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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 17



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 17

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


😋CJ's POV😋

I was pacing to and fro in the living thinking of what to do next, i stopped as i recalled what my mom said

Like who the fuck does she think she is to control me

I ran fingers through my hair then i felt a touch on my shoulder, Iturned to see Kayla looking at me innocently

I have quite forgotten that mom left her here

"Uhm.. CJ i know you don't like me and your mom said you are gay but i do believe that you are not a gay " She said and i sighed

"Not because i watched the video of that girl kissing you but because i really believe you " She said and i was surprised

She's the first girl that believe that i am not a gay

Or is she doing this for me to like her

"CJ the truth is is i.. I.. like you " She said and i looked away "I know you don't like me and you're going to reject me cos i am used to people rejecting my love for them, its okay if you don't like me and reject me, i will get used to it " She said sadly and i swallow my spit as i turned to look at her.

"You know i want to be like your sister.. Chu Jung, she is my role model and i really admire her not until i heard the news of her death " She said quite sadly and looked down at her feet

"When i heard about her death, my dream was shattered and i gave up on being a potter, later i was forced by my parents to become a model " she said while she manage to smile

"Don't think i am telling you this for you to like me or.....

The bell continuously ring making her stop

I walked over to check the security camera to see who was at the gate and i was surprised to see an old man

Who is he?? What did he want??

I shook my head and ignore it as i walked away

"Who was that?? Kayla asked but i didn't reply

I don't know why i feel awkward just seeing her

She seems like a good lady but i still don't like her and i won't marry her

I licked my lower lips and went upstairs leaving her alone in the living room

🌹Kayla's POV🌹

I watched as he went upstairs leaving me behind, i looked around the house sadly and was about to sit but the bell kept ringing continuously giving me a headache

I also walked over to check the Security camera and i was surprised to see an old man and a girl who seems unconscious

I looked closely and gasped when i see that it was CJ girlfriend

If i call CJ, the girl will continue staying here and i won't get CJ to like me...

I ignore the thought as i quickly ran upstairs, i checked the first room but it wasn't CJ room, there seems to be many rooms.

"CJ" I called out aloud

He came out and i ran up to him, i held him by his hand and ask him to follow me but he slowly jerk his hand off

"Err.. What is it?? What's the emergency?? He asked

"Your girlfriend is outside " I said sadly and his eyes widened

"Mina" he whispered and he ran as fast as he could like someone is in serious danger

I recalled what his mom said about me doing everything i could for him to like me since our wedding will be in two months.

I went downstairs and not too long, CJ enter with the girl

He was carrying her and my eyes drifted to her fingers, it was bleeding

CJ looked worried as he carry her upstairs, i was about to follow them but i stopped

I need to get her something to eat in case she wakes up, she must be weak

🌷Eric POV🌷

I angrily smashed my phone on the wall

I think CJ has figure it out that i am Mina's Best friend or maybe not

I was so frustrated just then i heard a female voice screaming for help

I tried to ignore it but it started getting louder, i checked through the window and i saw some guys, they were five in number and they were sexually harassing the crazy lady.

No no no.. I am not going to save her

What is even wrong with the Securities in the estate??

Aish... I am not going to save her.. No no i won't

I tried to ignore her but i can't... I picked up my jacket and went outside..

I walked outside the gate and then the five guys looked at me

The crazy lady looked at me and ran up to me, she wrapped her arms around my waist making my eyes widened

"Lets get out of here " One of the guys said while looking at me and they all left

I quickly pulled her hands away and push her off

"Hey, this will be the last time i will be saving you, so just leave.. Okay?? " I said but she didn't even care, she just kept smiling at me

She still look dirty

Her stomach started rumbling and she gave me a baby look

"Hey, i am not going to fall for that, if you are hungry then you should go and get yourself something to eat" i yelled

I can't believe i am talking to a crazy lady who seem not to understand what i am saying

I then suddenly recalled what Mina once told me about helping people in every circumstances

I let out a sigh as i looked at the crazy lady

"I will only let you eat in my house just for today and i am doing this because of someone who is close to my heart " I said


Mina slowly open her eyes and then she sat upright and looked frightened

"Mina are you okay?? I asked but to my surprise, she started crying

"I.. I hate seoul, i want to go back to my family.. Pls take me back home " She said with tears flowing down her eyes and i was really touched

"Mina just tell me how it happen?? The old man who brought you here said some kidnappers were chasing you.. How?? What happened??

