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Through The Shadow-Episode 15




Through The Shadow-Episode 15
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


 Louisa stepped into the sitting room as she gently slide the door close behind her.

She hasn't taken an overview of the room when her eyes suddenly fell on Ciara on the couch.

'OMG! She's up' Louisa exclaimed within herself as she moved closer to her. 

"Hey" she said almost in a whisper trying to gain her attention.

But Ciara was already asleep. She fell asleep on the couch not too long ago. Louisa seeing that, gently ran her fingers through her silky hair, removing the tuft that fell over her face.

Ciara felt hands on her. She gently opened her eyes just to see a smiling Louisa before her.

"Where have you been? I was so worried" Ciara faintly asked.

" You never had to be. I am back now" Louisa replied softly, carrying her into her arms.

"You need to rest. Tomorrow is Saturday" Louisa added making way to her room.

" I thought you were...." 

"That's okay CC. We're gonna get some rest now. You don't have to talk much" Louisa cut into her words...

She entered Ciara's room and gently placed her on the bed and covered her warmly with the duvet.

"Good Night C" Louisa kissed her hair. Ciara smiled softly at Louisa.

Louisa was about to leave when she felt Ciara's hand clinged to hers.

"Is that why you do every night? Going out to drink?" Ciara innocently asked . Leaving Louisa so dumbfounded and speechless...

" I wake up all nite and you are nowhere near the house. 
Don't look surprised. I wasn't trying into your affairs. Your breathe gave you in. 
Your breathe tells everything" Ciara added.

Louisa exhaled sharply. Her breathe,
Her breathe definitely stinks of alcohol. She didn't remember to wash up before talking to Ciara. 
Smart kid.

"How come you know I do leave the house whenever you are asleep" 

"Yeah I know because I wake up every night and go to your room. But you aren't always there" 

   Louisa felt bad for what Ciara just disclosed to her.  But why does she wake up and go to her room every night?

" Ciara. Why do you always wake up at night and go in search of me?" Louisa asked.

" I am having nightmares Louisa. Terrible Nightmares" Ciara shuddered.

  Louisa drew closer to Ciara. Sitting on a close edge.

"What about it?" She asked placing C.C's soft hands into hers.

   Ciara exhaled deeply, 
" It's about KAC. I see her taking me there. But the thing that frightens me most is that she isn't taking me to my old cell. She takes me to another cell entirely" 
Ciara's voice grew cold.

"That's never gonna happen Ciara! Schwezilia will not take you back there! She will never take you away from me! I will Never allow such"
Louisa cupped her little face. " You hear me? She will never find you!" She stated Matter of factly. 

"I am so scared Louisa. I got to know that dreams mostly comes to pass. I don't want to go back there.. it is horrible" she cried on Louisa's shoulders.

" This Dream will never come to pass I promise you! I swear to you that I will always protect you. At any cost!. 

Schwez must have given up search for you. It's been a month and there is no attempt. I see no danger on our way. She won't find you. You are perfectly safe" Louisa assured, wrapping her in her arms. 

" I am really sorry Ciara. I have not been fair these past weeks. I haven't been there for you when you needed me most. I am so sorry" Louisa genuinely apologized smoothing her soft hair as Ciara sobbed.

"You know what? I'll sleep with you tonight. Let me journey down with you to your dream and see if that stupid schwez will come back to threaten you. If she does, I'll plant my fist so hard on her face that when she wakes, she's gonna be so shocked and scream her eyes out " Louiy boasted loftily to Ciara.

" I'd really love that" Ciara smiled.

Løūïsã planted another kiss on her hair as she climbed the bed to Join Ciara. Covering themselves with the bedspread.

"Dammit you  worthless Bastards!!!! How long is it gonna take you to find one Shitface kid?" Madame Schwez raged out. Smashing a bottle on the wall.

he fearfully flinched. Trying to avoid her burning gaze.

"We are still on it Boss. We have thoroughly searched every nook and cranny of this town. But she is nowhere near it" the leader of the gang replied with a croaked voice, his head lowered in shame. Unable to glance at his fuming Boss.

"That kid gotta be somewhere near St.Lucas . If she can't be found within this premises, extend your seARCH!!!" 

"Okay Boss! We shall do just that" he replied almost immediately.

"Oh.. so you were waiting for me to tell you how you'd go about the search huh? Useless fools!!...

Now scramble out of my sight before I blast your brain out for the dogs to feast on!" 
She threatened. Causing him to scurry out of her office in a horrified state.

"Bunch of Incompetent idiots!.... So useless.  Dummies! Just one kid and you are giving me worthless excuses...."

She paused, taking a heavy drag from her pipe. Puffing the smokes into the air.
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"That kid knows too much! I rather die than let her out of my grasp. She's gonna leak my secret to the FBI's. I'm doomed if that happens." 

"Damn that little bastard! She thinks she can slip out of my watch just like that?  You must be in a million years joking. 

I am coming for you. I will get you no matter what! Even if it takes years, I am gonna get you! You are mine CIARA!  You are mine!!".

Ma'am schwez grinned wickedly puffing out more smokes from every hole in her face.

"...and when I finally bring you back here, I surely know the cell that suits you😈😈"

She nodded silently. And continued with her pipe.
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