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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 24




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 24

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Authoress .

Andy paced back and forth in his office.... things didn't go as he had expected.

"You see what I'm talking about, Don! That woman is selfish and will only think about herself! Her plan didn't help us... She helped herself!"

Anika had assured him that her plan is a win-win, but now reverse is the case.

"Andy, calm down. Let's wait for her to come first and hear what she has to say!" Don told him.

Just then the door open and Anika strolled in... She made herself comfortable in a couch.

Andy glared at her. "Where is Catherine?!"

Anika scoffed. "How would I know? I played my part... the rest was left for you!" She replied sassily.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I distracted Lucifer pretending that my heart disease acted up again.... You could have gotten your bitch while he was taking me to the hospital"

"Then why didn't I get her?! Why did my men reported that Catherine was no where in your house?!"

Anika sighed and have her legs crossed. "I don't know.... That is a question your men should be answering!"

Andy turned away from her and looked outside the window... Wondering where Catherine is and who found her.

Don cleared his throat before he speaks.

"Ok, now, none of us have Catherine.... which only mean one thing, she's with Lucifer!"

"No, she's not" Anika said.

"She's not? Then where could she be?" Andy asked, still facing the window.

"I don't know but Lucifer's men have been looking for her all through the night.... Who knows, she might be dead somewhere!"

Andy turned growled at her with a very harsh glare.

"Her going missing is your fault... If anything happens to her, I swear I'll make you pay in a very painful way!"

Don grabs Andy by his shirt and dragged him to sit down.

"It hasn't come to that yet.... Let's discuss how to find her before Lucifer does" he paused and faced Anika. "If Lucifer finds her before us... then we might never be able to separate them no more"

None of them speak for a few minutes... Anika and Andy glaring at each other, Don just sat looking between them.

"I'll send my men to look for Catherine" Andy finally said.

"Better! I will try to distract Lucifer" she got up. "I gotta go.... I can't bear in the same room as him!"

"The feeling is mutual and shut the door behind you!" Andy said.

Anika ignored him and marched towards the door, she shuts it in a very loud bang.

"Andy, your men need to be fast... grandma will soon notice that Catherine is missing!"

"I know... I'll find her soon!"


# Chris .


That sound came from our boss's room, we are all standing outside...too scared to go in.

I know boss is blaming himself... I mean who wouldn't, his wife is missing with no clue where she is.

The boys and I have been searching all night till this morning but she still didn't find her.... We don't know if she is safe wherever she is now.

*Useless! I'm so useless!* He growled from inside.... I can hear the pain and disappointment in his voice.

I'd love to go inside and comfort him... but I know what my boss can do when he's angry... He might shoot me dead!

*I couldn't protect my wife... I'm so useless!*

Just then Anika came, she frowned when she saw us standing outside the door.

Then another bang was heard and she flinched back. I don't even know what he's busy destroying inside.

"What are you guys doing standing here?! He's gonna hurt himself! Someone should go in there and stop him!!"

All the boys faced down, shaking their heads in disagreement... they're scared to go in, heck I am scared too.

"You are all bunch of assholes!" She snapped at them and rushed in.

Maybe boss would listen to her.


# Lucifer .

I'm a useless man, I couldn't protect the woman I love.... I had lost her before because of my carelessness, now I'm repeating the same mistake.

I should have brought her home myself, then this wouldn't have happened.... She wouldn't have gone missing!

"Luci! Oh my God!"

I raised my head and saw Anika standing by the door, she looked around at the damage I done to my room.

"Luci, are you alright? Are you hurt?" She asked.

Well, this is more than hurting... I have no clue where my wife is and there's no way I can track her.

Then I remembered why she went missing... It's because of Anika.. it's because I rushed her to the hospital and failed to check on my wife.... it's because I have all my attention to Anika.

Catherine never liked her, could this be her plan to separate Catherine and I?

"Anika, tell me. Are you behind this?"

She looked at me with a confused expression.

"What are you talking about?"

"Do you have something to do with Catherine missing?!"

She chuckled.

"What? How can I have something to do with that? I mean, she and I have nothing in common.... it's not as if I'm jealous of her"

She's lying....I don't know why I'm so sure but I know she's lying.

Wait... could it be that she haven't gotten over me?

"Anika, I thought I made it clear to you....I can't love you the way you want, I only consider you my sister...my younger sister! So, can you leave Catherine out of this?!"

Her expression shows anger, she clenched her fist.

"I refuse to accept that...I don't wanna be your sister! I want to be your lover!"

"That's not gonna happen, Anika! So, it was really your plan to separate us"

"Yes!" She agreed. "Yes! I need to fight for what is mine!"

I felt the urge to wrap my hands tightly around her neck and slam her head against the wall...but I didn't because of her dad.

"I am not yours, Anika. I was already Catherine's property since we were kids and that will never change!" I told her firmly.

She stared at me for a brief moment and scoffed.

"You can only be her property if you're able to find her....and trust me you won't ever find her! You. Are. Mine!"

She is very lucky her father's my saviour else I swear she'd already be dead.

"Get out!" I told her.... seeing her will only intensified my anger.

"Can't afford the truth?"

"Get out before I do something I'll regret!"


I couldn't refrain myself no more, I snatched a glass and throws it at her... she was lucky to have duck else she'd be seriously injured.

She's lucky I wasn't holding my gun.

"Get out!"

"You. Are. Mine. Lucifer!" She stormed out with a sickening smirk.

I wasn't observant enough and I fell into Anika's trap.... When did she even become this evil? Was I too lenient with her?

Fuck!! Where can I find Catherine? Where did she go? Is she safe?

She must be damn angry at me! I screwed up big time....

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