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Through The Shadow-Episode 8




Through The Shadow-Episode 8
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


"I think I have done my best Louisa. I gotta go, got a date to catch"
Bayley Notified looking at her her watch.

"You and your countless conquests...I really pity you" Louisa sighed standing up.

"Let me walk you out "she added.
And bayley nodded her consent.

"I'll be back Ciara. Just give me a Moment. Meanwhile , you go to the kitchen and serve yourself"

Louisa smiled at her and walked out with bayley.

"Since when did you start smiling?" Bayley asked teasingly.

"Don't start now" Louisa shrugged.

"No I gotta say it. I can barely remember the last time you smiled.

Now you just smiled genuinely.
Ciara's just half a day old in your house and I can already see her effect on you"
Bayley retorted.

"I really like her Bay.. she somehow reminds me of myself. I just can't help think such.
I feel so warm when she's with me" Louisa confessed.
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"Good for you  my dear friend. But you should know a lots gonna change with Ciara around"

"What do you mean?" Louisa arched in puzzlement.

"Your keeping late nights , smoking and all. It's gonna change m you now have a responsibility"

Bayley clipped.

Louisa never thought of that .
"Damn you are right. But I have to think straight and the only way I can do that is to puff some smokes and drink.

It's already a part of me Bay..with time, she'll understand"

"You really think so? Or I'd say you are gonna teach her to do Same.

Remember she's still a kid. And kids tends to learn fast.

You are going to spoil her if you continue this way."
Bayley stated Matter of factly.

"Look who's talking..
I'm way better than you are.i only drink , smoke and kick a*ses.

But you, you smoke, drink and f**k anything on shorts.
Am not you and I am not contagious"

"Excuse me dear friend, point of correction, it's not everything on shorts I f**k.
I don't f**k for the pleasure, I f**k for the cash. The gain,.

I am not you is goddamn rich. You've got companies worldwide.

I am just a casual business person who clearly sticks to her customers." Bayley defended.

"You made your choice Bay. I offered a helping hand.
I offered you a job..a well paid job to keep your a** busy in my company. But you declined.

That's no one's fault ..
I did what every good friend would do"
Louisa stated.

"I know you did. But I declined for some reasons best known to be and mind you, I also did as much for you... Remember?

When Jonathan Bucks did bad things to you.

Spanging you to smoke, forcing you to drink alcohol. Beat you hard if you spit it out.

And Even when he ...

"That's enough! I don't want to hear that part. 
It' still hurts me till date. Feels only like yesterday he did all those to me.

Yeah I agree. You stood by me all those times. That's why we are friends.

We hold each other's secret and nightmares.

And I'll never stop hating people.
Men especially. They are all same. All they do is sex you and go like it's nothing. They are ruthless" Louisa said bitterly.as she remembered those ugly years..

She'll never shed tears for it again. Her tear gland is exhausted already.

"I'm so sorry isa...for reminding you such horrid past. I'm really sorry. 

Jonathan deserved whatever came to him."

"Yeah...sure he did! 

So Bay, this is it. I really can't go further. You can board a taxi from here..

Your conquest must be waiting for you" Louisa added.

"Yeah...he must be.
Bye Louisa, just wish me luck" Bayley giggled and quickly walked out of the gate.

" Best of luck. You do need it"
Louisa said and turned back heading to the mashion.

Bayley is right. She now has a responsibility.
She prays hard not to screw everything up. 

She prays she relates well with C.C .

She hopes she doesn't turn up like Jonathan Bucks.
Cause whatever he did to her turned her this cold and made her a shadow of herself.

Two Months After Mrs Bucks Death.

"LOUISA!!!!" Jonathan shrieked scorching the rooms for her.

"Where is that little pest?" He added.
"Come out now Louisa. You can't hide from me" Jonathan scoffed, still searching for her.

He barged open her room door but she wasn't there either.
" I know you can hear me Louisa..
Better come out now and make this easy for the both of us...I don't always have to do it the hard way" he cranked.

     There in the wardrobe hid Louisa. Terribly scared.

Her uncle was gonna start up his rubbish lessons with her as usual.

Her aunt Natasha Bucks died of cancer two months ago.leaving her at the mercy of her ruthless husband.

He's definitely looking for her to teach her those sick smoking and drinking lessons.

And if she dares resist him, he'll beat her up mercilessly as if she was a dull.
She is really scared right now. So so frightened.

She couldn't help but son. And that actually gave her in.

Her uncle's thunderous shouts made her whimper in fear.
And Jonathan devishly traced her sons to the wardrobe.

"Come out you!" He pulled her by the hair .

''you thought I was never gonna find you?" Her added dragging her out of the room.

"Stop it please...you are hurting me. Let me go" Louisa tearfully struggled with her muscularized uncle. He was surely no match for her.

"Stop that you Imp! " He slapped her hard across the face. Causing her to spit out blood.

"That's what you get anytime you dare defy me or make me search the house for you" he stormed still gripping her by the hair.

Louisa gasped.
Her eyes shut in pains as tears flowed endlessly.

Nothing can express the pain she was passing through in the hands of this man.

Another struggle with him will result to another slap.

So she maintained herself and swallowed her cries.
Just muffled groans escaping her throat.

Getting to the sitting. He pushed her to the chair.

''sit there!" He ordered.

He moved over to the table before him and picked up the lighter and a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.

He lit it and took a long drag.
He then bent over to Louisa and blew it on her face.

Causing her to cough so hard .

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