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Through The Shadow-Episode 18




Through The Shadow-Episode 18
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


"Don't tell me you are jealous Louisa. He's your worker for chrissake. You can have him all to yourself other times. But as for tonight, he's mine.  Get over it😜" Bayley rang out.

"Jealous? Jealous?? " Louisa chuckled.

"What's amusing you wierdo?" Bayley stopped abruptly.

"What will I be doing with seon??  " Louisa scoffed.

"I should ask you that . Not like......
HOLY MOLLY!!!! Who the fuck us that???????" Bayley's voice trailed off as her eyes fell on a hot dude.

"Who the fuck is he?" She asked Poppin her eyes in admiration.

"I should ask you. When you go out there inviting all of your Dick and Harry Conquests" Louisa retorted bluntly.

"OMG Louisa I think he is coming here" Bayley squealed.

"Hell No! " Louisa grunted as he walked closer to their direction.

"You better take us to the room before you waste more time with him Bay. You ......... uhh...too late" Louisa exhaled in defeat.

The super hot dud her friend bayley was drooling over is already a few feets away from them .

His Well built abs stood Visible on his T-shirt.
Oh poor T-shirt, trying to accumulate all those work out on his body. Louisa pitied it.

"Hello Angel's" he waved as he came close. 
Louisa took a hold of little Ciara 
" Hi cutie" Bayley ethused.

"Such a great party you have here" 

'" thanks for your compliment...I get that Alot"

"You are welcome. Was actually looking for the restroom. You know I need to...

"Yeah yeah... I understand" Bayley smiled cutting into his words.

"But before I show you to the restroom. Could you please just wait a little so I'll show my friends to their room?" Bayley asked giving him a pleading eye.

He nodded
"Hello ladies, how's the night going?" He asked with a fluent smile.

Louisa huffed in an annoying manner and looked away...
"oh... they are enjoying it" Bayley answered for Louisa. She saw Louisa's reaction towards him.

"... Besides her name is Louisa and she is Ciara" Bayley introduced them to him.

Louisa just stared bluntly at her friend. Wondering what kind of a girl she is.

"Hello little one" he moved closer to Ciara, squatting to her level.

"Hi.." Ciara whispered. 
He stared closely at Ciara for a while. Isn't she too young for such a party? 

Bayley understood the expression on his face. "She's actually here with her Guar....Sister. yes she's here with her elder sister. So no need of asking the reason she's here"  

"Oh...I see. Pretty faces." He complimented still staring deep at Ciara. Making her very uncomfortable.

"Bayley we've wasted so much Time already!" Louisa whisper yelled at her friend.

"Oh yeah. I am so sorry for that"

She turned to him and waved. " Be right back" 

"No problem sweetie" he replied eyes fixed on his phone.

He seems to be lost in it. He'd continously stare at the trio and then to his phone. 

"I'll be right here sweetie. I'll be right here"😏 he smirked.

😈😈😈😈HOURS LATER 😈😈😈😈
"You better have good news Diego" Ma'am schwez bulged out in disgust.

"Off course I do" he smirked.

"Interesting. Well then, have a bit " she grinned pointing to a vacant seat opposite her.

"I have found her" he Notified.

"You must be joking" ma'am schwez stated in disbelief as she picked up her pipe .

"I saw her at a Bitch's party."

"A party? Huh? That creep has gone wild" Schwezilia scoffed.

"But there's a problem$ he shuffled.

"What's that?" She twitched.

" She isn't alone Boss. She's with Louisa Sullivan" 

"Louisa Sullivan? That freak? That freak got some nerves" she jerked from her seat and briskly Walked over to the window.

She peered through it as she busied her mouth with her pipe.

"Nothing escapes me Ciara. Not even you.  What is mine doesn't hide from me. Cause I will always find it.  I am Schwezilia. And nothing escapes my grasp.


"Yes Boss"

"Make plans. Arrange your Boys. You are gonna do a clean job for me. No trace or evidence left behind.  Clean and steady. Do you understand?"

"Yes Boss"

"You can go. I need you back by tomorrow. And keep a close watch on her. 
Her movements, placed she goes, who she's always with, if she schools, anything at all related to her.

Make your job clean and report back once all this is Done.  Is that understood?" 

"Yes Boss"

"Good. Now scramble" 

With that, Diego stormed out of her office.

" You are coming back to me Ciara. Even that weird freaking bitch won't be an hindrance to me. " 
Schwez mused out. Puffing out more smokes from her Mouth and nostrils.


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