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The Hottie Next Episode 22



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Episode 22

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


The taxi I boarded hit the road and I kept praying nothing bad happens, now that Kel isn't with me.

I looked at the driver and I saw it was the same driver that carried Kel and I to the school. 

"Hey you." I called summoning courage. He looked at me through the window, just as he did when I was with Kel.

"Hey." He replied staring at me.

"You carried us minutes ago. Who are you? You kept staring at us through the window. Even if he didn't, I did." I said looking at him.

"Am no one. Am just a driver." He said looking away.

"My instinct doesn't tell me you are just a driver. You looked at us like you were something more." I said and he sighed.

"I will drop you at the station, but have this in mind. The cops can do absolutely nothing about this." He said and I looked at him in great suspicion.

"Can do absolutely nothing about what?" I asked but he kept mute.

"Talk to me! What do you know?" I asked in almost a yell.

"I know more than enough to give you an advice. Leave the cops out of this." He said and I looked at him narrowing my gaze.

"You are crazy!!!!" I said and he sighed parking the car.

"We are at your destination ma'am Sandra." He said smiling.

"How did you know my f**king name?" I asked in fear.

"I know everything about you. Please step down from the car.

 I have other people to give a lift." He said and I opened the door stepping down with my face on him.

I shut the door and he zoomed off without even asking for money.

I looked at the Police station which was across the road, and I began to think twice about talking to them about it.

"What if that driver actually knows something and telling the police will worsen the situation." I thought not knowing whether to go or to back out of the idea of involving the cops.

Since he didn't tell me anything, and why should I mind him in the first place? He is a totally stranger.

I summoned courage and crossed the road to the other side. I breathed out loud as I got to the front of the station.

I looked around me and was about entering when I sighted some at a corner. It looked like he or she was staring at me.

The person had an hoddie on, and I couldn't see the face properly.

Immediately the person noticed I saw him or her, he moved away.

"Wait!" I called running to the corner where the person was before. I got to the corner and it was clear like nothing or no one was there.

"Gosh I am going insane! No one was actually here the whole time. I really need to see a therapist." I mumbled looking up to see Diego walking out of the police station.

"Diego? What is he doing here?" I thought as I saw he looked troubled, like something bad had happened to him.

What the hell is happening? I need to know what's happening.

First, a very weird Driver. Second, I am beginning to see some sort of spirit or ghost. And now, I see Diego at the end of tears!! What the f**k is going on?

I hid in the corner looking at him as he hopped into the car with some people behind him, which actually looked sad.

They zoomed off and I came out of the corner. Now I need to get into that place and know what the f**k is going on here.

I walked into the station and I walked to the counter.

"Don't tell me you are here to report strange things and killings too. It's so tiring." The cop at the counter said.

"Yes. Who else has reported strange happenings and killings?" I asked nervously.

"The man that just left. Diego.... Can't remember his Surname. He reported someone going into his house and causing havoc and so. It sounded like a ghost crap." He said.

"That same thing happened to me! In my apartment." I said in shock.

"He came to report to the police about the havoc in his apartment, now he came back to tell us his mother was killed. And the so-called ghost left him a paper that he was next." He said and I gasped with my eyes widened.

"All these happened after he told you guys? Were you able to find a solution?" I asked in fear.

"No. We were still investigating when this happened. It's better you talked to the leader here." He said and I shook my head.

"Thanks." I said running out of the hospital.

"Now I know why the driver warned me not to go to the cops. I will get killed or someone very dear to me may get killed." I thought.

"Kel!" His name rang in my head as I stopped a taxi in haste and hopped into it.

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I looked up and saw the same driver.

"What the f**k!! Why are you the one again!" I yelled in tears.

"I warned you." He said sighing as he ignited the engine and hit the road.

"I am going to the school. I need to see Kel." I said and he nodded.

"I know. That's where I am taking you to." He said and I nodded with lots of things running through my head.

"Is there truly a ghost? Did I really see a ghost?" I thought feeling so so damn scared.


Ah Sandra won't kuku die with heart attack bayii o 

What's going on?

Many secrets yet to get revealed

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