of my head was yelling at me to look down. The blood smelt like rose, wild rose.

"Suzanne!" The voice pushed into my subconscious. My eyes flew wide, realisation dawning on me. I looked down to the floor, my heart sank. My mate looked as pale as a dead soul, all colours drained from her face and body. Her neck was red from her open wounds, the one I created.

"Suzanne, Floriana, I didn't mean to," I reached down to touch her but my own fire burnt me internally.

Don't try to save her! Kill her!

I growled and reached again, ignoring the continuous fire and charge of current, the invisible force pulling my hand back with all it might. Images of Dainty on the bed in similar position flashed in my head. I did that on purpose, I always left her with scars and half dead every time I fed from her. Not again, not to you Suzanne.

The burn began to scotch the surface of my skin, the barrier between us was too strong. I was fighting something inside of me, something that had access to my body and powers. I raised my hand with all my strength, brought it to my mouth and sank my teeth in. I used my other hand to rip my bitten hand open, weakening his control.

"Suzanne," I said with a strangled voice. I finally bent down on my knees. I placed my hand on her forehead, healing her was the only way out or she would die from the venom of my demon claws.

"Your Majesty!" Axel called from behind the door. "The whole castle is stirring because of the intense scent of blood! I can perceive yours too, are you alright?!"

Axel, come get her away from me... I wish I could say that out loud.

I healed her, my energy depleted from fighting myself and healing her. She took more energy than expected of a human.

Axel! Somebody! Get her away from me!

"If you need me, just call sire."

My body forced me down, I buried my fangs into her neck and drank. Each gulp drained her, I couldn't stop, I was going to kill her with my own two hands this time.

I told you, you can never be happy Finn, not as long as I live in you.

Axel! Axel!

I had never felt so helpless in life. The force of the demon had never been so intense. Then it came into my head, the only name I could think of, the name chanting at the back of my head but finally came out.

"Kale!!!" My mind shouted. I had no idea why I called him, but I did, my spirit and soul said so.

Almost like he was waiting for me to call him, Kale burst through a blue portal, his eyes flashing with power.

"Stop...me..." I forced myself to plead. His eyes turned blue, my whole body lost strength. I collapsed on top of her, unable to move my own limbs.

"No wonder I was so reckless and kept seeing her in my head," he gently pushed me off her. "Still think you don't need Queen Elfina's help?"

"Just keep her away from me, don't let me take her Kale, protect her from me."

"That is not my job, but mother insist." I had something that could suppress it, I just never thought it was useful since I always had the demon under control. Kale carried her into his arms, a small tendency glint in his eyes before it was gone.

"I will come for her soon, kill me if you sense the demon is still in control." I instructed, I rather die than kill her. First, I needed to visit the elf queen, I needed answers to why the demon was reacting. I must make sure I have myself under control before I ever get close to her.

Kale smirked. "With utmost pleasure, see you soon." He jumped back into the portal, taking my life along with him.

To be continued.

Cheese and nugget! This is serious!

So, Finn has a demon in him that hates Suzanne and wants her dead, that's new.

Again, how did that happen? Why?

Another problem, Finn drank Suzanne's blood, unaware of the danger that will follow it. Let's just say he has taken a slow poison.

Why couldn't Suzanne easily use her powers on him? Why did she get compel when compulsion doesn't work on her? Why did it work?

And a force urged him to call Kale, now she is with Kale.

Did I say his part has ended? It has only began.

So many questions, so many curiosity to be quenched but yet... I love this, putting people at the edge of their seats.

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