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The Hottie Next Episode 7



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Episode 7

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


The knock on the door jolted me out of my sleep. I opened my eyes and looked at the alarm next to me.

"Sh*t! It's 8am already and I ain't up yet." I thought yanking the duvet away and jumping out of bed. 

Did the alarm ring at all? Or did it ring and I didn't hear? Or did I hear and I turned it off my by sleepy self?

In haste I picked up my towel, removed my boxers and tied the towel around my waist. I was about running into the toilet when I remembered someone actually woke me up.

The knock cane again and I ran to the living room to get the door.

I opened up before even asking who it was.

"Sandra?" I called as she stared at me.

"Hi, Good morning." She said looking at my body.

" Yeah I know I f**ked up. And you expect me prepared but it went the wrong way. Please come in, while I quickly prepare. Am sorry for keeping you waiting." I rapped running into the room again.

I rushed into the bathroom and picked up my toothbrush and I began to brush my teeth. The student at the school must have been trying to contact me.

"My phone." I thought running to my room. I walked to the room and I saw my phone was off.

"Sh*t." I said taking it and running out of the room to the living room with my brush in my mouth.

"Help me with this please. I need power on it." I managed to say to Sandra who was busy looking around in awe.

"Okay." She replied smiling and I rushed back into the bathroom. I did the needful to the nonsense in my mouth and rinsed it off before going under the shower.

I opened it and the water began to flow. I scrubbed my body and scrubbed very fast. Right now I don't care if I don't bath clean.

I have been having a clean bath for almost 30 years now. The bathing unclean now won't hurt.

I hate disappointments, I told them 8am, so I should have arrived before then.

I wonder what happened today. I am sure that alarm didn't ring. I will see to that when I am back.

I came out of the bathroom, cleaned my body in a jiffy and then zoomed Into the room to get my outfit.

It was a baggy Trousers and a body hug vest I have always worn to my trainings. All my trainings.

I wore it in haste and then moved out of the room with the comb for my hair and my bag.

I got to the living room and met Sandra standing, she was staring at the artworks on my wall.

"Why are you still standing?" I asked and she smiled.

" Nothing. Coffee?" She asked and I laughed 

" I am damn late. It's 8:30 already." I said and she smiled.

" It's prepared, and it's not very cold. You can just gulp it down." She said running to the kitchen desk to pick it.

"Wow thank you so much." I said as she returned holding the cup up to me.

She took the comb from me and I took the coffee cup and I put it in my mouth smiling.

"I put less milk. You aren't a milk person right?" She asked and I nodded gulping all down.

"No I am not. I love my coffee this way." I said and she giggled.

" Am a good guesser." She said happily collecting the empty cup from me and then running to the kitchen.

"Phone?" I asked and she pointed to a socket at the corner. My phone was connected to the electricity there.

"Thank you. You are a darling." I said picking it up. It at least had 20% on it. That should do for now. I will continue later.

I took the charger also and threw it in my bag.

"We are good to go." I said looking back to see her staring at me.

She walked closer and I kept wondering what she wanted to do. Though I really wanted to find out.

"Your hair." She said in almost a whisper stretching to reach it with the comb in hand.

"I will do that." I said staring into her eyes.

" It's fine. I gat...." She said shaking as she almost fell.

I grabbed her by the waist pulling her to me.

"Take it easy." I said releasing her slowly.

" I thought I could still stand on my toes." She said giggling.

" Please can we talk about that on our way out?" I said trying not to make it offensive.

"Sure. Sorry about that." She said picking up her bag. 

"Comb?" I asked and she passed it to me as we headed out of the apartment.

He locked his door and we both walked down the hallway smiling.

"How come did you wake up late?" She asked looking at me as we walked kinda fast.

"I guess my clock is broken. It didn't ring at all." I replied and she nodded.

" We should teach it some lessons when we are back." She said and i smiled.

" Of course. I planned on doing that when I am back." I replied and she laughed.

" When will you be back?" I asked as we hit the road.

"By 7pm. And you?" She asked looking at me.

" Anytime am done with the trainings." I said stopping a taxi for her.

" Enjoy your day." I said opening the door for her.

" Thanks Kel. See you at night." She said smiling widely.

" At night it is." I replied smiling. I closed the door and the driver zoomed off. 

Immediately it took off I picked to my heels in full gravity running down the streets heading to my school.


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