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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 16



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 16

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



I angrily went out of the star meeting, I was about to step out but someone held my hand, I turned to see Eric glaring at me

I quickly jerk my hand away from his

" What do you want?? I asked

"You're getting married so let Mina go" He said

I looked at him for some minutes then laugh it off

"It's not funny... I know Mina is not your girlfriend and you bought her from her mother to use her to cover up your dirty little secret " he said and I was shocked

How did he know that I bought Mina and how did he know that her name is Mina?

Is he perhaps stalking me??

"I know you will be wondering how I found out but you will never figure it out.. I just want you to know that Mina isn't yours and will never be" he said still glaring at me

This guy is really pissing me off

I fake a smile as I move closer to him

"I don't know who you really are but the only person I will be getting marry to is Mina and it will be right in your front " I said

He smirked at me and tucked his hand in his pocket

"Trust me, that will never happen cos I know Mina will never ever agree to marry a gay " he said and I clenched my fist tightly in anger

"We will see about that.. Miles" I called him by his stage name and walk out

🌹Mina POV🌹

I groaned as i slowly open my eyes

I touch my forehead cos my head was kinda aching badly

What happened?? Where am I??

I find myself in the backseat inside a car, I looked outside and I saw some guys drinking and chatting

Gawd!!! I'm I being kidnapped by those men?? What is my offense??

I looked at my wrist and I find out that they use a tiny rope to tie me up

What am I going to do?? Why did they kidnap me??

I need to look for a way to get out of here

I tried hard to free myself but it prove abortive then my eyes drifted to a glass cup in the car

I looked outside at the guys and they seemed engrossed with their talks


When I got home, Chim ran to me and started wagging his tail, I drop to a squat and pat its head

"Good boy.. How have you been?? I hope the crazy Mina treat you nicely?? I asked and then I noticed the sound coming from the TV

"I thought I told her not to watch TV" I muttered to myself as I stood up, I walk towards the TV and switch it off

"Mina" I called but there was no response

I went upstairs and straightaway to her room, I went inside but she wasn't there

Where is she??

"Mina" I called again but still there was no response "hey I am not in for any hide and seek so come out right now " I yelled

I checked everywhere but I couldn't find her, I went to the store room, kitchen, towards the hallway, my studio, the attic.. Everywhere in the house but she wasn't there

Where could she be??

This time I was damn worried as different thought run through my mind

What if she has run away??

No.. That can't be!!

I brought out my phone and dial her number, it started ringing and I quickly went to the living room, I was surprised to see her phone on the couch

Her phone is here and she can't do without taking her phone with her wherever she goes so where can she be??

🌺Mina POV🌺

I manage to escape without them knowing but my hand was bleeding profusely due to the glass cup I broke in order to use the piece to cut the rope

I started running as fast as I can to Only God knows where

I was now panting really hard as I was now tired

"There she is" I heard a hoarse voice and I turned to see some men running after me

They are the men that kidnapped me

My eyes widened as I began to run, I started crying praying for someone to help me

I have never experience this in my life before

I have always live a happy peaceful life but what is all this??

I hate Seoul

I continue to run with my weak legs and the kidnappers are already catching up with me then suddenly a cab started coming towards me

"Taxi Taxi" I yelled and the cab stopped

I quickly open the door and entered

"Where to miss?? The old cabman asked

"Just go.. Continue driving.. Fast" I yelled

"Stop Stop" the men shouted as they are now drawing near

"They are kidnappers so drive fast " I yelled out and the old man started the engine and drove away as fast as he could

I continue to pant as tears started flowing down my cheeks

"Where to..?? The old man asked

I don't even know CJ house address and I don't know anyone in Seoul

"Do you know CJ?? I whispered faintly and he nodded

"You mean Chen Jai??

"Take me to his house and..... " I couldn't finish my statement as everything was now getting blur then I passed out

🌹Eric POV🌹

When I got to my apartment, I was surprised to see the crazy lady in front of my gate.. I thought I chase her out of the house this morning so why is she still here??

The moment she saw my car, she started jumping with excitement but I just ignore her and drove inside

The gate close itself and I emerged from my car and went inside 



I kept thinking about what CJ said about getting married to Mina which I know it is quite impossible not when I am alive

I brought out my phone and dial her number


I shouldn't have leave her alone in the house, now she finally escaped


I ran my hand through my hair in frustration then suddenly her phone started ringing

I checked the caller and see "My Best Buddy" clearly

Her Best buddy??

I picked the call

"Hello Mina "

I was surprised as I heard the voice, it sound quite familiar

"Mina are you there?? He said again and my eyes widened

"Miles?? I said and then he was silent, not too long he hang up

I was astonished

I was 100% positive that it was Miles but how did Mina get his number and how come she store his number as best buddy

I stopped as I recalled when Mina told me about his male best friend Eric and also how Miles(Eric) came to my house and was surprised to see Mina


I quickly check Mina account and check her messages, her last message was 'why don't you want to do a VC with me? '.. It was sent to a guy which she store as Best Buddy

I quickly check the person Profile and I was surprised to see that it was just a random guy

I thought for some seconds as I arched my brow

Perhaps is Miles Mina best friend Eric??

But how come his face change?? No that is quite impossible

I read all their messages and I notice that her best friend don't want to have VC with her

The door bell rings making me look at my door

Perhaps is it Mina??

I was about to check who it was but the door unlock itself and my mom walked in

Gosh!!! I need to fucking change the password

Then someone also enter, it was kayla the minister daughter, she was wearing a short gown exposing her thighs and also exposing her cleavages

I was about to talk when two guys enter with luggages leaving me speechless

"Hi son" my mom said

"Mom what is going on here and why is.. is. she here?? I asked

"Kayla this is going to be your house, feel free cos you will be living with him now" my mom said while facing Kayla who smiled back at her

"What!!! I exclaimed "Mom I have a girlfriend and...

"Shut up CJ, Kayla is now your fiancee and you two will soon get married so you should get to know each other better, that is why she will be staying with you now and your father is in support of it " she said and I glared at her

"No mom, the only person I will be getting marry to is Mina and nobody.. I repeat nobody is gonna come in between " I said as I glared at Kayla

"You will never disobey your own mother and you should know my words are final " She yelled back at me

To be continued

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