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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 37




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 37

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Lucifer .

I walked into my office angrily and slammed the door loudly.... I heard Chris wince loudly but I didn't turn back, I guess I hit his face with the door.

"Fuck! My nose!" He groan.

I slumped onto my chair angrily.

"Boss, you just broke my nose!" He complained. I glared at him and he shuts up immediately.

"What do you wanna see me about?!"

He cleared his throat and sat on the chair in front of my desk.

"Actually, boss, I wanna talk to you about two things"

He paused and studies my face.... I impatiently bangs on my desk.

"Then start talking!!" I growled at him.

He nods and begins..

"Boss, Travis called, he said they couldn't find the video and recording but they took that woman with them.... They're going back to the warehouse to lock her up!"

I frown.

"How come they didn't find it?"

If they didn't find it at her house, then it must be with Andy..... Bloody Andy Mars! I just want to kill him and end everything but Catherine wants a stupid evidence!

"Boss, they also found something else"


"Janice..... She was Andy's cousin!"

"Andy's cousin?!" I clenched my fist.

So, my enemy's family has been living under my roof.... What a perfect plan they had.... Monitoring my every move!

"We'll go to my cell later.... I need to have a talk with Ms Jones!"

"Yes, boss"

Mars.... I wonder how they successfully plant their roots in my family without my knowledge.

"Is that all?"

"Oh, I also wanna say something else, it's about you and boss lady....." He trails off.

"What about us?"

He gulps and adjust on his chair..... He loose his tie.

"I heard you telling boss lady to abort your baby..... Boss, you can't abort the innocent baby" I glared at him and he quickly add "Yes, I know it came at the wrong time.... but, it's already here why not love it and protect it.... Besides, we are all here for it, we'll help protect it and I swear....... "

"Shut up, Chris!" He shuts up and stares at me.

Why is everyone talking about keeping the baby? Why can't they see the dangers around? I should've used condoms!!


"I don't want to hear about that baby..... Catherine will abort it and that's final" I growled.

"But boss, if you make boss lady abort it, she'll live with regret all her life and she'll hate you"

She'll hate me? That provoked me.

"I don't care! The baby is mine and I'll do what I see fit!"


"Get out of my office!"

"Just try..... "

"Get out!!"

He sighs and got up..... He wanted to say something but my expression advise him not to.

"I'll take my leave" he said and heads towards the door.

I lean back on my chair and close my eyes. I wish I had ended everything that day at Andy's apartment....

I would have been happy receiving the news of becoming a dad soon.... I wouldn't have worry about anybody harming my child.

But doesn't my reaction makes me seem like a coward?



I didn't know when I fell asleep or how long I slept.... but I woke up and realized I'm still in my office. I looked at the wall clock..... It's 9pm.

I should check on Catherine.... until we have the abortion I must make sure she have her meals on time. I got up and head out, towards my room.

I met Valerie coming out of Catherine and I room, holding a tray in her hands.

"Master" she greets me.

I simply nod and gaze at the tray. She seems to understand what I meant.

"Mistress refused to eat... she's been rejecting her meals since morning!" She reports.

"Is she sick?"

"No, master"

Hmm.... then she must be skipping her meals to get my approval for keeping the baby.

"Go on, I'll check on her!"

She bows and left. I climb the stairs and head towards our room.


# Catherine.

My stomach growls loudly and I wrap my arms around it... groaning softly. I know I'm punishing myself but this is the only way I can get through to Khalid.... I hope I can get through to him by this.

This is my plan B....if it still doesn't work, I have plan C.

I hear the door open and Khalid strolls in. I quickly laid on the bed and pretend like I'm reading a magazine.

He walks towards me and stops in front of me, he sat on the bed next to me. I dropped the magazine and turned away from him and cover myself with the blanket.

"Baby, Valerie told me you refused to eat your meal"

I didn't reply him, then he continues.

"If you don't like that dish, I can prepare another dish for you"

I still didn't say a word to him... I hear him sigh deeply.

"Baby, you can't starve yourself like this, it's not good for your health" he said.

I turned to him and sat up.

"My health? I thought you didn't care about the baby.... Why are you caring about my health now?"

"I don't care about the baby doesn't mean I'll let you hurt yourself.... Yes, I don't want you to keep the baby but until we abort it, I'll make sure you are well feed!"

"Khalid, why are you hell bent on us aborting this child?"

