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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 9



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 9

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



I was watching the TV and I could see the guy who replaced me singing on the stage

Who is he?? I have never seen him before

I switched off the TV and sigh as I stood up, I was about going to the kitchen when I sight Mina coming downstairs

"Hey, what do you think you're doing?? You should be resting?? I yelled as I approached her

"Err.. I.. I.. just want to check on you" She said and I raised one of my eyebrow

"Like seriously?? To check on me?? I said and rolled my eyes "well as you can see I am good "

"CJ, can you take me to your music industry? " She asked with a pout

"With your half good half bad leg " I said looking down at her leg

" It is getting better I swear, it doesn't hurt much " She said trying to prove to me that her leg is getting better but she end up wincing in pain

I gave her the "getting better indeed " look

"CJ, I really wanna help you.. I swear "

"Can you stop swearing?? I said "anyway there's nothing you can do to help me, just go back to your room "

I looked at her and I could tell that she was feeling down but she really need to rest

I walked away and went straightaway to the kitchen



☑ Author POV ☑

" So what is your name?? Manager Don asked the young looking guy sitting in front of him

"My name is Eric " he replied

"Wow Eric.. What a nice name!!! I must tell you that you really blow off the stage back there, you're really talented " The manager said and Eric gave him his cutest smile

"Well I will do anything for my idol, I actually came here to watch him sing but I don't even know how I was chosen to sing instead " Eric said

"Ohh.. So CJ is your idol?? The manager asked

"Yes sir, he is my star.. I really love his songs, all his songs are so intriguing and heart blowing " Eric​ replied

"So the song you sang back there, was it for him?? The manager asked and Eric quickly shook his head

"No no no, that is a love song.. how can I sing a love a song to a guy when I am not.. not a.. a.. Uhm..

"A gay?? The manager asked and Eric nodded "well you should know that CJ is a gay and due to him being a gay, it is really affecting the music industry " The manager said but Eric just keep nodding

"How about you join the music industry so I could make you a star? " The manager asked and Eric eyes widened

"I will be super excited... thank you so much " Eric said

"Well boy, your dreams has finally come true " The manager said "You can come back later in the day to sign some papers "

Eric thanked him and left the manager office feeling so excited

The manager quickly dial a particular number

"Hello, I have finally figure a way to get rid of CJ out of the music industry " he said

"And how are you going to do that??

"Even though our first plan is still working by lying to the media that he is a gay but believe me this second one is going to be the best to get rid of him " The manager said as he grinned wickedly

"Just get to the point fool" The unknown caller yelled

"Well I am planning to use a talented boy, his name is Eric to get rid of CJ and I am 100% positive that it is going to work " The manager said

"Good, if you fail to do so then believe me I will make you pay for it " The unknown caller said before hanging up

"CJ really trust me so there is no way the plan is not going to work " The manager started laughing hysterically

✅Mina's POV✅

After eating, I manage to stand up even though my leg doesn't hurt that much, I went downstairs to check on CJ but he is nowhere to be found, I went upstairs to check on him in his room.

I have never been to his room before and I hope he won't be mad at me

I let out a sigh then I knock on his door but there was no response so I decided to enter

I gasped to see how big his room was, so many of his pictures was pasted on the wall, I looked at his king size bed, it was neatly arranged, his room was so pretty with many decorations. There were pictures of him singing and pictures of different music instrumental that has a lot of designs

He must really love music

I was still admiring everything when my eyes caught a picture, it was a picture of him with a beautiful young lady beside him.

The lady look much like him.. Perhaps is she his dead sister??

"What do you think you're doing here?!"I heard a familiar voice making me yelped in fear

I swallowed my spit as I slowly turn around to see CJ glaring at me

"Err... Uhm... I just wanted.. to.. to check on you " I manage to say

"Check on me?? Like seriously?? Are you a doctor to be checking on me?? He half yelled at me and I quickly avoid looking at him.

"Hey Mina can I ask you something?? He said and I slowly looked up at him

"Wh.. What??

"What size is your underwear?? He asked and my eyes widened as I drew back

"What!?? I exclaimed

"Err.. I mean what size is your bra and.. and.. your.. your.. pant " he asked and I don't know when I slapped him

"Aww.. " he winced

"I.. I.. am sorry but.. but why are you asking such things?? " I said while I folded my arm across my chest

"So you slapped me because I ask you the size of your bra??

"Yes and I will slap you again If you dare ask me again.. I don't understand why you will be asking me such thing, as a gay you need to pay more attention on what the size of your boyfriend boxer is " I said

"Mina stop calling me a gay " He said looking annoyed

"And what if I won't " I said with a pout

"Then you won't like what I am going to do to you " He said pointing his finger at me

"Are you going to rape me.. Gay gay gay?? I said then he gritted his teeth as he carried me in a bridal style

"Hey, drop me.. drop me.. Where are you taking me to?? I yelled

"I am locking you up in Chim cage " he said and I was baffled

"You're locking me up in a dog cage.. this is unfair, I am sorry pls don't do this, remember I am not that feeling good " I yelled as he got downstairs, he was about to turn when his door opened and a man entered together with two bodyguards

"Manager Don?? He whispered

The look on the man was so shocking because the way CJ was carrying me

Not too long, a guy entered and my eyes widened in complete amazement, the guy was damn handsome and a total hottie, I find myself licking my lips

The guy is so handsome

When the guy saw me, his eyes widened as his jaw dropped

What happened?? Is he falling for me already??

He cover his mouth and ran outside

"Eric.. "The man called

Ohh he is even bearing Eric...

"Hey drop me" I said as I shot CJ a glare and he quickly put me down, I looked at him and I was surprised to see that his mood has changed, I looked down and I could see that he was clenching his fist tightly

"CJ are you all right?? I asked just then the handsome guy whose name was Eric entered and CJ went to him

"Hey who are you?? He asked while glaring at him but I was surprised to see that the guy was just looking at only me

CJ looked at his direction and find out that he was looking at me

"Why are you looking at her?? You replaced me in the stage, are you also planning to take her away??

"CJ, calm down " Manager Don said

That is when it dawn on me that the guy was the one that replaced CJ on the stage

"Who is she to you?? The guy asked as he kept staring at me

Now this is getting weird

Why is the guy looking at me?? Did he know me??

"Why are you curious to know?? Well she is my girlfriend.. Satisfied?? CJ said and my eyes widened

"Mina can never be your girlfriend " The guy said and I was shocked

How did he know my name??

"Who the heck are you?? CJ asked looking pissed off but the guy just keep looking at me

"If you look at her one more time, I won't spare you" CJ said

To be continued.....

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