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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 38




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 38

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Andy .

At Don's restaurant!

I look around Don's office, everything is destroyed..... His laptop.... His desk... shards of glass on floor and his hands bleeding.

His expression is deadly....he looks like he's ready to kill anyone. I frown, why is he so angry?

"Don, what happened?" I asked him.... I gingerly dropped my hands by my side.

I hissed in pain and quickly suspend it a little.

"I'm so gonna fucking kill him!!" He roared.

I'm surprised, I haven't seen Don getting this angry.... He's always stayed calm and collected.

He pulled the TV off the wall and throws it across the office.

"That bastard! That bastard Lucifer!! How dare he?!"


"What happened? Did Lucifer...... " I trail off.

He clenched his bleeding hands and punched the wall. He turned to me and grabs my collar, he pushed me very hard but I held myself from falling.

"Your men are useless! I shouldn't have followed your plan!"

"Watch what you say, Don! What do you mean my men are useless?!"

He laughs sarcastically.

"Your men couldn't even carry out a simple task! It was so easy for Lucifer's men to finish them up and take Janice and Anika with them!"

I frown.

"Wait.... Why didn't I know of this?"

"Ask me! Not only that, Lucifer killed Janice and Anika already.... I'm so gonna may him pay for killing my sister!! My only sister!!!"

"Hold on, how could Lucifer find out where Janice is?"

I had my men take her to my safehouse downtown and besides those were my well trained men..... How did Lucifer know where they are? How could he defeat them?

"Now he has grandma!"

I snapped my neck towards him. Grandma?!

"Did I heard you correctly?! Grandma?!"

"Yes! Grandma.... We must come out with a plan to rescue her and kill Lucifer once and for all!"

Don is right, my men are useless.... I had grandma's house heavily guarded yet Lucifer's men were able to break in.

I think it's best we face Lucifer alone.... We must end this fight face to face.

Besides, grandma is the reason I have this company.... My parents paid with their lives to protect her secret..... I don't mind doing the same!

"You are right Don.... But we mustn't act recklessly. We should come up with a good plan!"

"I don't have time for planning, I want Lucifer's head now!"

"No, we must plan or we might lose before we even start the fight!"

Lucifer you have many things to pay for.... My cousin.... My grandma and for almost disabling my arms.

"Andy, how about we repeat that fire incident?"

Hmm? Fire incident.

"That's a good idea.... But we still have to plan, find way to get Lucifer inside his house before setting the fire.... We can't leave any of his servants and maids alive too, there shouldn't be a single soul alive this time!"

Everyone that knows Lucifer must die.... Burn to death together with their master!

"Yes..... But I think we should save grandma first"

"Grandma and Catherine!" I said.

He glared at me and shakes his head.

"No Catherine!"


"She already choose Lucifer!"

"No! Lucifer kidnapped her and is threatening her to stay with him"

"You are a fool, Andy. Don't let your obsession ruin our plans..... She's fallen in love with Lucifer!"

I frown. Catherine can't fall in love with Lucifer, we made her believe lucifer is a bad man.... in here memory Lucifer killed her parents.

"She can't love Lucifer.... remember she's a church girl, she hates the likes Lucifer"

He stares at me.

"Andy, people change.... Have you ever thought if the drugs are still working on her or if they wore off? What if she's gain her memories back?"

Right... I never really thought of that.

"Andy, we won't keep Catherine, she's going down with Lucifer! They will pay for what they've done to our family!"


# Catherine.

"Khalid, please, please....I promise we will come back in no time!"


"Please....I will spend only 30minutes"

"No means no!"

"Why are you so mean to me?" I whined.

"Baby, I'm not being mean...I'm just being cautious.....you know, now that we are expecting a baby we should be very careful. I can't let you leave this mansion without me by your side... I'll be so worried"

Ok, currently we are in Khalid's office. I have been begging him to let me go baby shopping with Valerie but he's being saying no.

"Ok, how about you send some guards to come with us" I suggest.

"No! I'll be more worried"


"No buts" he came to my side and carried me off the chair. "I have decided to keep this baby so I must be responsible for him....I must protect him as much as I can and we'll start by not letting you leave this mansion!"

I groan and sniffles. "I'll be bored to death!" I fake cried and he chuckled softly.

He head towards the door and steps out, he begin to walk down the stairs with me still in his arms.

My stomach growls loudly and I laughed nervously.

"That's not me!" I denied.

"Yeah, it's not you...... it's my son crying, daddy I'm hungry, cook for mommy and I" he said in a baby voice.

I rolled my eyes at his childishness.....just then, the main door open and Chris rushed in.

"Boss, Ms Jones......" He cuts himself off and smiled at me nervously.

Khalid seems to understand what he meant, he nods.

"Chris, get Valerie here and start my car, I'll be with you in five!"

"Yes, boss!" He bows and hurries off.

Khalid sats me on a sofa and held my hands.

Is something wrong with Ms Jones?

"Khalid, what's wrong with Ms Jones?"

"Nothing, baby. I'll be back soon, just eat some fruits for now... I'll cook something delicious for you when I get back"

I nod. He leans forward and claims my lips, kissing me softly..... someone clears their throats and I quickly pulled away.

Valerie stands in front of us with a blush and shy smile.

"Master, you called me" she said.

Khalid stood up and wore a serious look.

"I'm going out for some work....keep your mistress company!"

"Yes, master!"

He turns to me and winks at me. "I'll be right back!" He said and left.

I hope Ms Jones isn't in some kind of trouble!

Valerie sits next to me and bumped my shoulder.

"Mistress....." She passed me a teasing smile.

I rolled my eyes and got up.....

"Let's go check out rooms....I wanna use one for my baby's nursery!"

She jumps up.

"Ooh! Ooh! I love decorating baby nurseries!"

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