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The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 13



 (Extremely Hot )

The Hottie Next Door Season Two Episode 13

GENRE: Romance, Drama, Suspense

©️Authoreres TiFe


I stood at the window looking at Bennett as she laid on the bed. Her eyes were closed and the doctors were busy in the ward with her.

"Kel what exactly is going on? She claims to be my mother, we have the same hair, she woke up Christian who we don't know if he is still alive." I said shaking my head and sighing.

"It will be okay. I promise. Christian is just having an hard time to adjust, he will be okay." He said and I nodded.

I looked at him as I remembered he wanted to say something before Christian woke up.

"Kel, you wanted to say something to me in the car. What were you going to say?" I asked and he sighed bowing his head.

"This isn't a good time Sandra. When all this is over, I will tell you everything." He said and I furrowed my brows.

"Are you sure? You look disturbed." I said and he nodded.

"I am fine Sandra,trust me. I will tell you everything when all this spiritual whatever is over." He said and I nodded smiling.

I hugged him and he held me in his arms as we watched the doctors do whatever they did on Bennett.

"I don't know how true her claim is. But I wish she is very okay to explain to me." I said and he kissed my head.

"Bennett will be totally fine. Trust me, she is a fighter." He said and I smiled looking at her face through the window.

I was still staring when I noticed the doctors were disturbed. They kept looking at the monitor next to her. They began to press her chest.

"Kel something is going on. Something is happening." I said in a shaky voice and he held me tighter.

"The doctors will do their job. It's under control." He said.

"No it's not. She needs me in there, I don't care if whatever she saw about me was fake, or was a delusion. Right now she needs someone she could call a daughter. She needs me." I said barging in.

I got in and I saw the doctors shaking their heads. 

"What Happened?" I asked looking at them as tears dropped down my eyes.

"I am so sorry Miss Sandra. We lost her." They said and I shook my head.

"No! No! I can't lose her, we can't lose her. Their Must me something we can do. Right Kel?" I asked and he approached me sadly.

"Don't you dare tell me to take heart." I said running to her in tears.

"Bennett." I called. My hands were shaking as it touched hers. Her body was cold.

"No Bennett. You can't leave me." I said bursting into tears.

"Sandra." Kel called.

"Don't touch me!!" I yelled and a wierd wind blew in the ward. He moved back in shock and I looked at her again.

"You claim to be my mother right? Is this what a mother would do to her child? Leave her to cry? Not to teach her what she should know?" 

"You can't just give up! I need you! I don't know how to cope with this supernatural thing without you."

"Wake up." I whispered but nothing happened.

"Wake up mother!!!!" I yelled bowing my head and this time the wind was worse then earlier.

"Sandra." I heard a whisper. 

"Bennett?" I called raising up my head to see her looking at me. She had tears in her eyes.

"You did it." I added hugging her.

"No I didn't. You did child. You brought me back." She said hugging me back.

"I did it Kel." I said happily looking at him, and all he did was stare at both of us in shock.

"How did you do that? That wind...." He said using his hand to demonstrate.

"I don't know." I said looking at her and smiling.

"That was your grief child. It brought me back, the coven heard it before my spirit could cross. Thank you." She said and I smiled happily hugging her again.

"I am happy you are okay now." Kel said coming closer and holding her hand. She nodded and looked at me again.

"Where is Christian?" She asked.

"You did it Bennett. You woke him up." I said as tears rolled down my eyes.

"And where is he now?" She asked looking around.

"His memories came rushing back, so he fell unconscious again." I said sighing and she furrowed her brows.

"That shouldn't have happened. Once he was awake, the memories should have woken up with him. Did he recognize you?" She asked and I nodded fearfully.

"He did. If he had this memories, which one came rushing back?" Kel asked and she stared into space.

"There's a loophole." She said shutting her eyes weakly.

"Another Loophole??" Kel asked while I just looked at them like a novice.

"I told you behind every spell there is always a loophole." She said.

"What's a loophole?" I asked.

"A mistake. A mistake that needs to be corrected immediately." She said and I sighed looking at Kel who also breathed out looking at me.



Sandra brought her from the dead using the power of grief 

And when we thought everything was going on as planned, there is a loophole attached to the spell Bennett casted 

Sweet in the middle 

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