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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 15



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 15

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna



😋Mina's POV😋

I woke up with the sound of someone knocking the door, I groaned lazily as I ignore it but it started getting loud making me give the cover an irritated jerk as I angrily stood up and open the door

I rolled my eyes when I see CJ

"Can't I even get a proper sleep?? I half yelled at him

He shook his head and chuckled a little bit

"You should check the mirror and see how you like " He said but I completely ignore him cos I know he is talking about how messy my hair looks.

I shouldn't have let him out of the closet yesterday

"Well.. I am going out and you won't be following me" He said and I was really happy

I will have the whole house to myself... I can do anything I want

"Good " I said with a smile

"And I don't quite trust you so I will be locking you up in the attic till I come back " he said and I gasped

"What!!! I exclaimed

"I really cherish a lot in this house and something keeps telling me that you will ruin everything so I decide to let you stay and lock you up in the attic " he explained

"I prefer to follow you rather than being lock up in the attic.. alone?? I said with a pout

"You can't follow me this time around cos the news about you being my girlfriend has really circulate and I hate when reporters and the media keep asking stupid unnecessary questions " he said

"But if I am with you, they're only going to ask me questions and....

"Enough.. Don't worry, everything you need is there so just pick your phone and follow me " He said and I shook my head

"I don't want to " I said

"Then I have no choice than to force you " he said and went inside, he picked my phone on the shelf and approached me

"So you think you can force me by taking my phone?? I asked and scoffed

"Not by taking your phone " he answered

"Then by what?? I asked, just then he carried me up in bridal style making me gasped

My eyes widened as I stared into his eyes, he gave me an evil smirk

I was really pissed off and tried to escape but I can't

He is much stronger than me

I can't believe he is going to lock me up in the attic

🌺Eric POV 🌺

I checked the time, it was 8:32am, the MSM (Music Stars Meeting) will be starting by 9am and I need to get there because I will be officially singed under the great Music industry in Seoul

My dream has finally come true

I was dressed in white jeans, white Reeboks and a Royal blue knit pullover

I wore my sneakers and went out of my room.

I went straightaway to the kitchen and make myself a hot coffee ☕️, I was about to drink it when someone tapped me making me yell in fear and the hot coffee pouring on my white shirt

"Goddd!!!! I yelled then I turned and I was surprised to see the crazy lady

I have completely forgotten about her

"Now you've ruin my shirt " I yelled at her and she quickly cover her eyes then open it and started laughing

"Peek-a-boo.. Found you" she said

I tried to calm myself, I need to get her out of this house

I looked at my shirt and bit my lower lip as I angrily stormed back to my room to change


I emerged from the car and angrily went inside ignoring all the maids and bodyguards.

I went upstairs to my mom's room but it was locked then I saw a maid passing by

"Hey.. Where's my mom?? I asked

"Good morning young master.. Which one of them?? She said with a bow and I sighed

"Which room is this?? I said and she looked at me

"Ohh.. She's having a meeting in the third living room " She said and I was about to go but the maid stopped me

"Em.. Young master??


"I shouldn't tell you this but your step mom was forced out of the house, she's currently staying in the boy's quarter " she said and my eyes widened

"What?? Why??

" I.. I.. don't know " She said

I clenched my fist as I angrily went to the third living room, I met my mom smiling and having drinks with her fellow party friends

She looked towards my direction and smiled

"Look who's here.. The future heir of this house and also the future husband of Kayla, the minister daughter " She said and I was really boiling with anger

" Kayla... Meet CJ, my only handsome greatest star " She said to the girl sitting opposite her

I looked at the girl.. I have seen her in so many magazine

She's a model

I quickly looked away

"Mom I need to talk to you " I said and then I looked at her friends "privately "

"As You can see I am busy so just say whatever you want openly " She said while avoiding my face

"Fine... I already have a girlfriend and...

"You mean your fake girlfriend.?? CJ I can never ever agree to you two relationship, judging by her looks... She's of a low class and the day you two came, I could tell you two are forcing yourself so you like it or not.. You're getting married to Kayla " She said while glaring at me

"Fine let's see if that is going to work " I said and turn to leave

"CJ don't you dare walk out on me.. I am your mother and there's nothing you can do about it.. You are getting married to Kayla and that's final" She said and I swallowed my spit hard that it hurt


(An Hour Later)


🌹Mina's POV🌹

I was happily watching TV and eating apple

I can't believe he didn't later lock me up in the attic...

It's a good thing that I pretended to cry and lie to him that I am always scared when someone lock me up

He fall into my trap.. Arrogant jerk

I brought out my phone to see if there's any message from Eric, his last message was that I should not stop crushing on the cutie Star Eric

I asked him why and he hasn't reply

I also asked him for a video chat yesterday but he refused

Perhaps has he gotten himself a new best friend??

Has he forgotten about me??

I was thinking about this when I heard the sound of the door

The arrogant jerk is back

"CJ " I called as I walked towards the door but it wasn't CJ

"Hey who are you?? I asked just then he brought out a powder and sprinkle it on my face

"Hey what's the meaning of that?? Are you......

I started feeling dizzy .. What is wrong with me??

I was about to talk but felt weak then suddenly everything went blank


I wasn't really paying attention to what they were saying in the MSM (Music Stars Meeting), I was thinking about Mina

Aish.. I should have lock her in the attic

What if she try to cook and then blow everywhere up.. I doubt

She can't even cook

What if she accidentally tripped in the bathroom and there's no one to help her??

Why am I even thinking of her??

"This is not good " I said as I sighed

"If this is not good then do you have a better idea CJ?? Star Ray said and I immediately looked at him

All eyes was already on me

"Uhm.. I wasn't referring to you "I said

"Lastly, Eric has been officially signed into the industry and his stage name will be Miles " He said but I just rolled my eyes

Who cares??

I am just waiting for this fucking meeting to end

"I hope being in the same industry is okay with you CJ" Eric said with a smirk "cos I am going to treat you nicely " he added

"Can we just end this meeting?? I said looking annoyed

"Wait.. CJ you're getting married in the next two month " Star Ray said looking up from his phone

" But if he get marry, he will be evicted " Someone said

"Yes.. a married man can not be in the industry " Another person said make me gritted my teeth in anger

"I am fucking not getting married" I yelled

To be continued

Hmmm...... What do you of this episode??

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