He tries to take my hand but I didn't let him...I glared at him.

"Baby, understand me.....I love kids and I want us to have our own but this is not the right time.... it's not safe for us to have one now"

"We can make it safe.... Khalid, we can protect him together and I promise I will only listen to you.... please, let's not abort it, please"

He clenched his jaw and turned away from me.


I scoffed and stood up so I can tower over his sitting form, I placed my arms on my waist.

"You are a coward.... you call yourself a Mafia lord and you can't even protect your own child!" I shake my head. "You are a hypocrite!"

"Baby, don't overstep the line!"

"I'm not overstepping any line, I'm only saying the truth, Khalid"

He stared at me a few minutes, he got up and sighed.

"I'm not gonna argue with you, my decision is final...we are aborting that thing!!"

"My child is not a thing......"

He ignores me and head towards the bathroom, he slams the door in a loud bang.

I slumped back on the bed....my plan B just failed woefully. Now I'm left with only plan C....if it still doesn't work then I'll have to......no, I don't wanna think of it.



Khalid halts abruptly in his steps as he sees me laying on the bed.....he gulps and stares at my body, I smirked at his reaction.

Plan C is so gonna work.... currently, I'm wearing a red lingerie, a red lipstick....like, I'm a bad girl now.

He takes slow steps towards me.....baby, I'm gonna do everything and anything to make your dad let you stay.

"Baby......" He trails off.

I got up slowly, biting my lower lip sexily....I grab his shoulders and pushed him on the bed and towers over him.

"W-what...are..you...do-ing?!" He asked.

I placed a finger on my lips and shushed him, I smiled and wink at him.....his adam's apple moved slightly as he gulps again.

I slowly drag my fingers along his collarbone and I feel him shiver under my touch.

I claimed his lips and kissed him as passionately as I can. He groan approvingly in the kiss and pulls me in for more.

He wrapped his arms around my waist possessively.....I moved from his lips and trail kisses down his neck to his chest.

I grab his nipple tenderly with my teeth and he hissed in pleasure.


My hands moved down to his waist and I draw lines along his waistline.....he groan.

"Baby..... you're killing me!"

I smirked. I took his d*** in my hands and begin to stroke it just as he had taught me.....he shivered and a soft moan escapes his throat.

I think I should tell him now.....God help me!

"Khalid?" I called him softly.


I increased my pace and moved my body down.....i touched my tongue on the tip of his d*** and he hissed loudly.

"Baby.... that's...." He trails off.

"Khalid, I wanna ask you something"

"Hmm!" He hummed.

"Promise you'll do it"

My hands continue doing their work....I feel his d*** harden in my hand.

"Ok!" He replied.

I nod. I bend my head and wrap my mouth around his d*** and he inhale deeply.....and moan my name.

I start moving around him and he pushes my head in.....I gather his balls in my hand and gave it a little squeeze......

"Fuck! Baby...."

I didn't stop, I continue my business and I feel him getting ready to explode.....I raised my head and continue with my hand, slowly.

He's at his weak point now....I think it's the right time to ask him.

"Khalid... let's not abort our baby"

He groan in pleasure. "Ok.... anything you want!"

What?! Did I heard him wrong?!

"You mean, we can keep our baby?"

"Yes....we should keep it, it's our baby"

I smiled....I feel him about to cum, so I stopped and got up. I won't let him cum, that's the punishment he gets for thinking of killing our baby.

I got off the bed and head towards our closet.... swaying my hips and winking at him I went. Khalid sits up and stared at me in confusion.

"Baby, why did you stop?" He asked.

"I'm hungry....I'm gonna visit the kitchen!"

He looked down at the mountain between his legs.

"B-but...but....I haven't cum yet" he whined.

"Oh..... it's not my fault that I suddenly got hungry....and thanks for letting us keep the baby"

He narrowed his eyes at me.

"I see, so you only did that to get my approval!"

I smirk and blew him a kiss.

"A promise is a promise....you can't take back what you've said"

He shakes his head and stares at my stomach.

"Little devil, you're lucky you got a trickster Mom!" He pouts and stares at my eyes. "Then what should I do now....I need to cum. Come here and complete what you started"

I scoffed.

"Sorry, take care of that yourself!" I enter our walk-in closet.

I hear him sigh heavily. "I guess I'll go for another cold shower!" He grumbled.

Plan C.....I guess I'll go by this plan more often now!

T. B. C

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