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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 29




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 29

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


NB: Please, this episode might be filled with errors.... please manage it and correct the errors in your mind. I wasn't paying full attention when I was typing it!

# Authoress .

They're all gathered in Andy's office...... Anika, Don and Andy.

While they were sitting in silence, Andy's phone rang.

"Yes?" He answered the phone.

"Boss, we have it" one of his men reports from the other side.

"Good job! Send it to my secret warehouse.... I'll be there!" He hang up and turns to Anika.

He glares at Anika and she simply rolls her eyes, chewing loudly on her bubble gum.

"What did your men say?" Don asked him.

"They have the container now....but what I don't understand or finding hard to believe is..." He bangs on the table Anika is resting her arm. "Anika! Are you sure the documents are in that container?!"

"Yes....I have been with Lucifer since childhood and I know he valued that container so much.....the documents must be there!" She replied.

Don got up, tuck his hands in his pants pocket and walked towards Andy.

"Andy, Anika might be right about the container.....what we should be worried about is wether your boys got the right container!"

Andy thought about it and nod....he shouldn't blame Anika yet.

"But how will I be sure that Lucifer will send Catherine away?"

"I didn't come up with this idea because I want Lucifer to send Catherine away.....I want Lucifer to be distracted so you can get her yourself!"

"What?! You......"

"Andy" Don cuts him off. "Calm down.... Janice called me, she's got something.... let's wait for her, then we'll know what next to do"

"Wait for her? I'm sure Lucifer is going crazy about the lost container.... better grab this opportunity to get Catherine back!" Anika said.

Don shook his head in disagreement. "No, Janice will come and tell us the situation there.....if the security is not tight, then we'll go and get her.....we can't fall into our own trap!"

Andy glared harshly at Anika.

"If you don't know what to say, then keep quiet!"

Anika stick out her tongue at him and made an ugly face to which Andy almost punch but refrain himself.


# Lucifer .

"Boss, we tracked it!" One of my men reported.

"Where is it or where is it heading?!"

"It's heading downtown"

I punched the wall very hard and a dent formed in it.

"What are you still waiting for?! Bloody go after it!!" I growled angrily.

The door barge open and Chris strode in. "Boss, I have sent men after it"

I glared at him and grabbed his collars, I punched his face and throw him on the ground. I kicked his stomach and he groan in pain as he spat out blood.

"B-boss..." He groaned.

"Is this how you fucking do your job?! You know how important that container is to me, yet you handled it as you please!!"

He got up and wipes his mouth... holding his stomach.

"Boss, I checked it this morning before I left the warehouse....it was here...."

"Shut up! It was here?! Where is it now!! If that container falls into the wrong hands I'll finally lose everything! Don't you understand that?!"

I run my fingers through my hair and exhale rapidly.....that container is containing almost all the evidence I need.....the original documents to my parents and in-laws joint company.....my marriage certificate.... they're all in that container!

"Wasn't there any guards on duty?!"

"Yes, boss"

"Then how the fuck was they able to steal the container without the guards noticing?!" I roared but got no answer.

They're all staring at their feet. The security is very tight, tighter than the one in my mansions.....a fly can't get in without been noticed.

Unless..... there's a spy among the guards on duty.



"I want all the guards on duty to be sent to my playhouse!!" I ordered.

"Yes, boss!"

They better fucking pray there ain't no spy among them...else I'll slaughter him and use his head as sacrifice to the devil.



I sat in the living room feeling so bored....well, Valerie is with me telling me about her date with Chris.... but because I'm looking for ways to escape, I find her words boring.

I got up and head towards the door.

"Mistress, where are you going?" Valerie asked....I ignored her and open the door.

I saw two scaring face staring at me seriously, I give them a small smile and tries to step out but the held each of my arms and carried me back inside......they throw me on the sofa and went out.

We've been in this circle for almost one hour.....this time it's even worse, they locked the door from outside.

I sighed and fall back on the sofa.

Valerie laughed at my failed attempt to escape. "Mistress, just relax, master's got everything under control"

"You don't understand, Val"

"I don't understand what?"

"If we go by Khalid's way, it's gonna take ages for us to get the recording and the video.....but if we go by my plan we'll get it with ease....why can't you just cooperate with me and help me leave the mansion, please?" I pout and blinked innocently.

