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Summer Picnic - Last Episode





Summer Picnic - Episode 23

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Goldy's Pov:

Tears streamed down my cheeks as they all stared at me in astonishment and disgust.

"So you weren't really Miss Marga?" Sandy spat on me.

Shame couldn't let me raise my face.

"You are such a deceitful liar" Nicky said as she eyed me angrily.

"I can't believe this! So you were just acting all these while?" Mr Alex said still in shock.

I couldn't say a word.

I was mute as they rain abuses on me.

I wish the ground could open up and swallow me.

This is the worst day of my life!

Including my worst enemy Bella was making fun of me.

Just then, Bella held her tummy and fell on the ground screaming.

"Aahh.... Aahh.... My stomach!!!" She cried as they rushed to her.

"What happened? What did you eat?" Mr Alex asked anxiously.

"My stomach.... Am dying!!" She cried

"My goodness... What the heck is wrong with everyone today?" Sandy cried

"What did you take?" Mr Alex asked

By then, blood was already oozing out of Bella's nose and mouth.

She could barely talk.

I was gobsmacked.

"I.... I.... I drank the milk on... On.... The dinning table" She coughed uncontrollably

"What? That was Miss Marga... I mean the fake lady Goldy's milkshake that I wanted to drink" Nicholas shouted out.

"What? You stole my glass of milkshake?" I asked furiously.

"You shut up! Liar...." They lashed out on me and I quickly closed mouth.

"What? You mean that milk is the milkshake she made?" Bella's asked pointing at me.

"Yes! That's hers" Nicholas said

Bella burst into tears again and started coughing as blood kept gushing out of her ears.

"Oh! I've killed myself by myself" She wailed still struggling in pain.

We stared at her in confusion.

"What do you mean Bella?" Alex asked

"I... I..... I.... I poisoned the milkshake cos I wanted her dead but now I drank it" She cried as she gasped for breath.

"WHAT?" We asked in surprise

My eyes widened in shock.

So I would have been the one in her shoes?

Everyone pushed her away as she pleaded for forgiveness.

We watched her gasp for breath until she gave up a ghost.

"Gosh! You both are dispeakable monsters? Tell me where is Marga?" Mr Alex yelled at me.

I flinched in fear.

Celine's Pov:

I drank up the glass of vodka in excitement.

Am so happy!

Finally that stupid Marga is out of the way for good.

Yes! She has been burnt to ashes.

Now my daughter is finally going to be married to the rich guy.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door.

I quickly opened the door.

To my greatest surprise, three officers walked in with Dantes.

I stared at them in confusion and shock too.

"Mrs Celine you are under arrest for the murder of Miss Marga Dantes" One of the officers said as they brought out a handcuff.

"Murder?" I said as my heart skipped.

"Ma'am I advise you to say no word until we get to the station cos any word you say will be used against you in the law court" The other officer said

"Dantes what's the meaning of this? I can never murder my daughter Marga... What are you talking about?" I said as I feigned tears.

"You think I won't find out right Celine? Well your time is finally up and I promise you, you will pay for everything you have done" Dantes said

"I don't know what you're talking about Dantes" I cried

Just then, the door swing open and Goldy entered with a handcuff.

She was very bloody.

She have been badly beaten up.

Her face and eyes were swollen and blood gushed out of my mouth.

My jaw dropped.

"Goldy? Baby?" I said as the rich guy and his children entered too with some officers.

"Are you still going to deny the truth Mrs Celine?" The man Alex asked.

I became mute.

The officers handcuffed me.

Sandy's Pov:

I carried baby Kira as tears rolled down my cheeks.

We walked closer to big picture hanged.

It was Miss Marga's picture.

Actually today is her funeral.

It is so painful to know that the only person we loved like a mother is dead.

Death is so cruel!

Why do it have to take away every single person we care for?

We were told that she was burnt to ashes.

"Sandy are we ever gonna see Miss Marga again?" Nicky asked in tears.

"No Nicky! I was told that once people die, they will no longer be seen forever" Nicholas said

"Just like our mother! We haven't seen her for almost a year right?" I cried

We burst into tears as we hugged each other.

Dad stood at the other side crying his eyes out.

I know dad loved her a lot.

Goldy and her wicked mother was sentenced to death by hanging.

Serves them right!

But I still miss Marga.

Just then, we heard some noise.

We turned around....

"Baby!" A familiar voice said cheerfully.

Our jaws dropped....

"Miss Marga?' I popped out my eyes.

"Am right here!" She said with open arms and Nicky rushed to her.

Marga's Pov:

They stared at me in astonishment.

Some people even took to their heels.

But Nicky didn't.....

She quickly hugged me tightly and I pecked her

"Miss Marga is that really you?" Nicholas asked as I nodded my head.

Nicholas hugged me and Sandy too.

"Marga! my child!!" that was my father's voice.

Tears welled down my face.

"Am sorry for not being there for you dear" Father said

We hugged each other tightly.

And then Mr Alex.

We ran into each others arms.

I know their ears is itching to hear my story.

I know your ears are itching too.

Of course I'll tell you


That fateful day....

They had me chained and locked with padlock.

And the other mean guys lighted the house.

I thought I was going to die.

Because I already gave up but then Miss Lin rushed into the room.

She quickly helped me unlock the chains.

She told me to escape because my step mother wanted me dead.

Though I was weak, I managed to escape with her before the house was burnt into ashes.

She was my saviour.

She had me taken to her house far away.

I stayed there until I recovered.


That is my story.

The children cling to me in excitement.

"Thank God! you are safe" They said happily.

Immediately, Mr Alex went on his knees.

With a box of ring

"Ever since you stepped into my life, my life changed... I've always wanted to propose to you but there were many obstacles but right now I have the chance.... Marga Dantes please be my lady forever " He said

I covered my mouth with my palms shyly

"Please say yeessssssss.." The kids said

I looked at father and he nodded his head.

I nod my head with smiles.

"Yes Alex! I'll be your lady" I said as he slipped the ring through my fingers.

We hugged each other tightly and kissed.

They applauded us.

"Thanks to baby... Cos BABY FINDS DADDY A SOULMATE" Sandy said as we burst into laughter.

Few days later...

We all travelled back to Manila together.

Goldy and my step mother was hanged to death.

And Alex and I got married..

We lived happily ever after.......

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