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Through The Shadow-Episode 11




Through The Shadow-Episode 11
Theme: The Fiery Boss Lady
Written by Angel Louis


   Louisa sat on the couch with Ciara feeling so frustrated. She checked her watch again. It was fifteen minutes past eight. This is making it the nth  time she has done that.

Ciara laid on the couch beside Louisa but wasn't sleeping. Louisa desperately need to go out. To smoke and drink. She isn't her self right now.

Before she can gain access out of the house, little Ciara has to be asleep. They have been in that motionless position about an hour now.

Louisa had expected Ciara to fall asleep like every normal child. She she is still wise awake.

Ciara on the other hand stared into space and for few moments steal a glance at Louisa unknowingly to her.

If only this girl could just fall asleep. It will make it more easier for her to go out or alternate it by smoking in the house without Ciara's knowledge.

"What bothers you Louisa?" Ciara asked snapping her out from her thought.

"What do you mean?" Louisa jerked.

"I have been watching you. You seem lost and distracted. Like you want to be somewhere else" she muttered. 
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"Are you a psychologist or what?"Louisa asked within herself. Ciara is a smart kid. 
She doesn't really want to talk about her mood. Maybe changing the topic won't be a bad idea.

"Ciara how's your new school?" Ciara understood she was trying to avert her question. 
But still.

"School is fine" she smiled. 
Ciara felt so grateful. Since her parents death, she has never been to school. Her uncle stopped her education.

But Louisa brought back her hope.

Beacon Hills High School is one of the best schools in America. Expensive though, but Louisa footed the bills without a sweat.

" Don't you think it's time you sleep? For school?" 

" No...I don't feel sleepy. I'm not used to sleeping early. I go to bed by 10 or 11. That's how Ma'am schwez trained her girls. Our sleeping schedule is tight and short.  We'd be up by 5am with cold water. " 
Ciara shuddered remembering life at Ma'am Schwezilia's place.

Louisa arched. A question has been bothering her. Maybe it's time to spit it out.

Hey Ciara. Back there at Ma'am Schwezilia's place. Did anything happen? Like men... And girls? 
You and a guy? Sleep. Together? Touch? Huh?   Anything assaultive?" Louisa tried to put words together for Ciara to understand.

 'yeah something like that happened. But not to me. To my friends and others girls at puberty. From what I've heard and witnessed, Ma'am schwez trains her girls to adult and exploit them around men. They are called TAC Teenage Affairs Cell. 

Once any girl clocks 13,she is transferred from my my cell, KAC kids Affairs Cell.

The KAC steals and pick pockets. While the TAC prostitutes. 
No one but us knows the kind of business she does." Ciara paused, her face faltering.

"What's wrong?" Louisa asked holding her hand. She has suddenly forgotten the need to smoke. That could wait. But for now, Ciara needs some spilling out. She knows too much. And it isn't good for her age.

"There's more Louisa" Ciara squirmed.
"Ma'am schwez has lots of spies and securities. None of her girls escapes her grasp. If they by any chance do. They are always found and brought back to her. 

Her spies are deadly. Ma'am schwez does this to protect her Image. She knows very well that her girls knows too much about her and she can't risk any out of her sight. 

Any one of us gets lost, she'll track them down and forcefully bring her back. And when the escapade returns, she faces torture for her deed.

Whoever proves stubborn to come back will either be gunned down at sight or tortured to death.

Louisa I am really scared. She has a torture room called 'Rest house'. Whoever goes in there hardly comes out alive.

We at the KAC could hear only their Taunted screams but no dares to go close . It smells like death itself.

Louisa I fear that no matter how long I hide. She will find me😥. Ma'am schwez will find me. She is coming for me. I strongly have that feeling.  It's been two weeks since I left there. I know she's cooking something. I know her very well.

Giving you all this information is dire. If she finds out, I won't live to tell the rest of it ." Tears welled up in Ciara's eyes.

Louisa curbed her to her chest patting her smoothly. Ciara has been through a lot. She has seen too much. She is just a kid.

Louisa couldn't understand the chemistry happening inside of her. The wave of emotion that suddenly swept her over little Ciara. Her heart swelled. She hated to be emotional but she can't help feel for Ciara.

A tear slide down her cheeks. WTF!! She gasped flinching  suddenly away from Ciara.
"What's wrong?"  Ciara asked. Pulling back to the chair.

Louisa touched her face and felt the juice that just came out of her very own eyes. Is this real? Damnit! What's happening to her? Did she just drop a tear? Was she crying?

Huh. Wierd feeling. She couldn't remember the last time she dropped a tear.

"Louisa?" Ciara arched.

"It's nothing C.C" Louisa pulled her back into her body.

"I am just worried about you" she added.

"I will try my possible best to stay out of Ma'am Schwezilia's sight" Ciara assured, wrapping her small hands around Louisa.

" I promise you Ciara. Nothing's gonna happen to you okay? I'll make sure of that. Schwez won't take you back there. You are safe with me" 
Louisa kissed her hair. She isn't much of a talker. But she mean every single word she says to Ciara.

'' I trust you. I really do" Ciara smiled and broke free from her.

She stared deep into Louisa's eyes and gave her her best smile.

'' I wonder why people tag you aweful names when really you are the exact opposite. You are a nice person with a good heart" Ciara stated. 
" Do you know why?" Ciara asked. 

Louisa shrugged. "Maybe it's because I don't treat them the way I treat you".

'' and why is that?" Ciara asked again.

"You see Ciara. " Louisa started curbing her back into her arms as they laid back on the couch.
"Some things are better left unsaid. Some decisions are best made for a reason. And my reasons for such are best known to me. I don't really trust people and I don't love their company'' 

" Including me?" Ciara tilted her head. Staring sadly at Louisa.

Louisa chuckled. "No ... not you  my dear Ciara. You are different from others" she replied.

Ciara smiled and rested her head on her shoulders.

" I see you are sleepy" 

" Yes.. " Ciara yawned

"Come let's go to your room. It's bedtime" Louisa stood up and they both left for Ciara's room.

For that night, Louisa forgot she needed to go out. She forgot she needed to smoke and drink. 
For this night alone.

What about tomorrow? 
Will she be able to scoop the urge? 
Nobody knows. Tomorrow's gonna tell for itself.


  By the Next day. The various branches at New Jersey and Philippines received the letters. 
Two days deadline! They respectively took note of that.

They know what Louisa would do to them if they try default her word or take it for granted.

A female was chosen and prepared from Cebu(philipino) LINTEL Company.

While A male was sent from New Jersey. 
They will both converge the next day to start a new day in New York City. The heardQuarters of all LINTEL Companies LTD.
TBC ✍️

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