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The Hottie Next Episode 20



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Episode 20

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


"Who the hell is this!!!!! Can't you come out!!! Show yourself you coward! I know you are hearing me!! Don't be a coward! Face me and stop the useless torment!" I yelled in tears.
Kel held me to himself running my arm.

"It will be fine Sandra. That person isn't here. No one is here." He said and I turned my face to his chest crying.

"Am tired of getting scared. Who was that written to?" I asked and he kissed my hair.

"I will find out Sandra." He said taking the paper and holding my hand.

"Let's get out of here." He said leading me out of the apartment.

"Who did I offend? Who could do this?" I mumbled thinking hard but no idea was coming. Nothing at all.

"Sh*t. We forgot the clothes." Kel said heading out but I held him back.

"You aren't going back there. I will wear one of your shirts and wear the skirts I wore yesterday." I said and he looked at me breathing hard.

"Okay then. I will get you a shirt. Though it will be big in size." He said and I nodded.

"I don't care." I replied and I followed him into the room.
He got a shirt for me and I took it from him.

"Thanks." I said letting the robe fall and I took my b*a from beside the bed where I kept it.

He faced the closet and also let his towel loose.

I looked away not to get tempted again. I wasn't really in the mood.

I wore his shirt and to be honest it was large. I mean the hand was nothing to write home about. It was like I was thrown into a sack.

I looked up and I saw Kel wore his shirt already. He was fully dressed.

"Wow. My shirt is exactly the size of your gown." He said examining the cloth on me.

"You are trying to insult?" I asked smiling.

"Not at all. You look beautiful in it." He said and I smiled.
"Thanks. But I still have to wear my skirt under it." I said looking down and he nodded.

"Yeah. Don't want the eyes of those bi**es on you." He said and I reached for my skirt to wear it.

"Sandra I promise that you would be fine. Even if it takes my last breath." He said and I looked up dressing the skirt.

"Nothing will take your last breath Kel. We are in this together and we will scale through together." I said and he sighed nodding.

I reached for the hem of the shirt and tied it,making it look more sexy.

"How about this?" I asked showing my body to him.

"Perfect. Can I make a little adjustment?" He asked and I looked at him wondering what other adjustment he wants to do.

"Okay." I said and he moved closer reaching for the first two buttons. He loosened it and I looked at him like...
What the f**k are you doing? 

He pulled down the shirt from the arm down to below my shoulders.

"Now this is hot." He said and I laughed.

"Seriously?" I asked looking at myself. He pulled me to the front of the mirror and I looked at myself.

"It's not that bad." I said and he nodded proudly.

"I ain't only a boxer. Ama wonderful designer and this time I think I would had one more work." He said and I looked at him through the mirror.

"Which Is?" I asked looking at him.

"A murderer." He said looking damn serious.

"Murderer?" I asked in fear.

"Yes. I will f**king kill the person behind all these nonsense. Even if it means rotteninng in jail." He said within gritted teeth.

"Kel don't have the blood of anyone on Your neck." I said and he smriked.

"F**k their stupid blood. If they touch my woman I will kill them without mercy." He said and I breathed out loud nodding.

"Let's move." He said holding my hand and I grabbed my bag before walking out of rhe house.

We walked down the hallway and I kept looking at the people at sat in the hallway.

"Don't you think these people saw the intruder?" I whispered into Kel's ear.

"That's true. But we shouldn't drag them into it. I know how to get that bastard." He said and I nodded as we hit the road.

"We should take a taxi. We are damn late." I said and he stopped a taxi.

We hopped it and the taxi started off. I rested my head on his shoulder shutting my eyes.

"It will be fine." He said holding my face in his arm.
I looked at the mirror in front and I saw the driver looking at us. He had a black spectacles on.

"Why is he looking at us?" I thought looking away.

Kel was busy looking out of the window, and when I looked at the mirror again he wasn't looking at us anymore. I then sighed in relieve.

We got to the school and we climbed down the taxi. Kel paid him off and he drove off.

We looked in front of the school and there was Rose boiling in anger as we approached.

"Kel didn't you check the time?" She asked in anger.

"Not again." I thought shaking my head.


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