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Water Mate - Chapter 11




Water Mate - Chapter 11

Mystery Mate Series present

By Authoress Kemmy B. Gabriel


Proteus' standpoint

"We searched everywhere but couldn't find any clue, not even one soul saw a human that fits your description..."

"Enough! How can you tell me that out of the billions of lives in the ocean, not one saw her!" I roared.

"Your Majesty, it isn't as easy as you..."

"Silence! You are all useless! Get out of my sight!"

"Yes sire," I angrily threw the lantern at my side down. That girl was too smart and cunning, how do you find someone who was born by the ocean, one protected by a god.

"You ask another being as powerful as she is," I rolled my eyes over to her, Galatea. Another celestial mermaid, just not as powerful or reputable as Kymopoleia.

"I have warned you to never step your tail in the waters of my kingdom and castle, do you wish for death that much?"

"Stop being so persistent Proteus, you need my help and you know it. It takes more than a trident to find a sea maid like Kymopoleia, especially when the ocean doesn't want you to. You are not the god of the ocean, you can't control it, but the supreme goddess can and she doesn't want you to find her precious little shell. Face it Proteus, Kymopoleia will never be yours even if you find her." She slurred as she swam around my throne.

Defeat, I would never admit to defeat and make a deal with a witch.

"I repeat Galatea," I point the trident at her, "leave."

"Okay, okay," she chuckled with hands raised, "you'll call me back soon enough. Just remember that even if you do find her, she will never agree to be your wife and be sealed to you, the powers of the ocean can never be yours. But if you join me, I can help you find her, take her powers and marry you, we could be together and I won't fight you."

"And what makes you think the same ocean will help you find her? Not to a celestial maid who left the light to practice dark magic, to be the sea witch."

"I agree I have my bad sides, but all I did, I did for the exact same reasons you did, for power. You know how it feels to be the weak one amongst other powerful beings of your kind, to be different and ugly..." She buried her long nails into her face and scratched it. "I want her beauty, her powers and you want to marry her so you can gain full control of the trident and the ocean. It's a win win situation for everyone."

"Only I don't think I can be with a dark ugly being like you," I smiled at the frown in her face, her filthy blood flowed into my water from her face. Galatea wasn't like the other sea maids, she was born with irritating scales covering her entire face, body as rough as a rotten coral and voice the most unpleasant sound in the ocean.

Her desperation to gain more power and beauty led her to killing all the sea maids, but Amphitrite and the ocean took their body and powers away before she could. Agreeing to her help was officially hiring a backstabber.

"Sorry, I'm not that desperate..."

"Yet, you are not that desperate yet. You will come around sooner or later Proteus, they always do." Her body morphed into black water and disappeared.

She's right, I'm not that desperate, yet.

Suzanne's standpoint

I walked around the castle like a lost child fascinated by everything, the whole place was my dream home. I expected the castle to look like a haunted gothic vintage house with spiderwebs, bats and all those dark stuffs vampire usually liked, but it was anything but that. The castle was vintage alright, vintage set to the core, but definitely not spooky looking. The castle was even cleaner than my cave, no cobweb in sight. The colours weren't flashy or eye blinding, but it certainly wasn't black or those dark colours. It was nicely blended.

I loved the furniture, the windows, wallpapers, portraits, everything! Even the knight armours standing almost everywhere and the never ending red carpet. I saw Finn's family tree, saw his good looking but scary ancestors and they all did look gothic, but Finn was different. The house even had a lovely scent, roses and sweets candles were lit at every lampad, the light emitting from them were colourful but not necessarily useful as it was day.

I explored my way to the kitchen, an excited shriek left my mouth as I entered the big kitchen. The place was large enough to contain the entire population of Mego Island. I ran around the kitchen with arms apart as I laughed, ignoring the shocked maids and cooks. When I was done playing, I skipped to the head cook and curtsied.

"Good morning ma'am,"

"Good morning...? Are you the new maid?"

"Maid?" I chuckled.

"Are you done fooling around? Now get back to work," she ordered. I smiled at her and nodded.

"I'm a cook, not a maid."

"Oh, then join those girls and prepare the king's breakfast, his mate will be joining him today and she's human. He orders for something human like to please her." She said impatiently, like she was in a big hurry.

