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Through The Shadow-Episode 9




Through The Shadow-Episode 9
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


   "Like it huh? " He smirked and took another drag Puffing it again into Louisa's teary face.

"Stop it.... please"Louisa sobbed.

"I can't my sweet. It's part of me already. It's feels so good to smoke, drink. Thiis shit calms nerves" he retorted instantly and blew the smokes again on her face.

"I'm doing you a favor " he paused and then removed the cigarette from his mouth.

"Take it" he ordered.

"Please don't do this " Louisa begged covering her face in fright.

"Take this damn thing! " He thundered causing a great shiver to run through her spine.

With Both hands, Louisa fearfully took it from him.

" That's good. Now take a drag" he lowed his voice.

"No please..I can't. I don't want to" Louisa begged.

"I said TAKE A FUCKING DRAGGG!!!!" He yelled to her face.

" I can't... please.." she stuttered.

Jonathan was furious. He hated giving orders and getting a defilement in return. Without a second thought, he landed a dirty slap with his rough military hands on face.

Jonathan was heartless. His mind twisted inside out. Joining the military force , becoming a soldier stole his conscience away. Though he's retired . Since he no longer uses his violence in battles, he now melts it out on poor Louisa.

Løūïsã gasped the moment his hand landed on her face. Her breathe turned hard and her face purple bleached. The cigarette on her hand fell to the ground. 

This triggered him more. Jonathan picked it up and took a drag from it. He stood up and smiled wickedly.

" You know what I've been thinking? Natasha is dead. And it's been two cold months with out her"
He paused and took another drag. 

" ... and I feel so lonely and hungry. I've lost my food. But on a clear note and hard thought. I became aware that I have a new food. One that's freshly made and smiles so nice.

I realized that I've got YOU. If I have you. I'll no longer be hungry or miss my wife." He stopped. Focusing and grinning wickedly at her.

" I think your smoking lessons are over. It's high time you learn a new trend." He clearly stated. Throwing the cigarette across the room.

He reached for his trousers and began to unzip.

Louisa understood what he was trying to do. She gasped breathing hard.

" No...." She weakly coughed. Standing up from the chair.

" Stay away from me!" She yelled in tears.
Jonathan didn't mind. He kept working his fingers on his trousers. He gently pulled off his shirt.

'' I am hungry Louisa" he crooned.. 

" No get away from me" she cried , running to her room as Jonathan followed behind.

" You monster!!" She cursed .

" You can't hide from me. I thought I made that clear already. So quit trying and do as I say" he forcefully pushed into her room.

"This place will do" he added removing his trousers as he looked stacked naked.

Louisa covered her eyes. She's never seen a naked Man before. Especially someone that's old enough to be her father.

" Don't be shy. You'll have all of me" he stated  as he got hold of her and ripped off her gown.
Her pants wasn't left out. He tore it away and then pushed her to the bed.

Louisa couldn't help but scream. Jonathan quickly covered her mouth with his palm and she aimlessly struggled to Break free.

She bit his hand which was on her mouth so hard causing Jonathan to flinch in Anger as he landed another dirty slap on her face.

"Quit fighting and feel the pleasure. He muttered. Widening her legs.

A/N⚠️WARNING⚠️ this is Rated🔞🔞. Read at your own Risk ‼️‼️‼️‼️

       " Can't wait to get inside you" he smirked wickedly .

   He then used his Erection to rub her thighs. Moa+ning softly. Then he bit her nipples, feeling the tender warmth. He cupped her breasts which wasn't a handful and suckled roughly on it.

He then traced his fingers down in between her legs. Picking her cl+it. Causing Louisa to groan in pain.

His hand were still squeezing her breasts with reckless abandon as he dipped his fingers roughly into her. 
Louisa screamed in pain.

''stop it pl.... please" she hopelessly cried.

But Jonathan didn't give ear to her cries. he felt so much pleasure he what he was doing. He kept on with the act. Thrusting his fingers deep in and out of her. Until he could no longer bear the urge to taste her. He wanted to be inside of her so bad. He needed her right now.


Driven by that sex drive, he climbed  on her. Widening her legs more for him. And within a blink, he Thrusted his Erection hard into her. Breaking her hymen as blood sputtered all over his D+ck.

Louis's eyes almost fell off her socket. She screamed hard in horror. She has never felt so much pain like this before.

She gasped for breath has Jonathan kept thrusting in and out of her. Banging her hard with a Swift velocity.

She was so tight and he made him go crazy in pleasure. Her V perfectly clamped around his D+ck and felt a wave contraction in him. He was close. He increased his pace and quickly pulled out and poured on the bed when he felt his org+m. 

Yet again he Thrusted again. This time deeper into her.

Now the pain was just too much for her to bear. She has no strength left in her to fight him off. He is clearly no match for her miniature self.

Hot tears rushed down her puffed eyes. She heaved in and out rhythmically to Jonathan's thrust.

It hurts so much. She thought she was gonna split in two. It was an  unbearable inner torture for her.

Jonathan wasn't bothered. He continued what he was doing. Sweating profusely and not minding his weight on the poor girl.

When Louisa felt he wasn't gonna stop soon. She slowly drifted from reality. Giving Jonathan more reason to have his way with her.
She blacked out.

  This Louisa remembered as her contenance dropped. 
After her parents death, she's has never known good. Nobody cares at all.

Getting bullied in school, abused by her uncle, little or no care from Natasha her aunt shown her that there's nothing good in people.

The world is cruel and filled with aliens called people.

But first thing' s first.
    She's gonna see a lawyer and then report the case to the station.

On her way back, she'll drop at John's place for her car. She'll get a mechanic close by to repair it.

And... she'll stay a little longer for some bottles. She'll drink and smoke for a while before coming home. At Least by 10pm or 11pm
 She thought ...and then it dawned on her.


Ciara was around. She can't keep late nights with Ciara alone at home.

Holy Crap! 
This is bad.

How is she gonna cope without her cigs and drinks?!

Really, Bayley was damn right.

Here comes Responsibility! 
Hope she doesn't screw up.

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