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Through The Shadow-Episode 12




Through The Shadow-Episode 12
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


   Two days deadline was over. The newly transferred employees arrived before 9@m for the board meeting.

They all sat round a table facing each other. All eyes fixed on their Boss Louisa Sullivan as she began her speech.

"We are all aware of the loss we had few days ago. And amongst us,we have two new faces which were summoned as a result of the company's great loss. One from Cebu, the other from New Jersey" ...all eyes fixed on the two of them 
"Please formally introduce yourselves" Louisa gestured.

A lady smartly dressed in a plain black skirt and a sleeve pink top stood up.

"Hello everyone, my name is Mara Castillo. From Cebu (Philippines)" she smiled broadly. Returning to her seat.

Louisa scoffed, what's amusing this Cebu girl? Why is she smiling? Who is smiling with her?
Huh🙄 Dummy! 

"Over to you" Louisa gestured turning to Mara's partner.

He stood up and began. "Good day my fellow ladies and gentlemen, My name is Seon Nichols. I must say I am very happy t....

"Sit your a** down please. I asked for just your name. Not some courtesy" Louis fussed out cutting him off his speech.

The board members couldn't help but giggled silently. Seon sat down feeling bad about the humiliation. He only wanted to show his appreciation.

He isn't the one supposed to be there, it suppose to be Frank Mallory. But unfortunately, Frank is seriously ill and he is on bed rest. The letter sounded so urgent and the boss had no other option than to pick him.

Not that he's the best. Nah... He's just a new guy trying to make an impression.

Even as the board mi giggled, no one could hide the fact that seon was breath takingly handsome. 
His hair perfectly styled backwards. His dark brown eyes and we'll structured body to match.
 In short, he looked stalwart👌

Mara Castillo was also pretty, her lips full and round, her cute Philippino face and sparkling eyes.
Her eyes are so bright. Really bright and beautiful, everyone thought.

'' so miss Cebu and Mr New Jersey... Your job is to see that this company makes progress. Since your various companies has proven you both to be the best. I expect much from the both of you." Louisa sternly stated.
 No smiles on her face at all, seon thought.

" Miss patley, please show them to their various stations. I'm done with this meeting. Everybody can return to their duties" She started , standing up from her seat.

Seon's eyes almost fell off his sockets as he gawked at Louisa's fittings. God! She is so curvy and beautiful. He can't deny such fact. 
He ruminated her body with his eyes as if he was under a spell. 

He finally cautioned himself to stop staring lustfully at his Boss. He is no longer the Italian Seon Nichols.

If it was to be his old self, there was nothing to stop him from getting into her pants. 

But now, he's made his mind to focus on something more better. God help him!

     Lunch/Break Time

"It's break time workaholic" Justin said. Startling seon whose eyes were fixed on his computer.

"Oh I wasn't aware" he retorted.

"I know... first day at work, wanna work yourself out?" He chuckled

"All for the company" Seon blurted out turning down the computer.

"I am Justin Pippete" he gestured stretching his hand out for a shake...

" Seon Ni...

"Nichols" Justin cut in. Receiving his hand.

"Don't be surprised, I was at the board meeting today" Justin quickly added seeing the surprise on his face.

"Sure you were" seon frowned.

"Hey don't feel bad about what happened back there. Everybody knows Miss Sullivan. The fiery Boss lady to be that way. She isn't friendly and all the formalities has downed on her" Justin whispered to seon so he wouldn't be heard by anyone. 

"Fiery Boss lady? Why's that?" 

"No one knows. We've never seen her smile or laugh with anyone. She's always grumpy. 

Check out her records, all about trouble, fight. None to tell good of" Justin added as they both walked out to get lunch.

"What about her parents? Aren't they around to caution her?" 

"You are creeping me out dude. Where are you from really? Everybody in New York City and around New Jersey knows she's an orphan" 

"Oh..too bad i guess..I really don't know much about this Boss lady. I'm not from around here. I am an Italian".

"Wow...now you know. So I advice you to be careful with the way you handle stuffs here. It won't go down well with you and the boss if you mess things up. You understand?" 

"Yeah I do. But I wanted to ask. Have you got any reason why the Boss isn't friendly?" Seon asked on a more serious tone.

"Well, some say it's because of her pay Death when she was just 12, suffered from psychology trauma. Others say it's the death of her Aunt Mrs Bucks who took her in after her parents death. 
And Jonathan's death too. 

Mr and Mrs Bucks really took good care of her when they were alive."

"What killed them?"

"Mrs Bucks died of cancer, Lung cancer. Her husband Jonathan Bucks died of poison. Strange isn't it? 

Many people say Alot of things. But no one really knows the Reason for all of it.''

''too bad" Seon shook his head.

" Now you know who the f*CK she is, I don't think you've got any more reasons to poke her affairs'' Justin burst out.

"What? What do you mean?" Seon looked puzzled.

"I saw the way you were gawking her this morning. I saw those Lust in your eyes" Justin chuckled.

"You are talking nonsense Justin" seon quibbled.

"Stop quibbling dude. You know I'm saying the truth. Yeah we all know she's got a killer body. A body that captivates a man. Her beauty is beyond anything you can imagine. But she isn't into men. No boyfriend records. She hates Male friends like a plague. " Justin disclosed to seon.

"That's awfully strange. Such beauty" seon lamented rather sadly.
He doesn't know why he feels so bad hearing her hatred for men.

" Break's almost over man. I gotta go deliver something. Catch up with you later" Justin notified and left in a hurry.

Louisa Sullivan, his Boss, the fiery Boss lady, 
How fiery is she? How hard is she to get in? 
He asked himself. Twitching his upper lip.

Well, he's gonna find out sooner or later.
TBC ✍️

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