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Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 23




Caged By Lucifer-Chapter 23

Theme: He's My Father's Killer

By Racheal Dennis

Tags: Mafia, deaths, love, s*x, kidnap, betrayals, jealousy, revenge, lust.....


# Catherine.

I could hardly recognize the woman staring back at me in the mirror.... She look so.... Hm, what's the word again..... Hot!

"Wow! Mistress..... You look different... glamorous!" Valerie gushed.

"It's the results of your hard work!" I compliment her.

I'm wearing a black short, off shoulder gown that is only a few inches away from my butts.... It hugs my body perfectly... All my curves in display.

And for my makeup... She did a smoking eyeshadow... Black lipstick.... Which makes me look like one of those female gangsters.

"Mistress, are you sure you really wanna go to a nightclub dressed like this?"

"Isn't this how other girls dress when going to nightclubs?"

"Yes, but... You are a married woman, it won't be good if you went there without your husband's company"

I laughed briefly and look around.

"Husband? Where's he?" I scoffed. "I don't have a husband... If I have he'd be by my side when I woke up"

"Mistress.... It might be a misunderstanding, there must be a reason master went with Miss Anika"

I snatched my purse from the dressing table. "No matter what the reason is.... the fact remains I'm his wife... I should be his priority!"

"But mistress..... "

"That's enough, Val. I should get going.... And don't tell anyone where I went!"

"Mistress...... "

"Don't tell anyone!" I told her firmly and left.

I stopped a taxi outside the mansion and I told the driver to take me to the newest nightclub in town.



After some minutes drive, the car stopped.

"We're here!" The driver said.

I got off and paid him his money.

"Thank you and keep the change!" I said to the driver and turned towards building in front of me.

Tonight I'm gonna let myself loose.... I'm gonna be free!

I rushed in and loud music blast my ears, I winced slightly... the smell of alcohol and cigarettes swift past my nostrils and I almost gag.... I look around, some people are in the dance floor, others sitting and drinking.

Ok, I agree that this place is really not for me.... but since I'm here, there's no turning back.

*Catherine, let's do this!* I told myself and head towards the bar.

People bumped into me and I bumped into them as I walk through the sea of people.... Some guys sitting on their table did a wolf whistle.

"Hey, sexy! Come join our table!" One of them invited me.

I shudder at his offer and decide to ignore them.... Replying them will only land me in trouble.

I sat on a stool by the bar.

"Hello, I'm Thomas! What should I serve the beautiful lady?" A guy asked me.

Taking in his attire I realized he must be a bartender.....a very handsome bartender.

He snapped his fingers across my eyes and I blinked.

"What should I serve you?" He asked me again.

"Cocktail please!"

"Coming right up!" He winks at me and turned to get it.

Few minutes later, he came with my drink and placed it in front of me.

"Enjoy!" He winks at me again and head to other customers.

I take a sip and liked its taste... I quickly finish it in one gulp. I asked for another shot... another shot.... another shot... Until I lost count of how many shots I've had.

I suddenly feel myself getting free.... Like I wasn't mad at Khalid before coming here.

I can feel that I'm drunk but I'm still in my right sense.... Just that I'm feeling kinda dizzy.

"Is this seat taken?" Someone asked me.... I turned and saw it's a man... I quickly nod my head.

"Ye..." Hiccup "yes..." Hiccup.

He chuckles. "I don't think so!" Then he sits down.

"What is a gorgeous lady like you, doing drinking here alone?" He asked.

"No.. none" hiccup. "Of your bu.. bu.. siness... "

I feel him throw his arm around my shoulder, I shake it off and glared at him through my drunken eyes.

"Stay... Away... From...." I paused as if I forgot what to say. "..... From me!"

"I can't stay away from you. If I do some bad guy might come and trouble you"

I giggled at his comment.... Bad guy! I point my finger at him.

"You.... bad guy!"

"How about we take this to somewhere quiet"

This statement made me sober up a little.

"Get lost!" I growled at him.

He got up and throws his arm around my waist and tried to make me get up too, but I'm resisting as best as I can.

"Come with me, I'll make you feel better"

"No! Leave me alone!"

He look around... then he bends down and tries to throw me over his shoulder... But he suddenly let me go and falls on the ground groaning in pain as he holds his...... No, I can't say it.

But you should know what I'm talking about.

"She said no, are you deaf?!" A female voice growled.

I raised my head and saw a very gorgeous lady standing in front of me in a protective stance.... She looks like she's a few years older than me.... Like two or three years older.

"Bitch! I was talking to my woman!" The man growled still laying on the floor.

"It doesn't seem like she's your woman... Now get lost!"

The man got up and tries to throw a punch at the woman but a hand caught his fist.

Tracing the hand... My mouth hang open in admiration.... A very handsome man.

