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The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 20



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 20

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


We got to the sea where we dumped Enzo's body, Kel helped to carry Christian's Body out of the car to the side of the sea.

While mother and I set up candles around Christian's body.

"We need to cast a spell to bring out Enzo's body." Mother said shutting her eyes and I held her hand to stop her.

"I will do it. Save your strength." I said raising my hand above the water and shutting my eyes.

"Sanguanom intoscia Rodich, Fesmatos Sangonya." I recited and I felt power emitting from my hand.

"Sanguanom intoscia Rodich, Fesmatos Sangonya!" I yelled and I felt a great wind blow. I opened my eyes and saw Enzo's body floating to where we were.

Kel reached for the body after it landed on the shore, and he moved it to Christian's body.

"You did well Sandra." Mother said and I smiled Happily.

"So what's next?" Kel asked dusting the sand off his hand.

"Time to separate the souls." I said and mother nodded. We knelt at the side of the two bodies, mother and I held our left hands and our right was on Christian's body.

We looked at each other and nodded shutting our eyes. We began to cast the spell.

"Rondiaba Tongium,  Sangiogia Lectupose." We said at first calmly 

"Rondiaba Tongium Sangiogia Lectupose." Our voices increased a little.

"Rondiaba Tongium Sangiogia Lectupose." We yelled and it was like a bridge was linked between us and Christian.


I looked from afar in fear as they did their witchy thing. Then I saw like some spark of black lights around them. 

I moved closer to take a closer look and what I saw shocked me.

Bennett and Sandra, their heads were facing the sky and I saw that their vein were very obvious and they were black in color.

Not only that, it was like they had pure white eyes. I was damn scared and thought of stopping them.

I looked for a stick close by and hit the black lightening wall around them only for it to backfire. I landed on the floor so hard that my body was hurting.

"Sandra stop!" I yelled but it was like they were hearing me anymore.

Their eyes were like that and their veins very black and obvious. That was when I understood what Bennett meant by deeping their hands into black magic.

"It's the black magic that is the cause of all this." I thought staring at them helplessly. I wished I had some super creepy powers too.

After minutes of just staring the black lightening wall disappeared, the black vein vanished and their eyes were closed this time.

"Sandra!" I called running to her and when I got to them they both fell to the ground.

"Sandra! Bennett!" I called. I placed my hand on Sandra's chest and I noticed her breathing had stopped.

I did the same to Bennett and she wasn't breathing either.

"No!!!!" I yelled with tears rolling down my eyes without control.

"Heeeeeww." I heard someone revive to life. I looked back and I saw Enzo's eyes open. I ignored him and hugged Sandra in my hand.

I cried on her hair wishing all this had not happened.

Just then I heard someone approach me. I looked up and I saw Enzo carry up a stick. He was going to hit me and before I could do anything....

Sandra rose up her hand and twisted it. I looked at Enzo and I saw him fall to the ground.

"Sandra." I called happily. She moved her hand to the river and then Enzo's body moved to the river without me touching it and it began to drown.

I looked at her and I saw some white substance covering the black part of her eyes. It was just like when they were casting the spell.

Her eyes became normal and she fell into my arms tiredly.

"You did it." I said and she smiled faintly.

"Mother." She called all of a sudden and crawled to her.

"Mother." She called in a shaky voice.

"Mother!!!!!!!!" She yelled in agony, her eyes were changed and this weird wind blew around the place.

"She will come back. Both of you , your heart stopped but then you came back. She would too." I said and she shook her head.

"She sacrificed her life for me in the coven, she won't. I tried to stop her but she pushed me back! She knew this would happen right from time." She said and her eyes changed to normal.

She bursted into tears and I moved close to her hugging her tightly.


Rip Bennett 

Sandra is now a good witch with dark magic for bad witches 


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