"Awwwn, that's so sweet of him," I awned. And to think we just finished yelling at each other, declaring war and separating in heavy stomps.

"Don't get too informal, you are talking about the king, not a servant. Now get to work! She isn't the only one eating."

"Yes ma'am!" I ran over to the puzzled girls and waved. "Hi, I'm Suz, the new human chef for Her Royal Majesty, reporting for duty!"

"Don't get too cocky," the vampire girl hissed, eyeing me with contempt. "She isn't the queen yet, and will never be. I heard the king is going to turn her to a pet like he turned the first one."

"Did you know the first one?" I asked curiously. She scoffed and continued slicing the onions.

"Don't mind Maria, she has always have a thing for the king, she doesn't know her class..." Maria slammed the knife on the counter.

"The human isn't his kind either! She doesn't even know how to trim her nails!" Maria shouted angrily.

"Oh wow," I said amusedly.

"At least I'm a vampire, I might not be from a noble family, but I can drink blood and live as long as the king, not die after getting old and wrinkled!"

"Maria! Enough yelling, keep your silly thoughts to yourself!" The head cook shouted, "we are meant to serve the king and now he has a queen, we serve her too, regardless of her kind."

"But mother," a lady who literally was the younger version of the cook protested, "why must she be human? She is the weakest of all souls and yet she gets a man like our great king? I wish I can run my hand into her chest, pull out her heart and eat it."

The head cook gasped in panic and covered her mouth. "My child, don't let such words be heard from your mouth, the king will kill you!"

Another girl snorted. "As if, he killed his first mate, didn't he?"

"Even if we have no say in this, he will eventually kill her by sucking her dry or get killed by the vampirinas interested in the king, especially Lady Kaede, she was declared more suitable for His Royal Highness. That weak food won't stand a chance."

"Yes, that's true."

"Lady Kaede will destroy her."

"Maybe even Lady Rosella."

"Or Vampiress Dinah."

"I prefer she gets killed by her own mate."

"She can't even bear strong and healthy children, just dhampirs or ordinary humans..."

"I bet she's ugly."

"I bet she already has wrinkles."

"I wish she'll have cancer and die!"

More angry words were bellowed by the girls, the head cooks shouting didn't even change a thing. The only girl who looked irritated by their words was the one who spoke earlier. Her eyes were red with anger, her hands clenched into balls.

"That's enough!" She shouted, knocking the wind out of them. Like literally, wind gushed out from everywhere and blew each girl against the walls. "One more word and I will report this to Sir Casmir..."

"No! We're sorry!"

"Please don't..."

Interesting, everything was both interesting and painful. Interesting because they didn't know who was standing with them, painful because they thought I wasn't good enough for him, they hated me even without knowing me. Yet again, it was amusing, I wasn't human after all.

"Are you okay?" The angry girl asked.

"I'm human, their thrashing hurts you know," she looked at me understandingly.

"Ignore those fools who are SUPPOSE TO GET BACK TO WORK!"

"Yes Lady Lida,"

"Lady?" I asked confusedly.

"I'm the chief cook, Mrs. Lawrence is my assistant and I am a noble's daughter, I just love cooking so much." She said with a tired smile.

"But you act, normal," she giggled at my words and stood up straight.

"I prefer to leave the shouting to her, and the cooking to me. Plus, I feel it's disrespect, she is far order than I am and have a lot of experience, just too lenient when it comes to the girls... Well, I am too, but times like this is when I get snappy, hope I didn't scare you?"

Nice, she was so nice.

"As long as you didn't bare your fangs at me like Dawn did on my way here, then no, I'm not frightened." I saw that vampire lady from the other night, she hissed at me.

"Dawn is one of the king's... Whatchamacallit, whores, so she isn't happy that the true mistress is home. I myself I'm happy, at least I wouldn't have to deal with her bossiness because she is the king's third favourite."

My throat had gone dry, he had whores living in the house? "Slice this honey," she said sweetly, passing me 3 dozen of carrots. I picked up the knife shakily, my heart felt like it was being strangled. "I don't know what the king was thinking when he let his fifteen whores stay in the house, maybe for faster service. His favourite is Raven, she's going to be a problem for Her Majesty. I think he should have sent them out before she came, but a cruel man remains a cruel one... Darling, are you alright?"

