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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 28




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 28

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....



My cheeks hurt from how much I blushed.... I can't believe Master and mistress.... I don't wanna think about it.

"Val" I turned and Mr Chris is standing there.

He's holding a single rose flower in his hands... I instinctively put my hair behind my ear and my cheeks were extra red.

"For you!" He said and hands it to me.

I accepted it with a smile. "Thank you!" I told him and he simply smiles at me.

"C-can you come with me.... I wanna take you to a place!"

Oh my world! I can't believe this... Mr Chris is asking me out! But....my face fell.

"I'd love to come but... it's not my day off"

"Don't worry, I have spoken with the boss"

My smile came back. "Ok, but I'll have to change my clothes"

I can't go on a date looking like a milk maid. But he takes my hand and kissed my knuckles.... My free hand quickly moved to my cheek and I giggle quietly.

"You are beautiful... There's no need, you are ok just the way you are!" He said.

I nod. "Thank you!"..

"So.... shall we?"

"We shall" I nod and he takes me to the garage where all master's cars.... Ok, almost all his cars since he has others at his penthouse and estate.

"We are taking the red ferari" he said.

"Red ferari?!" He nod. "Master... Ain't he gonna scold us?"

He laughs. "No! He won't even notice it's not here... After all, I'm not stealing it, I'm just borrowing it"

I nod... His explanation make sense. He opens the door and gestures me to enter... I did, he shut it and round it to the driver's seat.

"Your seatbelt, please"

I quickly fix my seatbelt and he stepped on the gas..... I wonder where we are going? A big restaurant perhaps!


# Catherine.

Khalid watch me as I chew on the steaks, he's waiting for my comment... I close my eyes and continue chewing.

Currently, we are at the dinning table... Luckily for him, he didn't try any funny business in the bathroom or I'd have cut off his.... Manhood before he damage my womb too!

"Baby, say something!"

I stopped chewing and open my eyes.

"Something like what?"

"Anything... Like, how's the steak?"

"It's... erm... Meh!" I shake my head in dissatisfaction.

Actually, he did a great job... The steaks are just perfect but I wanna mess with him a little.

"Meh? That bad?" He asked seriously.... I guess he takes comments about his cooking seriously.

I gave his shoulder a little push, grabbed his face and pecks his lips softly.

"Darling, they are perfect!" I told him.

"Really? You are trying to comfort me, right?"

"No! I don't lie... I only state facts!"

He smiles brightly and pecks my lips back.

"Thank you!"

"Hm, you are welcome... but can we stop talking and eat? I'm starving!"

"Yes, m'lady!"

Then we begin to eat in silence.... Soon, we are done with our foods and I burped quietly.

It suddenly crossed my mind that I wanted to discuss something with him..... I said I wanna give us a chance, I can start with this.

I cleared my throat.



"You didn't ask me why I was so sure that you killed my parents.... don't you wanna know why?"

He dropped the plates he was holding and lean on the table.

"Yeah, I wanna know... but I thought you won't tell me"

"Well, I have recovered some parts of my memories.... I now know you're my childhood sweetheart and my husband, I know my parents died in a big fire.... But what I don't remember is who actually set the building on fire and that's what grandma and Andy lied to me about!"

I paused and Khalid waits for me to continue.

"Grandma and Andy told me it was you who caused the fire. They showed me a CCTV footage of a boy laughing as the building burn down and I thought it was you.... They also played a recorded voice interview to me.... "

I glanced at Khalid.... His expression has changed... No longer playful, he looked so serious, so angry... His fist clenched.

"What's the voice recording about?!"

I don't know if I should tell him now... I'm afraid he might do something stupid now.

"Tell me!"

"Well, it's about how your parents betrayed mine"

"That's bullshit! My parents can never betray yours! Why did you even believe that shit?!" He growled.

"I believed because I haven't known you then and my memories were missing, so, it was very easy to mess with my head"

His expression softens after I said that he reaches for my hand and caress it gently.

"I'm sorry, baby.... I didn't mean to yell" he apologized.

"It's fine... I just don't understand something" I wonder with a small frown.


"I have been with grandma and Andy for many years.... Grandma brought me up, she watch me grow.... But why did she lied to me about my parents deaths? Why were she and Andy preventing us from meeting?"

I remember Andy always telling me that Khalid is a bad man a d I must stay away from him... But since I've been with him he haven't done anything wrong.

"I know why" he said.

"You know?" He nod. "Why?" I asked.

"Because they are the ones behind everything!" He said in a firm tone.... Like he's already confirmed it.

I wanted to argue with him.... I wanted to tell him grandma and Andy isn't that kind of people.... I didn't.

Because truth be told, I feel like I don't know them.... I was told someone was drugging me to block my memories... I don't know if it's Andy, cause he was the only one cooking for me.

Why does he needs to block my memories? There's only one way to find out the truth.... Me!

I have to go back!

"Those evidence they showed you... I'll have some of my boys sneak in and find them, I wanna go through them and see if I can get any clue that they're the culprits"

"No! I have an idea, we're gonna get it with ease if we use my idea"

"What's your idea?"


