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The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 18



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 18

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


I smiled as Sandra kept on with her insandia stuff, she looked really cute and scary doing it. It seemed like fun and for some time, I wished I could actually perform magic too.

I kept staring at her and her mother grinning when a call came into my phone. I picked it out of my pocket and when I checked the caller it was Rose.

"Seriously? What does she want this time?" I mumbled picking up and call and moving into the room with a fake smile on my face.

Rose what do you want? And why are you calling me?

To check up on you Kel. You haven't been home since never, I was scared. I thought you would show up or call but I guess you don't care me anymore, so I decided to call.

Well that's so generous of you. I have been working.

Working? What about your apartment? The school?

Rose I would get it all back when I am back into town. Right now I need to do some very important things.

Are you sure you are okay? I could come over to keep you company wherever you....

No! Don't come.

Why? What's wrong....... Oh, you found Sandra already.

Yes I have, and that's why it's best if you don't call mean anymore. Thanks for your care.

Don't you think she should know about us?

Rose there is no us. That was a terrible mistake and regret every bit of it. So there is no us.

And how did Sandra feel about it when you told her?


Oh, you haven't told her, have you?

"Kel?" Sandra called from behind and I hung up the call turning to look at her.

"Hey." I said smiling.

"Who were you talking to, you were all whispery." She said walking closer and wrapping her hands around my neck.

"Sandra I need to tell you something." I said rapidly and she furrowed her brows staring right into my eyes making me shiver.

"Okay." She said nodding.

"I need you to forgive me Sandra. I have done a very bad thing and I couldn't bring myself to tell you since I got you back." I said bowing my head.

"Okay you are scaring me. Is it about the phone call?" She asked.

"It was Rose that called, and...." I said pausing to see her reaction.

"And...." She said.

"The day you told me I should go talk to her about the academy, I mean to give her what she wants which was a kiss and to be friends with her again." I said and she nodded.

"Yes I remember." She added.

"After kissing her, trust me it was horrible. She offered me coffee and if I turned her down she would know I was fake, so I waited to take coffee." I said and she kept nodding eagerly.

"So I drank it and that was the last thing I remember. I found myself on her bed." I said and she released her hands from my neck.

"What? She drugged you?" She asked angrily.

"Yes she did, and not only that Rose drugged me, we had sex when I was totally unconscious." I added narrowing my eyes to see her reaction.

"That b**ch!" She growled walking to the door and I quickly stopped her by jumping in front of her.

"Wait, I don't understand you. Where are you going?" I asked.

"To go give that b**ch what she deserves. So can you get out of my way now?" She asked and I laughed.

"So you aren't angry with me? But you are angry with her." I said and she nodded.

"I am not angry with you Kel. I trust you wouldn't do that if she didn't do something nasty. I was the one that asked you to go there, I underestimated that b**ch!" She said and I hugged her happily.

"Oh My witchy girlfriend, I never expected you to react this way. I thought you would freak out and punch me in the face, or rather "insandia" me." I said and she smiled.

"Of course not. You aren't at fault, remember I also slept with Christian... Or sorry Enzo in Christian's body." She said and I nodded.

"It wasn't your fault. You weren't yourself." I said and she nodded.

"That's it. We were both not ourselves, so they are the ones at fault! So I should go light her house on fire." She said angrily trying to walk out but I swept her off her feet and placed her on my shoulders.

"That's not a good idea baby." I said carrying her back to the bed.

"Why? Put me down." She said hitting my back weakly.

"Because she doesn't deserve the time nor attention. We should save Christian first, then we can take care of Rose then." I said and she sighed as I dropped her on the bed.

"Fine, but I pray she doesn't cross my part cos I will so strangle her." She said and I smiled staring at her.

"What are you smiling at?" She asked.

"You look so cute when you do that." I said kissing her and she smiled wrapping her hands around me as we kept kissing.



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