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The Hottie Next Episode 6



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Episode 6

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


"So what else do you want to ask? You look like you really want to ask me some questions." He said devoring the pizza hungrily.

"That's is actually very true."

"Actually I should just keep mute. It's just our first night together." I said and he nodded.

"Are you sure?" He asked and I nodded.

"I am. Thanks." I said picking up another piece of pizza.

"So what are you doing tomorrow?" He asked.

" I am going to work." I said and he narrowed his gaze nodding.

"Working class woman huh." He said and I nodded smiling.

"Yeah. And you?" I asked and he smiled.

"I am a coach. Boxing coach." He said and I smiled widely.

" So that's the reason for the body and the constant workouts?" I asked and he nodded.

" Maybe. There are more to that, but let's just take a yes to that question." He said and I laughed.

"So where do you coach?" I further asked sipping my wine.

" I have a school. So I go there everyday. I was coming back when I saw you in danger." He said and I smiled.

" I really appreciate that. Never knew you would be able to get it back that soon. I lost all hope." I said sighing and he smiled.

" Thank God I passed that time. You may have lost all of your stuffs. You need to be really careful." He said.

" Yes I know. People have been saying that to me, but I don't know how to be more careful than just going on my own. Am scared, what if it's something more worse that would happen." I said and he placed his hand on mine.

"You just have to act bold. Don't let the streets get your attention. Walk fast, keep your bags tight to yourself." He said and I sighed.

" That should do." I said and he nodded.

" That was why I mentioned about having Bodyguards." He said and I laughed.

" I don't want anyone from my father's side. Infact I want nobody following me around the streets. Am 26. I can take care of myself." I said boastfully.

" 26? Wow. You look 20." He said laughing.

" Yeah. People say that to me. And it's quite annoying." I said and he furrowed his brows.

" Why?" He asked.

"They tend to try sh*ts with me because they feel they are older and I am just a small girl feeding from my father's purse." I said and he smiled.

" Then you don't let them try sh*ts. Not only your face will tell if you are mature. Trust me it's so cute." He said and I smiled.

" Thank you." I replied and he nodded standing up.

" I think I should leave now. I need to get to the school as early as 8am. And this is?" He asked looking around for the wall clock I guess.

"11pm." I replied and he nodded.

"Yeah 11pm. Need to rest now." He said and I smiled.

" Sure. Since you are leaving 8am, we could walk together. I am resuming work at 9am." I said and I he nodded.

" Sure no big deal. 8am." He said.

"8am." I replied standing up as we both walked to the door.

"Thank you for the dinner and chat. Really enjoyed myself." He said and I smiled.

" I enjoyed myself too. Thank you." I said looking into his eyes.

" Thank you too." He replied and we both laughed.

" So goodnight?" I asked and he nodded.

"Goodnight." He said moving close to me. My heart stopped as he brought his face to mine.

My shut my eyes and then I felt his lips on my cheeks.

"Sleep tight." He whispered and I nodded opening my eyes.

 He reached for the door and opened up walking outside.

I waved at him as he stepped outside. He smiled waving back before walking to his apartment.

I sighed licking my lips before locking the door. Why did I shiver that much at his touch?

Gosh Sandra you just met this guy, don't be stupid. You barely know him.

I touched my cheeks and sighed walking to the bedroom. I also need to rest, work tomorrow will be a little hectic because of the leave I took.

I just hope I don't see father or his friends son there cos it won't be funny.

Now things are like this, I think I should start looking for another job. Cos they will keep disturbing me at work.

I turned to pick up Christian's picture which was next to my bed. I stared at his handsome smiling face in the frame and tears gathered my eyes again.

"I miss you ." I mumbled hugging the picture tight to myself as tears dropped down my eyes rapidly.


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