"You?!" He stared at me confused.

"Yeah.... I'll go back and get them for you"

He frown and glared at me like I just committed a great crime.

"NO!!" He growled at me.

"Khalid, it's the easiest way and it's far less suspicious. I can..... "

"I. Said. No!"


"You don't need to know why... Just listen to me and be good! You ain't going back there!"

I don't need to know why?

"Khalid, I'm just trying to help...."

"Don't help! I can do this on my own....I promise I will bring justice to our parents"

"But I don't wanna just sit and do nothing.... I have been fooled for too long, I need to know why"

"Baby, I'm doing all this for your own good. I don't want you to get involved because there might be some bloodshed and...... " His phone's ringtone cuts him off.

He reached for his phone and check the caller, he frown.

"Yes?" He answered it.


He bangs on the table.

"How in hell did that happen?!"


"Bullshit!! That's fucking bullshit!!"


"Which of them is missing?!"


"The container?!"


"I'm on my way!!" He hangs up and turned to me.

He's leaving? What a perfect opportunity to execute my plan!

He takes my hand and kissed my knuckles. "Baby, I'm gonna go to my warehouse... My most important container has gone missing.... Be good and don't leave the mansion ok?"

I nod.

"I'll call Chris to send Valerie back, she'll be here to keep you company soon!"


He got up and called the guards outside... They quickly rushed in.

"Don't let the boss lady leave the mansion without I accompanying her!!" He commands them.

Huh? And I thought I could leave without any trouble..... I need a plan B.

"Yes, boss!" He waved them off and they ran out.

He turned to me, leans down and placed a lingering kiss on my forehead.

"Be good!" Then he heads out.

Time to plan my plan B!.


# Valerie.

"Wow!!" I awed as I away my body to the sound of the ocean waves clapping.

"I'll take it that you like it?"


He laughs at how excited I am... Honestly, I thought he was bringing me to a restaurant, ugh, I'm sick of that.... It's a common place for couples.

I like that he did something different.... It's unique!

"How did you know I love listening to the ocean?"

"Hmm.... I guess you should stop singing songs that have 'OCEAN' in them" he emphasized on the ocean.

"Is it that obvious?"


I blushed.... I didn't know anyone was listening to my horrible singing.

"Come, let's sit!" He takes my hand and leads me to a table I didn't notice before.

My eyes grew wide.... all my favorite fruits are on the table... strawberries, pear, tangerines etc.

I wanted to ask how he knew all these but he's in the Mafia, what do I expect.

He pulled out a chair for me, I sat down and he sat opposite me.

"When did Master gave us the day off?"

"Today" he replied.

"Today?!" I blinked rapidly. "Then when did you have time to prepare this" I gesture at the table.

"I had some of the boys do it"


He puts some strawberries in a small plate and hands it to me... I told him thank you and begin to eat.

"Fresh!" I commented.

We continue to eat our fruits in silence..... well, I ate while he was just staring at me.

Soon, we are done.... He continues staring at me with mixed emotions. I couldn't keep up with his staring contest, so, I looked away.... blushing.

I cleared my throat.

"Erm.... do you wanna say something?" I asked.

I kinda have a hint of what he wanna say... I hope he's gonna say what I'm thinking.

"Val.... you know I'm in the Mafia and killing is what I do casually.... I don't know any sweet words, so please, forgive me if I'm blunt!"

He reached for my hand on the table.

"I'll just say it.... Valerie, I love you! I would've to say more and promise you all the finest things in life... but I know that's a big lie...but one thing I know for sure is, I love you and I want you to be Mine... Be my girl... My lady!"

I smiled inwardly..... I can't believe this is happening. I also feel the same way about him.... I don't know when it started but I have this feeling for a very long time.

Though, I'm not gonna let him know that.... I'll make him wait for sometime or he might think I'm too desperate.


"Please give me a chance, I'll treat you right.... Just give me a chance to love and care for you.... Please!"

He looked like a kid... begging his mom for some candy.... A new brand of candy.

I guess I'm gonna be a stingy mom.... I'll make him wait.

"I.. I will think about it!" I told him.

He looked kinda disappointed but quickly smile and nod.

"Ok, but please don't say no..... I don't know if I'm strong enough to handle your rejection"

I smiled.... The almighty Chris.... Master's right hand man..... Is scared of rejection.

Just then his phone rang, he reached for it.

"It's boss!" He said and bring it closer to his ear. "Hello, boss!"


"What?!" He got up abruptly. "The container?!"


"Fuck!! Boss, believe me, I had personally checked it... It was there!"


"I swear, I don't know"


"Boss, calm down... we'll find it"


He moved the phone from his ear and wince.... I guess master's yelling.

"I'll be on my way right now!" He hang up and looked at me apologetically. "Val, I'm sorry but we must head back now!"

"What's wrong?"

"Boss.... His most important container is missing!"

"Oh!" I got up, he takes my hand and head towards master's ferari.

I hope it's found soon.... though I don't know what's inside that container, but I know it's very, I mean, very important to Master.... He's being protecting that container closely

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