I look between the lady that saved me and this man that saved the lady and gasp.... I can't believe how gorgeous these people are.... They are just like models.

"What are you trying to do?!" He growled and twist the bad guy's hand and the bad guy screamed in pain.


He twist the bad guy's hand again and pushed him away.

"Get lost!" The bad guy nod frantically and runs away.

The lady turned to me with a warm smile, while the man sat on the stool that bad guy was sitting.

"Hi, I'm Phoebe, are you ok?"

I nod. "Thank you for saving me... Had it not be for you and your boyfriend I don't know what would have happened to me"

She laughed briefly.

"It's fine but he...." She points at the man that saved her. ".... He's not my boyfriend"

I frown. "Then who is he? Why did he beat up that guy for you? Or is he just a good samaritan?"

"You're funny... He's my brother-in-law!"

"Your brother-in-law?" Hm... No wonder he intervened.

"Yes, his name is Javier!"

We both turned towards the Javier guy, he's drinking scotch.

"Javier! I said no more drinking! You are drunk already ad it is!" She scolds him.

"I'm not drunk, Rora, I'm fine" he grumbled.

Phoebe chuckled and shake her head. "Please don't mind him... he had a little argument with his wife, so he came here to sulk!"

I nod.

"So, why did you come here? You don't seems like you belong here"

I sighed.

"I came here too because I'm mad at my husband"

"Your husband? What did he do that got you this angry?" She asked.

"He... He... " Wait, she's a stranger, I can't tell her my problems.

"Come on, talk to me.... My best friend told me I'm good at giving other people advise... So, I might give you an advise that'll help"

She looks like a nice person... Maybe I should tell her.

"But if you are not ready to talk" she pause and rampage through her bag, she hands me a card. "Call me when you are ready to talk... drinking won't solve your problems"

I smiled at her appreciatively. "Thanks..... Are you a therapist?"


"Ok, I'll call you... I should head back home now before I get into more troubles"

"Oh, yeah! Javier and I can hail a cab for you"

"No, no... I'm fine, I can get one myself"

"But it seems like you are a little drunk"

"It's nothing much... I'm fine, thank you for helping me today!"

"You're welcome... I'll be expecting your call"

I nod and head towards the exit... staggering as I walked.

Just as I arrived outside, the dizziness increased and I couldn't see anything... everything suddenly becomes too blurry.

I staggered a few poles and finally falls down. I saw a pair of female shoes approach me before..... darkness took me.


# Lucifer .

My men and all the maids in my mansion stood in a straight line in front of me, their heads bowed down and I can see them shaking.

My eyes zeroed on Valerie... she's the most frightened among them.

"Valerie! Where is your mistress?" I asked her calmly.

She didn't say anything.

"I'm asking you Valerie, where is your mistress?!"

"I... I... don't know, Master" she stutter.

"You don't know? You are her personal maid, how come you don't know where she is?!" I growled in her face and she flinched back... She missed her step and fell down.

Chris rushed to help her up.

"Boss, please calm down....,"

"Calm down?!" I cut him off. "How can I calm down when my wife is fucking missing?! All of you are personally trained by me... How come she left without none of you knowing?!"

Fuck!!! Had I not gone with Anika to the hospital, my wife wouldn't have gone missing!

But what would I have done... Her heart disease acted up again and she was already dying when I rushed her to the hospital.



# Flashback .

I look around, Catherine still isn't back and it's almost an hour since she left.

I looked gaze with Chris and signal him to find her... I too got up and went to look for her.

Just then I heard a scream and the music suddenly stopped.... It was silence. Everyone is looking at one direction, I too looked at the direction.... Anika?

I frown... what happened to her? I rushed over and felt her heartbeat.... It's not working.

Then I remembered she once had a heart disease..... Maybe it's acting up.

"Anika! Anika can you hear me!" I called but she's not answering.

Quickly, I swoop her in my arms and head... few steps to the door, I heard Chris called my name.

I stopped and turned to him.

"Boss, I've found her but ...."

"Take her home, I need to get Anika to the hospital" without listening to him I dashed out.


At the hospital, her doctor told me it's nothing serious.... she was just too stressed out.

# End_of_flashback .



Now I'm back home to find my wife missing.

"Fucking say something!! Where the hell is my wife?!" I roared angrily.

No said anything... Valerie reluctantly steps forward.

"M-master, she.... she... went to a ni.. ni.."

"Ni.. ni.. what?!"


I grabbed the person nearest to me and punched him on the face.

"Holy shit!!" I ran my fingers through my hair.... Why did she go to a nightclub all by herself?

What if something bad happens to her?! I turned to Chris.

"Find out which club she went and report back to me in 10minutes!!" I stormed to my room angrily.

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