"Y...y...yeah," I stammered and smiled, "so, wind power, huh?" I asked, changing the topic.

"Oh no," she laughed, waving it off sheepishly, "I can only blow people away when I yell with anger, it's my silly powers. Not all nobles have powers, but those who do are valuable. Mine is only useful in ordering people around, that's why I'm the governess of the house."

"I thought you were the cook?" I laughed.

"I'm in charge of everything, I like to think myself as Super Lida, being everywhere at the same time, saving the castle from utter cha... Hey! I said rinse the vegetables, not wash them like your dirty laundry!... Sorry about that honey, where were we?"

"Washing vegetables," I laughed. She blushed and pouted. "Thank you Lady Lida..."

"Oh pe-lease," she said with an eye roll. "Lida would be just fine, now slice those things faster, we don't have all day."

To say the least, she was the sweetest vampiress so far. I convinced her to let me cook the king's meal, she didn't even care much, just let me do it. After cooking, I walked back to my room, changed into something cleaner. I wore a short lemon pleated flare dress with long sleeves and green waistband. The dress fell off my shoulders and plunged down to the hollow of my breasts, at least the beginning. I packed my hair up with my pearly hairband and powdered my nose. I walked out of my room and head to the dinning room, ready to give the maids the shock of their lives.

I met Kassandra and Axel on the way, their hands were interlocked and they were lost in their conversation. I walked behind them, listening to them share info about themselves. Sandra looked gorgeous in her black dress, her hair down like a princess. The guards opened the doors for them, they walked in but then they blocked my way. Do I really look like a maid or are they trying to insult me?

"Excuse me?" I asked upsettingly.

"Sorry, King Finn ordered that you be fed in your room,"

"Because I'm an animal, huh?"

"More like a dog," I turned around with anger, a vampire lady stood there smirking. "Excuse me," the guards let her pass."

"Yeah, forgot I don't belong here,"

Do you know how that hurts?

I turned and walked out, he thinks he can treat me anyhow, then he has another thing coming. I walked out to the nearest water system I could find, a lake in the beautiful garden. I was leaving, I had to leave. Did Finn have to embarrass me? Yes, he had to, he's heartless.

"Suzanne," I released a breathe I didn't know I was holding and ran into Claudia's waiting arms. It was like she knew I would come here and was waiting for me. I broke into tears, sinking down to the ground with her. "It's okay..."

"No, it's not! He hates me! Do you know he has fifteen whores and many vampirinas are after him? I will never get accepted whether as a mermaid or a human, I see that now..."


"No! Don't tell me everything will be okay, don't tell me everything will sort itself! Don't say since when did you care about what people thinks because I do when it comes to someone my heart keeps beating for! You don't know how it feels like to be rejected because you are different! I have spent my whole life in rejection! Rejection was the reason my mother and I were cast out, the reasons I was almost killed as a child! The..."

"Kymopoleia!" My eyes widened, I sprang away from Claudia, she didn't know my real name.

"Who...who...who are..." Her body turned to water and ran back to the lake. The leaves of the trees shook as the wind blew against me.

"Whenever you are sad, all you have to do is sing and dance." Her voice echoed in the wind.

"Mother," I sobbed, "mother please, are you alive? I need to know! Mother!"


I fell on the ground, catching myself with my hands. My tears fell off my eyes, hitting the ground in it pinkish red diamond pearls. I haven't cried since I left, I refused to cry but I was now, mother and Finn. The wind became more intense, the sun hid behind behind the black clouds, the trees began to shake violently.

You can't get mad, you can't curse everyone in the castle Suzanne, open your mouth and sing!

What use is that? They all hurt me!

Kymopoleia, sing... Mother's voice whispered in my head this time.

I forced myself up and walked to the lake, I took off my shoes and walked into the cold water. The peace I felt immediately I was back where I belonged was comforting, I forgot everything.

"Heaven open

Pour on me

Clouds shout out

Weep on me

Let the rhythm of your anger

Soothe my rage

Let the moist of your tears

Remind me of who I am." I sang. The clouds let down it rain, the drum of thunder followed it music. I sighed and listened to the sound, my tears had melted on the soil and sprouted into flowers. I did the only thing I could do.

I danced.

Finn's standpoint

"Where is Suzanne?" I asked her sister.