She shakes her head.

"Mistress, master sent a warning to me on my cell phone....he said I shouldn't let you leave no matter how hard you try to persuade me or else he'll have my head.....why can't you cooperate with me and save my head?" She copied me.

Hmm.... she's not gonna help me..... it's useless trying to bargain with him.

let's try plan C. I got up and yawned.

"I'm feeling kinda tired, I need a warm bath" I said.

"Oh, should I set the water for you?"

"No, no, no! Maybe you should go get some juice and bring it to me in Khalid's room"

"Ok!" She got up and head towards the kitchen while I head upstairs.

I entered the room and locked the door from inside....I rushed to the window and looked outside, two guards are standing there. I groan.

I rushed to the bathroom and checked the window.....I'm disappointed....there are no guards but the window got rods.

This is an epic fail.


# Valerie.

Just as I was coming back from the kitchen with the juice, I heard a crash from master's office so I rushed over to check out what fell.

I gasped in shock when I saw Janice going through master's drawers.

"Janice! What are you doing?! You know master doesn't let anyone go near his drawers!" I scolds her.

She glared at me and muttered something under her breath.

"Leave now and I'll pretend like I saw nothing!"

She scoffed.

"You don't need to pretend because you won't be alive to pretend"

I frown....what does she mean by that....then her saw her drag something out of her pocket..... it's a gun!

My eyes grow wide and I instinctively take slow steps back.

"Ja...janice... w-what are you doing with a gun?!" I stutter.

Then I remembered Chris's words..... Janice might be a bad person, it seems like it's true....I shouldn't have spoke when I saw her.


The sound of a gunshot cut me off and I stood still as the jar of juice fell off my hands and crashed down......my hands move to my heart and I feel liquids running down my arm.... dripping on the floor.

Janice smirked and said. "You shouldn't have come here..... it's your bad luck" then she shoots again.

I looked down and saw blood....a pool of blood.....I fell down and didn't know what happened next as darkness took over.


# Catherine.

What is taking Valerie so long? I know my plan failed....at least I should drink some juice to console myself.

I rest my head against the wall and close my eyes. Suddenly, I feel my heart racing....I started feeling uneasy....a nagging feeling keeps pushing me to go check what Valerie is doing.

Sighing, I got up and head downstairs, towards the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks when I saw red liquid flow down the stairs leading to Khalid's office....I frown.

What's this? This can't be blood!

I must check it out....I followed it and it led me to Khalid's office, I open the door and step in.....a loud gasp left my mouth.

I stood frozen in my spot.

"Jesus! Have mercy lord....this can't be"

I fell on my knees and lifts Valerie's head and placed it on my lap. Weren't we just talking few minutes ago? How could this happen?

"Val...open your eyes, Valerie wake up, I'll take you to the hospital" she didn't open her eyes.

Tears brimmed in my eyes and soon they start falling as I continue trying to wake her up.

"Val quit scaring me and open your eyes!" She still doesn't open her eyes or move her body.

I look around and her blood is all I saw....her blood has covered everywhere in the office..... she's losing so much blood.

What should I do? I must save her....I tried to carry her on my back but I couldn't, her body's so heavy right now.

"Val wake up" I cried.

I don't know what to do....or who to call, I'm confused.

I shake her but it's of no use....then I remembered the guards around.

"Guards! Guards! Guards, help me! There's an emergency!" I screamed at the top of my voice.

I hear heavy footsteps rushing towards us....they slammed the door open and carried Valerie from me.

"Take her to the nearest hospital... she's losing too much blood!" I said panicking.

"Yes!" And they rushed out.

Valerie's phone fell off her pocket, I picked it up and check if there's password... luckily there's none.

Since I don't know Khalid's number, I search for emergency number.....I found it.... it's Chris.

I quickly dialed it and he picked on the first ring.


"Chris!" I cut him off.

"Boss lady?"

"Inform Khalid, something happened and Valerie is in the hospital. He....."

"Hospital?! Val?!"

"Yes!! She's....." He hangs up before I could complete my statement.

I looked at the blood again and feel my hands shaking....the phone fell off my hand.....if this house is not safe, then leaving it might be more dangerous.

I'd better give up my plan of leaving for now.....I need to go to the hospital.

*Jesus please save Val* I prayed silently.


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