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The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 21



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 21

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


I shed tears as Kel dug up the ground to put mother in it. It was all my fault, I shouldn't have allowed her do this.

"Sandra." I heard someone call from behind. I looked back and I saw Christian walking towards me.

"Hey." I said cleaning my tears.

"Are you okay? And what are we doing here?" He asked looking around.

"I am not fine, and I will explain everything when we get out of here. My mother is dead and I need to bury her." I said and his eyes widened.

"Mrs Santiago is dead?" He asked and I shook my head.

"No she is alive. I mean my real mother Bennett is dead." I said and he looked at me like I was going crazy.

"I don't understand." He said and I nodded.

"I know but don't worry about anything now. I will explain everything to you. You don't need to ask questions, I will answer everything." I said and he nodded looking at Kel.

"I know him." He said pointing to Kel.

"Yes you do." I said and he carried mother and put her in the ground.

"Any last speech?" Kel asked and I nodded walking to his side.

"Mother, I am so sorry. You warned me, told me there will be complications but I didn't listen. And that was because you never told me it would take your life." I said weeping.

"The best moments of my life is these past weeks. Having you beside me, casting spells, eating.. " I said laughing and crying at the same time.

"Why did you have to go now? Now that I have planned how to spend the rest of my life with you and Kel."

"But you know I love you right. I know you are there watching me and I promise to be a good witch, I promise I will hunt every bad witch down to the very last one and I know you will help me." I said in tears.

"Good bye mother." I said pouring some sand on her corpses. I shut my eyes and breathed out. The next time I opened my eyes the hole was filled up at the sand.

"Oh my God! Sandra what just happened?" Christian asked in shock.

"I am a witch just happened." I said walking to him.

"What?" He asked and I walked past him to the car. While he and Kel walked behind us.

"Did you just hear her? And why aren't you shocked?" He asked Kel.

"Because I am in love with her and she been a witch isn't going to change anything. Infact I find her damn amazing." He said and I smiled as I got to the car.

"Wait you are dating him? You are a thing?" He asked looking at me.

"Yes we are. Christian I will explain, later." I said and he shook his head.

"No. I want it now! I can't remember what today is, I remember I was in your house one time and now I can't remember anything anymore. I woke up in a car to see you and him, and I can't even remember what happened before then." He rapped and I nodded.

"Fine, this is it. When your plan crashed, you and Enzo were on it. His body got burnt but yours was not. So he asked a witch to transfer his soul into yours, and trapped your soul in his own body. Then he casted you into the river. You were there for three years and many things happened."

"I Believed you were dead, and I met Kel and was happy until we started having treats from this invisible person. On the long run I was kidnapped by a bad witch and he brought me to you."

"Actually not you but the Enzo you. He erased all memories of Kel from my head and I thought it was you. I slept with him, and just then Kel and mother came to rescue me."

"Mother gave me back my memories and she decided to help you gain your soul to your body again. She did it and almsot lost her life and when we thought it was over, we saw Enzo's soul was tied to yours."

"On the long run I got to know she was my real mother and I was adopted by Mr and Mrs Santiago. Explaining how I am a witch."

"To separate your soul from Enzo's, mother told me we would need to deep our hands into the dark parts of magic and it would have repercussions."

"But I insisted we did it because I wanted to save your soul from that of Enzo. We embarked on this journey and that was what led us here."

"We released Enzo's soul from yours, sent it into his body and cast him into the water. My mother died because of the repercussions and here you are safe and sound." I explained and he looked lost.

"That's it. So I was dead for three years?" He asked and I nodded. I looked at Kel and he smiled as he drove.

"Why did you have to sacrifice your witch mother's life when I have been dead already. You have a new guy in your life, why did you do it?" He asked.

"Because you are still my friend. And I miss you. I wanted to bring you badly and I didn't even mind about my mother's feeling." I Said and Kel held my hand.

"Don't regret it. You did the right thing and your mother knew, that's why she went ahead without thinking of the repercussions." He said and I nodded.

"Thanks Kel." I said.

"So you are a witch, and Kel is the boyfriend of a witch. I don't even believe in witches." He said and I looked at him.

"Well you have to believe now cos one is right in front of you." I said grinning.

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"Are you two insane? What are you blabbing about? If I knew this is what I could wake up to hear from the dead I would have refused to come back." He said and I looked at him in anger..

"Really? My mother just died because of you and you are saying this?" I asked in anger.

"You are such a d**k." Kel said in anger too.

"I didn't ask for all this. So please can you do your witchy stuff and just let me forget all this? Or better still kill me." He said.

"Really? Kel can you hear him?" I asked in anger.

"I can hear him. And I know the perfect thing to do." He said parking the car. I watched him come down, walked to the back Opened the door and dragged Christian out of the car.

"You want to die right? You can just stay here without food and water that would be easy." He said punching his face.

 He fell to the ground and Kel walked back to the car, started the engine and we zoomed off leaving Christian there.


Can you imagine 

This Christian is one ungrateful a**hole 

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