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The Hottie Next Episode 23



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Episode 23

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


"One!" I called and they moved very fast hitting the punching bag.

"Two!" I called and they punched it again. I was about calling three when the door opened and Sandra rushed in with some man.

"Excuse me." I said to the students and they sat on the floor.

"Sandra." I said running to her and hugging her tightly.

"Are you okay?" I asked looking at the man that was with her.

"I am not okay." She said looking at me.

"What's going on?" I asked fearfully with my gaze still on the man.

"That's the man that drove me to the station and back. I think he knows something that could help." She said and I left her and approached the man.

"You are the next on his list Kel." He said and I looked at him like he had gone insane.

"What do you mean by that? Whose list? What is going on Baby?" I asked looking at Sandra.

"Baby please i need to sit, I am dizzy." She said and I rushed to her. I held her by the waist and led her to the chair around a corner. The weirdo also followed behind.

"Baby please tell me what happened back at the police station." I said and she nodded holding her head.

"On my way, I was warned by him not to report to the cops. I ignored him and stepped down from the taxi. I was about entering the building when I saw some stature staring at me. I rushed to the corner and I saw no one, so I presumed I was beginning to see ghosts."

"I looked up and I saw Diego walking out of the station. He looked so sad and in distress. I walked into the station to inquire about what happened. I was told he reported a case of an havoc in his apartment some days ago, and before they could catch the culprit his mother died."

"The culprit left a note that he was going to be the next to get killed. That's all, I got out and took a taxi straight to the school." She rapped.

"This is weird. Was his mother killed because he told the cops?" I asked and she shook her head.

"I don't know Kel. That's why I led him here." She said pointing to the weird man.

"Can you please explain what is going on?" I asked him and he nodded.

"Your lives are on a threat by some being which has been hiding in the darkness." He said.

"Why would our lives me on a threat? We never hurt anyone." Sandra said.

"You can't be so sure Sandra. To him, you hurt him and he wants to pay back." He said.

"Wait who is this he?" I asked.

"Can't explain that here. You need to follow me home." He said and I looked at Sandra.

"We should go." She said and I looked at the students.

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"I will dismiss them." I said standing up but she held me back.

"Isn't there anyone that can keep then busy? Any best student?" She asked and then I remembered one.

"Wait." I said walking to the students.

"Rock I need you to take care of the students till am back. There is an emergency." I said and he nodded delightfully.

"Let's move." I said and Sandra stood up and walked up to me. While we all moved outside the school.

We headed into his taxi and zoomed up very rapidly.

"It will be fine Sandra." I said holding her hands and she nodded.

"I am sure he knows what we are doing now." The man said and I looked at him.

"How are you so sure?" I asked.

"He is the invisible one now. That should be our fear." He replied.

"Do you mean he is a ghost?" Sandra asked.

"I don't think so. He is more or less an human. Due to my studies, he isn't a ghost." He siad and Sandra and I looked at each other.

"Your research?" We chorused.

"This being has been on GERARDO NURNO STREET for some months now. Even before you came here Sandra." He said and parked the car in front of an house.

"Here is the place. Highlight." He said and we climbed down the car. He led us into the house and our hands were held pretty tight.

He opened the door and walked in, we also followed behind him. We got into the house and looked around. It wasn't that bad.

"Here." He said opening a door and walking in. We walked in and we saw the room was dark. It had only only a lamp on the table.

"Why is it so dark?" We asked and he rose up the lamp moving it to the wall. Then we saw drawings and lines on papers the wall.

"I have been working on this since my family was cashed out of house 8 on GERARDO NURNO STREET." He said and Sandra moved closer.

"House 8? I heard the house is haunted." She said and he nodded.

"I thought that too. That the house was haunted by ghosts, but after some weeks we left the house I noticed it wasn't the movement of a ghost." 

"I guess this man wanted to have a place to stay so he acted like a ghost, so as to scare us out of the house and then stay living there." He explained.

"Now am confused. How does all this have to do with us?" I asked.

"since then, my eyes have always been on the house.

 Watching every step taken in the house and then i.do see a man. But when I move closer, I see no one."

"I began to suspect he wanted something when I saw this saw image of this man in your apartment some days ago."

"I placed a track on him and I noticed he was always in your apartment every night. When I try to move closer, I don't see him anymore." He explained and I sighed.

"I know no man. Why would he be after me too?" Sandra asked fearfully.

"I don't know that yet. That's what am yet to find out." He said.

"And Diego?" I asked.

"I don't know about him. But I warned her not to go to the cops because they can't do anything about this. I reported this to them before and they could do nothing. It was just a waste of time." He said.

"So what do we do now?" Sandra asked.

"We keep the cops out of this. We need to find our what he wants from your apartment. You need to stay in your apartment one night. Alone." He said.

"What!!!" I yelled but Sandra held my hand.

"Why do you think he caused havoc in your apartment? To create an awareness. Why didn't he do it in your apartment or other people. He wants something from Sandra." He said.

"That's a death sentence. She may get killed." I said.

"I will do it." Sandra said.

"No! You aren't f**king doing that!! This man is weird! All this is bullshit!" I yelled but she hugged me.

"We can't keep living in fear because of this being. We need to get this done with. I won't get hurt." She said but I shook my head.

"No!" I yelled walking out of the room.


Guys do you think Sandra should believe this man??? 

This is serious 

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