"I should be asking you that," I glanced at the people around the dinning table, Claudia was angry for some reason. "I am leaving this castle because I can't stand you or any of your kind, but I will warn you not to hurt my sister, she is not a slave and I did not let her come here to suffer.

I have been around long for the sake of their protection, I refused to rest because I want them to be alive and not face death like I did..." Her eyes turned red. I stood up immediately, this wasn't Claudia.

"Is anyone seeing what I'm seeing?" I asked, looking around, no one was seeing her except me.

"I will not let what I have spent years defying Hades for be wasted by a dead soul..."

"Who are you?" I demanded.

"Who am I?" She laughed, "I am Claudia Wolf."

"You died, didn't you?"

"But came back to protect my sisters, my time here is up and yes, I can't do anything to stop you from hurting them, however I will leave you with a warning. Unless you want the curse of a broken sea maid on your head, I'll advice you trend with caution. I will not warn you again." And with that, she disappeared.

Funny, a ghost was threatening me. Who would have known the eldest died a long time ago but was only staying with them. The repelling magic around my castle must have weakened her powers and was forcing her to return to the underworld where she belonged. Good riddance then.

The cloud had thicken, strange powers somewhere.

"Where is my mate?" I asked out loud, lowering myself back to my chair.

"She said she wouldn't want to waste her time sitting with you," Raven replied, smoothening her dress. I peered deep at her, she fidgeted.

"Raven, what have you done?" I demanded the answer out of her.


"Speak!" Axel roared.

"I told the guards that you ordered that she eat alone in her room because she is a pet, then she left..."

"How dare you ordered such! Over the king's mate!"

"The clouds... Suzanne!" Sandra flew out of her chair and ran out of the dinning room. Raven fell on her knees and begged. Suzanne would be sad, I didn't order such. I was looking forward to sitting with her, to eat with her. I always ate alone, and thought...



"Behead her," I deadpanned and stood up. She cried out in panic, "followed by Dawn..."

"Your Majesty..."

"And every other one of them should be out of my castle before I get back."

"As you wish."

"Your Highness please..." I ran out of the dinning room, ran in front of Sandra and blocked her way.

"Where is she?"

"If she's sad, she would be at any available waterbody or..." I dashed to the garden lake, she had to be there and she was. Suzanne stood in the lake, dancing to the music in her head. The rain had drenched her completely, she would fall sick.

"Suzanne," she froze, "you should get out of the rain, you'll catch a cold," she dropped her hands and nodded. Suzanne stepped out of the lake barefooted, she walked over to me and lifted her face up. Her eyes were glistening with either tears or the rain.

"Did you really tell them to make me eat in my room because I'm your pet? Did you order them to insult and treat me with disrespect because I'm nothing but a slave to you, not a mate?" Her tone was distraught, urgent like she just needed me to lie to her.

"I made the mistake the first time, I will never make the same mistake again with you. We might fight until you grow old and die so I can have peace, but no one, not a soul will disrespect you as long as I am alive. Do you..."

"So that was Raven, no?" She asked expectantly, her eyes shining with excitement. It would be so easy to break her, saying the opposite of the truth was all it took.

"No, I didn't give that useless order and I never wi..." She hugged me, she suddenly hugged me. My eyes flew open in shock at her unexpected and unpredictable action. She tightened her arms around my waist, resting her head on my chest.

"Thank you, thank you," she sobbed, "I wanted to surprise you with what I made for breakfast, but it has been ruined now. Don't worry, I will prepare something else for you."

"Suzanne, you are hugging me?"

"For this moment, for this very minute, please let me stay in your arms or my heart would never stop beating. We are still enemies and you must surrender to me, I must win the battle but for this moment, just hold me like you have been yearning to. Your heart is accelerating, I know you want to..."

"Get away from me before I bite you," I threatened. I was waiting for her "I dare you".

She giggled. "Good luck trying to look for the fool in me, now shut up and hug me."

"After now, it never happened, right?" I asked just to be sure she wouldn't use it against me. We had angrily yell at each other and declared war earlier that morning. The first person to surrender becomes completely obedient and I wasn't going to lose.

"We never met."

Good enough for me.

I placed my chin on the crown of her head and pulled her closer. I'd wanted to do that since Kale brought her. Just for that moment under the rain, we were mates.

To be continued.

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