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Summer Picnic - Episode 14





Summer Picnic - Episode 14

Theme: Baby finds daddy a soulmate

Written by Pinky Preshy Chioma

Bella's Pov:

I was super excited.

And finally those crazy kids have gotten what they deserve.

By now they will be grieving.

Serves them right....

I corked open the bottle of whiskey.

I poured some into a glass and drank.

For the first time, Alex punished those rascals he called children.

My face beamed with smiles as I gulped down the glass of whiskey.

That was really a clever move.

But Eish....

The baby had a toilet brush on her mouth.

Disgusting! But that serves them right.

I bet they are all sulking.

Suddenly, I heard their loud laughter.

My eyes widened in surprise.

Shouldn't they be sulking?

Why are they being so excited?

I quickly sprang up and walked out of the room.

They were downstairs at the dinning.

I was still confused when I saw a very beautiful young lady.

My face countenance changed immediately.

"Who the heck is she?" I thought within me.

The lady was carrying the baby.

The kids looked so happy.

She was even feeding the baby with a bottle of milk.

For the first time, the kids were so excited.

Chattering and cracking jokes.

I was about to cut in when I also saw Alex smiling as well.

Anger burnt through me.

Who is she?

Why do they seem to love her so much?

I was disturbed!

Is she going to be the stumbling block?

I fumed in anger.

Marga's Pov:

I dished the food into everyone's plate.

"Miss Marga will you come with us to Manila?" Nicky asked as we burst into laughter.

"Yes Miss Marga! We are going back to Manila in the next three days" Sandy added.

"Daddy is Sandy right?" Nicholas asked anxiously

"Yes Nico! The summer picnic is coming to an end" Alex said as he spooned the pasta into his mouth.

I felt bad....

So the kids are going to leave soon.

"I'll miss you guys" I said moody

"But before we leave, we are going to throw a little party" Alex said

The children's faces brightened up.

They jumped in excitement.

"Really dad?" They asked in unison

"Yes! A small party" Mr Alex said.

The baby giggled happily and we laughed.

As if she knows what it means to have a party.

They have really become a big part of me and am going to miss them so much.

Especially the kids...

Goldy's Pov:

I walked restlessly up and down.

"Mother why did you do that?" I asked anxiously

"Do what?" Mother asked as she arranged the clothes in a box.

"Why did you allow Marga go to the mansion? I thought you wanted the man to fall in love with me?" I asked angrily.

Mother laughed and paused.

"I know what am doing... Of course Alex is going to marry you" Mother said

I scratched my head in confusion.

"And how is that going to happen?" I asked anxiously.

"If we treat Marga badly in front of Mr Alex then he will term us as bad people" Mother said.

I forced a smile.

"So you want Mr Alex to think we are good to Marga?" I asked

"Of course! That was why I allowed her to visit the kids" Mother said.

"So what's the next plan?" I asked

"Well you have to watch and see for yourself" Mother said as I smiled broadly.

I can't wait to have Mr Alex in my arms.

My rich handsome dream guy.


Few hours later....

Marga walked into the house looking really sad.

She was holding an envelope.

I don't care about her but I just want to find out what's in the envelope.

I sneaked into her room and searched for the envelope.

"Here it is" I smiled as I picked it up.

I quickly opened it and brought out a card from inside.

It was an invitation card.

"A party? Mr Alex is throwing a party?" I asked no-one in particular.

I smirked as I walked out of the room.

I must attend that party.

Sandy's Pov:

I put on my very beautiful ball gown.

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled.

Well today is the D day for the party.

And daddy bought beautiful dresses for us.

We were so excited and happy.

The thing is we love partying!

"Sandy aren't we getting back at Bella again?" Nicholas asked.

"Of course we are" I said

Are you surprised?

Anyways we planned on playing a prank on Bella.

Of course she won't get away with making daddy shout at us.

She's a party freak as well.

And she was getting ready for the party.

We have lots of plans installed for her.

After this today, she will definitely get her freaking self out of this house.


I tiptoed into her room.

I saw her party dress on the bed.

I quickly picked up the dress.

I brought a padlock that I hid.

I locked her wardrobe and took the keys.

Actually she only has a towel tied around her chest.

She's going to party with a towel tied around her chest.

I tiptoed out of the room and locked the door.

We laughed excitedly as I entered the room.

Nicholas had a scissors so we cut the cloth into pieces before taking the cloth outside.

Bella's Pov:

I walked out of the bathroom with a towel tied to my chest.

I looked at my bed and I couldn't find my clothes.

My eyes widened in shock.

I searched for the clothes but I didn't see it.

"Where is my dress?" I asked no-one in particular

I walked towards the door to open it but it was locked.

Oh my goodness!

This is not happening...

Those kids

I banged the door angrily.

"Open the door! Silly kids.... Where is my dress?" I shouted as I suddenly heard a laughter outside.

"That's where you are going to party Bella... Have a nice party" That was Sandy's voice.

Gosh! I hate that girl...

I banged the door angrily more and more.

"OPEN THIS DOOR!" I shouted.....

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