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A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 14



 A Gay Bought Me - Chapter 14

Love, Lies and Games

Written By Tom Anna


😋CJ's POV😋

I was looking at Mina through the window, she was shivering and it was still raining

Gosh!!! What is wrong with me??

Why did I get mad just because she choose Eric over me??

I ran my fingers through my hair as I quickly grab my rain coat and put it on, i walk to the door and open it, she looked towards my direction and then she looked away

I let out a sigh and went to her, I pulled her by her hand but she jerk it away

It was raining heavily

"C'mon, don't let me change my mind cos if I do you will stay here till tomorrow " I said

She looked at me sadly and walk inside

I followed her and closed the door, my rain coat was soaked and so was hers then suddenly she started sneezing

"How about you go to your room and change while I prepare something warm for you to drink " I said as i pulled my rain coat off but she didn't say anything as she walked upstairs

🌺 Eric's POV 🌺

I was really tired and feeling sleepy but I can't rest or sleep as the crazy lady keep running here and there and shouting giving me headache.

"Can you pls stop screaming?? I yelled but she didn't care as she just keep shouting

What am I going to do with this lady??

Did I make a mistake by letting her in??

She even refuse to change her wet cloth, perhaps did she escape from psychiatric hospital??

She suddenly came and stood in front of me

"Hey, sing for me " She said in her babyish tone

Sing for a crazy lady?? That's impossible.. I will never do that and how did she know that I can sing

"Sing for me plss" She said with a pout but I just ignore her then my phone started ringing, I was about to pick it up but she snatch it away from me and started running away

I find out that the reason she ran away with my phone was because of the ringing tone

Is she that obsessed with music??

"Hey, give me my phone " I yelled but she just keep running and laughing, I was about to catch her but she ran inside the closet and close it

Oh my goodness!!! This is not good at all

🌷Unknown POV🌷

I tried his number the second but he was not picking

"Are You sure this boy will support us in this plan?? I yelled at Manager Don who nodded

"Yes, he personally send a voicemail saying that he will make sure he get rid of CJ " He said

"But why is he not picking??

I dialed his number and this time he picked it

"Hello " I said but there was no response

"Hello " I said again and this time I heard a female giggling

Is he with a girl?? I thought

"Hello " the girl replied "Are you the one singing before?? The lady asked and I looked confused

Why did her voice sounds familiar??

"Sing for me plss" She pleaded in a childish tone

"Hello ".. It was Eric Voice "hello who is this?? He asked

"Give the phone back to the lady?? I said

"I am the owner of this phone so tell me who you are?? He said in a rude tone

"Manager Don said you will be able to get rid of CJ, is that true?? I asked

"Ohh I think I know who you are,.. Yes I said it " he replied

"Who is the girl with the phone earlier?. I asked

"She's my sister " he answered and I hang up

"What did he say?? Manager Don asked but I didn't answer

I need to get to know the girl with her cos her voice sounds familiar to someone which I quite know very well


I knock on Mina's door and entered, she was already lying down on the bed and was sneezing, I sat next to her and gave her the hot tea

She collected it and took a sip

"Err... I am sorry for what I did" I said but she didn't even bother to reply

I think she's mad at me

" You should rest now " I said and was about to stand up but she held me by my wrist making me look at her

" Thank you " She said and I smiled at her

"It's okay "

Why is she thanking me??

"And also I am sorry " She said as she bit her lower lips

Aww.. She look cute when doing that but I quickly ignored it

"Mina there's nothing to be sorry about.. I should be the apologizing for locking you outside in the rain " I said

"Uhm.. Can you pls get me my phone.. I think it is inside my closet and I am weak to stand up " She said and I nodded

"Sure " I said and went inside the closet "Err.. Mina, I cant see your phone.. Where did you put it?? I asked and was about to step out but then the door locked itself and everywhere was dark

Gosh!!! It's a trap

"Mina... Open the door right now " I yelled

"No I won't " She said then sneeze " I will not open it for you, how dare you lock me outside in the rain "

"Mina, I already apologize for locking you outside "

"And I also apologize for locking you in the closet " she said

"Mina I only lock you outside because I was damn jealous " I yelled not knowing when I said it

There was no response and everywhere was silent

"I was only jealous because you choose Eric over me.. I.. don't even know what else to say but I am really sorry for doing that " I said but she didn't answer

"I know it sound weird but since when you kissed me, I started feeling somehow like anytime I set my eyes on you, I feel attractive to you.. I have never felt like this before​ and I don't know what has gotten over me.. Mina I think I.. I.. Like you " I said

My goodness!!! Did I just confess my feelings to her??

"Hey am back " I heard her voice and that is when it dawn on me that she wasn't listening to me, she has already gone out, a part of me was happy that she didn't get to hear me confessing my feelings to her

"CJ, don't worry I will open the door for you in the next five hours and also your mom called " She said and my eyes widened

"What?? Hope you didn't answer it??

"Well I did, she called to inform you that she's marrying you off to the minister daughter and you should be present in the house by tomorrow " she said and I was shocked

What is mom up to?? Why is she marrying me off all of a sudden??

I thought I introduce Mina openly to them all that she is my girlfriend.. I know she's definitely up to something

"Mina why can't you tell her that you're my girlfriend and...

"I tried to tell her but it seems your mom is not interested in me being your girlfriend and I am really okay with it or aren't you happy that she is getting you marry to a minister daughter.. Woah you're lucky " Mina said not caring a bit

"Mina open this door " I yelled but she didn't answer as she just kept humming

I clenched my fist in anger

Why is mom suddenly marrying me off without my consent??

She is definitely up to something no good

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