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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 5



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 5

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina's POV

The next morning, I woke up early to my surprise, I checked the time and it was just some minutes after seven, I woke up early not because of the rules but because I didn't eat anything before going to bed and I was damn hungry.

I got up and I took a shower, brushed my teeth and just pick a random clothes and wore it before going downstairs.

When I got downstairs, I saw CJ in the kitchen, he was chopping vegetables, a bandage was wrapped around his palm and I recalled about last night.

I really don't know what to say

Should I greet him or should I just stay mute, what if I say something and he shouted at me

I was still about it when he glanced at me and smile mischievously at me

"You woke up late " he said and I walked up to him

"Err.. I am.. am.. Sorry, I slept late yesterday " I said still looking at his hand

How did he manage to be chopping vegetables with his hand that probably need rest

"Why did you sleep late?? Are you starting to violate the rule?? He asked and I shook my head

"Noo, I.. I.. actually feel guilty about the flower vase and.. and..

"Get me that bowl " He said trying to change the topic and I quickly gave him the bowl

"Go and cook pasta " he said and I gasped "what is wrong??

"I.. I.. Can't.. Cook " I replied and he dropped the knife he was holding and looked at me with a surprised look written all over his face

"Tell me you're joking " He asked and I looked away

I was actually ashamed

"how old are you?? He asked


"You're 19 and you can't cook ordinary pasta, your mom own a restaurant and she is a chef?? So how come?? He yelled and I find myself trembling

"Ohh I understand, you're a lazy asshole according to what your mom said, all you do is just to press phone here and there and eat " he said and I looked down at my feet

"You're a disgrace anyway continue to chop this vegetable while I do the cooking " He glared at me and walked to the other side

I looked at the vegetables and let out a sigh as I started cutting it.

"Hey be fast, I have an appointment by 10 and you're following me" he said but I just rolled my eyes as I continue to chop the vegetables

"Why are you lazy?? He asked and I stopped chopping the vegetables and glared at him

"Was that supposed to be a question?? I asked and he nodded

"Well I don't really know the answer to your question " I replied

"You know you said something the first time I set my eyes on you " he said

"That was yesterday "

"You said you've been to the police station countless of time and you're their regular customer, are you that trouble some.. You always cause trouble in the neighborhood?? He asked

"Well I don't know.. Can I ask you a question too?? I said "There are so many beautiful girls in the world, why did you chose to be a gay?? I asked with a smirk and I could tell that he was actually pissed off

He was about to talk then his phone started ringing

Oh my goodness !!

That reminds me, I wanted to tell him about him getting me a new phone and now I have totally blow it off by pissing him off

"Hello " he said as he picked the phone

"Dad I am not getting married to any fucking lady " he yelled then I stopped what I was doing as I looked at him, he also looked at me and asked me to continue with with what I was doing as he excused himself

Wait.. Did I just hear him right??

His dad wants him to get married?? To a lady?? Didn't he know his son is a gay and the only person he will love to marry is a guy like him....

My thought was cut off by Chim barking, I glared at the dog and continue with what I was doing but it kept barking annoying me the more

"Chim stop " I yelled and to my surprise, he stop barking and quickly lie down "good boy " I smiled to myself

After I finished chopping the vegetables, I packed it in a bowl


I went upstairs as my dad keep telling me about getting married

"Dad, I have a girlfriend " I said not knowing when I said that

"We both know you're lying " My dad said "don't try to lie to me, yours a gay and you are trying to....

"Dad, I have a girlfriend and if you want me to bring her to you.. I will " I said

"What's her name?? He asked

"Uhmm.. Mina.. Her name is Mina " I said not knowing why I mention the crazy girl name

"Well, bring her over for more introduction " He said and hang up

God!!! I can't believe this... what am I going to do??

I was about going downstairs when I noticed that Mina's room was slightly open

"She can't even lock her door " I muttered then I was about to lock it but my eyes caught something, I slowly went inside and my eyes widened as I see the flower vase which she broke yesterday night beside the bed

She use paper tape to plaster it even though it looks haggard, she really plastered it well

I recalled what she said about sleeping late

"Why did you sleep late?? Are you starting to violate the rule??

Noo, I.. I.. actually feel guilty about the flower vase and.. and

So she slept late because she was actually trying to fix the flower vase, I felt so emotional and I just stood there looking at it

I smiled to myself and went downstairs

I saw her talking to Chim

"Hey doggie, my name is Mina and I am your owner personal bodyguard, I want you to treat me nicely if you actually want me to treat you nice" She said

"Are you threatening my dog?? I asked and she quickly looked at me and stood up

"Err.. Noo... I.. I finished chopping the vegetables " she said and then I looked at her face

"Mina have you ever had a boyfriend?? I asked and I could tell that she was embarrassed by my question

"No.. Why are you asking??

"I know with the way you are, you can't have a boyfriend " I said and she pouted

"Are you insulting me?? She asked and I approached her

"Well there is a change of plan, you will have to act like my girlfriend and not my bodyguard " I said and she drew back as she was shocked

"What?? Be a gay's fake girlfriend?? Impossible. Over my dead body " She said and I was actually angry

Calling me and thinking I am gay is really getting out of hand

"Mina, I need to prove to my dad that I have a girlfriend in order for him not to marry him off and you have no choice than to obey me.. It is only for a day, you're not even my type in the first place so get your grip together and do as I have order you " I said and she glared at me

"You shouldn't be glaring at your master, you're violating the rule " I said

"Fine, I will act as your girlfriend in front of your day just for today " She said with an evil smirk and my mind tells me she is up to something no good.

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