"I was watching TV then i heard the door unlock, thinking it was you, i quickly walked towards the door but i was wrong, i saw a scary guy inside and he sprinkle something on my face and when i woke up, i find myself tied up in a car... I think i am going to die " She said still crying and i was astonished

The only person that knew my house password is my mom and Manager Don

Manager Don can never do this

Perhaps can it be my mom??

"CJ.. Pls take me back home " Mina said, just then someone knock on the door and Kayla entered

She was carrying a tray of food, she set it on the table and smiled at Mina who was confused to know who it was

"You should eat this, i made rice cake and also a nice soup to strengthen you " She said and she opened the soup and the aroma fill the whole room.

"I will leave now " She said and was about to leave but i called her

"Kayla " I called and she looked at me

"Thank you" I said and she smiled at me before leaving

"Who.. Who is she?? Your new maid?? Mina asked and i was about to speak but she cut me short " wait.. so you replaced me easily, what if i die then probably you won't care and...

"She's the girl my mom want me to marry " I said cutting her short and she looked at me for some minutes before picking the spoon and tasting the food

Her eyes widened as she started eating

"Gosh!!! Its so delicious, you should agree to the wedding and quickly make her your wife cos she's a good cook and also she's really beautiful and also curvy and sexy " She said and i manage to smile

Just few minutes ago, she was crying and now she's saying trash

I really need to change the house password and find out who is behind her kidnapping and also who Miles(Eric) really is

There's a lot for me to figure out and also why is Kayla helping me??

She is really nice but i will never marry her

She is beautiful but Mina is cute, She is intelligent but Mina is a dullard, She is sexy and Curvy but Mina is thin and flat, She is cool but Mina is Crazy, she talk so gently but Mina talk rudely, She has experience in romantic feelings but Mina is completely zero, She can cook but Mina can not cook, She is such a wife material but Mina is not

So many guys will love to end up with girl like Kayla but I don't know why i find myself falling for a girl like Mina

"Hey, you should try this " Mina said in mouthful of rice cake but i just shook my head as i just kept looking at her.

🌹Eric POV🌹

The crazy lady escorted me to the kitchen and i can't believe i am about to cook for a crazy lady

I should give her a name instead of calling her a crazy lady

I lit the gas and she started screaming, i looked at her and i was surprised

On sighting the fire, she kept screaming and shouting

She cover her ears and burst out crying, i quickly turn off the gas and walk up to her but she pushed me off and started crying the more.

" Mario Mario " She kept calling and kept crying and i was surprised

Who is Mario??


I watched as she finished eating, she belched and was quite embarrassed

"Sorry " she said softly then she brought out something under the bed

To my surprise, it was the broken Flower vase, she fixed it with gums but it still look shattered

"Its no of any use to me " I said and she pouted

"Hey, i spend almost all my time on it and i know it is quite special to you so i would love it if you could take it.. Pls " She said and i looked at her for some minutes and nodded

"Fine, i will collect it but on one condition " I said and she rolled her eyes


I looked at her purple hairpin on her head and removed it

"What's the meaning of that?? She yelled

"The condition is that you owe me a wish and this hairpin is the witness, no matter what the wish maybe you must fulfill it.. though i don't know what i can wish for yet " I said and she glared at me

"I'm i a genie or what " She said and jerk the hairpin from me as she attached it back on her hair

"The hairpin is a witness so no matter what do not lose it, it signify you owe me something big.. Understand?? I said but she just hissed slightly

"Hey, What's the meaning of that on the Flower vase?? I saw it when i was trying to fix it " She asked pointing at the name scribbled on the vase

"Its my nickname which only my sister do call me, she always put it on any special pot she make" I said sadly and Mina quickly notice it

"Err... I am sorry for bringing it up " She said and i shook my head

"Its nothing, even though she's dead.. She will forever be in my heart " I said

"But what does that nickname mean?? She asked and i smile slightly

"I also Don't know, i find the nickname funny.. Mario Mario.. She do call me that, sometimes i use to be ashame when she call me that in public but i have no choice " I said

"Mario?? Can i start calling you that?? Mina asked while she winked at me

"Noo noo.. My sister is the only one that has the right to call me that " I said and stood up "you should rest now while i get some important things done

I said as i picked the Flower vase, i looked at the word 'Mario' one last time and left the room

To be continued.....

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