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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 18



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 18

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


Mina POV

I went downstairs to check on CJ but i was surprised to see the lady who gave me food earlier.

She was sitting on the couch and pressing her phone

I quickly walk up to her and smile broadly at her

"Hi, thank you so much for the food " I said and she smiled back at me

"Its nothing " She said

I was about to go but she called me by my name making me look at her

"Uhm.. Mina, aren't you jealous or angry that i will be getting marry to CJ" She asked and i shook my head

"Nope i am not jealous at all and i am really happy that CJ is going to get marry to someone like you " I said

"But you're his girlfriend, you should be jealous or don't you love him or Perhaps did he force himself on you " she asked and i bit my lips thinking of what to say

She is right but CJ was never my boyfriend and i Don't even have any feelings for him

If i tell her the truth, it won't turn out good

"Err.. Well.. I am actually jealous but there's nothing i can do since his mom doesn't approve our relationship so i am cool with it" i said

"But CJ said the only person he is going to get marry to is you and nobody else " he said and my eyes widened as i looked at her dumbfounded

"What!!!! I exclaimed

There's no way i am going to marry a gay.. Over my dead body

I quickly excused myself and went straightaway to CJ's room

I barged in without even knocking and i met him writing something down, i walk towards him and he glanced at me

"You're awake?? He asked then he looked away as he continue with what he was doing

I continue to glare at him without uttering a single word

"What are you doing here?? He asked as he focus on what he was writing

"Did you tell your mom that you're going to marry me?? I asked sounding pissed off

"Yes" he answered straight forward without denying it

"Gosh!!! Are you insane?? I half yelled at him "there's no way I am going to get marry to you "

"Says who?? He asked

"Says me " i shouted "and besides you're not my type"

I said and he looked at me

"I am not your type?? He asked and stood up "then Eric is your type " he said while smiling

"Hey, don't bring my best friend into this " i said while pointing my finger at him

"I am not talking about your best friend, i am talking about your crush " he said with a smirk

What is wrong with him??

" Look CJ, you should get marry to that sweet lady downstairs​ and not me , there's no way i will be getting marry to you.. So get that stick to your brain ' i shouted and with that i left his room

🌹Eric POV🌹

I looked at the Crazy lady, she was already asleep, She's kinda weird

Who is Mario and why is she so frightened and scared just by seeing fire??

My phone started ringing, i checked the caller but it was a private number, i sighed and picked it

"Hello "

" Eric, it's me Mina " she said with her angelic voice

"Ohh hi Mina, how are you?? I asked

"Not fine Eric because i have missed you and it seems you've forgotten about me " She said and i swallowed my spit

I was about to talk but the crazy lady started whimpering and shivering, tears were rolling down her cheeks

"Mina i will call you back " i said and quickly hang up

I dropped to a squat and looked at the Crazy lady, she was saying something which i don't quite understand, it seems she is having a bad dream.

"Hey wake up.. Wake up " i said and to my surprise she was sweating profusely

I touched her forehead and i was astonished that her body was hot


I quickly went to the kitchen to get a small towel and a bowl of water, i went back to her and dip the towel in the water and squeezed it

I placed it on her forehead and continue to look at her

She must have a terrible past that keeps haunting her down.


I overheard Mina talking to someone on the phone but i think the person hang up on her making her feel down

I shook my head and went downstairs, i was about going outside just then I bumped into kayla

"Ohh sorry, are you okay?? She asked and i nodded

"What about you?? Are you okay?? I asked and she blushed instead

I was about to go but she called me back

"CJ, can i ask you something?? She asked

"Sure go ahead " i replied

"What can i do for you to like me and maybe fall in love with me?? She asked and i arched my brow

Why is she asking me a Rhetorical question??

"I Don't know " i replied and walked outside but she followed me

Goodness!! didn't she understand the fact that the only person I am in love with is Mina

🌺Mina POV🌺

I was really heartbroken when Eric cut the call, i think he has really forget practically everything about me

He really don't want to hear my voice and he even refuse a video call with me.

I looked outside through the window and see CJ, he was with his headphone and the minister daughter was just following him up and down

Why is CJ like that?? He should try to be sweet to his future wife

Aish... that guy is really a jerk

I walked out of my room and was about to go downstairs when i notice he didn't lock the door of his room, i walk towards his room and was about to lock it but i went inside instead

I went to his reading table and i see a book with DIARY written boldly on it

I looked away cos i know that reading someone diary's is bad but something within me was so curios to know more about him.

I looked outside through his window and realize he was still outside, i quickly pick his DIARY and open it, i ignore so many chapters and then i glanced through the date we both met

"Diary, i know it has been long since i have written to you but i met this crazy girl and believe me i have never come across a girl more crazier than her "

Gosh!!! this guy is really annoying

How dare he call me a crazy girl??

I skipped some part but then i stopped

I shouldn't be reading his diary, it is quite bad

🏵Author's POV🏵

CJ was feeling uncomfortable with Kayla following him, he wish he was Mina who was actually following him

He turned and Kayla lean close

He was surprised thinking she wanted to kiss her, she quickly push her away making her fall down

"Ahhhhh.. " she winced in pain

"Are you okay?? CJ asked

Kayla manage to stand up and looked at CJ sadly

"I was only trying to... to.... never mind " She said and ran inside, she was really hurt and then her phone started ringing

It was CJ mom, she quickly picked it

"Hello, i think CJ will never like me, he is in love with mina" She said sadly

"Then you don't have to worry, we have to get rid of her first so do you put the powder i asked you to put in her food "

"Yes i put inside and she has finish eating it... What is the purpose of the powder " Kayla asked looking confused

CJ mom had asked her to prepare a delicious rice cake for mina and put the powder in it

"It is poison " She told her and Kayla was shocked

"Poi... Poi.. Poison?? She gasped

"Don't worry, it won't kill her quickly, you just keep putting the powder in her food and it will killing her gradually.. the poison will be eating her intestine and will be affecting her gradually and she will be paralysed then leading to her death you don't have to worry cos they won't suspect a thing even if she die.. You must get marry to CJ and that's it " CJ mother said

Kayla who was still baffled manage to say okay and then CJ mother hang up

So the powder was poison??

"Hey " she turned around and see mina coming down the stairs

Kayla quickly adjust herself and manage to smile

"Ohhh hi Mina " she said

"You don't look too good.. Did CJ hurt you?? Tell me then i will show him what i am capable off " Mina said and Kayla shook her head

"Well mina, let me get you an apple juice " kayla said and went to the kitchen

"Awwn... She's so nice " Mina muttered to herself 




On the other hand, Kayla sprinkle some powder inside the juice and went to mina while smiling

"Take this " She said and mina took it from her

"Thank " Mina said and was about to drink, just then CJ entered and they both looked at him

"See your face, you look tired.. Come and have this " Mina said and Kayla was shocked

"Noo Mina, i will get him another one.. you just drink that one " Kayla said

"Never mind, i am not even interested in drinking any juice, " CJ said and looked at Kayla "i am sorry about earlier "

With that he walked away

"Like seriously, CJ is annoying isn't he?? Mina asked as she sip the drink then gulped down everything

Kayla nodded and collected the empty glass from her

"Mina i am sorry " she said and mina looked at her

"Sorry for what?? She asked

"Sorry for whatsoever may happen to you in future " Kayla said and quickly walk away leaving Mina in a confused state

"What is she trying to say??

To be continued..... 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



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